The Mike Church Show-The Demoncrats Throw A Hail Satan Pass: Deplatform Life!

The Mike Church Show-The Demoncrats Throw A Hail Satan Pass: Deplatform Life!

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40m HEADLINE: Midterms 2022: Five states have abortion on the ballot in November by David Mendez

  • There is no ‘choice’ with abortion it is human murder.
  • Our Priest Father Damien yesterday was on fire, he held no punches telling Catholics you could not vote for any pro-choice candidate and be in good standing w/ Holy Mother Church.
  • Constitution-based right to abortion – 
  • Five states — California, Michigan, Vermont, Kentucky and Montana — have posed the future of abortion to their constituents in the upcoming midterm election.

HEADLINE: Condemnation of Abortion in the Age of the Church Fathers by Phillip Cuccia 

  AUDIO/VIDEO: “Until Proven Otherwise” —Two of the Top Cardiologists in the World by Vaccine Safety Research Foundation 














American Board of Internal Medicine 

  • 3 years of my life in clinical trials etc – I have a perfect record yet they want to strip me of all of that.
  • The state license is fine, I’m concerned w/ the Board License. 
  • The board has NEVER taken on a political agenda until now.
  • I got a letter of them quoting everything I said.
  • I responded and they submitted something else.
  • I submitted a letter for them to just drop this or they will face a lawsuit. 
  • I am now probably the most popular doctor in America, I still treat patients and I am still doing research.
  • California AB2098 – a doctor muzzle law.
  • If doctor deviate from the unstated COVID line that the STATE has mandated, they will lose their license. 
  • Doctors have always been willing to give 2nd opinions. 
  • These laws need to be struck down now before things get out of the hands of doctors that want to do no harm.
  • This is an infringement on our rights.
  • Senate testimony was made under oath.
  • Steve Bannon will go to jail for not testifying.
  • I showed up and testified, under oath, told the absolute truth and I am getting decertified for it!
  • Sudden Adult Death Syndrome – 

HEADLINE: Community COVID-19 Respiratory Illness is Not Associated with Myopericarditis by Dr Peter McCullough 

  • When heart damage sets in, people don’t feel this.
  • Everyone can check these citations, it is clear now COVID vaccine causes Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

AUDIO/VIDEO: “Until Proven Otherwise” —Two of the Top Cardiologists in the World by Vaccine Safety Research Foundation 

  • They die typically in 2 different scenarios – in their sleep or on the athletic playing field.
  • The video shows people dying while doing athletic things.
    • There is a young man doing sit-ups and he just drops dead.
    • There is a young male referee that drops dead while refereeing a game.
    • The state of Kansas under the leadership of Mark Stephan – they have pulled all the ads for the COVID vaccine b/c they are not safe.
    • Multiple European countries have declared no vaccine mandates due to these health risks.
    • The old flu vaccine only had 16% efficacy. 
    • Why take a chance on this vaccine now either?
    • Sigma Factors – 
    • Sigma 9 Factor – The shortcoming of these reports is they aren’t keeping close track on those that took the vaccine.
    • Why are people dying late? 18 months after the vaccine had blood clots in their lungs.
    • It isn’t PROVEN yet but the spike protein could be cancer promoting, this is our theory now.
    • Finland

    HEADLINE: SHOCKING – Finnish covid deaths OVER REPORTED by 62% by Peter Imanuelsen 

    • Months later after getting COVID you still test positive and the hospitals are still listing as a COVID death even if you come in due to a gunshot to the chest!
    • There is a monetary incentive for hospitals to code the death this way.
    • Pregnant Women and the COVID shot – they should NEVER TAKE experimental genetic shot?
    • You don’t know anything about this!
    • The messenger mRNA is in-fact going through breast milk.
    • John Leek – true crime novel written 
    • Truth Police – trying to influence and shape what is going on.

    The Wellness Company –

  LIFE is on the ballot tomorrow!

  • You must vote for life, there is no other way you can claim to have a moral compass and vote any other way.
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HEADLINE: The Gospel According to Waffle House by Brandon Meeks 

  • It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or where you’ve come from, you are welcome here. Straight-laced or strung out, drunk or sober or in that fuzzy place in between. In blue jeans, a business suit, or pajamas. No one is turned away. 
  • Here in Louisiana we used Waffle House as a hurricane index.
  • If Waffle House is open, no need to evacuate.
  • If Waffle House is closed, run for your LIFE!
  • Whether one’s world has been turned upside down by an act of God or simply because of poor life choices, a person can always find a warm welcome and a hot meal here. Waffle House may not be a church, but they are certainly doing God’s work. And many of us could stand to learn a few things about open arms, hot meals, and second chances from this wild, wayside diner. 
  • This is a human story which we need more of.
  • Sometimes after a major hurricane or storm WH is the only place you can get a hot meal.
  • It is amazing what a hot meal can do for morale. 
  Tomorrow is Election Day 

  • What is also going on this day?
  • A blood moon – and it’s in the Octave of All Saints.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Professor Jeffery Sachsexplaining why he was yanked off of Bloomberg TV for saying that he didn’t buy the official Biden narrative over the Nord Stream pipeline explosions. 


