S9 E1789-New Catholic France Is Rising in The Bayou State Of Louisiana

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HEADLINE: Transgender finishes in Miss Universe top 20 by RT

  • Nicaragua’s contestant finished ahead of 83 rivals, including two transgender women. 
  • This year’s pageant included two transgender contestants – Rikkie Kolle of the Netherlands and Marine Machete of Portugal. Machete finished among the Top-20 finalists.
January 6th Videos Have Been Released 

FULL video archive 

  • The people that were the ‘violent ones’ you can’t see their faces.
  • They either have gas masks on or their face is completely covered by a face covering of sorts.
  • There was basically nothing to see in those videos.
  • There Capitol police weren’t really in any danger.
  • There were some skirmishes b/w the cops and people but I don’t believe the people in the crowd causing issues were Trump supporters.


Louisiana Elections 

  • Candidates for the Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Treasurer – were all won by Republicans!
  • They didn’t even win in New Orleans!
  • Why this isn’t the biggest news story in the MSM I have no idea.
  • There isn’t a story at the Hill or AP, just crickets.
  • Here in Louisiana, something is happening here.
  • The Constitution Carry Law – passed overwhelmingly when Edwards was Governor and he vetoed it both times. 
  • You have the right to carry in this state w/o permit.
  • You can open carry, conceal carry whatever you want, however you want.
  • If you are looking for a fresh start, come here.
BREAKING NEWS – Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez wins reelection as Spain’s prime minister with the backing of Catalan separatists.
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Argentina Shocks The World

HEADLINE: President-elect Milei vows ‘end of Argentina’s decline’ by Fran Blandy and Sandra Ferrer 























HEADLINE: Stacey Abrams’ brother-in-law arrested in Tampa for human trafficking, attacking teen: police by Nathaniel Rodriguez 

  • Meanwhile, police said Gardner reported to the Tampa Police District 1 Office. He was arrested on charges of human trafficking for commercial sexual activity (victim less than 18), lewd or lascivious touching of minor 16 or 17 years of age by person 24 years of age or older, and a misdemeanor count of battery.
  • Do you guys remember Pizzagate?
  • Slade Sohmer, ex-editor for liberal news source The Recount was arrested for possessing & distributing child p*rn according to Massachusetts authorities. 
  • Sohmer was reportedly a camp counselor for a New York City nonprofit for over 10 years.
  • So he had direct access to children for over 10 years.
  • According to Assistant District Attorney Marianne Shelvey, the case involving Sohmer was the most “egregious” case involving child p*rn she has seen.
  • Sohmer’s LinkedIn claims he worked at Camp Power, a nonprofit that “provides kids from New York City’s most underfunded and underserved neighborhoods with freedom and encouragement that are often lacking in their communities back in the city.”
  • Liz Crokin – Vampire Hunter – Epstein Flight Log
  • The DOJ announces a sophisticated high-end brothel with elite clients including government contractors and elected officials that may be part of a Chinese espionage plot — is this another Epstein type honeypot operation to blackmail powerful individuals?  
  • Former CIA officer pleads guilty to federal charges of sexually abusing, drugging and videotaping naked women — what is really going on with the CIA? 42:55 -Underground tunnels, hotels, The Finders, the CIA, The McMartin Preschool scandal and child sex trafficking — down we go this deep rabbit hole. 
  • Ghislane Maxwell – she has been super quiet has she not?

HEADLINE: Brothel network with wealthy clients busted in Massachusetts and Virginia, 3 arrested by Kristina Rex

  • “They are doctors, they are lawyers, they’re accountants, they are executives at high-tech companies, pharmaceutical companies, they’re military officers, government contractors, professors, scientists,” Levy said of the brothels’ customers. “Pick a profession, they’re probably represented in this case.”

HEADLINE: I found a secret ‘Narnia’ passage in my hotel room closet by Adriana Diaz 

  • The TikTok video went viral with 5.1 million views and over 3,000 comments as people freaked out about the creepy discovery.
  • Tunnels under the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California.
  • The young child victims claimed they were trafficked under these tunnels and victims of sexual abuse including Satanic Ritual Abuse at the hands of predators including elites. The media covered this up and claimed this case and others were just “Satanic Panic”. The case went to trial and some jurors could not be swayed because they allegedly did not find evidence of the tunnels. However, these documents prove they existed. 
  • Disney has a vast tunnel system too which allows for the people dressed in Character to not be spotted until time for the ‘showing’. 
  • This allows them to also move things around for decorating w/o bothering the guests that are spending a small fortune to be there.
  • Jimmy Page – The Boleskine House 

HEADLINE: Boleskine House 

  • It was here that Crowley is known for conducting an extensive practice known as the “magic of Abramelin.” Contrary to popular opinion believing it was a black magic ceremony, this austere rite which originated out of a mid-fifteenth-century manuscript of Jewish provenance outlined a rigorous set of practices involving devotion and prayer as a method to speak directly with God. Increasing financial problems forced Crowley to sell Boleskine by 1918.
1h55m HEADLINE: The Bottom 80% Has Gotten Significantly Poorer Since the Pandemic Began by Michael Snyder 

