S8 E1655 How Is It Possible That 20 Percent Of Yewts “Identify” As Queer?

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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48m Gallop Poll on LGBTQ

Gen Z (1997-2004) – 19.7%

Millennials (1981-1996) – 11.2%

Generation X (1965-1980) – 3.3% 

Baby Boomers (1946-1964) – 2.7%


AUDIO/VIDEO: Gender Affirming Care Commercialthis video shows YOUNG children w/ double mastectomy scars. 

  • That is Conservatism Inc’s answer to that?
  • What would MAGA say about this commercial?
  • Turning Point USA – what do they say about this?
  • This is a line we shouldn’t cross.
  • This is where we should hold the line.
  • Children are depending on us to protect them but we now have adults telling children this is fine.
  HEADLINE: Matthew Crawford & Attention To Reality by Rod Dreher 

BOOK – Family and Civilization by Carle C Zimmerman 

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  • So welcome aboard Lifesite News!
  • They will be a major sponsor of this years congress.
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  • Robert Hoover – thank you for making this possible.
  • If you came in previous years, you made the right decision so now please come to this years.
1h53m HEADLINE: South Korea to lend 500,000 rounds of artillery shells to US by Hyonhee Shin 

Rollan Roberts –

  • Running for the Presidency in 2024
  • If you have to have pregnant women in your armed force fighter core, your army is done.
  • Pregnant women can’t be Top Gun Tom Cruz folks.
  • Did anyone see the new Top Gun movie?
  • They talk about Gforce and what it does to the body.
  • What does that do to a baby in utero? 
  • Repeal the 16th Amendment, usurious tax on wages etc.

JUST IN: Starting next year, a new IRS rule will require anyone earning over $600 on payment apps, like Venmo, in 2023 to receive a 1099-K form. The old threshold was earning $20,000 over 200 transactions.

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Donald Trump on devaluation of the American dollarIf we lose our currency, that’s the equivalent of losing a world war. What is going on? Currency is what makes us powerful and strong.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San FranciscoThis is spiritual warfare, there is very much a rise in the demonic. This is part of satanic worship the sacrificing of children. 

(15th Annual Spiritual Warfare Conference Menlo Park California) 

  • This mutilation to the form, the creature God created is evil, it is demonic.
  • This is satanic and it is demonic. 
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  Young Americans Identifying as LGBTQ+

10% of boys

10% of girls

  • Have now been removed from the gene pool of reproduction.
  • You take that and combine a fertility rate of 1.3 and now combine that w/ this shortage of cow milk thus more soy milk will be consumed, so that gives you what?
  • You stack all of these factors up and tell me it is ‘accidental’. 
3h04m HEADLINE: Scattered, smothered and clean? Louisiana Waffle House goes viral for spotless appearance by Megan Wyatt 

  • A location of the 24-hour breakfast restaurant opened March 30 at 3104 E. Milton Ave. in Youngsville, the growing bedroom community just outside of Lafayette. Mayor Ken Ritter welcomed the city’s newest restaurant in a Facebook post that has generated more than 42,000 shares, 26,000 comments and 13,000 reactions.
  • “It’s too clean in there,” Nikia A. Summerlin commented on the mayor’s Facebook post. “I need my waffle house to threaten and build up my immune system simultaneously.” 
  • “I like my crew seasoned, ready to fight and the floors filthy,” Mica Ross wrote. “If not it’s hard to trust the food.”
  HEADLINE: Golf, manners, and a firm handshake: This Catholic school is teaching boys how to be gentlemen by Joe Bukuras 

  • The goal of the club is “to learn how to be gentlemen” amid a “societal masculinity crisis,” in which many young men are lacking the appropriate guidance on what it means to be a man, Mello said. 
  HEADLINE: Publicly Funded PBS Joins NPR In Quitting Twitter via ZeroHedge 































Paul MacAree 

  • Your President Joe Biden is in town and he has basically shutdown my little hometown of Knock.
  • He will be here until Friday and he was in Belfast at University of Ulster.
  • He claims he has Irish decedents. 
  • Why do all American Presidents want to claim to be Irish? 
  • He went out of his way to display his Irish roots in Belfast the other day.
  • Just look at Saint Patrick’s Day!
  • How many people claim to be Irish?
  • Donald Trump has tons of investments here in Ireland.
  • President Obama when you get the record of these folks, they don’t believe you.
  • Rosary beads in one hand but promote abortion up until birth.
  • That isn’t Catholic.
  • The Mothers Award – Gene Kelly
  • The Titanic was built mostly by the Protestants in Scotland.
  • They say it was build by an Irishman and sunk by a British man.
  • Queenstown – 20 minutes from here.
  • There were over 2,000 passengers on the Titanic.
  • The biggest cruise ship built up to that point.
  • It was called the UNSINKABLE ship.
  • There were 9 ministers of faith.
  • 4 of them were Priests the others were from Presbyterian and Baptist. 
  • Father Thomas Byles – 
  • He said Mass for the 3rd steerage passengers on the 14th of April, Sunday.
  • And just after midnight the Titanic hit the iceberg.
  • Twice Father Byles was offered to get in the lifeboats and both times he refused.
  • He was going DOWN into steerage to get onto the deck.
  • They have a Priest as the ship is going down saying Psalm 23 and praying the rosary…this was Father Byles.
  • He was doing General Absolution – used in times of war.
  • There were howls and screams of people when people hit the water. 
  • Father Byles was with them – when he hit the water it was like 1,000 knives hitting you all at once.
  • They couldn’t go back in the lifeboats b/c the panic would sink the lifeboats as well.
  • They waited 20 minutes and 2/3 of all the passengers died on the Titanic.
  • Father Francis Browne – he survived the Titanic to go to the trenches.

HEADLINE: 11 Never-Before-Seen Photos Of The Titanic Taken By Father Frank Browne SJ by John Titor 

MEP – 5 years is a set term

  • I was an independent and not a politician.
  • I came out of pro-life and disability.
  • I discovered a lot about Europe.
  • I came to the conclusion the the European Parliament is there b/c it is to fool people into thinking there is Democracy. 
  • Celtic Connections – 
  • Embryos – mixing human embryos w/ animals.
  • Creating them and then experimenting on them and then destroying them. 
  • It looked like we might carry this vote to ban European finance for these companies that would destroy these embryos. 

HEADLINE: The war has thrown Ukraine’s surrogacy industry into crisis

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    S8 E1655 How Is It Possible That 20 Percent Of Yewts “Identify” As Queer? Mike Church

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