S9 E1805-The Biden Crime Family Is Now Literally On The Run

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The Mike Church Show
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HEADLINE: Appeals Court to Fast Track Trump Immunity Case by Caden Pearson 

Civics 101 

  • There is a clause that concerns members of the House of Representatives. 
  • When they are on their way to a meeting of Congress that they can’t be interfered with.
  • Remember when Rep Patrick Kennedy crashed his car when he was heading to the Capitol and he said he couldn’t be arrested b/c he was heading into vote?

HEADLINE: Patrick Kennedy Crashes Car Into a Capitol Hill Barrier by Robert Pear 

  • He said he was apparently disoriented because he had been taking Ambien, the sleeping pill, and another medication.
  • Mr Kennedy said he drove to the Capitol at about 2:45 a.m. in the mistaken belief that he needed to vote. The House was not in session, having adjourned at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday.
  • So he was just carrying on a family tradition.
  • Mr Kennedy invoked the immunity clause.
  • So if Kennedy did it, why didn’t it work for Donald Trump?
  • The call he made to Brian Kemp, that is political.
  • The things he said in public when he was President by definition was political.
  • ‘To execute the laws faithfully’ – 
  • Jack Smith is trying to claim jump the lower appeals court.
  • He thinks SCOTUS will decide in his favor and against the President. 
  • Every President could be hauled into court if the opposition doesn’t like them if Donald Trump goes down.
  • The country will never be the same.
  • The Biden Crime family – Hunter is saying I just want to get clean and tell the truth.
  • If that is the case why did he not show up when he was subpoenaed? 
  • He certainly didn’t do anything to help the Biden family yesterday. 
  • If he pulls the same thing this next time, he will then be in real trouble.
  • Rep Jim Jordan said yesterday that we do things the way the law says we should.
  • Did you know during the Shampeachment 1 – ALL the Trump kids were subpoenaed? 
  • Did you know all 3 of his children showed up and gave testimony? 
  • Don Jr was there the ENTIRE day answering Jerry Nadler questions.
  • We are smarter than them so why do we keep losing?
  • We follow the laws on the books to the letter, they don’t. 
  • They are big fat law enforcement fire breathing dragons.
Putin vs Biden

  • Why does Biden never allow questions? 
  • Why does Putin stay for over 3 hours allowing media questions? 
  • Who is the actual dictator here?
  • Putin doesn’t have prepositioned questions either.
  • He doesn’t have a ‘who to call on and in what order’ cheatsheet.
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ADUIO/VIDEO: Hunter Biden on Capitol StepsI’m here today b/c the MAGA right has used me to portray their political purposes. I come from a loving and supporting family. For 6 years MAGA Republicans have imputed my character, invaded my privacy and attacked my family. They have ridiculed my struggle w/ addition and they have tried to dehumanize me. 

  • There are 50 former members of Congress, the CIA and FBI that are now officially under investigation for Biden’s laptop.
  • His laptop wasn’t stolen.
  • He forgot to pick up his laptop from the place he sent it to have it repaired at.
  • Mahgdalen Rose is in touch w/ Owen Shroer – they got him for simply being NEAR the Capitol.
  • How did they figure that out?
  • His bank statements that’s how.
  • Do these 50 people still have security clearance? 
  • You mark my words here – 
  • Someone is lurking out there that is an Anita Hill or Christine Ford that is going to play a role in this entire debacle.
  • Maybe it is Hunter.
  • Maybe Joe just says look son, you had a good run here, it is time to take one for the team.
  • I don’t see how they get out of all of this.
Israel and Palestine 

  • Why isn’t the world coming out against the war crimes that Israel is perpetrating against the people in Gaza?
  • Epstein was running the sex cult of death – It wasn’t that he was running the rings he was photographing the adults w/ the children.
  • QUESTION: Why would he do that?
  • ANSWER: Blackmail that’s why.
  • I have a small problem w/ this b/c you can’t just release this all against all of these guys at one time.
  • If you release it about one, why wouldn’t you think, knowing human nature he would want to take the rest of the adults down with him?
1h51m Southwest Airlines 

