S8 E 1661- Anheuser Busch Has Earned Our Boots On Their Trans-Promoting Neck!

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
Glory and Shine to the Crusade Channel
HEADLINE: US Catholics will gather to begin restoring Christendom through ‘altar, culture, and trade’ by LifeSite News
HEADLINE: Heavy electric vehicles could put pressure on parking garages, experts warn by Ronny Reyes

  • When these parking garages were built they were built to hold regular gas powered cars.
  • They didn’t envision the weight of electric cars.
  • Thus you are seeing already strained older garages collapsing. 
  • Most roads are not even designed to handle that type of weight DAILY. 
  • Average compact car weights 2,600-3,000
  • Average electric car weights 4,323-4,960
  • This is most likely an issue of our crumbling infrastructure too.



HEADLINE: SpaceX’s Starship Explodes Shortly After Launching Uncrewed Test Flight by Micah Maidenberg

  • This was an exciting event and all the MSM can do is focus on the RUD.
  • Starship cleared the tower – it flew, they gained all manner of information. 
  • There is no joy in the world anymore. 
  • Everyone seems to be happy in misery. 
HEADLINE: Anheuser-Busch Thinks We’re Idiots by Tim Young 

2021 & 2022 Philadelphia Pride Festival – Yuengling was a sponsor.

  • Looks like Shiner and Abita are the only beers that will be consumed in the Church household.
  • Why can’t beer companies just make good beer?
HEADLINE: House Democrats Have Lost Their Minds by Matt Taibbi
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AUDIO/VIDEO: ABC News Explains How “Cloud Seeding” is being used to modify weatherThere are currently 42 cloud seeding project across the American West. They fly right into the storm & send microscopic (silver iodide) particles into the clouds. The government has committed $2.6 million.

  • Remember during the question and answer session w/ Trump after a hurricane he said something to the effective of we could fly planes into storms to control the storm or lessen the storm?
  • QUESTION: What was he implying exactly? 
  • I think you need to be very specific about this, you can’t control the weather or climate but you can somewhat manipulate a current acute weather event.

HEADLINE: The Incremental Starvation of the People Gathers Apace by Elizabeth Nickson 

  • The Biden Regime unleashed regulations on the Colorado River just this past week.
  • What are those residents supposed to do move?
  • These people were made promises back in the time of Hoover administration they would damn up this and that so their land would be safe.
  • The same thing will happen on the Mississippi river valley.
  • We have been chronicling the drought and how it effects the Mississippi River.
  • Mississippi Valley Delta – 

HEADLINE: Record low water levels on the Mississippi River in 2022 show how climate change is altering large rivers via Yahoo News 

  • Pay no attention to the ‘climate change’ reference in the title. 
  • The images of the river are the important part.
TKD and Twinkies 

  • Went to CVS yesterday and a pack of Twinkies was $2.69!
  • I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is what’s wrong w/ everything in the US.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Economy 

Jean-Pierre – The President when he came in, nothing was being done. He made sure that economy came back in a way that we haven’t seen in some time.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Florida Rep Randy Fine on LGBTQ surgeriesThey believe this and then wonder why children shoot up schools. It’s bc/ we have failed our children, all of them. To affirm they are creatures of God & made in His image. God doesn’t make mistakes. 
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Crime Junkies – has over 1 million followers

  • Here is what happens when you get 10,000 views per podcast.
  • In some instances numbers are good but scale does matter.
  • The New Christendom Daily – Mike’s daily blog
2h35m AUDIO/VIDEO: 60 Minutes AI revolution w/ Google developer Sundar Pichai 

He says DEVIL..ip not develop. 

QUESTION: What does WWW stand for?

ANSWER: World Wide Web

  • What is in a spiders web?
  • A spider, why don’t you run into a spider web?
  • What would you see in a spider web, other bugs that have been caught right?
  • Are the animals trapped in a web dead or alive just stuck for safe keeping?


  • We don’t have to worry about what they are thinking any longer.
  • They tell us exactly what they are thinking every minute of every day through their social media.
  • Who could be behind killing all humanity?
  • I can tell you it isn’t the CREATOR of LIFE.
  • So who might conspire to do such a thing. 
3h08m AUDIO/VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi on the floor LGBTQ (transgender)We are all God’s children and we all have a spark of divinity in us therefore we are worthy of respect. Recognizing that all God’s children belong in sports, in schools in books and on teams. 

  • There is no sportsmanship in men pretending to be women competing in women’s sports.
  • They pervert terms all the time to fit their agenda.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Edgard Watch CompanyTransgender athletes in female sports should be saved. #Erased

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on Full Send PodcastI just feel that I’m here for a certain reason. I’m here to defend the United States of America. I’m here to make America great again.

Farmer Dan Mundy from New Jersey

HEADLINE: IN-DEPTH: Controversial mRNA Technology Now Targeting Livestock by Allen Stein 

  • This needs to be stopped.
  • Human beings are not meant to be consuming food that is altered like this.
  • They are trying to sterilize men and women.
  • They are setting a goal and they are pounding it into your head so some day you will believe it.
  • That is how propaganda works. 

HEADLINE: How alternative proteins are reshaping meat industries by Brenda Maeder, Hendrik Walter, Rob Dongoski and Thassilo Krupke 

  • People that are vegans and think their dogs shouldn’t eat meat either shouldn’t own dogs.

AUDIO/VIDEO: William Shatner on CuvutoWe all are going to die and if you have that in mind, your life becomes more tangible, more tasty, more filled w/ adventure.

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    S8 E 1661- Anheuser Busch Has Earned Our Boots On Their Trans-Promoting Neck! Mike Church

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