S9 E1787- The Christians Strike Back

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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16th Amendment

  • It put the Federallies in charge of all the revenue streams on the continent. 
  • All incomes however derived.
  • Why did they use the term income?
  • At that time it was still Christendom – you had to allow a man a LIVING WAGE.
  • Thus the term income was used instead of WAGE.
  • They view the world through the lens of what MEN can do and what science can accomplish and they have been running the show ever since. 
  • They say the ‘glory days of the 1950’s’ but was it really glorious? 
  • No but at this point I think we would all take those days back over what we have now.
  • Other than executing a rear guard action, what exactly can any of us point to that the Conservative Movement has done?
  • We lost on HOMO’s, we lost on Trannies, we lost on Sacramental Marriage, we lost on Race, we lost on Fiscal Sanity, we lost on the Family, we lost on Public Schools….what are the victories? 
  • We just lose all the time.
  • We are as Jim Carey said – Le-huus-ee-hers.
  • The Conservative movement seems to just lose all the time.
  • How many of you have seen the latest TV commercial showing that middle American white people hate Jews and think Hitler was right?
  • If you go to X – Restoring the Faith Media he commented and reposted it. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Hitler Was Right Commercial I saw what you posted online, now go to their face and say it – father to his son. 

  • Where did this usury come from exactly?
  • This came from Jews.
  • We have to be honest about all of this.
  • Inquisition – 
  • This is the kind of stuff that gets you removed from the economic playground for life.
  • Reconquest Episode 7 – The Christian Politics of Spain’s ‘Carlist’ Counterrevolutionaries Guest: Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen

AUDIO/VIDEO: Mike Peled son of an IDF generalTheir entire purpose is terrorism. Just as one example, almost 4 years ago, what I refer to as the most shameful day in Jewish history, we started carpet bombing Gaza. 1st day we dropped 100 tons of bombs. A 1 ton bomb will decimate an entire city block. There are 800,000 children that live in Gaza. This was the 1st day of a 21 day slaughter. If that isn’t terrorism I don’t know what it is. This is how the state of Israel controls the different populations. 

  • What about what the French Republican Blues did to the people of the Vendee?
  • Who is campaigning for the Social Kingship of Christ?
  • When will a victory be achieved? 
  • When you campaign for the Social Kingship of Christ and you win.
  • This isn’t hard people.
  • At the end of the day – Seek Ye first the Kingdom of God.
  • So who opposes you and I, if we wish to, to live under the Kingship of Christ?
BREAKING NEWS – Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez wins reelection as Spain’s prime minister with the backing of Catalan separatists.
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HEADLINE: FCC adopts rules to eliminate ‘digital discrimination’ for communities with poor internet access by Matt Brown 

  • The rules package, which the commission ratified on Wednesday, would empower the agency to review and investigate instances of discrimination by broadband providers to different communities based on income, race, ethnicity and other protected classes.
  • The order also provides a framework for the FCC to crack down a range of digital inequities including the disparities in the investment of services for different neighborhoods, as well as the “digital divide,”  a term experts use to describe the complete lack of internet access many communities experience due to regional or socioeconomic inequality.
  • Can you put a kill switch on the internet?
  • QUESTION: Who could kill the internet?
  • ANSWER: Amazon
  • Up to 70% of all digital media is on the Amazon server AWS.
  • This is why Amazon shows up #1 in top results when you Google or search for something. 
  • When AWS’s us-east-1 has any issues at all, it all goes BOOM and nothing will work.
1h39m AUDIO/VIDEO: Candace Owens on Tucker disagreements w/ BenHe has taken virtually every stance that has been the opposite of mine on every issue over the last 5 years. We disagreed on the vaccine, Ukraine and many others. He was pro-vaccine I was anti-vaccine and we were all idiots for not taking it. I would never stand on a table and bash Ben. He is pro-Pharma his mother is a doctor but as I said I would hope all our arguments would remain respectful. 

  • Where are all the Catholics that work at DailyWire on this?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Candace Owens on Tucker good relationship w/ co-CEO’sI have a very good relationship w/ the co-CEO and especially Caleb Robinson, we have a lot in common. Ben lives in Florida he is not part of the day to day movement. Most of the hosts are in Nashville and we see each other every day and there is actually more agreement there.

















Donald Jeffries 

HEADLINE: War: Organized Murder and Nothing Else by Donald Jeffries 

  • James Polk was elected president on a saber rattling platform. A warlike stance rarely fails in American politics. The 1848 invasion of Mexico was not only unconstitutional, the atrocities committed there created resentment that lingers even today, in groups like La Raza. Ironically, one of those who opposed this unnecessary skirmish was Congressman Abraham Lincoln. Honest Abe wouldn’t bat an eye just over a decade later, when he ignored his own advice and pushed for the bloodiest war in our history. That internal conflict shattered the old Republic, and made a mockery of the guiding principle behind our War for Independence. The Confederates didn’t consent to those governing them. Period. As the first Imperial President, Lincoln set countless ugly precedents that paved the way for today’s America 2.0.
  • The Civil War was unlike all our others. The enemy wasn’t a foreign bogeyman. It was, in too many cases, someone’s brother or cousin. Such a sad internal bloodletting was simply permitted to happen. As I pointed out in my book Crimes and Cover-Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963, not a single public official tried to stop it from happening. The pointless carnage wiped out one quarter of the young males in the south. We became the United States, singular, as a result. Centralized government won. Press censorship won. Lack of due process won. “Total War,” the scorched earth policy, won. The Imperial Presidency won. Nothing good came out of it. This includes freeing the slaves, something the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t in fact do.
  • Woodrow Wilson was, like Lincoln, a phony who masqueraded as a voice for peace.
  • This is the Secular Saint of our civilization and it isn’t pretty what Lincoln did.
  • So how can we expect anything else from our ruling elites?
  • This goes way back – 
  • We didn’t get where we are by accident.
  • We lauded people as heroes that should have never been considered a hero.
  • Lets talk about Appomattox – 
  • Who was dressed for the occasion?
  • General Lee was a class act.
  • He got his hair cut, he was well groomed, clean military suit, had his horse cleaned up and that is how he surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia to Lieutenant General Ulysses S Grant. 
  • Robert Lee was a verve red man!
  • Threat to Democracy – 
  • Eugene Debs – 
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Mahgdalen Rose – Political Correspondent