HEADLINE: US Privately Telling Ukraine Be Open To Negotiations With Putin via ZeroHedge 

  • You know who blew up that pipeline.
  • The US blew up that pipeline b/c they have an agenda and that agenda wasn’t going forward w/ that pipeline bing active. 
  • Remember we installed someone in Ukraine.
  • This isn’t the first time we’ve interfered w/ Ukraine and outcomes.
  • You might say that Ukraine is going to get left high and dry.
  • The usual criminal suspects when they lose the funding authority Ukraine will become a thing of the past. 
  • They will leave them w/o any avenue of support and guess what will happen?
  • There is whispers of the Germans wanting to go in b/c they know they need the energy and resources to keep their citizens alive this winter.
  • It was revealed this weekend that special ops of Europe blew up the pipeline.
  • You might think Germans would take cause with this as this was a direct line to them and their citizens.
1h58m AUDIO/VIDEO: Chef Bob Flay on CNN discussing economyThe thing about restaurants is it’s an every-night focus group on how people are feeling about the economy. We’re on the brink of some really bad economy here, I’ve seen this happen before.
  HEADLINE: Why Conservatism Failed by Jon Akonas 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Fulton Sheen from EWTN set to music 
  HEADLINE: The Coming Storm Over Trans ‘Tuskegee Experiment’ by Rod Dreher 

  • There is no going back for these young girls that transition.
  • They have cut their breasts off.
  • You can’t put them back on!
  • They have taken testosterone that allowed them to grow facial hair and more hair on their legs and arms.
  • You can’t unring that bell!
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Controlled Leak – 

  • What the left has no control over is turnout.

HEADLINE: Vote Like a Woman by Dr Naomi Wolf 

  • I have watched in astonishment as the Democrats, over the past 20 months, have systematically thrown away what has in our lifetime been their primary treasure: that is to say, the women’s vote.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Young woman discussing how she wishes someone would have told her at the age of 14 that feeling uncomfortable in her body at that moment was completely normal, it didn’t mean she was a boy trapped in a girl body. She cut her breasts off at the age of 16 but started puberty blockers at 14. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Director of the “Gender Health Program” at @childrensmn says kids can know they are transgender from the moment they can talk and that not all boys have penises. Children’s Minnesota treats kids as young as 3 and offers puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

BACK TO Dr Naomi Wolf

Single Parent Statistics: 

  1. 80% of all single parents in the U.S. are single mothers
  2. 52.9% of single mothers are millennials. 
  3. 15.6 million children live in single-mother households in the U.S. 
  4. 52.3% of single mothers have never been married, 29.3% are divorced. 
  5. Single mothers have a 35.6% smaller median income than single fathers. 
  6. Only 45.9% of single parents receive full child support. 
  7. Annual cost of child care is $10,174, which is 35% of a single-parent income. 
  8. 28.9% of single-mother households live below the poverty level
  9. 31% of single fathers are living with their own parents.
  HEADLINE: Why Should People Go To Church? by Rod Dreher 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden at NY Rally to a climate protestor – No are drilling, there is no more drilling. I haven’t formed any new drilling.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden at NY Rally – You saw what happened when my predecessor left, the economy he left it in ruins he is the 1st president to lose more jobs than when he came into office. Hundreds of small businesses closed and record unemployment. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden at NY Rally – If Rep gain control of Congress & pass a nationwide ban on abortion, I will veto it, if you give me 2 more Dems in Senate we will codify Roe v Wade in January and make it the law of the land.

  HEADLINE: Drinking water for homes and schools in Arizona is DRYING UP because foreign owned megafarms are sucking it up for their crops . . . which are then shipped to Middle East by Alastair Talbot

QUESTION: How many younger people have died of covid in Finland?

ANSWER: So at most 5 people under the age of 60 have died from covid since March in Finland. Not only did they overreport the number of covid deaths by 62%, but the average age of those who died of covid is actually higher than the average life expectancy in the country.

3h22m HEADLINE: SHOCKING – Finnish covid deaths OVER REPORTED by 62% via Peter Imanuelsen Substack
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too-many-republicans”> Progressives Flee Austin Over “Too Many Republicans”

As Well As Approximately 26 Million People Have Already Applied for Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Moreover Most Americans say it’s very important to vote to be a good member of society


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