This Is How A Masculine, Holy Bishop Sounds Like

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Wisdom Wednesday
Wisdom Wednesday
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  • He wrote a letter like this stands out.
  • That isn’t something you see everyday.
  • A shepherd warning his flock.
  • So often we hear, they are an instrument used, when we hear them talk about the Gospel it is in the most vague of senses. 
  • I had a Bishop telling his flock even though you don’t personally think masks work you should go ahead and wear them anyway for the ‘common good’.
  • The entire narrative was a way of symbolizing you bought the party line in COVID. 
  • So many times we have Bishops making public appeals for causes that aren’t necessarily Catholic in nature. 
  • Take immigration as another example.
  • It is a common thing 40 years ago was this joke – the USCCB used to be the Democratic party at prayer.
  • Bishop Strickland is native to that area, he was a Priest in the Diocese of Tyler TX.
  • He was recognized for his talent, skill and dedication as a Pastor and rose in the ranks quickly.
  • It is building new parishes in a time when most Catholic Dioceses across the country are dying and selling off churches. 
  • They combine the parishes etc. but his area, the faith is flourishing. 

From Strickland’s Letter: 

  1. Christ established One Church—the Catholic Church—and, therefore, only the Catholic Church provides the fullness of Christ’s truth and the authentic path to His salvation for all of us.
  2. The Eucharist and all the sacraments are divinely instituted, not developed by man.  The Eucharist is truly Christ’s Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, and to receive Him in Communion unworthily (i.e. in a state of grave, unrepentant sin) is a devastating sacrilege for the individual and for the Church. (1 Cor 11:27-29) 
  3. The Sacrament of Matrimony is instituted by God.  Through Natural Law, God has established marriage as between one man and one woman faithful to each other for life and open to children.  Humanity has no right or true ability to redefine marriage. 
  4. Every human person is created in the image and likeness of God, male or female, and all people should be helped to discover their true identities as children of God, and not supported in a disordered attempt to reject their undeniable biological and God-given identity. 
  5. Sexual activity outside marriage is always gravely sinful and cannot be condoned, blessed, or deemed permissible by any authority inside the Church. 
  6. The belief that all men and women will be saved regardless of how they live their lives (a concept commonly referred to as universalism) is false and is dangerous, as it contradicts what Jesus tells us repeatedly in the Gospel.  Jesus says we must “deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him.” (Matt 16:24)  He has given us the way, through His grace, to victory over sin and death through repentance and sacramental confession.  It is essential that we embrace the joy and hope, as well as the freedom, that come from repentance and humbly confessing our sins.  Through repentance and sacramental confession, every battle with temptation and sin can be a small victory that leads us to embrace the great victory that Christ has won for us. 
  7. In order to follow Jesus Christ, we must willingly choose to take up our cross instead of attempting to avoid the cross and suffering that Our Lord offers to each of us individually in our daily lives.  The mystery of redemptive suffering—i.e. suffering that Our Lord allows us to experience and accept in this world and then offer back to Him in union with His suffering—humbles us, purifies us, and draws us deeper into the joy of a life lived in Christ.  That is not to say that we must enjoy or seek out suffering, but if we are united to Christ, as we experience our daily sufferings we can find the hope and joy that exist amidst the suffering and persevere to the end in all our suffering. (cf. 2 Tim 4:6-8)
  • “I urge you, my sons and daughters in Christ, that now is the time to make sure you stand firmly upon the Catholic faith of the ages.  We were all created to seek the Way, the Truth and the Life, and in this modern age of confusion, the true path is the one that is illuminated by the light of Jesus Christ, for Truth has a face and indeed it is His face.  Be assured that He will not abandon His Bride.” – Bishop Strickland of Tyler TX
  • El Salvador – The Catholic Church officially beatified Blessed Father Rutilio Grande, a Jesuit priest; Blessed Father Cosme Spessotto, a Franciscan priest; and laymen Blessed Nelson Rutilio Lemus and Blessed Manuel Solórzano Jan.

HEADLINE: Lima, Peru, City of Saints by Brian Kelly 

  • Saint Rose is the patroness of South American and the Philippines. She was born in 1586 and baptized Isabel. However, because of a miraculous rose seen over her head and the beautiful and flower-like charm of her face, she was called Rose. At her confirmation, the bishop, Saint Turibius, gave her the name she was affectionately called. Rose was a Third Order Dominican and her full religious name, given to her by Our Lady in a vision, was Rose of Saint Mary. Saint Rose had the privilege of seeing and conversing with her guardian angel regularly. She also had heavenly visitations from another Third Order Dominican, the great Saint Catherine of Siena, who died in 1380. Our Lord and Our Lady also appeared at times and conversed with holy Rose. One time, through her prayers, a dead person was raised to life. She was thirty-one years-old when she died.

HEADLINE: French Cab named after Irish Monk via

  • The French word for cab, fiacre , has its origins in the name of an Irish Saint, St. Fiacre or Fiaker. Born in Erin during its Golden Age, St. Fiacre embodied the great learning and sanctity which marked “the Land of Saints and Scholars” in that era. After being formed in the rigors of seventh-century Irish monasticism, he was ordained a priest. From his hermitage in County Kilkenny, St. Fiacre fled to France in order to escape the throngs of followers who threatened his monastic solitide. The crowds were drawn not only by the saint’s knowledge of healing herbs, but also by his tremendous sanctity. After St. Fiacre arrived in Meaux, the bishop, St. Faro, gave him a plot of land for his hermitage and a farm to grow food and medicinal herbs. Near the hermitage, St. Fiacre also built a hospice to receive strangers. Soon disciples flocked to him and a monastery was erected, with St. Fiacre as Abbot.
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    This Is How A Masculine, Holy Bishop Sounds Like Mike Church

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