Why Only Trump Can Restore The Big Business That Is Empire Muricah

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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Frank Wright

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  • Pope Francis 
  • They are going to set these Priests up with a homosexual couple and a Priest will refuse and then the games begin.
  • This is setting up Priests to be persecuted.
  • I have expected the worst from the Vatican these days and that is precisely what we are getting.
  • I agree w/ you, the trouble is Rage Farming is very lucrative. 
  • It is a dopamine loop.
  • What are my duties and what should I be doing w/ my life?
  • That is what we should be looking at ‘what in my life can I control’ and do that first.
  • That is rewarding.
  • The Catholic faith doesn’t exist in the Holy See only.
  • The impressions are important, like when I wear these glasses w/ no lenses. 
  • JB Pritzker Governor of Illinois 
  • The transgender phenomenon. 
  • Social Contagion – you get this through watching and listening to others in that group.
  • This whole conceptual world, you can transform not just as running faster if you buy THESE shoes but now it is you can become another sex.
  • It is the penuchle of consumerism. 
  • When I wear a wig I do it in a dignified manner.
  • You are looking to escape your depression by buying a new vagina or penis.
  • Martine Aliana Rothblatt – who had previously been a founder of Sirius satellite radio, headed United Therapeutics and was the highest paid female CEO in the U.S. The subject of her SXSW talk was artificial intelligence and specifically “mind cloning,” which included her discussion of the “mind clone” she had built of her wife Bina, known as BINA48. Among other topics, she projected a future in which robots would have constitutional rights and envisioned ways to help ease robots’ potential anxiety about not being human.
  • What is a midwit?
  • It isn’t about winning the argument but it is about displaying your own vanity.
  • You don’t have to be cleaver to get into University any longer.
  • You listened to those ‘experts’ during COVID and they were all wrong.
  • The fantasy empire is bad for business. 
  • If you haven’t gotten any business, you can’t recruit soldiers and you can’t pay for the ammunition, then where is your power?
  • The power w/ the US is mainly in the Navy right?
  • It is going to be difficult to steal another election this time.
  • People in the United States really don’t belive in the US anymore.
  • That is precisely what happened to the Russian Empire.
  • 100% correct assessment by Frank Wright.
  • If you look back at the COVID thing it penalized the wise and gave praise to the idiots.
  • 30-40% rouge DNA – COVID vaccine
  • Shops were shuttered, community groups and such have forever changed.
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    Why Only Trump Can Restore The Big Business That Is Empire Muricah Mike Church

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Mike The KingDude Church is host of CRUSADE Max & CRUSADE Channel's The MikE Church Show & Mike is the Founder of The Veritas Radio Network.

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