How This Saint Helped The Mormons Find Their Home In Utah

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Wisdom Wednesday
Wisdom Wednesday
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SPECIAL GUEST Brother Andre Marie 

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The Court Case of the Century

  • The clergy were historically either French or Irish.

Manchester – there is a Church Saint Marie’s, it was supposed to be the Cathedral but it was carved out of the Diocese so there needed to be a new one built.

  • They built Saint Joseph Cathedral b/c the Irish Priest didn’t want the French Cathedral to be his home base.
  • When Utah applied for statehood, the president of the Mormon Church, the prophet, said the time of polygamy was over.
  • It was great timing but according to the prophet it was revelation.
  • Salt Lake Temple – who is the statue of?
  • Father Pierre-Jean De Smet
  • He was what they called A Black Robe
  • He had 2 Indians jump out at him, he grabbed a tomahawk and beat the crap out of them.
  • He told them to go back and tell their friends “A Black Robe did this to you”. 
  • That is how he gained the Indians respect to be able to teach them the Word of God.

HEADLINE: Fr. De Smet by E Laveille, SJ 

  • Father De Smet shared in every way the wandering life of his Indians, living on roots and what game could be found. His bed was a buffalo hide, and, wrapped in a blanket, he slept under the stars; storms and tempests he braved in a small tent. For four months he suffered from a fever which, he says: “Seemed loath to leave me; but the hard life I lead finally enabled me to throw it off, and since September I am in perfect health.”
  • The old men in council had selected these braves to act as my escort through the country of the Blackfeet and the Crows, the two tribes most at enmity with the white man. Long before sunrise all the Flatheads had assembled to say good-by. No word was spoken, but sadness was written on every countenance. The only thing that consoled them was a formal promise to return the following spring, with a reinforcement of missionaries. Morning prayers were said amid the tears and sobs of the Indians, which drew tears from my own eyes, although I endeavored to control my emotions, trying to make them understand that my departure was imperative. I exhorted the tribe to serve the Great Spirit with fervor, and to avoid anything that might give scandal, dwelling once more upon the principal truths of our holy religion, and giving them, as spiritual chief, an intelligent Indian I had myself carefully instructed. He was to replace me during my absence. Night and morning every Sunday they were to recite prayer in common, and he was to exhort them to the practice of virtue. I authorized my deputy, furthermore, to privately baptize the dying and infants in case of need. With one voice they promised to obey all my injunctions.
  • “Black Robe! may the Great Spirit accompany you on your long and dangerous journey. Morning and night we will pray that you may safely reach your brothers in St. Louis, and we will continue to pray thus until you return to your children of the mountains. When snows of winter will have disappeared from the valleys, and when the first green of spring begins to appear, our hearts, which now are so sad, will once more rejoice. As the meadow grass grows higher and higher, we will go forth to meet you. Farewell, Black Robe, farewell.”

HEADLINE: Saint Louis: at the Graves of Fathers De Smet and Damen by Brother Andre Marie 

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    How This Saint Helped The Mormons Find Their Home In Utah Mike Church

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