S9 E1802-Today We Settle The Greatest Question Of All: Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie

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54m NYC Is Going To Slide Into Long Island If Congress Doesn’t Do What Eric Adams Says They Must 

  • If you live in NY you have one day to get it right or you die too.
  • A lot of death being predicted these days.
  • Eric Adams says it was the rest of America that did this to NY.
  • NY was an innocent bystander and the Federal Government has killed his beautiful city.
  • That is pretty much what the Mayor of NY said this weekend. 
  • SINO – Sanctuary In Name Only
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters 

  • Kurt Russells in it and some others you won’t recognize.
  • Halfway through Episode 5 they finally did it.
  • They added the homo couple to the show.
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HEADLINE: The Definitive Answer To ‘Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie?’ by Mark Hemingway 

QUESTION: Here is a nice trivia question – What TV show was Bruce Willis on while filming Die Hard?

ANSWER: Moonlighting 

  • So one thing that always bothered me about the “Is ‘Die Hard’ a Christmas movie?” discourse is why does it only center on “Die Hard”? Those of us who grew up in the ’80s know that in a decade full of iconic action films, “Die Hard” isn’t the only one set during Christmas. In fact, just over a year before “Die Hard” was released in the summer of 1988, “Lethal Weapon” was released in theaters. Though it’s not quite as beloved as “Die Hard,” it spawned several sequels and was a mega-hit in theaters — it’s probably the film that cemented Mel Gibson’s status as one of the biggest movie stars ever. Despite being released in March, “Lethal Weapon,” about an obsessive and mentally unstable cop and his fussy partner who chase a dangerous band of drug smugglers all over L.A., is quite conspicuously set during Christmas.
  • John McTernan who directed Predator – Die Hard is one of his films.
  • The movie was based on a book.
  • In the case of “Die Hard,” however, deciding to set it at Christmas was pretty easy in one respect. Most people don’t realize the movie was based on a 1979 pulp novel called Nothing Lasts Forever by a journeyman crime writer named Roderick Thorp. In Fact, Nothing Lasts Forever was the sequel to Thorp’s 1966 novel The Detective, which featured the same main character and was also made into an eponymous movie in 1968 starring Frank Sinatra. Though “The Detective” was actually one of the biggest hits of 1968, it’s been largely forgotten in the decades since. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to contemplate that Bruce Willis’ performance in “Die Hard” is picking up where Sinatra left off.
  • This was a Thorp novel!
  • If just being set at Christmas time makes it a Christmas movie, then Gremlins is a Christmas movie.
  • Iron Man 3 is also set at Christmas time.
  • Mel Gibson himself has joked about how prevalent the trend was starting in the ’80s, telling E! News, “Set it at Christmas! Lots of snow, funny little songs, music to kill by, you know?”
  • The Last Boy Scout – 
  • One of the most obvious “Die Hard” rip-offs of the era rarely gets credited as such. “Home Alone” is obviously family entertainment, the action is decidedly looney tunes, and it’s such an ingenious comedy in its own right there’s a reason it doesn’t usually invite direct comparisons to “Die Hard” (though I’m hardly the first guy to notice). But it came out just two years after “Die Hard,” and the plot is the same formula: A lone person trapped in a building on Christmas fights off criminals by making them walk into a series of traps.
  • CRUSADER CHATROOM POLL – Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? 
  • Bonnie Bedelia, the actress who plays Holly Gennaro, i.e., John McClane’s wife in “Die Hard,” is the real-life aunt of “Home Alone” star Macaulay Culkin, who plays Kevin. So let’s just imagine for the hell of it that the fact that both Catherine O’Hara, who plays Kevin’s mother in “Home Alone,” and Bonnie Bedelia have red hair isn’t a total coincidence — you could easily squint and imagine the two were sisters. Let’s say that the maiden name of Catherine O’Hara’s character in “Home Alone” (the family is never given a last name in the film) is Gennaro, which would make Holly Gennaro McClane and Kevin’s mom sisters. Ergo, Kevin from “Home Alone” is John McClane’s nephew in the extended “Die Hard”/”Home Alone” universe.
  • YES – 56%
  • NO – 40%















AUDIO/VIDEO: Democrat Senator Chris Murphy on Meet the Press discuss Ukraine & PutinThe future of the world is at stake. If the Republicans don’t give up their push for border security in the next 24 hours to 48 hours then Russia is going to march into Ukraine and China is going to be given a green light to invade Taiwan.

