S9 E1798-Demoncrats Now Want Their Army Of Illegals To Become An Actual Army

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57m COVID and Spike Protein 

  • We just don’t know what that will do in your body.
  • We have more deaths each day.
  • And these deaths are of young people. 
  • The Biden Regime has no issues w/ killing children we know this.
  • We aren’t talking about California but in Ohio we have over a 80% jab rate.
  • The Pelosi Congress had hearings for almost 2 years on January 6th.
  • Why hasn’t there been anything on COVID officially?
1h05m AUDIO/VIDEO: Democrat Senator Dick Durbin on putting immigrants in the military for citizenshipWe have an incredible demand for legal immigration. If you are undocumented and you can pass the physical and background test, you can serve in our military and if you do it honorably, you can become a citizen.

  • How did the recruiting numbers become so low? 
  • How stupid do they think we are?
  • Real men that were the ones that signed up to fight for this country don’t want the mandatory jabs.
  • Real men that were the ones that volunteered to fight for this country don’t want to take orders from men wearing dressing demanding people around them use ‘proper pronouns’.
  • THAT is why the recruiting numbers are low.
  • How about we fix that first and see what happens to the numbers before we allow illegals to fight our wars for us?
  • How can they long to fight for a country they didn’t respect enough to follow the legal pathways of coming into? 
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HEADLINE: Indonesia’s Marapi volcano erupts, killing 11 climbers; 12 missing by Reuters 

  • Eleven climbers were found dead in Indonesia on Monday and 12 were missing after the Marapi volcano erupted in West Sumatra, a rescue official said, as search operations – which were halted temporarily over safety concerns – resumed.
  • Three survivors were found on Monday along with the bodies of the 11 climbers, out of 75 who were in the area at the time of Sunday’s eruption, said Jodi Haryawan, spokesperson for the search and rescue team, adding they were all local climbers.

HEADLINE: Images of Indonesia’s Volcano Eruption Show Miles Of Ash In The Sky by Yameena Zehra 

  • These eruptions are mainly happening in the East right?
  • Why isn’t this the MAIN climate event the MSM is talking about?
  • Instead of the billionaires flying to Dubai in their private jets telling us we have to stop driving our cars and eating meat.












Andrew Tate – Billboard Chris

  • Who is this Andrew Tate creep?
  • In this video – which is not suitable for work or young ears, well not even adult ears really – is riddled w/ how he truly sees young women.
  • He brags about ‘banging’ a 16 year old and girls around that age.
  • I keep saying there is going to become a day when the internet will be something people talk about in the past tense.
  • This Andrew Tate character appears to be one of those child predators.
  • Now how does this happen?
  • It is made possible by this thing called the internet.
  • There are people still out there saying so what he likes teenage girls.

HEADLINE: Andrew Tate doubles down on his attacks against mainstream media on Tucker Carlson by Marca

  • Tate remains in a legal battle against the Romanian Government over human trafficking charges that he denies to this day. Carlson was so mesmerized by Andrew Tate’s message since their Fox News interview, that he decided to conduct a new interview for his Twitter channel. You can imagine the level of rhetoric Andrew Tate used during this exchange, he goes hard against the mainstream media for allegedly influencing their viewers against him.
  • So to me this line of questioning or reasoning seems perfectly natural.
  • It seems that it is a steadfast rule now, if you are phenomenally successful, numerically speaking in one of these digital driven worlds in which an increasing percentage of society enjoys…if you are in the top deck of these companies or shows, it almost seems like a rule that you are NOT what you seem.


