S8 E1665-The Deep State Runs Big Media And Tucker Carlson’s The Proof

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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50m Tucker Carlson Breaks His Silence

  • QUESTION: What is entirely missing from his 2minute and 16 second speech?
  • ANSWER: Proper nouns
  • There is no Fox News, there is no Biden, there is no Regime there is no mention of a US Senator not even a mention of country. 
  • He says America but it is spoken in the abstract.
  • What was on the wall behind him? 
  • He isn’t going to go to One America News.
  • That just isn’t going to happen.
  • Let’s all just take a breath and stop. 
55m Violent Videos on Social Media

  • We have got to stop reposting and sharing these violent videos.
  • This does nothing to help society.
  • You think by sharing it will ‘stop’ the violence but it doesn’t.
  • It only perpetuates the desensitization of violence. 
  • When you see these videos over and over on social media, you become comfortable WATCHING violence.
  • This will condition you to see a violent act and you won’t ACT upon it to HELP.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Trump Rape Accuser E. Jean CarrollRape is sexy, a lot of people have rape fantasies. Anderson Cooper cuts to commercial.

  • Cooper wanted to get out of that conversation b/c he didn’t want his audience to hear what she was saying.
  • Let’s take you back to 2 weeks ago on the Tucker Carlson show.
  • Remember when Jason Whitlock went on and said…We don’t have anything in common w/ these people and I think secession should be on the table of options.
  • THEN what happened?
  • The people at Fox News tells Tucker ‘we are wrapping up now’. 
  • They gave Whitlock the Gong Show hook!
  • We need to ban all violence on social media.
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A&E Parking Wars

  • We have moved away from Fox News in the mornings, we were using it for breaking news but we are done. 
1h30m AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Breaks SilenceThe undeniably big topics get no discussion at all on MSM, when was the last time you heard a genuine debate on something? When honest people say what is true, calmly w/o embarrassment they become stronger. 

  • The stupid season is generational. 
  • There are a lot of people stuck on stupid.
  • They have been indoctrinated into stupidity.
  • You can’t just Thanos snap that over.
  • You can see all of those dystopian movies – The Village – it didn’t do very well at the box-office but a lot of people liked it.
  • Does anyone know where there are 100+ acres that we could build a fence around to keep the rest of the world out?
HEADLINE: Dominion vs. ‘Russian Collusion’ and ‘Disinformation’ by Victor Davis Hanson

  • Dominion walked away with hundreds of millions of dollars on the accusation that some raving guests and a few Fox journalists insinuated, falsely, that the machines had thrown the election to Joe Biden.















Commander John Sharpe

Founder of IHS Press

  • I know an egg comes out of a chicken not in a carton from the store.
  • Distributism – 
  • Is this a wide spread thing where people in McMansions know this too b/c I live near them?
  • Economics for Helen – 
  • QUESTION: What is property?
  • McNabb was a Dominican 
  • Framework of a Christian State – 
  • In this respect Marx was correct – what he said when he did his serious look at the Capitalist system, productive property it would be called capital, the plant not basil but the physical infrastructure. 
  • As production becomes more capitalized it requires more plant to make that happen.
  • These huge stacks of things like you would see at Sam’s club.
  • You can’t produce that many if you are doing farm fresh, no GMO etc the local guy can’t do that.
  • He can say mine come out of a chicken not a factory!
  • But he can’t compete w/ the big box companies. 

HEADLINE: Naval Officer Who Lost Job Over Anti-War Sentiments Reinstated by Courtney Mabeus 

  • It doesn’t matter to me if you use an ox or a tractor to plow your land.
  • The way production is done for the necessities is important.
  • We have history on our side.
  • Book Recommendation – Catholicism, Protestantism & Capitalism by Amintore Fanfani 
  • The only thing you will learn from me about sheep farming is how to allow them to die.
  • I have made so many mistakes due to wrong poor feed, parasites etc.
  • I accidentally killed a lot of them.
  • At the end of the day I want to keep my little farm w/ a few sheep, I am gradually learning.
  • I’m not naive, it is difficult.
  • It is much easier to drive to Costco and buy lamb but I want the lamb I personally raised and know exactly what I fed it.
  • Communism and the Conscience of the West by Fulton Sheen
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Tucker Carlson discusses CIA spying on him Tulsi Gabbard ShowI wanted to interview Putin, he is a player in global affairs, that’s kind of my job so I sent a few text messages and emails. I got a call into Washington where I was told the CIA had my texts & emails & they were going to release them in an effort to discredit me by calling me a Putin lover.

  • Now you and I as a private citizen w/o any friends in Washington, do you get that heads-up call?
  • The scariest part is we have your TEXTS.
  • So they have American citizens text messages they can save and use against you for whatever they would want right?
  • I was around when Gmail came around.
3h19m AUDIO/VIDEO: Energy Sec Jennifer Granholm on the military adopting an ALL EV fleet by 2030I think we can get there and reducing our reliance on globally traded fossil fuels it contributes to energy security. We think we can be a leader globally. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on North Korea Nuclear attack by North Korea, will result in the end of whatever regime that would take such an action.

  • Is this another Weapons of Mass Destruction?
  • The situation N Korea is in you aren’t going to test nuclear weapons.
  • You aren’t going to be wasting nuclear weapons.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Hearing on Exploitation of Unaccompanied Alien Children

Rep Eric Swalwel questions witness Ms Rodriguez – Asks the witness about her time near the capitol on January 6. 

Ms Rodriguez – Sir I’m not sure what this has to do w/ the exploitation of children.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Hearing on Exploitation of Unaccompanied Alien Children

Rep Troy Nehls to Rep Eric Swalwel – Calls him out for his ‘checkered past’ w/ a Chinese spy after he questions witness about her January 6 attendance. 

Swalwel – You don’t get to say that shit!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Hearing on Exploitation of Unaccompanied Alien Children

Rep Van Drew – We need legal immigration and we need a border. A border that really works, a border that is solid, a border that doesn’t allow this to happen to children.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Thomas Massie to ATF Director DettelbachMassie discusses the agencies new pistol brace rule and leaves director speechless.

HEADLINE: Louisiana House Education Committee advances two bills affecting LGBTQ students, teachers by David Jones 

  • After winning approval on a 7-5 party-line vote, both bills will move onto the full House for debate.
3h50m HEADLINE: Tucker Carlson’s Vulgar, Offensive Messages About Colleagues Helped Seal His Fate at Fox News by Keach Hagey, Joe Flint and Isabella Simonetti

  • I’m not going to do this story b/c this is some hearsay stuff right here.
  • To me this seems like this is just hit job.
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    S8 E1665-The Deep State Runs Big Media And Tucker Carlson’s The Proof Mike Church

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