S9 E1794-Crackhead Son Hunter Biden Ordered To Testify Before Congress

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Dr Zelenko Protocol 

Quercetin – 500mg x1 a day

Zinc – 25mg x1 a day

Vitamin D3 – 5000iu x1 a day

Vitamin C – 1000mg x1 a day

  • Keep up on the supplements Crusaders.
  • This is great for the Flu and COVID.
  • I bring this up b/c you don’t want to be a subject to one of them.
  • VAERS – 
  • In 2021 said to have died from receiving the COVID vaccine?
  • Almost 14,000!
  • This number is low due to how these vaccine injuries are reported. 
58m Hunter To Testify 

HEADLINE: Hunter Biden agrees to testify publicly before the House Oversight Committee by Sarah Fitzpatrick and Summer Concepcion 

  • What is the sense or play behind having crackhead Hunter testifying publicly? 
  • Go watch his interview on ABC news.
  • He is asked about his crappy artwork.
  • During this interview he was asked if he got preferential treatment b/c he was Joe’s son.
  • What father lets their son be the fall guy for his criminal activity?
  • Ukraine – 
  • My point is nothing will come out of any of this.
  • No Hunter won’t see jail time.
  • No Joe won’t see jail time.
  • Nothing will come of this.
  • The only way is if there is an actual, true linkable transaction in Joe’s hand, a video and audio all together.
  • That is it, anything short of that will result in nothing.
  • The TV series Your Honor  w/ Bryan Cranston.
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TKD tells CVS Story

  • Do you need a rewards card phone number?
  • If you go to any place that has a rewards card program you can use this….
  • 504-867-5309
  • You can use any area code and the 867-5309 phone number and it will work! 
  • So apparently you can actually use this number anywhere in the US especially at the CVS stores.
  • So Crusaders the task is at hand. 
  • Go to your local stores and let me know if that works for you.














HEADLINE: Young Chiefs Fan Should Sue Deadspin Into Oblivion For Inventing Blackface Hoax About Him by Shawn Fleetwood 

  • The family of the young Chiefs fan at the center of Deadspin’s apparently defamatory blackface smear should sue the outlet into oblivion.
  • Deadspin Senior Writer Carron J. Phillips falsely accused a young Kansas City Chiefs fan of donning blackface during the team’s Sunday game against the Las Vegas Raiders. Upon clicking on Phillips’ article, readers are greeted with the headline, “The NFL needs to speak out against the Kansas City Chiefs fan in Black face, Native headdress,” accompanied by a picture of a young fan wearing a Chiefs jersey and American Indian headdress with half of his face painted black. 
  • The young Chiefs fan wasn’t the only target of Phillips’ unhinged rant. Throughout his hit piece, the Deadspin writer lambasted the NFL for allowing this non-incident to happen, claiming that if the league had “outlawed the chop at Chiefs games and been more aggressive in changing the team’s name, then we wouldn’t be here.” Predictably for the unhappy, devoted leftist, the Washington franchise ditching its “Redskins” mascot and the NFL’s capitulation to Black Lives Matter and the “silence is violence” crowd following George Floyd’s death wasn’t good enough for Phillips. 
  • Covington Catholic school – Nick Sandmann 
  • We all remember that don’t we? 
  • Apparently Carron J Phillips doesn’t.
  • The fact they revel in going after children tells you all you need to know about them.
  • This kid should OWN Deadspin after this.
  • Charity doesn’t mean rolling over and letting people beat you up.
  • That isn’t what charity means.
  • This is a child.
  • He was supporting his favorite sports team, nothing more.
  • This is what’s called libel.
  • Just because he deleted his Tweet, the internet is forever!
  • They just hate everything that is fun.
  • I’m not apologizing for people going to NFL games on Sunday but like I told you before, I am a fan of sporting and school rivalries. 
  • I think they are healthy and great.
  • It is a community building thing.
  • The left always talks about ‘community’ but they don’t like this type of community?
  • We hope someday these types of rivalries come to be more than an community, a family.
  • What if all the little pixies on the sidelines that give you the ‘health report’ were told to go home?
  • Would that actually matter to the average sports fan?
  • What is the appropriate thing to do here?
  • Mistakes happen – true.
  • Reporters can make mistakes and they aren’t always done intentionally – true.
  • First thing you need to do is LEAVE THE STORY UP. 
  • Change the headline, and then add an editors note on your regret for publishing it the way it was printed w/o getting all the facts first.
  • That is the responsible way deal w/ this.
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2h29m HEADLINE: Bidenomics: Big Mac Extra Value Meals Selling for $18, Up $10 from 2018 by Wendell Husebo

