S9 E1804-The Genocide In Gaza Is A War Crime That We Will Pay For

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48m Joe Biden Gives $200 million To Ukraine

  • He must have found that ever illusive Obama Stash.
  • How much did it cost Zelenskyy to travel here?
  • How much war can be waged w/ a measly $200 million?
  • The Norwegian prime minister announced $800 million in financial and humanitarian aid to Kiev and promised support next year.
  • So even the Norwegian people gave more to Zelenskyy.
1h01m HEADLINE: We Are No Strangers to Human Suffering, but We’ve Seen Nothing Like the Siege of Gaza by Michelle Nunn, Tjada D’Oyen McKenna

  • Why do you continue the slaughter of innocent civilians?
  • This isn’t a path to accountability or peace.
  • They are withholding water, food, fuel and other necessities to life here in Gaza.
  • Israel told all the refugees in Gaza to flee to the South.
  • What does Israel do after that?
  • They claim to have reports of Hamas terrorists in the South and start bombing the South.

HEADLINE: White House Concerned by Israel’s Reported Use of White Phosphorus Shells in Lebanon by Ryan Morgan 

  • The Biden White House acknowledged reports that Israeli forces may have misused U.S.-supplied white phosphorus against Lebanon in at least one cross-border skirmish in October and indicated the U.S. would look into the incident.
  • White phosphorus is a component sometimes used in smoke, illumination, and incendiary munitions.
  • While its use as a smoke-producing agent is not necessarily problematic, the use of white phosphorus as an incendiary weapon could run afoul of Article 1 of Protocol III of the 1980 United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.
  • White phosphorus ignites when exposed to air at around 86° Fahrenheit and burns at a high temperature.
  • New York Times – 
  • A significant change must be made in this conflict to pull Gaza from the abyss.
  • Do you still approve of Israel and their handling?
  • Are you still wearing your Israel lapel pin?
  • We must stop blocking the calls for a ceasefire.
  • The bombardment isn’t the only thing cutting lives short.
  • The food scarcity and the cutting off of medical supplies are becoming a major issue.
  • The lack of clean water is another major issue.

HEADLINE: We Need An Immediate Ceasefire In Ukraine, Not Israel by John Daniel Davidson 

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HEADLINE: Far-right Polish lawmaker uses fire extinguisher on Hanukkah candles in parliament by Anna Koper

  • Footage posted on the website of private broadcaster TVN24 showed Grzegorz Braun of the Confederation party take the extinguisher before walking across the lobby of the parliament to where the candles were, creating a white cloud and forcing security guards to rush people out of the area.
  • Afterwards Braun took to the podium in the chamber where he described Hanukkah as “satanic” and said he was restoring “normality”.
  • Asked just after the incident if he was ashamed, Braun replied: “Those who take part in acts of satanic worship should be ashamed.”
  • We are not behind your genocide in Gaza.
  • The world will someday find out all the atrocities Israel is imposing right now on the Palestine people.
Election Fraud – 

  • Don’t forget who was Secretary of State.
  • It was Katie Hobbs and now she is Governor of that state.
  • These people never stopped fighting for this to all come to light.



























HEADLINE: Birthright Citizenship for $500: What Is, America in Jeopardy! by Cindy Simpson 