Defense Industrial Base – to tell them no, takes way too much courage and there isn’t a single Republican willing to stand up against it.

  • Do you really think that Putin is going to take his Russian army, march through Ukraine and just keep tearing through other NATO countries?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Shalanda Young  on Face the Nation discuss Ukraine & Putin – The one thing I do take issue w/ is Americans want their national security taken care of…what happens if Putin marches through Ukraine? What’s next? NATO countries. Our sons and daughters are at risk of being a part of a larger conflict.

  • Why are we still sending money to Ukraine at this point?
  • This is absolute madness at this point.
  • The fact we still have Republican members calling for more money is alarming.
  • What would it look like if the states separated from the union?
  • You hold your FAITH more dear than this retched union.
  • If we as the state of Louisiana were to secede what would that look like?
  • We would revert back to 1812 LA Constitution, reclaim our territorial waters for oil and we would make trade deals w/ other states.
  • We are told, we need the stability of the Union.
  • What is so stable about it?
  • We are trillions in the hole.
  • Your 19 children will have to pay this debt back so how is that stable for your Catholic family?
  • Unless they all take vocational vows, they will have to pay this back.
  • At the end of the day what do we aspire to?
  • The Social Kingship of Christ!
  • Look back during Christendom – how was it that all these states hated each other Ottomans, the Austrians etc – the Pope’s settled all their arguments by writing to the Kings of those countries. 
  • I’m discovering here that since Rush Limbaugh died, talk radio is in a massive decline and there just aren’t many that listen any longer.
  • You can’t just go into complete shutdown mode.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Jim Breuer on COVID and how it was handled“We’re at war…Unfortunately humanity doesn’t believe that evil exists. And boy, does it exist. And you’d be horrified when you realize where they’re all located.”
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HEADLINE: Our LGBT Empire by Helen Andrews 

  • President Volodymyr Zelensky pledged that his government would introduce legislation to create civil partnerships for gay couples. The bill was approved by the Ministry of Justice in October 2023. Instituting gay marriage will require a constitutional amendment, which Zelensky has said will have to wait until after the war ends. In the meantime, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in June 2023 that two Ukrainian men seeking a marriage license had been illegally discriminated against and, as a signatory to the European human rights convention, Ukraine must pass a law that grants them equal treatment.
  • It was folded into our broader support for human rights at a time when every single referendum on gay marriage here in the United States had failed and support for gay marriage at home was far from unanimous. In light of that, it should be unsurprising that the answer to our original question is: Yes, in fact, we are fighting to queer the Donbass. The average American may not be interested in that goal, but our State Department is.
  • Is Donald Trump going to Make America Homo Again? 
Back to Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

  • They just had to go homo of course.
  • The Chinese Communist Party has their hands in this I think.
  • Hollywood put a chick in it and made her gay.
  • There was absolutely NO reason to insert this lesbian couple.
  • It didn’t add to the storyline, it didn’t add to the character building, it was just inserted to piss off Conservatives. 
2h56m Our Lady of Good Success 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr Tedros Opening Remarks on Hamas and Gaza Situation“More than 17,000 people are reported to have died in Gaza, including 7000 children – and we don’t know how many are buried under the rubble of their homes. More than 46,000 injuries have been reported. 1.9 million people have been displaced – almost the entire population of the Gaza strip – and are looking for shelter anywhere they can find it. But nowhere and no-one is safe”   Dr Tedros from the WHO

AUDIO/VIDEO: Cenk Uygur the Young Turks on Money to IsraelWe just spent $14 million dollars murdering their children and their women. We are worried about young people not wanting to murder people. America First, you want to spend that for another war? All you want to do is send it to Israel to kill more Palestinians? I don’t want my dollars going to murder Palestinians. Are there any human beings left in Washington DC?