  • The skyrocketing costs could impact the 2024 election, as the soaring inflation under President Joe Biden reflects poorly on his economic plan of so-called “Bidenomics.”
  • A pound of ground beef now costs $5.23 on average, up from $3.89 in January 2020. 
  • Coffee is up some $2 a pound. Prices for fresh fruits and vegetables are nearly 14% higher. 
  • At one point, the price of a carton of eggs was triple its pre-pandemic price.
  • Even though Joe Biden boasted about this past Thanksgiving being the cheapest in 4 years, it wasn’t. 
  • You know it, I know it, anyone who bought groceries knows it.

Brother Andre Marie

Host of the ReConquest Show aired only on The Crusade Channel.

Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

  • Grant money and big donors – 
  • Church Triumphant
  • Church Suffering 
  • Church Militant
  • Christopher Derrick

HEADLINE: In Praise of Triumphalism by Brother Andre Marie 

  • So what’s wrong with triumphalism?
  • I suspect that the enemy of triumphalism has a deeper problem, though. Triumphalism presumes there is something to be triumphal about. That would be the immense treasures of our Faith and its attendants: the good, the true, and the beautiful, wherever they are to be found; for these come from the Author of nature, who authored the supernatural order, too. Triumphalism also presumes that there exist evils over which we ought to triumph: the bad, the false, the ugly; sin, death, Satan; and their attendants — namely, whatever in the created order refuses to conform to God’s holy will. These ought to be hated, opposed, and combated, while God and all that stands on the side of God ought to be loved. There is no middle position, no compromise: Love of God implies hatred of evil and the will to triumph over it.
  • Lunar Cycle – 

HEADLINE: Sanctifying Time as the World Ends by Brother Andre Marie 

  • The Church’s traditional liturgy sanctifies our time — the day, the week, the month, the season, the year. What is quite literally mundane and temporal is thus transformed into something heavenly and spiritual, an anticipation of our partaking in God’s own eternity.
  • At this time of the Catholic year when we look to the end of time, and also to its beginning again with the first Sunday of Advent next week, I would like to take a quick glance at how four natural divisions in the solar year coincide with four Christian feasts, how the Church dates Easter, how the beginning of the Church’s year is determined, and, lastly, how our superior Gregorian calendar came to replace its Julian predecessor.
  • “Praise Ye Him, O Sun and Moon” (Ps. 148:3)
  • The four seasons are traditionally sanctified by the four sets of Ember Days, but there are also four feasts on the sanctoral cycle that touch upon the astronomical events that define those seasons, to wit: the Annunciation, March 25, corresponding roughly with the Vernal Equinox; the Nativity of John the Baptist, June 24, corresponding roughly with the Summer Solstice; the Conception of Saint John the Baptist, September 23, corresponding roughly with the Fall Equinox; and Christmas, December 25, corresponding roughly with the Winter Solstice. There is some variation on the exact dating of these quarterly astronomical events, and there are useful tables online, like this one, which give the dates with astronomical precision.
  • The 24th and last Sunday after Pentecost. 
  • Sanctoral Cycle – Saints Cycle actually begins today!
  • Temporal Cycle – 
  • Vernal (Spring) Equinox: March 20 (Near the Annunciation, March 25)
  • Summer Solstice: June 21 (Near the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist: June 24)
  • Autumnal (Fall) Equinox: September 23 (The exact date of the Conception of Saint John the Baptist: September 23)
  • Winter Solstice: December 21 (Near Christmas: December 25)
  • 4 Feasts that fall on or very near to those 4 astrological events. 
  • First day of Creation – 
  • It comes down to hours and seconds!
  • They had to calculate it, map it, chart it…
  • There is an edifying First Council of Nicaea – defended the date when Easter is but they said Rome will tell the world WHEN Easter is but the Egyptians will tell Rome when the Equinox is. 
  • 25th of December – 


