  • As of June, the bottom 80% of households by income, when adjusted for inflation, had lower bank deposits and other liquid assets compared to their status in March 2020. The decline marks a significant shift from the initial phases of the pandemic, where various factors, including government financial support and restricted spending opportunities during lockdowns, led to an accumulation of excess savings.
  • The Federal Reserve, along with Bloomberg calculations, identified a rapid drawdown of these excess savings, particularly stark among the lower-income groups. While all income groups have experienced a decrease in real-term cash balances from the peak in 2021, the disparity is noteworthy. The wealthiest one-fifth of households still have cash savings approximately 8% above their pre-COVID levels. In stark contrast, the poorest two-fifths have witnessed an 8% decrease, and the next 40% — broadly representing the middle class — have seen their cash savings fall below pre-pandemic levels.
  • How many places still have social distancing markers on the floor near the checkout area?
AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden being creepy Joe w/ a 6 year old in the audience w/ cat earsOh look at you, I love your ears…how old are you 17? She answers 6.
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HEADLINE: A Guide To Surviving Your Miserable Leftist Guests At Thanksgiving Dinner by Eddie Scarry 

  • The septum-pierced undergrad who dares you to have a difference of opinion on Gaza being an “open-air prison.” The cat-lady aunt who dares you to say otherwise on the “threat to democracy” (anyone who disagrees with her, ie. you). The 30-something cuckold who dares you to have the wrong answer to his presumptuous query of who “got their booster.”
  • They say what they want with impunity. The expectation is everyone present accepts it to get along. If not, the belief is you’ll be outsmarted and overwhelmed by their mastery of argument. Should they be countered with a superior, more popular perspective, the game isn’t over. They’ll scream. And just as likely, they’ll cry. Evening ruined. Mission accomplished.



Starship from Elon Musk and Space X

HEADLINE: Disney, Comcast and Apple join advertiser exodus from Elon Musk’s X over antisemitism by Bobby Allyn and Emily Olson 

  • Advertisers are leaving the site formerly known as Twitter after a new report found that pro-Nazi content was appearing next to company ads and Musk himself supported a baseless antisemitic conspiracy theory to his 163 million followers.
  • In September, Musk held a public talk with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who asked Musk to do more to “roll back” hate against Jews on his platform.
  • Who is it that runs the biggest studios back in the 1920’s?
  • There were pedos back then too!
  • Where do you think the term ‘casting couch’ came from?
  • Did the German people have a right to exist? 
  • What about the really white Austrian people? 
  • The Talmudic Jews deny Christ.
  • They deny the Christ parts of the Creed.
  • You won’t get wholesome things from people that believe and say the things they say about Jesus and Mary. 
  • Musk seems to be more like Trump and that seems to really piss the left off.
  • Did you ‘Hate Speech Today’? 
Taylor Swift 

  • It says a lot about the human race that Taylor Swift is more popular than Mary of Nazareth. 
  • Think about that for just a moment.

HEADLINE: Travis Kelce’s mom Donna opens up about her son’s relationship with Taylor Swift – admitting NFL star ‘likes the attention’ but jokes people must be ‘tired of our family’ by Cydney Yeates 

  • Both his social media handle and ‘Alright Nah’ catchphrase were well-known and associated with Kelce by NFL fans, with the latter popularized by his frequent use of it during his ‘New Heights’ podcast with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce.
HEADLINE: A Guide To Surviving Your Miserable Leftist Guests At Thanksgiving Dinner by Eddie Scarry 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Greenpeace co-Founder Dr Patrick MooreHuman induced global warming is a complete fabrication. The scientific method has not been applied in such a way as to prove that carbon dioxide is causing the Earth to warm. 


HEADLINE: Highest-Ever Childhood Vaccine Exemption Rate in History, Doctors Explain by Marina Zhang

  • Did you ever have measles as a young child?
  • Did you ever have scarlet fever?
  • When did these vaccines come about as a mandatory thing?
  • Public school – that is when all of this started. 
  • Have you looked at the most recent vaccine schedule from the CDC?
  • There are 24 vaccines on the schedule per child before 15 months of age.
  • There are 19 vaccines from 18 months to 18 years.
  • The most documented is the Enfield Haunting.
  • 3 part drama series – Maurice Grosse 

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Enfield Poltergeist Trailer 

  • Throughout four episodes, the events at Enfield are reconstructed using the real recordings captured by Maurice Grosse, a paranormal investigator who archived all of his interviews with those affected by the phenomenon. Building a replica of the house where the incidents took place, performers reenact what is heard on the actual tapes, allowing an interplay by the archival voices and appearances of those originally involved in the incident through present-day interviews.


HEADLINE: (Who Dies for) Peace in Ukraine? by Peter Van Buren 

  • Fast-forward to 2023, and the story is different. Earlier this month NBC News quietly released a report that said U.S. and European officials broached the topic of peace negotiations with Ukraine, including “very broad outlines of what Ukraine might need to give up to reach a deal with Russia.” NBC said “the discussions are an acknowledgment of the dynamics militarily on the ground in Ukraine and politically in the U.S. and Europe.” They began amid concerns that the war has reached a stalemate and about the ability to continue providing open-ended aid to Ukraine. 
  • Biden administration officials are also worried that Ukraine is running out of men in this war of attrition, while Russia has a seemingly endless supply.
  • Americans will be forgiven if they never hear this bad news, never mind be surprised by it if they did. The narrative which drove sports teams to wear blue and yellow patches and E Street Band member Steve Van Zandt to paint his guitar the Ukrainian colors was simple. Amidst a flood of propaganda, the story was always the same: Ukraine was pushing back the Russians with weapons provided by a broad range of agreeable NATO benefactors. Between Ukrainian jet fighter aces with improbable kill ratios to patriotic female sniper teams with improbable hair and makeup, Russia was losing. It would be a difficult but noble slog for “as long as it takes” to drive the Russians out.
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    S9 E1789-New Catholic France Is Rising in The Bayou State Of Louisiana Mike Church

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