The REAL Epiphany Story & How Christian Zionism Is Responsible For The U.S. Occupations in Middle East S1 E1

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Wisdom Wednesday
Wisdom Wednesday
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Wisdom Wednesday-The REAL Epiphany Story & How Christian Zionism Is Responsible For The U.S. Occupations in Middle East

Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

Follow Brother Andre Marie here: @Brother_Andre 

  • Epiphanytide – the second part of Christmastide all the way until Feb 2nd which is Candlemas.
  • The CMB – Epiphany Blessing – 20+C+M+B+20
  • The Magi did not visit Him in the cave, they were in a house. The Gospel makes it perfectly clear on this.
  • Scripture uses the term “house”.
  • There was room and they had relatives in Bethlehem. THAT is where the Magi found them.
  • This is 1/3 of the Epiphany – The Baptism and the Wedding Feast at Cana are the other two.
  • Hugh Owen interview on Foundations Restored – it wasn’t an accident that the first public sign was the wine at the Wedding of Cana.
  • They are perceiving the appearance of a “star”. 
  • You had human sacrifice which was people getting murdered it wasn’t their free will.
  • God’s glory and the truth of the religion He came to establish.
  • Episode 211 – The Quiet Revolution Special Guest Charles Coulombe  
  • Feast day 6th of January
  • Saint Joseph Oratory of Mount-Royal Montreal 
  • Over 1 million people went to see his body when he died. He died on Epiphany day. He foresaw his death on Christmas. 
  • Holy Cross School in New Orleans – 
  • Go To Joseph – Read the story of St. Joseph in the book of Genesis. You will realize he is prefigurative of Saint Joseph. He was the major demo for the Pharaoh over Egypt. 
  • When the people came to Pharaoh saying we need grain he said…Go To Joseph.
  • ReConquest Episode 111112 on Zionism
  • 7 SACRAMENTS – are a spine of the new covenant
  • HEADLINE: “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East – ”Oded Yinon Plan” 

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