HEADLINE: In Defense of Christmas by Brother Andre Marie

  • According to St. John Chrysostom, the foundation for the Nativity occurring on the 25th of December is a strong one. In a Christmas Sermon, he shows that the Western Chruches had, from the very commencement of Christianity, kept the Feast on that day. This fact bears great weight to the Doctor, who adds that the Romans, having full access to the census taken by Augustus Caesar (Luke 2, 1) — which was in the public archives of the city of Rome — were well versed in their history on this point. A second argument he adduces thusly: The priest Zachary offered incense in the month of Tisri, the seventh of the Hebrew calendar, corresponding with the end of our September or the beginning of our October. (This he most likely knew from details of the temple rites which were transmitted to him by a living tradition, supported by Holy Scripture.) At that same time, St. Luke tells us that Elizabeth conceived John the Baptist. Since, according to the Bible, Our Blessed Lady conceived in the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy (the end of March: when we celebrate the Feast of the Incarnation), then she gave birth nine months later: the end of December.
  • As for the objection, “Jesus couldn’t have been born in the winter, since the shepherds were watching their flocks, which they couldn’t have done in winter”: This is really no objection. Palestine has a very mild climate, and December 25 is early enough in winter for the flocks and the shepherds to be out. The superior of our monastery, Brother Francis Maluf, grew up 30 miles from Beirut, which has the same climate as Bethlehem, both being near the Mediterranean coast, and he has personally testified to this fact.
  • The exact number of Sunday’s can be as low as 23 or as high as 28. 
  • If there are only 23 then the 23rd is skipped that year. 
  • If there are more than 24 – You fill in the Masses from Epiphany that weren’t said that year to fill in the gap.
  • So it is a little nip and tuck in the Liturgical year so to speak.
  • It somewhat floats on these years.
  • Just listen to Benjamin Netanyahu – at the end of WWII and the Japan statement. 
  • Japan was flourishing under the Emperor at that time.
  • The Israelis aren’t procreating either, they contracept just like we do here in the West.
  • The Palestinians do not. 
  • Immigration Policies – 
  • At the time the real Ancient Goths invaded North Africa, that was the death of North Africa.
  • The attitude of the real Christians among them were lets Evangelize them. 
  • The Goths = Goths were Germanic people who played a major role in the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the emergence of medieval Europe. Also known as Visigoths and Ostrogoths. 

ReConquest Tonight – Episode 

3h44m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on new COVID Lockdowns and Mandates 

  • We can’t all be as humble as Brian in our chatroom.
  • We have all made mistakes in our lives.
  • Have we all apologized for every mistake we have made?
  • Who is looming that actually has a shot at holding all this back?
  • If you don’t want to vote, don’t go vote.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson on Migrant CrisisThis is nothing more than far-right, right wing extremism targeting Democratically ran cities especially those led by people of color. They want destruction and chaos. This is the same political party that didn’t want to accept President Barack Obama was an American.

  • It has nothing to do w/ the fact both Chicago and NYC declared themselves ‘Sanctuary Cities’. 
  • It only matters that the Mayors are Black? 
  • Please who is he kidding?
  • We all know what is happening in these cities.


HEADLINE: Michael Voris and the Perils of Celebrity by Sarah Cain 

  • We just decided to say, no and walk away from this group.
  • We had some affiliation w/ him and we were thrown under the bus by some of these Catholic men.
  • We decided to not respond to the insult and just walked away. 
  • We didn’t play the game of the Church Militant or Niles and Voris.
  • In this culture that seems to applaud itself for being better than the primitive religious man, man himself is forgotten. One’s humanity is denied. It is assumed that he will neither change nor grow with age. Thus, each individual is judged perpetually by whatever remarks or actions reached the internet in his youngest years. They are who he is, so the world asserts. The rules of the heathen are strict and unforgiving, even as he proclaims tolerance.
  • The Christian perspective, supposedly harsher for its rules, acknowledges the growth of man, his fallen nature, and that his soul is always actively being contested for. We thus pray for the souls walking in darkness, and we celebrate their movements into the light. We forgive as we wish to be forgiven.
  • While we continue to fight against corruption in the Church, we should strive to avoid the unforgiving and aggressive hunts for destruction that Church Militant engaged in under Voris’s leadership. We champion the salvation of souls, and we don’t celebrate the pain of those who are struggling, or who have fallen. We acknowledge that public figures are men fighting their own battles too, neither perfect nor immune from temptation. They are our brothers, not our idols. So understood, we live and act as Catholics.
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    S9 E1794-Crackhead Son Hunter Biden Ordered To Testify Before Congress Mike Church

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