S8 E1668-As Democrats Solidify We Should Prepare For War

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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46m HEADLINE: Federal judge rules Pennsylvania school district must allow After School Satan Club by Julia Mueller

  • ERROR doesn’t have a right to be in the public square.
  • Baphomet doesn’t get to have a place in the school or anywhere else.
  • Baphomet could work for PornHub.


HEADLINE: Pornhub blocks Utah in protest of new age-verification law by Ben Winslow 

  • For PornHub to pull out of Utah b/c of the age restrictions etc that shows you exactly WHO they are focusing on for their audience…the underage.
  • It has always been about the children.
  • If you can corrupt an entire generation of children, you can see to it there aren’t more generations of children. 
HEADLINE: Minnesota, Washington become ‘havens’ for abortion, child ‘gender transitions’ by Calvin Freiburger 

  • So what do you do if you currently live in Minnesota?
  • Your courts are going to be packed w/ jurors that think this way.
  • What if you go before a jury of your peers that think child mutilation is okay and a right?
  • Will you be persecuted for not allowing your child to cut their breasts off?
  • Your tax dollars are going to fund this type of legislation!
  • They start castration and fluidity training at birth these days in some of these states and families.
HEADLINE: I-Team: Federal agents barge into wrong Boston hotel room during training, handcuff pilot by Cheryl Fiandaca 
HEADLINE: Should Transgender Criminals Plead Insanity? by William Kilpatrick 
HEADLINE: Texas Shooting Suspect Who Gunned Down 5 Neighbors Is Still on the Run by Jack Phillips 

  • He had a Mexican Consulate card – 
  • He was also deported 6 times from the United States.
  • Why or how in the world did he get back in for the 7th time?
1h09m HEADLINE: Bud Light Sales Fall 26% as Transgender Backlash Worsens by GVWire 

  • Beer Business Daily noted that Coors Light volume was up 13.3% in the third week of April, while Miller Lite volume rose 13.6%. The swap in market share between Coors Light and Miller Lite versus Bud Light has been nearly one-for-one, according to the trade publication.
  • You wanna’ know where the Bud Light drinker went?
  • He left and started drinking another brand, and those brands were Coors and Miller Lite.
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HEADLINE: Fox Picks Lawrence Jones as Tucker Carlson Successor by Eric Mack 

  • Jones, 30, is considered to be the “youngest black solo host of a cable news show in history,”. 
  • So basically he ticks a box for the Fox Corporation kinda’ like Karine Jean-Pierre does for the White House.
Generation In Decline

  • This generation is going to be the worst. 
  • They are going to pay w/ their very existence.
  • They have mutilated their bodies all in the name of being their “authentic selves”, this isn’t environmental. 
  • This is cultural – the increase in numbers proves that.
1h44m HEADLINE: A modern day witch trial by Toby Rogers 

  • State and Federal government keep throwing money at this problem.
  • There will be no winner.
  • Over the next two decades the Simons Foundation spent $200 million dollars searching for the gene for autism and they have almost nothing to show for it (they’ve identified a few genes that collectively explain less than 1% of autism cases) — BECAUSE AUTISM IS NOT PRIMARILY GENETIC.
  • In more recent years the Simons Foundation has grown even more hostile to this basic scientific reality. In 2020, Spectrum News (100% funded by the Simons Foundation) hired Ivan Oransky as Editor-in-Chief. Dr. Oransky has no background in autism — thus making him an odd choice to lead a well-funded online publication about autism. But he’s the founder of Retraction Watch. So it appears that Dr. Oransky’s role is to police the narrative — to bully out of the public square (via retraction) anyone who questions the narrative that autism is primarily a genetic condition. 
  • In the early 2000s, following growing evidence of an autism epidemic that was highly correlated with the increase in the number of childhood vaccines, wealthy white parents in California, particularly in Marin County (home to lots of former hippies), began opting out of the CDC childhood vaccines schedule and moving to alternative schedules or skipping vaccines altogether. And autism rates declined during the birth years 2000 to 2013 in those wealthy counties. These parents may have done many other things as well — eating foods high in folate, only eating organic, or having fewer ultrasounds. But the FDA and CDC never investigated this fascinating trend in the data (the only positive sign we’ve ever seen in the autism data) because they are scared that they might find an association between vaccines and autism.
  • The big lie that only ONE LINE of Fetal cells has been used for all vaccines since 1960 is a major factor.
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2h51m AUDIO/VIDEO: Kevin McCarthy is asked by Russian reporter about support for UkraineI vote for aid to Ukraine, I do not support what your country has done to Ukraine. I think you should pull out. I support aid for Ukraine. We will continue to support.

  • While he is getting the budget right he is botching Ukraine.
  • How can you wish to balance a budget yet send more aid to Ukraine?
HEADLINE: A Secret Shadow State by Frank Wright 
3h10m AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Immigration 

Karine Jean-Pierre – When it comes to illegals migration you have seen it come down more than 90%, and that’s b/c of the actions that this president has taken.

Community Notes on this Audio from Twitter: The number of migrants crossing the US southern border has hit a 20 year record high. U.S. border officials recorded 25% jump in migrant crossings in March.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Shooting in Texas 

Karine Jean-Pierre – Congress must act now, it is entirely w/in our power to take these weapons of war off the streets. The majority of Americans & gun owners support common sense measures to reduce gun violence. We must act w/o delay.

  • There was no mention of the shooter being illegal.
  • There was no mention of the victims also being illegal.
  • There was mention however that the weapon was an AR-style weapon.
  • There was mention that Congress must act now on gun violence.
  • This is what is known as propaganda. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Another ‘Spy Balloon’

Reporter – Another mysterious balloon and the US military is tracking it around Hawaii, is the WH aware of that?

Jean-Pierre – What I would say is I would refer you to the DOD.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Woman comes to the door to ask a father why he keeps putting his 2 year old daughter in pink and not gender neutral colors.  



HEADLINE: The Blue State Exodus Accelerates by The Editorial Board 

  • The IRS data shows a net 105,000 people left Illinois in 2021, taking with them some $10.9 billion in AGI. That’s up from $8.5 billion in 2020 and $6 billion in 2019. New York’s income loss increased to $24.5 billion in 2021 from $19.5 billion in 2020 and $9 billion in 2019. California lost $29.1 billion in 2021, more than triple what it did in 2019.
  • By contrast, the lowest tax states added some $100 billion of income during the pandemic. Zero-income-tax Florida gained $39.2 billion—up from $23.7 billion in 2020 and $17.7 billion in 2019. About $9.8 billion of the total arrived from New York, $3.9 billion from Illinois, $3.7 billion from New Jersey and $3.5 billion from California.
  • Texas was another winner, attracting a net $10.9 billion in 2021, which follows a gain of $6.3 billion in 2020 and $4 billion in 2019. Californians represented more than half of Texas’s income gain in 2021. The Golden State also sent $4.4 billion to Nevada, $2.7 billion to Arizona and $2 billion to Washington. Nevada and Washington don’t tax wages, and Arizona is phasing out its income tax.
  • 130,000 people left Illinois last year alone!
  • Who do they think they are kidding?
  • Numbers don’t lie, people w/ agendas do!
HEADLINE: Federal judge rules Pennsylvania school district must allow After School Satan Club by Julia Mueller 
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    S8 E1668-As Democrats Solidify We Should Prepare For War Mike Church

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