S8 E1657-The Satanic Reality Of AI, How And Why It Must Be Stopped

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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Glory and Shine to the Crusade Channel
HEADLINE: Donald Trump showed up at an MMA event in downtown Miami. See how the crowd reacted by Omar Rodriguez Ortiz 

  • Former President Donald Trump made an appearance at the UFC 287 mixed martial arts event in downtown Miami on Saturday, days after he became the first ex-U.S. president to face criminal charges stemming from hush money payments to an adult film star during the 2016 election.
  • For the guys at that UFC, he is THEIR President.
  • Plain and simple.
  • They love him, they chanted USA USA USA.



HEADLINE: Dutch To Allow Euthanasia For Under-12s by AFT – Agency France Presse

  • Children over 12 can already ask for euthanasia, with mandatory parental consent until they reach 16. It is also legal for babies under a year old, also with parental permission. 
  • Your civilization will sink into the North Sea anyway.
  • You have .8 live births per fertile female so just march yourselves into the North Sea already.
  • The new changes for children between one and 12 will bring the Netherlands in line with Belgium, which in 2014 became the first country in the world to pass a law allowing euthanasia for young children — but with the child’s consent.
  • So as it stands you can bring your 10 month old baby in and decide to kill it if you feel the child is suffering.
  • There is a war against children and it is being waged by Satan because the parents have stopped being parents and protectors.
  • The Netherlands and neighbouring Belgium became the first countries in the world to legalise euthanasia in 2002.
  • More than 8,700 people were euthanised in the Netherlands in 2022 according to government figures. The majority of those were suffering from incurable cancer.
HEADLINE: Google CEO says he doesn’t ‘fully understand’ how new AI program Bard works after it taught itself a foreign language it was not trained to and cited fake books to solve an economics problem by Stephen M Lepore 

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai – 

  • These AI critters are doing things they weren’t programmed or told to do.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: 60 Minutes discusses AI teaching itself new languagesGoogle CEO we don’t know everything about the human brain either so….

HEADLINE: Google CEO says he doesn’t ‘fully understand’ how new AI program Bard works after it taught itself a foreign language it was not trained to and cited fake books to solve an economics problem by Stephen M Lepore 

  • One of the big problems discovered with Bard is something that Pichai called ’emergent properties,’ or AI systems having taught themselves unforeseen skills.
  • “There is an aspect of this which we call – all of us in the field call it as a ‘black box.’ You know, you don’t fully understand,’ Pichai admitted. ‘And you can’t quite tell why it said this, or why it got wrong. We have some ideas, and our ability to understand this gets better over time. But that’s where the state of the art is.’

AUDIO/VIDEO: Dan Bongino on AIThe left can and will weaponize artificial intelligence against you. 

  • It doesn’t matter who’s hands this is in, right or left, the machine is screaming we won.
  • It will takeover and teach itself what it needs to rule. 
  • So does the FBI not have this technology already?
  • What if the Chinese gets this type of technology?

HEADLINE: How Spotify Knows What You Want to Hear Next via the Wall Street Journal

AUDIO/VIDEO: Elon Musk on Tucker Carlson on AIIt is more dangerous, than say mismanaged aircraft design or bad automobile design. It has the potential of civilization destruction. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: 60 Minutes on AI, robots teaching themselves how to play soccer These robots were told one thing: score. They taught themselves to play soccer – creating their own strategies and their own ways to walk, dribble and block.

  • What if these AI’s decide they don’t want to do the mining work?
  • What if these AI’s decide they want the humans to do the work and they just want to play soccer?
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HEADLINE: Budweiser releases new pro-America ad with iconic mascot in wake of Anheuser-Busch Mulvaney controversy by Michael Lee 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Fox News Trial Jennfier Harrison Founder, Victims Rights NY – AG Bragg, they are being told the office doesn’t have the money to prosecute cases but they are going after Trump and spent billions to do so.
2h16m AUDIO/VIDEO: US DepartmentTransportation Pete ButtigiegThe number of roadway fatalities is comparable to gun violence, and we see a lot of racial disparities.

AUDIO/VIDEO: US Department Transportation Pete ButtigiegRight now, I’m so absorbed in seeking to do a good job in the job that I’ve got. There’s never been a better time to work in transportation b/c of the funds that we have. Most of this is due to COVID.

  • Does these people ever listen to their own interviews?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Glenn GreenwaldThe US government abuses its secrecy powers. They essentially label every document classified information. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump at NRA in IndianapolisOur country has have thousands of guns. This is not a gun problem. This is a mental health problem, this is a social problem, this is a cultural problem but most of all this is a spiritual problem.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump at NRA in IndianapolisIf we can spend $120 billion to Ukraine, then we can afford 1/10th of that amount to protect American children in American schools.

HEADLINE: Fiscal Insanity: The Government Borrows $6 Billion a Day, and We’re Stuck with the Bill by John Whitehead

  • If each American got a bill at the end of the year for taxes due on the money their government is spending on needless things, all of this would stop immediately.

HEADLINE: Yellen says U.S. banks may tighten lending and negate need for more Fed rate hikes via Reuters 

HEADLINE: Dissent Into Madness: Escaping the Madhouse by The Corbett Report 

In 3 Parts

  1. The Weaponization of Psychology
  2. Crazy Conspiracy Theorists 
  3. Projections of the Psychopaths


TSA Scanner

  • Do you remember when the Millimeter Wave scanner was introduced?
  • The other type of scanner uses a competing technology known as millimeter wave (mmw) imaging. These machines work on the same principles, except they emit a special type of microwave, not X-ray. Two rotating transmitters produce the waves as a passenger stands still inside the machine. The energy passes through clothing, bounces off the person’s skin — as well as any potential threats — and then returns to two receivers, which send images, front and back, to an operator station.
  • Millimeter wave scanners produce their waves with a series of small, disc-like transmitters stacked on one another like vertebrae in a spine. A single machine contains two of these stacks, each surrounded by a curved protective shell known as a radome, connected by a bar that pivots around a central point.
Back to The Corbett Report 

  • So-called vaccine “mandates” were not achieved by one psychopath in a position of political authority, or even by a gaggle of such pathocrats. They were enabled by the doctors who participated in the vaccination drives against their own experience, judgment and training, the employers who imposed vaccine requirements on their employees, the business owners who implemented vaccine certificate checks on their premises, the police officers who threw the unvaccinated in quarantine facilities, the workers who kept those quarantine centers functioning, the judges and lawyers who rubber-stamped all these actions, etc.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Newt Gingrich on Mark Levin ShowDonald Trump and Braggs, they are lashing out because he is a threat to their very existence. 

  • Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t recognize this country any more.
  • He would wonder why the states are staying in this union.
  • The demons took control of the US when they passed the Federal Reserve Act, they ended the canvasing of congressional districting w/ about 40,000 citizens per person, Income Tax Amendment, the 16th Amendment and the 18th Amendment….the list goes on and on.
HEADLINE: Teen Employment Isn’t Exploitation, But It Might Keep You From Becoming A Helpless Adult by Mark Hemingway 

  • Having a job when you were younger represented freedom.
  • You got a little bit of money that you could spend on anything you wanted!
  • You also got out of the house so you didn’t have parents breathing down your neck.
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    S8 E1657-The Satanic Reality Of AI, How And Why It Must Be Stopped Mike Church

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