Why Sodomites And Surrogates Can Never Be Part Of The Conservative Movement

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Sarah Cain aka The Crusader Gal

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  • You can’t be Conservative and actively practicing homosexuality.
  • Guy Benson – he has a faux marriage, a faux husband and he now has purchased a child through surrogacy. 
  • You are purchasing a human being.
  • At some point the child will grow up and ask where is my mother?
  • Which one, the carrying mother or the egg mother?
  • Did they do the surrogate route as in purchase a baby that was already created and the mother didn’t want it or did they fully purchase and select the baby?
  • Dave Rubin was another one.
  • This movement, conservatism, is moving further and further toward hell.
  • There are many of these conservatives that say ‘leave it to the parents’ are like a modern day Rome.
  • It is a constant slide.
  • No one is willing to say Christ or that Christ is King.

HEADLINE: No Allies Who Buy Babies by Declan Leary 

  • If we cannot draw a line in the sand between ourselves and those who would sanction the industrial slaughter of unborn innocents, then American conservatism is not just pointless but actively destructive. I don’t care how big the tent is; if it has baby killers in it, I’m leaving.
  • Dave Rubin – The podcaster goes on to explain that a number of eggs—18 the first time around—were taken from this woman and split into two groups, each of which would be fertilized with one of the two men’s semen.
  • So they essentially killed 18 babies the FIRST go around. 
  • But no one wants to talk about that aspect of surrogacy. 
  • This is evil, plain and simple. Dave and Dave paid for the creation of roughly 18 unique, individual human beings, just so that two of them could be successfully implanted in rented wombs and delivered to their purchasers after a nine-month interval. The fate of the other 16 need not be spelled out.

HEADLINE: Michael Voris and the Perils of Celebrity by Sarah Cain

  • I can’t help but find Voris’s recent resignation and his own public scandal to be somewhat painful. This is despite the fact that his resignation seems appropriate and probably should have happened much earlier, for he was not in a position to lead.
  • I came across Church Militant right before I converted.
  • He was railing against the Catholic church yet he was Catholic himself.
  • Protestants who were scandalized by their denominations simply left and sought different churches. Voris stayed Catholic, even in his outrage. That demonstrated to me that the Catholic Faith was different. I came to understand that faithful Catholics are not Catholics because they like being Catholic, or because it’s the easiest choice, or because they like the Vatican. They are Catholic because they believe that to be so is to serve Christ in the best way possible because it is to join the Church that He founded and that the Holy Spirit guides. It is to practice the Christian Faith as it was supposed to be practiced and has been since the Apostolic Age.
  • This made me more receptive to the Church.
  • It has the fullness of the truth and even when it is difficult this is the ONE True Church.
  • What makes an entity trustworthy? 
  • Your duty is to the TRUTH not the VIEWS!
  • April 2022 – Easter Vigil is when I converted. – Sarah Cain
  • Institute for Catholic Culture 
  • Being Catholic isn’t something that ends w/ a ‘graduation’ of Confirmation. 
  • You must continue to learn your faith, read about the Saints etc.
  • We have a duty to learn more of the truth.

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