  • “They have a particular status in common: Anwar al-Awlaki, Yaser Esam Hamdi, the twin daughters of El Chapo, Chinese children born to US surrogates, and children born in the US to illegal immigrants.”
  • ONE – Al-Awlaki was born in New Mexico in 1971 to Yemeni parents who returned with him to Yemen seven years later. In 1991 Awlaki came back to the US to study, became an imam in a mosque in California with ties to the 9/11 hijackers, eventually landed on the terrorism suspect list, and was killed in 2011 in an Obama-ordered drone strike.
  • TWO – Hamdi was born in Louisiana in 1980 to Saudi parents, and the family moved back to Saudi Arabia when he was a child. In 2001 Hamdi was captured by US forces in Afghanistan and held as an enemy combatant.
  • THREE – The twin daughters’ father, Joaquín Guzmán, aka “El Chapo,” famous Mexican drug lord and Sinaloa Cartel leader, married Emma Coronel (born in California to a Mexican father also involved in the cartel) who came back to California in 2011 to birth them and then immediately returned to Mexico.
  • FOUR – Chinese babies born to U.S. surrogates has become a popular trend for wealthy Chinese since the U.S. recently made it more difficult to travel here as “birth tourists.” As reported by the Heritage Foundation, they simply “send their reproductive material…to an IVF lab and implant it in a hired surrogate to produce a viable pregnancy.”
  • Even before the massive illegal migrant border surge under the Biden administration, babies born to illegals comprised a sizeable portion of U.S. births. In 2018, the Center for Immigration Studies estimated around 300,000 such births per year, “larger than the total number of births in any state other than California and Texas.” These children, according not to a federal law but rather, as Ann Coulter pointed out, a footnote in Plyler v. Doe, are citizens entitled to welfare assistance and a public education. They’re also “anchor babies” (now considered a slur, even though in 2010 Newsweek surprisingly included Obama in its list of “anchor babies” titled “What’s So Scary About an ‘Anchor Baby’?). Anchor babies give parents protection against deportation, and in later years, an advantage in the path to naturalization for the extended family.
  • To Summarize: all of these individuals were born on U.S. soil and had non-citizen parents at the time of their birth, with neither permanent U.S. domicile nor political allegiance to the U.S.
  • Now, citizenship is perceived to be purely derived by geographical location at the moment of birth, so well-timed travel planning is crucial. For the foreign relatives desiring admission to the U.S., an “anchor baby” birth in the right spot is cause for celebration.
  • “Run, squat and drop” is now joined by “fertilize, freeze, ship and implant.” Shipping one’s fertilized eggs half way across the world to implant them into the uterus of a U.S. resident so that the newborn will be guaranteed U.S. citizenship reveals the absurdity of the notion that mere location of one’s first breath is the sole determinant.  
  • “War is all about taking sides. Unless of course, you can’t, because you belong on both sides.” – Ms Sellers 
  • Eventually, doing nothing to end this insanity will mean that the whole system will become so overloaded and unmanageable that Democrats will undoubtedly propose mass amnesty as the only humanitarian and affordable solution. If Republicans instead attempt to do something now to end this unaffordable situation—which would include ending the magnet of birthright citizenship and tolerance of dual citizenship—they will surely be labeled, just as Michael Anton was in 2018 when he dared address the subject: “Nativist.” “Xenophobe.” “Bigot.” “Racist.” “White nationalist.” “White supremacist.”
  • Owing allegiance to another country – REEL
  • That makes Barack Obama an illegitimate President.
  • In the book The 50% American, author Stanley Renshon estimated that more than 40 million Americans are dual citizens. That was in 2005. With the huge explosion of illegal immigration in recent years, that number will have skyrocketed.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Chicago activist Raul Montes Jr on Illegal MigrantsYou have people that have been waiting years for to get citizenship. The illegals get everything. They’re getting their rent paid. They’re getting money, they’re getting phones. What about the homeless people? The Veterans?
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AUDIO/VIDEO: John Daly w/ Tucker Carlson on TrumpI think all of us on the tours all want Daddy Trump back. I’ve known him since the early 90’s. When he stood up he said mark my words I will be President one day.



















