The Climate Crisis Is A Smokescreen For Climate Lockdowns

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Marc Morano

Website Climate Depot

  • This is bigger than anything else b/c he is a sitting president.
  • Hunter Biden laptop story give you an encompassing of everything that is happening w/ the great reset.
  • Complete election interference – everything they claim Trump does or they claim he did they did with Hunter’s laptop.
  • I don’t think Biden is going to be the candidate.
  • I believe it is going to be Gavin Newsom.
  • I think Robert F Kennedy Jr is throwing some serious numbers up there and the left is really worried about it.
  • Trump and Kennedy should really run together to be honest.
  • In terms of the whole Hunter thing, it is Washington as usual. 
  • The American Trudeau = Gavin Newsom
  • Don’t even get me started on RFK.
  • He has been red pilled.
  • He won’t talk about climate in this campaign.
  • He says he has given up on the climate agenda b/c it was hijacked for totalitarian global agendas.
  • THAT right there is HUGE!
  • Operation Warp Speed, crushed any other treatment we could take, he keeps saying NYC did better than FL w/ COVID, he has to acknowledge his errors and admit it – Trump
  • What did Biden tell Garland and what did Garland tell Smith? – Vivek Ramaswamy 
  • He is pretty much saying all things that we are saying the middle of the road stuff.
  • This is a massive fraud w/ what they are trying to do here.
  • We know it was as warm or warmer then. 
  • You can see the heatwave EPA index – 1936 was the hottest year many states set their hottest temps before the 50’s.
  • What they’ve done here is weaponize every weather event.
  • Imagine if the media picked up how they did weather events the same way they did lottery winners.
  • We are all experiencing the worst ever when in reality even the UN note no trend or a declining trend.
  • They picked one single day and declare it was the hottest day!
  • Then they claimed the hottest ocean we’ve ever measured – CNBC another division of NBC noted it wasn’t!
  • This was shallow murky water w/ heavy sediments and it wasn’t even in METRIC and it wasn’t even the hottest in 6 years.
  • Two studies claim 90% – I’m not making this up 10,000 surveyed fiddled down to 77 scientist that are anonymous so even that is skewed and a lie.
  • Climate change is real and CO2 is a warming agent but they skew these two things to fit their narrative.
  • Other factors that cool the Earth – 
  • We now know that the Biden administration and WHO, CDC, FBI they were all involved in suppressing COVID information they are doing the same thing w/ climate.
  • If CO2 goes up, it is great for agriculture!
  • Bill Gates owns more farmland in America than anyone else.
  • MIT technology review – he stated the entire Western world should be switching to synthetic beef.
  • Global wildfires are down dramatically over the century, they really aren’t a thing. Wildfires deal w/ forest management, land use and other stuff.
  • Their trends still aren’t’ up in Canada!
  • However when we have them they make them seem impressive and unprecedented! 
  • More than 1/2 forest fires are arson not climate change.
  • Remember Donald Trump talked about the forest fires in California? 

HEADLINE: Top climate scientists rubbish claims July was the hottest month ever – Public being ‘misinformed on a massive scale’ by Marc Morano 

  • This is how they get a trend they use ONE specific place and on specific year but if you look at it globally there is no there, there.

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