S9 E1800-Biden Threatens Congress “Give Me Ukraine Money Or I’ll Take Your Sons!”

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55m GOP Presidential Debate

  • How did Megyn Kelly land the gig of hosting that debate last night?
  • It is almost like this was a sniper style take out of Nikki Haley.
  • Vivek let something slip last night on 9/11 and January 6th.
  • That kind of stuff you just can’t say.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Alex Jones predicted 9-11 in detail and on camera, months before it happened. How did he do that? And why did the government decide to destroy him after he did?

Uvalde School Shooting – Robb Elementary School, on May 24, 2022 – 19 fatally shot students and 2 teachers, 17 injured but survived. 

  • Vivek dropped the big one last night LIVE on stage.
  • Megyn Kelly was on Twitter taunting Donald Trump to come on the debate stage last night.
  • Donald Trump doesn’t need a hall pass from Megyn Kelly on how to run his presidential campaign. 

HEADLINE: Debate Performances Fuel Haley’s Rise in GOP Nomination Race by Molly Ball 

  • Do these people think we are stupid?
  • Based on that she has surged—into a distant second place in a Republican primary that barely deserves to be called a contest. Former President Donald Trump continues to lead the GOP field nationally, with a dominating 59% of the vote, according to a new Wall Street Journal poll, while Haley, the former United Nations ambassador and South Carolina governor, has edged into second with 15%, virtually tying Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s 14%. No other candidate breaks double digits.
The Biden Regime Hits The Panic Button On Ukraine

  • I don’t know who he owes money to in Ukraine but he showed his cards yesterday.
  • He threatened to send our men and women, daughters, mothers and sons over there if the money wasn’t sent to Ukraine. 
  • Putin is out there hanging out w/ Saudi Arabian Prices in a suit.
  • He isn’t wearing a green t-shirt pretending to be in a war bunker.
  • Trump was right about this in 2015 when he was asked about NATO.
  • He said we shouldn’t be in NATO any longer.
  • I agree, we shouldn’t be in NATO.


HEADLINE: Biden forgives another $5 billion in student loans by Sareen Habeshian 

  • Wasn’t this all knocked down by the Supreme Court already?
  • Why is he allowed to pay this off after being told it was un-Constitutional? 
  • Just call this what it is, a bribe for the young votes. 
  • That brings the total approved student debt cancellation by the Biden administration to $132 billion for more than 3.6 million Americans.
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Joe Biden Speech Yesterday

  • You want to send money to Ukraine and Israel so they can protect THEIR borders but you won’t do anything about our own borders.
  • We have no direction, stupidity abounds and we are coming to the end of this once great Empire. 
  • How is it a representative from the state of Louisiana has helped to sell out the American people to Israel?

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Press Conference w/ Joe Biden – NATO

Joe Biden – We’ve made a commitment as a NATO member to defend every inch of NATO territory. We will have something we don’t seek American troops fighting Russian troops if he moves into other parts of NATO.





Joseph Pearce

Author of Further Up and Further In, Literary Converts, The Good The Bad and the Beautiful and many many more.

  • We are all going to die, we will all be judged, the only thing that is not determined is if we go to Heaven or Hell.
  • He can take young and old and we need to be alive and awake that the end of the world is whenever we die. 
  • We must not be gloomy about thinking about our death b/c we were meant to be in Heaven with Him.
  • Would you add anyone to the book of Literary Catholics if you had to rewrite that book?

HEADLINE: Unsung Heroes of Christendom by Joseph Pearce 

HEADLINE: The Unsung St. Nicholas by Joseph Pearce 

  • The unsung St. Nicholas is not the St. Nick who is sung about in countless Christmas-related popular songs but a lesser-known St. Nick who is hardly sung about at all. This is St. Nicholas Owen, one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales canonized in 1970 by Pope Paul VI.
  • It is not for any of us to refrain from singing the praises of the St. Nicholas whom everyone knows (may he pray for us), but let’s also lift our voices in praise and prayer to those who share his name and his heavenly reward but not his celebrity.
  • Blessed Nicholas Postgate, priest and humble shepherd of the moors who served his far-flung flock with the humble diligence of Chaucer’s holy Parson, pray for us.
  • Dragons exist – that is to say that evil exists. 
  • We should see the way things are in the perspective the way it should be.
  • Perfection is the goal and the perfection is the test by which we judge other things.
  • Fairyland – 
  • We are called to be as much like Jesus Christ as possible.
  • We have to know the different b/w good and evil and Fairy Tales are great for that.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Carols from King’s 2016 | #11 “The Holly and the Ivy” arr. Henry Walford Davies – King’s College 

  • Looking at the world through dark glasses and not seeing the beauty.
  • Above all shadows rides the sun.
  • A Christian should never be cynical. 
  • We believe in truth.
  • We need to be skeptical however, be wise enough to see the lies and nonsense.
  • There is one that believes in truth and the other doesn’t.
  • The will to power – we no longer are subject to the truth these days.
  • We are now in self-empowerment where whatever we believe and feels good is the ‘truth’. 
  • Jesus Christ said they persecuted Me so they will persecute you.
  • History in 3 dimensions – 
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2h32m Bree Dail Leaves Rome and Daily Wire – 

  • She is leaving Rome and she is leaving the Daily Wire.
  • We run a radio station here, it isn’t a podcast to download at your whim. 
  • I want to go live from 5am-5pm here on the Crusade Channel.
  • This is an expensive endeavor because radio ain’t cheap and it certainly isn’t free.
