  • Is what’s happening in Gaza a Just War?
  • Is it an accident when the IDF bombs a building when they are told there was 1 terrorist even though there are 2,000 innocent civilians there?
  • Is that a just thing to do?
  • Do the ‘human shields’ deserve to die?
  • There must be proportion.
  • Is there proportion in this conflict?
  • There were approximately 1,200 people in Israel killed right?
  • There are 17,000 Palestinians killed that they know of right now.
  • They don’t know how many people or bodies are still under rubble.
  • Enforced vaccination of its people, the approval of sodomy – that is what Israel stands for, do you?
  • There are good people on both sides of this conflict.
  • Why can’t more people in DC say that?
  • The question isn’t open though.
  • The Universities and their elites like Claudine Gay from Harvard.
  • They couldn’t denounce the genocide b/c then they would have to admit the sodomy etc.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Al Gore on State of the Union on Trump Becoming PresidentI saw the other day where he pledged to be a dictator on Day 1, you kind of wonder what it will take for people to believe him when he tells us who he is. And you know, the solution to political despair is political action.

  • It was an obvious joke to everyone except Al Gore apparently.
  • We played the audio for you guys last week of Donald Trump’s TownHall w/ Sean Hannity.
AUDIO/VIDEO: NYC Mayor Eric Adams on ImmigrationWe are at an unattainable situation right now. Our Federal Government actions have taken a toll on this city. I was shocked when left DC, you know Help Is NOT on the way. Our future is going to be up to New Yorkers.

You did this to your state Eric.

  • How helped make this illegal immigrant situation so bad?
  • Your buddy Joe Biden!
  • This is YOUR PARTY Sir!
Maricopa County – Election Fruad

  • 25% of all 2020 mail-in-ballots CONFIRMED to have NO signature match just in Maricopa County alone. Meaning 420,987 ballots out of 1.9M are fraudulent, invalid, illegal, and criminal.
  • The Pima County Election Hearing: 
  • Voting Age Population: 1,375 
  • Registered “Voters”: 2,762 
  • More than DOUBLE registered voters than population
HEADLINE: The Math for Buying a Home No Longer Works. These Charts Show You Why. by Gina Heeb 

  • Many would-be buyers were already feeling stretched thin by home prices that shot quickly higher in the pandemic, but at least mortgage rates were low. Now that they are high, many people are just giving up.
  • We are trying to sell our home and have been since August of last year so we know buyers have just given up and resorted to renting.
  • Remember we talked about BlackRock and what they were doing in local communities?
  • They were giving people over asking price on homes as to drive the market up on houses.
  • Let’s get this straight – YOU DON’T actually OWN your home ever.
  • We need to work and fight to take back the means of production.
  • If there is one thing you can do to thwart the evil people of this world is own your own means of production.
  • Work for yourself and your family.
  • Remember BlackRock said they were going to make homeownership a thing of the past. 
  • Because people bought mortgages in those locked in low rates are now stuck w/ that smaller home b/c they can’t afford the interest on a new larger home.
  • Add the inflation and double interest rates – no one can make any type of move.
  • The national median existing-home price rose to about $392,000 in October, the highest ever for that month in data that goes back to 1999.
  • That means buyers get a lot less home for their dollar. Before the Fed started raising rates, a person with a monthly housing budget of $2,000 could have bought a home valued at more than $400,000. Today, that same buyer would need to find a home valued at $295,000 or less.
  • First-time and young buyers are still stuck on the sidelines. About one-third of buyers this year were first-time home buyers, below the historical average of 38%, according to the National Association of Realtors. The median first-time buyer was 35 years old. That was the second-highest on record, behind only 2022’s peak of 36 years old.
  • There is a crash coming and it has to happen, it is unavoidable at this point.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Steve Jobs on Marketing in 1991Customers don’t form opinions on quality from marketing. They form opinions on quality from their own experience w/ the product. 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Kevin McCarthy Oxford Union SocietyWhen you look at the Democrats, they actually look like America. When I look at my party, we look like the most restrictive country club in America.
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