The Israeli Dual Citizenship Problems Of The U.S.

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Donald Jeffries 

HEADLINE: Hijackers, Hamas, and Dual Citizens by Donald Jeffries 

  • The fact is any Jew can become a citizen of Israel just by visiting Israel and staying for 24 hours.
  • So Ben Shapiro and Mark Levin – it was like Hamas attacked their families, their own private home.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Joe Biden in IsraelThe President is here b/c he wants to portray two things. 1 – reaffirm US solidarity and iron clad commitment to its security 2 – underscore our message on don’t try to take advantage of this Crisis to attack Israel. 

  • Who is trying to take advantage of this?
  • Almost any prominent Jew is a dual citizen.
  • You begin to see why we are responding the way we are.
  • I asked on Twitter is there any American public figure that has said ‘we don’t stand w/ Israel’?
  • These things need to be asked.
  • Donald Trump is a big supporter of Israel.
  • Neo-Cons at one point were all big promoters of Israel. 
  • Dual citizenship – every election we have a lower turnover rate than at the height of the Soviet Union.
  • Our precious right to vote – you are voting back in repeatedly the worst people. 
  • It’s a funny thing about terrorists; although they are now invariably portrayed as enemies of Israel, they have rarely targeted Israel itself. But that changed last week. Hamas, now evidently taking over front-runner status in the world of competitive terrorism, unleashed a deadly assault on a music festival in Israel, killing many civilians. Their planning was decidedly unconventional. They flew in, very slowly of course, on hand gliders. It was almost as if Bin Laden was there, plotting it out like he did the whole box cutter-plastic knife thing. If it seems like terrorists using a Flintstones-like method of transportation should have been extremely easy for the IDF to detect and repel before they did any damage, you’re probably an anti-Semite.
  • Few Americans probably know this, but an extraordinary number of our elected “representatives” hold dual Israeli citizenship. Before Diane Feinstein’s recent death, there were thirteen U.S. Senators who also are Israeli citizens. This includes Majority Leader Chuckie Schumer. Past dual Senators include former Saturday Night Live writer Al Franken. In the House, there are nearly thirty dual citizens. Among them are the infamous “Russia! Russia! Russia!” proponent Adam Schiff, and corrupt former DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who helped to rig the primaries against her fellow dual-citizen Bernie Sanders. If that seems like a lot of Israelis in our Congress, again, you’re probably an anti-Semite. I’m wondering why there are no dual Russian-American citizens in Congress, extolling the virtues of Vladimir Putin.

HEADLINE: Will Americans Fight for Globalism? by Edward Ring

  • Do you ever see a group of Arabic people hanging out on the corner?
  • If there were real terrorist, I mean after our response to 9/11, don’t you think they would have done something by now to this country? 
  • I don’t think it is too much to ask for a ruling member of congress to have allegiance to this country!
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    The Israeli Dual Citizenship Problems Of The U.S. Mike Church

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