The Mike Church Show Special Interview-Is The FBI Coming To Spy At A Catholic Church Near You? The RTC Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin Answers That

Special Guest Kyle Seraphin – 

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Recovering FBI agent, Federal Whistleblower, civil liberties enthusiast & 2A amendment defender.

  • The transition under Mueller they don’t recognize the FBI anymore.
  • The post 9/11 types see what the agency has become and they don’t want to be a part of.
  • They have had their sins in years past but it is more and more apparent they aren’t doing the right things.
  • The problems are institutional at this point.
  • It needs a complete reboot.
  • It can only exist in a free America is a complete reset or total breakdown.
  • They wanted me to do a COVID19 test every 72 hours b/c I refused to take the vaccine.
  • My FBI badge – the front is all shiny and pretty but the back is just all worn and tarnished which is a great metaphor. 
  • On the face the FBI is a great American organization but it is rotten and wicked to the core.
  • The Crusade Channel knows and is associated with 5 of those organizations listed on the ‘watch list’.
  • I won’t give away the FBI whistleblower – there were 300 that were Catholic or Christian that refused to take the COVID vaccine.
  • Those 300 are only 1% of the FBI so that tells you a great deal too.
  • Salon and the Atlantic were used – they are both click bait organizations
  • Footnote B – this was written w/ some Catholic knowledge so this is very Catholic, and people are wondering has there been infiltration into these Catholic groups?
  • It was redacted so we wouldn’t expose anyone especially the whistleblower or their FBI organization information.
  • That being said the publisher of the article Tracy Bean she had the same concerns – the fact you and your listeners have the same concerns shows there are forces at work that are conspiring and they seem to be making a stand, I don’t believe in coincidences and it is overwhelming we are seeing a Satanic push toward things like abortion etc. Like saying our current President isn’t Catholic…people are afraid to say.
  • They are either being coopted or they are conspiring against the Catholic laity.
  • Book – Trevor Aaronson – The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism.
  • You can’t be the hero w/o a villain and the FBI is fine w/ manufacturing a villain so they can be the savior. 
  • Mark Houck – will be interviewing him on the incident w/ the Planned Parenthood escort.
  • I wish I would be better like Mark Houck but I would have skinned this old man alive and buried him in the gutter.
  • National Security side – violent extremist it isn’t a violent crime per say it is a ‘pre-crime’ so to speak.
  • This had to be signed off by an Intelligence Officer – this went through many people.
  • This is the first of it’s kind if you read and they seem to be very proud of this too.
  • This can create a weakly worded FBI case.
  • This will give them the extra boost to allow them to go investigate people. 
  • Confidential sources etc
  • Outside the radical Muslim and other terrorist extremist groups, I have never seen this with ANY Christian organization.
  • This is worded like they know a Sedevacantism – the Catholics that believe there is no Pope.
  • You are allowed to be an extremists in this country, there is NOTHING illegal about that.
  • We don’t tell people they must convert or get the sword.
  • If this is a valid concern, these radical extremists, that they will act like White Nationalist Catholic Jihadist they won’t find one b/c there is no such thing. 
  • If they are a Jihadist, they aren’t Catholic or Christian.
  • You start by classifying SOME Catholics as fringe which gives the FBI the door to open investigations against ALL Christians.
  • When you consider the FBI doens’t consider itself a policing unit, it is intelligence FIRST w/ law enforcement capability. 
  • They also have the DOJ backing this ideology b/c they are also all in on abortion and abortion rights.
  • The blind Lady Justice doesn’t have a cover over her eyes anymore.
  • She wears a rainbow feather boa and wants you to adhere to her feelings.
  • Simcha Fischer fabricated the entire thing against the Saint Benedict Center in New Hampshire. It never happened but she and her paper ran with it.
  • If you read the article I published on – 
  • QUESTION: Area 51 is it real? 
  • ANSWER: If there was an X-files I would have been on that case, but probably yes.
  • QUESTION: Was there ever any confidential informants on the Simspons?
  • ANSWER: Talk West Unit – The Springfield Mafia of the Simpsons – I was 35 investigating a cartoon instead of real people.
  • QUESTION: Is Whoopi Goldberg a CIA or NFI?
  • ANSWER: Confirmed 

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