HEADLINE: Southwest Airlines accused of ‘rewarding obesity’ with new policy that grants very overweight passengers free extra seats by Emily Joshu 

  • Compulsive packer – I need another free suitcase.
  • Obesity – I am gat so I need a free extra seat.
  • Alcoholic – I can’t help it, I have to drink alcohol..will you give it to them free the entire flight?
  • What if I start flying Southwest and just claim I am a customer of plus size?
  • Will I be turned away b/c I am not obese?
  • Is there a thing as reverse fat shaming? 
  • The policy states that customers who ‘encroach upon any part of the neighboring seat(s)’ may purchase however many extra seats they need, which will then be refunded at check-in.
  • On social media, many have pointed out that free space is not available to customers who are very tall and need extra legroom, those traveling with medical equipment or are wheelchair users.
Special Caller – Christmas Contest Winner – Bill Payne





AUDIO/VIDEO: James Comer and Jim Jordan reacting to Hunter BidenThis is the same procedure that we always use. A closed-door deposition so there aren’t any filibusters. The Dems do this, Don Jr had to do this twice! It is supposed to be the same treatment under the law.

  • How does a loan work?
  • You pay the person via a check and you draw up a loan document.
  • That person then pays you back either in increments or the full amount which is also documented via a check.
  • That is how loan repayments work.
  • How did the money get into that account?
  • The idea the Big Guy was just going around loaning money to people w/o any type of loan documents is insane.
  • Is it possible they just have a little black ledger somewhere?
  • Habitual lying, habitual abuse of drugs and so on – 
  • These aren’t the kind of people that willingly surrender at Federal Prisons.
  • You have to drag them.
  • Why did they send Hunter out there and do this?
  • All this does is bide time right?
  • There is going to be a subpoena, another one.
  • What damage would be done if Hunter actually does run?
  • The whole series of the Little Black Book – is there a LEDGER?
  • How else would you know who owes you what and how much?
  • What did Obama know and when did he know it?
  • Did Obama get a kick back from any of Biden’s ‘business dealings’?
  • Hillary Clinton was doing this too when she was in the State Department.
  • The Clinton Foundation – 
  • Bill Clinton spoke at the UAE for $40 million for only 30 minutes…why?
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HEADLINE: Kid Rock says he is done boycotting Bud Light by Jordan Valinsky 

  • Rock  told Tucker Carlson on his X show that Bud Light “deserved a black eye and they got one” for the partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, but then added he’s over the boycott. “So, do I want to hold their head underwater and drown them because they made a mistake? No, I think they got the message.”
  • That just means Kid Rock has a price.
  • His bar in Nashville continued to sell Bud Light through the entire ‘boycott’.
  • MONEY is the motivation for everything in the United States.
  • EVERYONE has a price.
  • The executive reshuffling will “reduce layers within our organization and better enable our top commercial leaders to drive our business and legacy forward,” said A-B US CEO Brendan Whitworth in a statement.
2h42m AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Hunter Biden

Peter Doocy – You said the President was aware of what Hunter was going to say today, did he try and talk him out of it? If I were to call my dad, he would probably tell me go and testify like the subpoena says.

Karine Jean-Pierre – He is proud of his son, how he is rebuilding his life back. Hunter is a private citizen so you need to speak to his representatives. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK – Joe Biden asked what he thinks about the people defying Congressional subpoenas for January 6th. – Should this people be prosecuted by the Justice Department?

Joe Biden – Yes and I hope they do.






















SPECIAL GUEST – Mahgdalen Rose

Crusade Channel Political Correspondent 

CNN TownHall w/ Vivek Ramaswamy and Abby Phillip

AUDIO/VIDEO: Vivek Ramaswamy on January 6th Footage“Why did they suppress 200 hours of footage, of shooting rubber bullets into that crowd, shooting tear gas into that crowd? You didn’t see that before. The government cherry picked 12 hours of footage when there was 200 hours of footage.”