HEADLINE: Unmonitored Minors on Dangerous Devices by Elizabeth Self and Michael Toscano 

  • Device manufacturers and app developers pretend that existing age-ratings of apps are effective; they turn a blind eye to the inappropriate ads that have pestered children for over a decade; they tell us that devices, in themselves, are child-safe. The engaged parent recognizes the deceitfulness of these assurances. 
  • Legislators and policymakers have not given attention to the role of device manufacturers, focusing their child safety efforts largely on the regulation of dangerous (pornographic, violent) and highly trafficked (social media) sites, as in the case of several federal bipartisan bills that legislators hope to bring to the floor before the end of the year, including the Kids Online Safety Act and COPPA 2.0.
  • If we ask Apple and Google to protect minors even before apps are downloaded, we ask them to do something well within their capabilities. The elegance of many of their products, contrasted with the bugginess of the parental controls on offer, suggests that these companies have no motive to resolve their child safety issues.
  • I would say the state has a role in this.
  • The state has a role in ensuring minors don’t purchase firearms, cigarettes and tobacco.
  • In the internet age the ‘chain of custody’ isn’t really planned ahead anymore.
  • Are we leaving them out to ‘fend for themselves’?
  • It is easy pickings for the predators now.
  • The ACLU is a communist entity.
  • How does porn end up on children’s phones?
  • It ends up in their social media feeds.
  • Is this just by accident?
  • By happenstance?
  • Or is this all by design and they are the ACTUAL targets?

HEADLINE: The Product is You by Frank Wright

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BACK to American Conservative Article – 

  • At bottom, Apple and Google’s duopoly over devices and app stores must be broken. We need alternatives. As of right now, these Big Tech behemoths make it impossible for device holders to access app store competitors. A federal bill, the Open App Markets Act (OAMA) presented by Senators Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat, and Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, aims to, among other things, decentralize the market and make it possible for other app stores to break in. We must not forget that the world made in Apple’s image is not the only possible world.
  • Restaurants offer non-smoking areas; quiet hours are enforced across whole neighborhoods. The devices we use to communicate, navigate, and socialize have proven unworthy of our trust and do not deserve exemption from our basic standards of living.
  • What about HEALTH warnings?
  • The damage that is being done to young children’s eyes is alarming.
  • What about being horrible for your health when it comes to fitness?
  • There is no abundant good will of men and women that create these apps or that of the people that are online communicating w/ others.
  • What about the harm it does to your soul?
Church Militant

  • This is one example of the online celebrity cult.
  • I won’t get into the nuts and bolts of this horrible situation happening there because it just wouldn’t be helpful.
  • Adult, straight men do not frost or bleach their hair, it just doesn’t happen.
  • Just like if a young lady claims to be a devout Catholic but has a pixie haircut and it is dyed blue and has a rainbow tattoo on her arm…you’d be suspect of the ‘true conversion’ and you would watch that person closely ESPECIALLY if she was in charge of YOUNG Catholic women?
  • And that will be all we say about that topic.
2h45m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Defense of Doug MackeyJoe Biden and the radical Democrats are trying to pose as the defenders of democracy when in fact they are the ones destroying it. They are putting Mackey in prison over a meme mocking Hillary Clinton. They are running police state operations to infiltrate the Catholic Church. They are persecuting anyone they want. They are calling our citizens criminals.
AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Monthly Payments from Hunter to Joe

Reporter – Joe has said repeatedly that there was no business b/w Joe and his son. We have found out that there were monthly direct payments, why would there be such an arrangement if there was a wall of separation?

Karine Jean-Pierre – I have not seen that report so I would have to refer you to my colleagues at the WH Counsel’s office. (then walks off stage)

AUDIO/VIDEO: Chairman James Comer on Hunter Biden’s business Direct monthly paymentsToday the house oversight committee has released information on Hunters business Owasco, PC set up direct monthly payments to Joe Biden. It wasn’t a payment from Hunter directly but his business that has ties to China.

3h10m HEADLINE: Hubris, Not Conspiracy, Kept Israel From Anticipating Hamas Terrorist Attack by 

Brother Andre Marie Twitter – If this is true, the evil on the part of a head of state who would allow his own people to die to (1) save his foundering political career and (2) advance his ethnic cleansing agenda is truly profound and horrific. (Please do note the “if,” a little word, easily missed.)

