S8 E1664-Here’s Why The Censorship Industrial Complex Took Out Tucker Carlson

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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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53m Tucker Carlson and Fox News

  • What makes and made him popular was YOU, the audience.
  • We went to his website daily to get audio clips for our show.
  • So is this firing truly about Tucker or is it about their hatred for YOU?
  • Your average Fox News watcher will not leave the network.
  • They will stay b/c it is EASY to get their ‘conservative’ news.
  • I don’t think the average easy cable viewer is going to seek out the alternative way of watching Tucker Carlson.
  • This isn’t me poopooing the future of Tucker Carlson.

HEADLINE: Tucker Carlson’s Prayer Talk May Have Led to Fox News Ouster: “That Stuff Freaks Rupert Out” by Gabriel Sherman 

  • You can’t mention our Catholic faith or Tucker can’t mention his Episcopalian faith or you get poop-canned. 
  • What are those million people capable of doing?
  • The fall out – 
  • Trump didn’t lose any popularity, he may have gained in popularity since Bragg.
  • That is not the total potential audience.
  • You start pissing off 8 digits of people and bad things will happen.
  • Tucker was the ONLY MSM host asking why we continue to send money to Ukraine.
  • We are protecting pedophiles, we are protecting war mongers.
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1h45m Broadcast TV and Cable TV

  • The news on both of these entities are gone.
  • You can’t go on YouTube and do this.
  • You can’t do this on any social media platform.
  • Most of these companies censored all things COVID if you recall.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jason Whitlock talks Fox NewsIf any of the producers at Fox News are watching, don’t bother contacting me, I have no use for you. You are now full blown in on the transition of society. The leadership and vision is weak.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Russell Brand on Tucker CarlsonWhat is the MSM supposed to do exactly? They are supposed to inform you so you can make informed decisions for your life. They do not serve your empowerment. 

  • Anytime you have companies run by women where tough decisions should and need to be made, you will get emotional based moves. 
  • Men rule w/o emotions, they make the decisions based off of the good of the company.
  • SCALE matters!
  • In this instance too, we all think that if we aren’t on Fox we aren’t true broadcasters.
  • If the radio show isn’t on FM then is it really a good radio station?
  • We went through all of this throughout our span in radio.
  • People are trained and conditioned to think all radio is either FM or AM and all news comes from cable MSM.
1h56m HEADLINE: Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex by Matt Taibbi 

  • Introduction to a series of features about the new global speech-policing bureaucracy, uncovered in the Twitter Files and beyond.
  • Private digital media and print – they can’t takeover print b/c almost everyone has access to print.
  • Lowenthal showed how another “anti-disinformation” conference featured the headline speaker Anthony Blinken. He’s currently suspected of having “triggered” the infamous letter signed by 50 intelligence officers saying the Hunter Biden laptop story had the “classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.
  • There is a revolving door w/ these ruling elites. 
  • As Lowenthal writes: “See how it works? The people accusing others of “disinformation” run the biggest disinformation campaigns themselves.”
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JUST IN: Pope Francis has dramatically expanded participation in the upcoming Synod to include lay men and women, for the first time granting them a right to be appointed as full voting members of the Catholic Church’s primary deliberative body.

  • Why does everything turn into a joke or a display?
  • Letting the sinful men and women actually have a vote?














Brother Andre Marie 

Host of The ReConquest aired only on the Crusade Channel.

Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

  • What is the purpose of this, the Pope allowing laity to actually vote?
  • I think this outcome of this Synod is predetermined. 
  • I don’t think anyone that is there to vote will actually do anything.
  • The Bishops get together and discuss the problems that their flocks are suffering from.
  • What are the moral, pastoral issues that need to be addressed etc.
  • Each one gets a voice and some sort of Synod process.
  • Synod = Greek word for counsel. 
  • The Church has always done this.
  • It is an exorcise in sheer patriarchy. 

HEADLINE: The Magisterium of the iPhone Church by Darrick Taylor

  • The progressive idea of authority echoes this. Despite all the talk about “the Spirit,” the “Spirit of Vatican II,” the controlling metaphor for their vision of the Church is mechanistic rather than organic or spiritual. The whole notion of “updating” (aggiornamento) is fundamentally a technological one, one that presumes the sort of continuous progress one finds in technology. For these people, the Church needs constant updating as if it were an iPhone—Church 1.0, 2.0, and so forth—to keep up with the demands of “reality,” i.e., of its customers.
  • Music teacher – Do not use your instrument as your crutch.
  • Sing, mouthpiece, play – 
  • The instrument is an amplifier of what you are doing into the mouthpiece. 

HEADLINE: Episode 372: Yes, Limbo is Church Teaching! by Brother Andre Marie 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden at NABTUWe’ve made all this progress while being fiscally responsible.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on rising costs

Reporter – Americans are seeing energy prices up, food prices up, manufacturing lost jobs, inflation is outpacing wages, how can the president expect Americans to keep on board w/ these polices. 

Karine Jean-Pierre – When it comes to lowering costs, that is a priority for him and he has shown to do that. 




Simulcast w/ ArchAngel Radio

KV Turley host – 

Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox News – 

  • The need for an alternate media, people who are not in the pay of large corporations.
  • Building up the cities of God here in the rubbles of Babylon. 
  • Separate and equal infrastructure – that is what is truly needed. 
  • The things in society aren’t focused on the common goods.
  • We don’t want an alternative economy.
  • This economy has all manner of usury and errors we don’t want in Christendom.
  • I was sacked a couple of times in my radio history.
  • I was on Sirius/XM for 13 years – the difference b/w Tucker and myself I had a year to year contract w/ them. 
  • That is the only contract they would give to hosts.
  • He hasn’t been fired in the traditional sense and they just told him he is not broadcasting anymore.
  • The contract has 18 months left on it. 
  • Fox could theoretically bench him for 18 months.
  • These contracts are never in favor of the TALENT, ever. 
  • Jason Whitlock – there is talent out there that would be loyal to Tucker.
  • Tucker could start his own media entity but if he GETS OUT of the CONTRACT – he would go to CNN.
  • CNN has the infrastructure already in place, they have the footprint, they have the logo, they have horrible ratings and the only thing keeping them alive now is the contracts in the airports.
  • CNN needs a mega-talent to correct the sinking ship.
  • Glenn Beck started on Headline News on CNN then Fox poached him.
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    S8 E1664-Here’s Why The Censorship Industrial Complex Took Out Tucker Carlson Mike Church

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