  • Turning America into a police state.
  • You can say if a group on campus has a track record of hosting people that call for genocide you could pull their funding but not just blanket pulling.
  • Speaker Mike Johnson – couldn’t even draw the line on CR.
  • It is so frustrating that we discussed Matt Gaetz must have a plan after ousting McCarthy. 
  • It is obvious by how Johnson rolled over for this CR.
  • So was this all worth it?
  • Nancy Pelosi – if she said vote to turn the color red into blue you voted however Nancy said to.
  • The left seems to have the same goals.
  • The right seems to fight about everything!
  • Republicans in Congress take their cues from the likes of Fox News.
  • The young Conservative doesn’t really have a platform of hosts that they are listening to. 
  • They won’t listen to you b/c you are too Catholic.
  • They aren’t the religious type.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Matt Gaetz speaks at Vaccine Injury Field Inquiry Held by Marjorie Taylor Greene A reasonable person watching this hearing might wonder why this is a field hearing held by a Congresswoman instead of a hearing held by the House and Senate. I believe that reason is b/c far too many members of those committees obtain those committee seats b/c they are bought and paid for by Big Pharma.

  • What is a field hearing? 
  • It doesn’t even matter, it doesn’t go on the Congressional record.
  • So the only reason to have one is to attempt to get the information out to the public. 
  • We have no power and we have no money!
  • The Republicans are broke, they are weak and they just can’t win.
  • What is the purpose then of doing any of this?
  • Matt Gaetz lack of purpose means he has a lack of plan.
  • The Grace Commission – 
  • Interestingly enough, Gramm-Rudman (1985) is still the law of the land and requires a balanced budget, just as the Constitution requires a budget.  When was the last time either has been produced?
  • Why are Republicans not talking about how bad it is to go out there and buy groceries?
  • The 2 party system is just a disaster at this point.
  • Where are the Libertarians?
  • They don’t do much, they lament the problems of America but don’t really do anything about it.
  • The Libertarian Movement like the Conservative Movement doesn’t have a leader and when you don’t have a leader you don’t get much done.
3h26m HEADLINE: Muskegon County township declares Second Amendment Sanctuary, forms militia by Bruce Edward Walker 

  • The Holton Township Board of Trustees adopted a resolution declaring the township a Second Amendment Sanctuary as well as adopting an addendum establishing a township militia.
  • Similar to Livingston County, which last April passed a resolution naming it what’s been dubbed a Second Amendment Sanctuary, Holton’s resolution declares the township will not enforce red-flag laws restricting gun and ammunition possession.
  • Legal residents of Holton Township with primary residency in the township are eligible to join the militia and may make their intentions known by acknowledging their intent on social media, explicitly telling friends or family members they wish to join, or stating their intent by letter to the Township Militia.
  • Do not submit your Militia to the rules of the Federal Government. 
  • There is nothing good in the Federal Gun Background check.
  • Every lunatic has passed the background check. 
3h37m HEADLINE: The Catastrophic Death of Fairness by J.B. Shurk 

  • White men are passed over for scholarships, awards, and career advancements — not because they fail to compete, but rather because their successes have been judged “unfair.”  Jokes are made at their expense because they are the only category of person whose mockery and derision are permitted.  When white men engage in political protest, prosecutors target and harass them for alleged crimes that would never be pursued if not for their race.  Even as fewer white men attend college and more continue to exit the labor market permanently, they are preposterously blamed for sustaining the dreaded twin-demons of “patriarchy” and “white supremacy.”  Morally vacuous Joe Biden lectures the world that the greatest danger to the United States is not Chinese communism or Islamic terror or the World Economic Forum’s emerging globalist corporate oligarchy — but rather the elusive threat from poor, white men and their “hateful” speech.
  • Practice Churches Maxim 99 – 
AUDIO/VIDEO: David Friedman, former US ambassador to Israel on w/ Marc Lamont HillIt has been proven w/ certainty that the Hamas Headquarters is under the Shifa Hospital. Marc asks for source of this alleged proof and then gets called a Holocaust denier.

HEADLINE: Where are the Hamas hospital tunnels? 24 hours after entering Al Shifa, Israel are still yet to reveal evidence of terror command centre – as UN looks to evacuate the medical facility by Elena Salvoni and Nick Craven

  • IDF spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht earlier claimed that ‘there is substantial Hamas infrastructure in the vicinity of the hospital’, but appeared to backtrack on Israel’s previous insistence that Hamas’s headquarters are definitely in tunnels underneath the hospital.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Candace Owens on Tucker world gone madThe world hasn’t gone mad, some people w/ big platforms who’ve gone mad have gone mad. It will always pay in the long run to stay on the side of morality. Don’t fault yourself for wanting to feed your family first. I do think we are in a unique time in America, I think they are starting to buck bad trends.
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    S9 E1787- The Christians Strike Back Mike Church

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