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HEADLINE: Hundreds of flights grounded across US after major FAA computer system outage by Yaron Steinbuch 

32m HEADLINE: Australian Cardinal George Pell Dies At Age 81 by Bree Dail 

  • Cardinal was best known for having been chosen by Pope Francis to head investigations into Vatican Finances, including a deep-diving external audit of the Vatican Bank by Price Waterhouse Coopers. 
  • In 2018, the Australian Cardinal left his position as Prefect of the Secretariat for Economy to face allegations of sexual abuse in Victorian court after an investigation later known as Operation Tethering.
  • Cardinal Pell told the truth about the Catholic Church and Her teachings and the people in Australia didn’t like it.
  • He was put in solitary confinement for over 2 years. 
  • Sounds to me like someone told the Victorian Police to get rid of this problem that the Vatican had…Cardinal Pell.
  • As a practicing Catholic, the sense of betrayal and indignation that I and many have, this is the HUMAN element that is running the Church.
  • What is left of the faith in Australia now that Cardinal Pell is gone?
39m Joe Biden and the Recovery of Classified Documents at UPenn Office

  • One must question if Obama knew Biden had these documents or if maybe Obama gave Biden the nod to go ahead and take them.

HEADLINE: Biden Lawyers Found Classified Material at His Former Office by Peter Baker, Charlie Savage, Glenn Thrush and Adam Goldman 

  • The MSM knew he had these documents BEFORE the midterm elections.
  • Just like the MSM knew about the Hunter Biden laptop BEFORE the Presidential election.
  • Tell us again how the MSM isn’t changing the course of political history.


HEADLINE: Cardinal Pell, White Martyr by Rod Dreher 

  • The great Catholic churchman who has just died endured false accusations of pederasty, and prison. 
  • $2.3 million was sent from the Vatican to Australia.
  • As a side note, Cardinal Pell didn’t like Dreher’s Benedict Option.
  • He said it was far too pessimistic and that we shouldn’t be running for the hills but we should stand and fight for what we hold dear. 
  • White Martyr – meaning that he suffered a bloodless martyrdom for the faith, living in a harsh asceticism as a witness — this, in reference to his time in prison.
  • Remember when I was talking w/ Dr Paul Kengor yesterday about Bella Dodd?
  Back to Biden and Ukraine Money Laundering Scheme

Mykola Zlochevsky 

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  HEADLINE: Kevin McCarthy confirms House panel boot for Schiff, Swalwell and Omar by Mark Moore 

  • So we don’t put much into politics anymore but his is just really funny and we are truly happy when Turban Tart suffers.









HEADLINE: Biden Lawyers Found Classified Material at His Former Office by Peter Baker, Charlie Savage, Glenn Thrush and Adam Goldman 

  • They are all on the same team so why is this coming out now?
  • Could they just not keep it quiet?
  • They need to establish the ‘chain of custody’.
  • Who had what, when and where?
  • They stated that Biden didn’t know the documents were even at the UPenn office, yet they are claiming they were locked in a box.
  • You will hear the phrase ‘chain of custody’ in pretty much all murder mystery shows.
  • If you didn’t know they were there, why were they locked away? 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Steve ScaliseI wonder why the press isn’t asking the same questions of him as VP taking classified documents that they were asking President Trump.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Miranda Devine on Tucker CarlsonAs usual it’s the Democrats’ tool of trade to accuse their opponents of the very sins that they are committing. 

  • The Communist Party never went away.
  • The Communist Party is alive and well here in the United States of America.
  • THIS is further proof of that.
  • The once great state of Georgia is a prime example of the CCP 


AUDIO/VIDEO: Mexican President Obrador (via translator)Thank you Biden for having built ‘not even one meter of wall’….although conservatives don’t like it.

