No Catholic Priests Can Not Bless Sodomites As Husband And Fake Husband

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Wisdom Wednesday
Wisdom Wednesday
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Brother Andre Marie

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Declaration Fiducia Supplicans: On the Pastoral Meaning of Blessings 

  1. The Blessing in the Sacrament of Marriage
  2. The Meaning of the Various Blessings 
  3. Blessings of Couples in Irregular Situations and of Couples of the Same-Sex
  4. The Church is the Sacrament of  God’s Infinite Love

Defacto – 

  • Doctrine is Law 
  • When he is talking about the New Testament and Old Testament he is talking about DIVINE LAW.
  • The Catholic church has very clearly defined law.
  • Pope Francis’ documents tend to be shorter but this one is quite long.
  • Cardinal Fernandez claims this is a development of doctrine from 2021.
  • The Church cannot bless sin.
  • Now the Pope approved this statement and then the Pope fired him after this statement.
  • Even though the Pope approved his writing.
  • Now what they have done with this NEW document – 
  • I tend not to give hot takes on things like this.
  • It is impressive how many Conservative NO Priest etc are dumping on this thing.
  • One of them is Father Thomas Weinandy – 
  • A Theologian has an STD and you have to be accredited to teach Theology in the Church.
  • This is the biggest thing – the perceptions. 
  • You can say ‘you can’t call it marriage and it can’t be a liturgical rite and it can’t be done in the Church’ it is an attempt to confuse to sow deception. 
  • There are official blessings for almost everything pregnant women, couples that are engaged and so on.
  • Many Priest will give children that cannot yet receive Communion a blessing at the altar rail.
  • If someone comes up and puts his hands over his mouth the Priest will give a blessing.
  • He doesn’t stop to ask if he is in a state of mortal sin or not before giving the blessing.
  • We know how these things get used. 
  • All standing in opposition aren’t stating we don’t do any blessings the opposition is that if two sodomites holding hands say “bless us” that is the opposition.
  • They are not willing to live in the path of Our Lord.
  • They are in open sin in front of the Priest. 
  • If a child sees that, a boy struggling w/ temptations of the flesh, he will see that knowing sodom is a sin will go on and participate in premarital sex.

HEADLINE: God’s Blessings and Magisterial Teaching by Fr Thomas G Weinandy, OFM, Cap.

  • To bless couples in irregular marriages or same-sex couples without giving the impression that the Church is not validating their sexual activity is a charade.  All those present at such blessings know, without a doubt, that such relationships are sexual in nature.  No one is fooled.  Actually, they are rejoicing that such sexual relations are being blessed.  That’s the point of these blessings.  It is not their sexual abstinence being blessed, but their sexual indulgence.
  • While couples in irregular marriages and same-sex couples can be blessed, what cannot be blessed, and so validated, is the sin in which they are engaged.  It is impossible to bless an immoral act, and to attempt to do so is blasphemy, for one is asking the all-holy God to do something that is contrary to his nature – the sanctioning of sin.

HEADLINE: A Vatican document that undermines itself by Phil Lawler

  • What is meant then when Our Lord says – to whose sins are forgiven they are forgiven and those who you retain are retained?
  • When our Lord did that, it was the power to forgive sin.
  • The mere blessing is not in question here.
  • The document says we aren’t blessing the RELATIONSHIP we are blessing the individual. 
  • If two flaming homosexuals go to a Priest and ask for a blessing and the Priest KNOWS they are in a sodomitical relationship he will do the blessing one by one and separately.
  • He will also say I give you the blessing so you have the grace to repent for what you are doing.
  • That the relationship is sinful.
  • That is what a GOOD Priest will do.
  • The Holy Ghost is ALWAYS at work we must not forget that.
  • You will have flamers that demand a blessing in front of others to see if these Priests will do that.
  • Blessing of Incense – “Ab illo benedicáris, in cujus honóre cremáberis.” = “May you be blessed by Him in whose honor you shall be burned.”
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    No Catholic Priests Can Not Bless Sodomites As Husband And Fake Husband Mike Church

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