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HEADLINE: Saint Lucy (304) by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 

  • The 2 Covenants – 
  • Moses was the mediator of the old law.
  • It is very confusing so stop what you are doing and pay attention.
  • This is a point of great confusion.
  • Most assume the old law means the entirety of the Old Testament.
  • The Old Law is the Mosaic Law – 613 individual laws.
  • Most of them are negative.
  • That Mosaic Law none of us could actually keep –
  • They get more specific and discuss the Law of God and Nature.
  • The covenant made w/ Moses was conditioned.
  • It was a bilateral contract and it was violated by the offending party.
  • Because it was violated it was superseded. 
  • This new covenant is the one Jesus Christ established by His blood.
  • Our Lord says this is My blood – echoing but altering Moses Covenant. 
  • Saint Paul – those promises to Abraham and his seed.
  • If you are Christ then you are the seed of Abraham.
  • No ONE, no Christian ever believed that  they both ran at the same time until you got Zionist Christians.
  • The two Covenants couldn’t be at the same time.

HEADLINE: Yes, Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism by Dennis Prager

  • I receive Our Lord and Savior when I attend Mass, that by definition makes me NOT a antisemite.
  • Jesus Christ was born a Jew.
  • The Christians who talk about 2 Covenant Theory – 
  • Christians didn’t do circumcisions until much later.
  • You just don’t cut off healthy tissue.

HEADLINE: Santa Lucia by Brian Kelly 

  • As a young girl, Lucy’s Catholic faith and devotion to Christ grew strong, and so did her longing to give all the material goods she had to the poor and, like Saint Agatha, she was determined to consecrate her virginity in service to God. These intentions were kept secret by her, for a while, from her mother, but after her father’s early death, her mother, Eutychia, began suffering from a serious hemorrhage. Her daughter convinced her to come with her to Catania and ask Saint Agatha for a cure. She agreed, and, upon venerating the martyr’s relics, she was cured. So grateful was Eutychia for this miraculous favor that, upon hearing of her daughter’s holy resolve, she gave her a Catholic mother’s full support. However, there was one problem. Prior to this, and without Lucy’s knowledge, her mother had arranged for her to marry a young pagan. When this man noticed Lucy’s largess with the poor, he became very upset.
  • Robert Sungenis – he was not a traditionalist.

HEADLINE: Episode 401: Catholic Confederates. Guest: Dr. Gracjan Kraszewski

3h36m AUDIO/VIDEO: Hunter Biden arrives at the Capitol, but insists he will only answer questions under his own rules despite a lawful subpoena — and Democrat precedent.

AUDIO/VIDEO: They have ridiculed my struggle with addiction. They’ve belittled my recovery. And they’ve tried to dehumanize me!

AUDIO/VIDEO: They displayed naked photos of me during an oversight hearing.They have taken the light of my dad’s love for me and presented it as darkness. They have no shame. 

  • This has Nancy Pelosi’s name written all over it.
  • Make HIM, baby boy Hunter Biden the victim.
  • They have no shame?
  • He is the one that published photos of himself naked performing sex acts w/ prosecutes and crack pipes.
  • But WE are the ones that have no shame.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jailerman: An American Sea Shanty by Louie Verrecchio 

  • If your father wasn’t involved in any of your businesses…who is the Big Guy then?
  • I want an actual name.
  • Is the GOP actually interested in putting anyone in jail over this?
  • Will anything actually come from this?
  • I have ZERO confidence that anything will come of this dog and pony show.
  • So the man that spent almost 7 figures on hookers and refused to pay child support is supposed to be the victim here?
AUDIO/VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi on MSNBC on GOP and UkraineThe longer they take for Ukraine, more people will die, the more women will be raped and children kidnapped and it will be all on them. We have to get them to move on this.

  • There are so many wars/conflicts going on I think she is getting them confused.
  • When did the MSM report that Russians are roaming the Ukrainian streets raping women and beheading children?
  • That was the report from Israel as to what Hamas was doing!
  • The Russians haven’t done any of that. 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Kevin McCarthy at DealBook Summit on diversity in the GOP 

  • Basically what he is saying here is there were too many white men in the GOP and he wanted to singlehandedly change that so he would assist in the primaries.
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    S9 E1804-The Genocide In Gaza Is A War Crime That We Will Pay For Mike Church

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