S2 E VI The Deliver Us From Evil Tapes – The Return To Amityville

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Special Guest Ralph Sarchie and Sean Austin

Demonologist and Demon Files TV Show

  • Religious Demonologist is a better title for what we do.
  • We research the paranormal but with the Faith aspect in the forefront.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Norman the Doll
  • Like the mother bringing the Annabelle doll into the house and taking it to a psychic and naming it Annabelle.
  • He took the form of a snake. He incited imagery for this young girl to get her scared to start with.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: The Demon Files S1E1 The Mirror 
  • You can have 20 blessed medals on your body, if you don’t have the true faith in the power of those medals they will not protect you.
  • Ralph Sarchie – “The Sovereignty of God protects.”
  • When you bring people onto the show, you can network with other paranormal investigators.
  • Getting into deep conversations is very important.
  • Sean – QUESTION: why did you go back to 112 Ocean Avenue?
  • Sean and Ralph both went back to Ocean Avenue
  • Spirit Box – one particular voice kept coming through.
  • I’ve actually seen and heard with my own ears what they are talking about with these spirit boxes.
  • The demonic can trap a soul.
  • This spirit was either 6 or 8. This boy wouldn’t be a big mortal sin doer so why this happened I don’t know but I just knew this was an innocent soul trapped in that house.
  • Connecting with spirits for personal gain, that is where the SIN comes in and the downfall.
  • I don’t suggest anyone doing this. You cannot treat this as an amusement park.
  • You cannot do this for “fun”. You aren’t helping anyone especially not your own eternal soul.
  • These activities we do have a purpose, it is to help families and individuals.
  • There needs to be a minor exorcism done on these homes. They can go dormant for a while but these demons don’t just leave on their own.
  • Lee Lutz was involved in the Occult prior to moving into that house so that didn’t help the situation at all. That exacerbates the demonic activity that is already present.
  • You cannot live in a state of mortal sin and do battle with demons.
  • The Lizard Lizard on the Wall – Ed and Loraine Warrens nephew
  • The mirror in that episode has been given to to him for safe keeping.
  • I focused more on the dresser in the girls room b/c I was getting information that phenomena was going on in another location as well.
  • That is how some cases go, you have to have an open mind so you can locate any contact objects etc.
  • The crushed pill taste in Sean’s mouth after the religious invocation in this house.
  • Shadow Chaser sequel will come out within the next year. This is more of a group of experiences or cases that were very profound to me.
  • Biggest story in the book was a girl that was possessed while pregnant. That story didn’t have a happy ending sadly.
  • We don’t use our free will wisely in most situations.
  • Mike describes conversation w/ his brother – sanitarium with ghost tours
  • There are risks involved in anything with the super natural.
  • 100% correct – we have free will but the sin element of doing this is more concerning with doing something like this.
  • God commands us NOT to communicate with the dead and/or spirits.
  • People do this most of the time out of curiosity.
  • It opens you up to more sinful things.
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    S2 E VI The Deliver Us From Evil Tapes – The Return To Amityville Justin Redman

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