  1. Chris Christie on TrumpYou’ll all be heading to the polls to vote and that’s something that Donald Trump will not be able to do, b/c he will be convicted of felonies before then and his right to vote will be taken away.
  • Why is he even still in this race?
  • Because he is still raising money.
  • 501c3 – Fake charity giver 
  • Did you give out of the kindness of your heart or to lower your tax burden.


b.  Vivek Ramaswamy on Donald Trump support and January 6thWhy am I the only person on this stage at least who can say that January 6th now does look like it was an inside job? That the government lied to us for 20 years about Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11?

d.  Vivek Ramaswamy on UkraineForeign policy experience isn’t the same as foreign policy wisdom. We need a reasonable peace agreement in Ukraine. One thing Joe Biden and Nikki Haley have in common is they can’t even name 3 provinces that they want to send our sons and daughters to. Reject this myth they have been trying to sell you.


Mahgdalen Rose

Political Correspondent

  • Vivek isn’t any better than Nikki w/ foreign entanglement. 
  • He isn’t a phenomenon. 
  • His voters are Trump supporters.
  • DeSantis didn’t jump in either which is strange.
  • A division of people that should be great debaters and they just aren’t even trying to take him down.
  • Ted Cruz laughed off Donald Trump in the beginning and he actually went on to be president and Cruz didn’t.
  • It may also be that Trump made a deal w/ Vivek.
  • Ronna McDaniels – says the RNC doesn’t create marketing campaigns and isn’t a marketing arm, if they don’t do that then what do they do?
  • Where is Matt Gaetz?
  • He was helpful to Trump, but now it is clear that Matt wasn’t ready for the Chair fight.
  • He is staying under the radar now b/c of this.
  • Why did McCarthy resign?
  • He thinks of being in high esteem of people, like he is the big guy and he can’t cope w/ the torture of falling from grace.
  • He could raise money – he was a money maker.
  • He went from King Maker to nothing and that is a dramatic fall for him.
  • He doesn’t want to be in that group of non-elites anymore. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene on NDAASpeaker Johnson worked w/ Chuck Schumer to cut a deal that removes all abortion and trans surgery prohibitions we passed under Speaker McCarthy. It also would pass a CLEAN FISA extension. The $300 million for Ukraine is also back in it. I’m voting a strong no on this. I can’t belive this is passing w/ a Republican lead Congress. 

  • We are all pretending Mitch McConnell is fine, he is supposed to be dealing w/ this and we all know he isn’t capable of handling his duties anymore.
  • Mike Johnson is walking around doing what he can but he is getting no direction.
  • We should have removed McConnell the first time he had the zoning out issue.
  • Mitch McConnell is holding back the Republican party is b/c he is incapacitated and there is simply no direction coming from the Senate at this point.
  • The young Christians and Conservatives are all feeling this is the end of the Empire.
  • Revolutions turn out nasty and the good guys never really win.
  • But I think this is revolutionary times.
  • I think the small successes we see in the states is important. 
  • DeSantis should take his ball and go home and be the bad ass President of Florida.
  • Young Conservative movement is being run by social media influencers that are only in it for the money.
  • Turning Point USA – they have like $15 million dollars they can spend a year and they put on a few concerts.
  • Can you imagine what you could actually do w/ all that put into backing good candidates and messaging? 
  • But we don’t do that and that is our downfall.


  • We are not in a declared war tell Boeing they have to make something productive not destructive anymore.
  • IDB – Industrial Defense Business
  • Remember when Mitch McConnell dropped the Industrial Base benefits off of killing people in other countries?
  • I’m a simple man that just happens to have a microphone…these are simple questions.
  • We have an elite ruling class that will not answer them.
  • The only thing they seem to understand is the raw exertion of power and that is terrible.
  • George Washington in his farewell address – 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep. Crockett “I know.. the Heritage Foundation luuuuuves Texas, ooooo dey luuuuuve Texas. They always sendin us some nonsense bills… They send them to Texas, they send them to Florida, every deplorable state— they usually comin outta y’all’s think tank.”
HEADLINE: ‘I’m not buying new stuff any more’: the young people getting into ‘degrowth’ by Jem Bartholomew

  • Faced with a cost of living crisis, the looming threat of climate disaster, and the pandemic’s upending of daily life, which has led many to rethink their habits, more people are pledging to consume less and spend more sustainably – reducing the strain on planet and pocket.
  • What if no new cars rolled off assembly lines?
  • Would we be okay as a country?
3h38m AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Press Conference w/ Joe Biden 

Reporter – Can you explain…why you interacted w/ so many of your son and brother’s foreign business associates?

Joe Biden – I did not, it’s just a bunch of lies. They’re lies! I did not. They’re lies.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Transgender Athletes in School Sports 

Ms. Lee and Riley Gaines interaction – Ms Lee calls her transphobic and Riley calls her misogynist, then she proceeds to strike Riley’s words from the record. 

3h47m AUDIO/VIDEO: Kemi Badenoch in the UK addressing Parliament on transgender issuesWe are seeing almost an epidemic of young gay children being told they are trans and being put on a medical pathway for irreversible decisions and they are regretting it. We are not going to run away from this issue any longer.
HEADLINE: Transgender cyclists dominate Illinois women’s race, sparking concerns about fairness by Jackson Walker 

b. Vivek Ramaswamy on Nikki Haley changing her nameThis new religion of identity politics is what is the cancer of this country. It is worse when the right tries to play the same game. I don’t have a woman problem, I have a corruption problem. Nikki is corrupt. This is a woman willing to send your kids to die so she can buy a bigger house. 

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    S9 E1800-Biden Threatens Congress “Give Me Ukraine Money Or I’ll Take Your Sons!” Mike Church

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