  • They completely sanitized the El Paso area Biden went to.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Ukrainian Parliament Memberwe all know we are fighting for the New World order for the Democratic countries, we knew we are the shield for the Euro.
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Secretary Pete Buttigieg 

FAA and transportation issues – 

  • The Government just doesn’t seem to do anything right.
  • There is almost nothing the government can do much less well.
  • As of this moment the FAA has grounded ALL US flights.
  • They don’t even have to pretend to care about you now.














Special Guest Brother Andre Marie

Host of ReConquest aired only on the Crusade Channel.

Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

  • Right-wing liberals comes from French Revolutionary Parliament.
  • They both did a lot of good.
  • Cardinal Pell told an Atheist that he could go to Heaven, we must remember that too.
  • Theologically speaking, I’m not a follower of what Pope Benedict XVI preached at times.
  • I didn’t know Cardinal Pell but I did meet him once.
  • Cardinal Pell got death threats when he was in the Vatican and was tasked w/ cleaning up the Vatican bank.
  • He found MILLIONS that were lost.
  • They treated him like he was the worst of criminals.
  • He had some strength of character and the Good Lord helped him through those 2 years of solitude.

HEADLINE: Saint Benedict Center Mourns Pope Benedict XVI by Brother Andre Marie

  • Benedictine pontificate was his 2009 Apostolic Constitution, Anglicanorum Coetibus.
  • Benedict’s far sighted decision laid the foundation for a future Uniate church and, potentially, a second Western Rite of Catholicism. In this single action, Benedict did more to promote the unity of Christendom than sixty years of ecumenical meetings, commissions, and dialogs.
  • Ecumenism isn’t helping the church it is harming the church.
  • This was a welcomed vehicle that facilitated Anglicans that WANTED to come to the Catholic faith.
  • I you think it don’t say it, if you write it don’t sign it.
  • This is a regime in Rome that is known for axing people.
  • Pope Francis has fired many for being mildly critical of him.
  • The atmosphere is very hostile in Rome and has been since Pope Francis came on the scene.
  • Things aren’t getting things done b/c they don’t want to upset the Pope or those that work for him or may have a pipeline to him.

HEADLINE: Saint Hyginus (158) by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 

HEADLINE: Episode 358: The Church Unity Octave by Brother Andre Marie 

  LibSyn link – Chavagne Conference Philosophy of Education I – Professor Anthony O’Hear 















AUDIO/VIDEO: Byron Donalds to Joy Reid on MSNBCNow Joy, I’m a financial professional. I do more than just Congress, Social Security is going to be insolvent in 2035, that is a fact.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Kevin McCarthy w/ Sean HannityOne of the greatest threats we have to this nation is our debt. This is our moment to change our behavior. We are going to look at every single dollar spent. 

  • This is all a transfer of wealth and nothing more.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Kevin McCarthy w/ Sean HannityThis was discovered before the last election just like the laptop. They think they are above the law. Trumps documents were locked away and Biden’s was not.

  • Here is the question is Mordor ready to get rid of Joe Biden?
  • That is the main question that needs to be asked.
  • Who will replace him?
  • Who is next in line? 
  • Kamala Harris – she is NOT the future, she ain’t one of them, she is no Hillary Clinton.
  • Gavin Newsom? 
  • The Democrat party doesn’t have a bench.
  • That doesn’t mean they can’t steal an election for one of them they deem worthy.
  • If it is discovered or if there is any debate on Natural Born Citizenship, they can’t go to Kamala Harris.
  • She isn’t a natural born citizen as the Constitution defines b/c in her case neither one of her parents were even citizens. They both become American citizens AFTER her birth. So if we understand the Constitution as it was written, her father would have had to have been a NATURALIZED citizen at the time of her birth.
  • QUESTION: So after all of that who becomes President?
  • ANSWER: Kevin McCarthy
  • This also applies to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.
  HEADLINE: Guinness Hikes Beer Prices In Ireland, Risking “Financial Hardship For Many” via ZeroHedge 

Vital Farms – why are their prices increasing as well as the other egg prices?

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