  • Will you end the Deep State and Drain the Swamp?
  • He is trying to get those people that want the corruption stopped on his side.
  • Those people that want these type of questions asked won’t back a Nikki Haley or a Ron DeSantis. 
  • Nikki Haley doesn’t sit in the Trump orbit enough to be his VP pick.
  • He is polar opposite to her I feel.
  • He may have made some type of agreement but we all know Nikki will NOT be loyal to him.
  • The Governor of New Hampshire endorsed her b/c he doesn’t want to deal w/ Trump.
  • VP is supposed to bring something to you, to your campaign.
  • We’ve gotten to the point where we just say…well I kinda like this person so I’ll pick him or her.
  • Ben Carson’s heart is in the right place but he doens’t have the stamina to do that.
  • Trump needs someone that is younger and brings some energy to the crowds.
  • I fear he is going to pick someone that is big on Twitter and social media that the MSM hate.
  • We would be back to square one if that happens.
  • RFK Jr – what do you think about that pick?
  • Would he bring anything to the Trump campaign?
  • Would he fit in the Trump campaign?
  • Charlie Kirk – 
  • The one thing Trump should be concerned about is that RFK Jr is very much anti-vaccine and mandates that is a rally cry for him.
  • Trump called himself the Father of the Vaccine.
  • When Trump is on that general election track what does he do when he is confronted w/ people losing their livelihoods when Trump shut the country down?
  • Let’s talk Iowa – what is the actual date for the Iowa Caucus – it is January 15th.
  • The problem Trump has is he thinks the Republican party is his.
  • Can he check his pride and have Ron DeSantis as his VP?
  • There was in-fact a Republican party before Trump.
  • There is frustration there.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Kevin McCarthy GOP leadership admits to sabotaging the campaigns of white Republicans in favor of Blacks.

  • Donald Trump did the same thing though we must admit that.
  • That isn’t just McCarthy, you wouldn’t have thought Trump would do something like that but he did.
  • This is what the Trump orbit did.
  • This is unethical to become involved in primary races that aren’t even in your area.
  • He shouldn’t have been allowed to do this.
  • Final question – Jill Biden’s White House Christmas Decorations
  • I saw the video and thought it was a spoof. You have the entirety of Hollywood open to you like the Rocketts…ANYONE and you chose that?
  • It reminds me of the American Horror Story – Circus Season.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Comedian Jim Breuer on Pinocchio – Paying to send the boys to Pleasure Island and they don’t come back as boys!

  • Disney has always been about pedophilia.
  • How did I not see this when I originally watched this movie?
  • Did you guys catch this?
  • Did Epstein get his idea for his island from this Disney classic?
  • TV Series CULT – 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Civil War Official Trailer 

  • So what do you think about this folks?
  • My thinking on this is they want secessions.
  • They want this to happen. 
  • They believe they have the military behind them and they will absolutely eliminate the American uprising. 


AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr Ben Thomson on Israel Bombing Hospitals in Gaza 

  • There is no way you can convince me that Popes of old would be demanding that all Catholics of the world to stand down and walk away.
  • This is unjust and you will have to pay for this.
  • Where are the Bishops of the world to denounce this?
  • You must not as a practicing Catholic give aid or assistance to anyone that is participating in this genocide.
  • The US Government is in full agreement and participation in this.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing w/ John Kirby

Reporter – You’re being asked these questions b/c the President has as tendency to say things about foreign policy and leave them hanging, and we don’t get to ask him to clarify himself. 

John Kirby – I take pause with that he was right next to Zelenskyy when he said that you were all there.

Reporter – Okay well then he said yesterday he said Israel was carrying out indescriminant attacks. to the rest of the world that is a WAR CRIME so why isn’t the WH saying that?

  • This is a full scale desiccation of a trap civilian population.
  • Remember when Joe said – You can’t go up against the Federal governments tanks and fighter jets?
  • We don’t care what Israel’s intent was.
  • They are actually killing civilians by the thousands.
  • What do they have?
  • You can’t convince me there is enough footage out there of adults having sex w/ kids to allow this to happen in Gaza.
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    S9 E1805-The Biden Crime Family Is Now Literally On The Run Mike Church

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