HEADLINE: US and Israeli officials react to blockbuster report that Israel knew Hamas was planning attack by Ayesha Ali 

  • Israeli officials had their hands on Hamas’ Oct. 7 plans a year ago. Though there was no specific date for the attack attached to the plan, it described a “methodical assault designed to overwhelm the fortifications around the Gaza Strip, take over Israeli cities and storm key military bases, including a division headquarters.”
  • Both Israeli military and intelligence officials apparently dismissed the plans as merely “aspirational” and ignored the warnings.
  • In this case, it’s clear Israel overestimated the effectiveness of its security services and its border and underestimated Hamas. Their enemies might be terrorists, but they aren’t stupid.
3h16m AUDIO/VIDEO: Democrat Senator Dick Durbin on putting immigrants in the military for citizenshipWe have an incredible demand for legal immigration. If you are undocumented and you can pass the physical and background test, you can serve in our military and if you do it honorably, you can become a citizen.



AUDIO/VIDEO: Texas Nationalist Movement – Daniel Miller of TEXITWe are Republicans, we can’t simply say we know no one will vote for it so let’s just not put it on the ballot to vote on. That is what the Democrat party does.

  • What has the Federal government done for the state of Texas?
  • What does the state of Texas need the Federal government for then?
  • Do you need the Federal government to sell Texas oil?
  • The Saudi Arabians don’t.
  • The Venezuelans don’t. 
  • So why does Texas need Mordor?
  • There is no reason for a resource rich state to stay in this Union any longer.
  • Big Dick Durbin – are members of the Texas National Guard, are you going to allow your officers of your guard to preside over and command enemies that swam your river, broke through your lines through the Texas border?
  • So you are going to take men, criminals by definition, you want our Texas officers to train them? 
  • How is that going to work out?
  • It is all about the money.
  • Everything is always about the money. 
3h38m HEADLINE: Doctor, Secretary…Vice President? by Eric Lendrum 

  • When it comes to the 2024 veepstakes, there has been much demand for Trump to pick a woman as his vice president, ostensibly for the purpose of cushioning the blowback that Republicans have allegedly been facing after the long-overdue death of Roe v. Wade.
  • Furthermore, women – and White women in particular – do not need a pandering VP pick to convince them to come back to the GOP: They are already doing so in droves. The success of the national school board battle, and the cultural and social issues that have driven it such as transgenderism or Critical Race Theory, have already sent many women – mothers terrified for their childrens’ wellbeing – running back into the arms of the GOP, much to the ire of the mainstream media.
  • What would they do with Kari Lake?
  • They would Sarah Palin her.
  • Enough with women in politics already.
  • The speculation began with a post from the X account “The Calvin Coolidge Project,” an account that has proven fairly reliable in its information while also maintaining loyalty to President Trump. The post in question said that “a source familiar with President Trump’s thinking tells me that Ben Carson is the leading frontrunner to be his Vice President choice in 2024 at this time.”

HEADLINE: Dem Witness In Weaponization Hearing Contradicted Her Own Opening Statement by Tristan Justice 

AUDIO/VIDEO:  Thursday’s House Hearing Olivia Troye “Instead of continuing to spread conspiracy theories about government censorship,” she said, “this committee should instead focus on the very real and very dangerous threat posed by the leading Republican candidate.”

  • Perhaps most crucially of all, Dr. Carson has proven almost impossible to hate, even for the Left. Despite numerous successful smears of other Republican presidential candidates, as well as other members of Trump’s Cabinet, none of their attempts to attack Carson have successfully landed. It could be due to his warm and polite nature, or it could be due to his incredible life story, which is the embodiment of the American Dream and a true “rags to riches” journey. But in any case, in yet another improvement from Mike Pence, Carson is one of the very few conservative figures today who has managed to withstand all the slings and arrows of the deranged Left and the sycophantic mainstream media, emerging from such efforts almost completely unscathed.
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    S9 E1798-Demoncrats Now Want Their Army Of Illegals To Become An Actual Army Mike Church

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