S8 E1782-Feds Should Remember Why You Had A Radar Detector

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The Mike Church Show
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Republican Presidential Debate

QUESTION: What did Thursday Night TV used to be called?


  • Cheers, Seinfeld and then Friends
  • Last night on NBC was Must See TV.
  • If you ask most Gen Z, they don’t even own TV’s in their home.
  • They stream almost everything they watch.
  • Weather it is on their phones or their laptops, they just don’t have TV’s in their homes.
  • You don’t really get surround sound over most HD signal if you have a streaming TV.
  • I think the height of TV viewing is coming to an end.
  • I think the radio will outlast TV at this current trend.
  • Why are they even hosting these debates?
  • Donald Trump went to Florida last night.
  • Guess who was with him?
  • Rosanne Barr!
  • Vivek Ramaswamy – it was simply his night. He dominated that stage last night!
  • He actually called Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis – Dick Cheney in 3-inch Heels!
  • No one wants your wars anymore, the young people don’t want the wars!
  • They certainly don’t want to go fight in them. 
51m Thomas Massie and the Kill Switch

  • AOC actually sided w/ Thomas Massie on this one.
  • 19 Republicans crossed party lines and voted w/ the Democrats.
  • The bill passed in 2021 and it was over 1,000 pages long so it was nicely tucked away in 1,000 pages of other spending crap.
Radar Detectors

  • They will fake probable cause when they pull you over and tap on your window.
  • People got tired of paying all the speeding tickets so what did the American people do?

HEADLINE: Do Radar Detectors Work? via K40 Electronics

Convoy – radio song

CB Radios 

  • They were making a point that ‘we aren’t going to take this crap’.
  • Take control over the highway so the cops couldn’t give out tickets. 
  • With American ingenuity, there will be someone that builds/creates something that will kill that ‘kill switch’. 
  • Radar Enforcement – 
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Republican Presidential Debate – Who Is Actually Running  

Vivek Ramaswamy – Close w/ one message to the Dem party, end this nonsense of saying Joe Biden is going to be your candidate, he isn’t even the president right now. Have the guts to step up and be honest about who you’re sending up so we can have an honest debate. Whether it is Newsom, Michelle Obama or whoever else. 

1h27m AUDIO/VIDEO: Hillary Clinton on the View discussing ElectionsPeople would get dually elected then attempt to change the voting policies. Well, Hitler was duly elected…Trump is telling us what he intends to do here.

  • If I were Trump I would sue this woman.
  • At no time, in any interview or speaking event did Trump ever say he was going to stop elections!
  • SHE did however say a few weeks back that MAGA people needed to be rounded up and ‘deprogramed’. 
  • She is staying out in public view to tell the Democrat party she is all there mentally and “put her in coach” she is ready!
















AUDIO/VIDEO: Republican Presidential Debate – Ukraine

Question – Are you persuaded by Zelensky’s urgent new plea?

Vivek Ramaswamy – I am absolutely unpersuaded. The first half of this race I was the only person against it and now I see people walking it back. Ukraine is not a paragon of democracy, it has consolidated all media to one arm, it has threatened no elections unless America sends more money. The regions occupied now by Russia, are Russian speaking regions that have not been part of Ukraine since 2014. These are the hard facts. 

  • He got all the provinces correct.
  • These are ancient Russian speaking countries.
  • They have always been part of the Russian Confederation.
  • They were NEVER part of Ukraine.
  • Zelensky is now asking Congress for a loan!
  • No one knows the exact number of Ukrainian people that have died in this war.
  • We have to fight the Iranians over there before they come over here.
  • We just can’t seem to stay out of any conflict on this planet. 
  • This thing needs to crash and burn – Jabba The Government
  • All it can do is roll.
  • They are going to run out of peoples patience and money.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Republican Presidential Debate – Ronna McDaniels

Vivek Ramaswamy – I am upset at what happened last night. We have become the party of losers. Since McDaniel took over we lost 2018, 2020 and trounced in 2023 last night. Think about who is moderating this debate. This should be moderated by Tucker or Joe Rogan instead of hacks like Kristen Welker who pushed the Russian Collusion Hoax.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Republican Presidential Debate – Dick Cheney in 3-inch Heels

Vivek Ramaswamy – We can elect a president who will keep us out of World War III or we can elect a Dick Cheney in 3-inch heels, because there are 2 of them on stage w/ me tonight. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Republican Presidential Debate – Donald Trump

Ron DeSantis – If you look where we are now, it is a lot different than we were in 2016 and so is Donald Trump. He owes it to you to be on this stage and explain why he should get another chance. He raised our debt, he didn’t drain the swamp…as president I will get things done like I have in Florida.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Republican Presidential Debate – Antisemitism 

Vivek Ramaswamy – Antisemitism is a symptom of a deeper cancer in a country and a society that is lost. Leadership means filling that void w/ purpose and meaning. Dilute this wokeism and antisemitism to irrelevance. 

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HEADLINE: Men, Don’t Fight For The Regime by William Briggs

  • With Veteran’s Day hard upon us, take some advice from your Uncle Sergeant Briggs, who comes from a family with a military tradition (I did six years myself). Do not fight for the Regime. Do not enlist. Do not be sworn in. Stay home and watch after yourself and your loved ones. Do not let them ship you off to die in an absurd conflict that has nothing to do with you, and in which you will not benefit in any way, even if the Regime wins. And especially if the Regime loses. And their loss is almost guaranteed.
  • There is nothing you can gain from fighting for this corrupt inept evil Regime. You need money? The pay is pathetic. You can’t collect if you are dead. You won’t want to collect if you’re maimed. All in service to a cause that is theirs, not yours. Not ours.














SPECIAL GUEST – Political Corespondent 

Mahgdalen Rose

AUDIO/VIDEO: Republican Presidential Debate – Ronna McDaniels

Vivek Ramaswamy – I am upset at what happened last night. We have become the party of losers. Since McDaniel took over we lost 2018, 2020 and trounced in 2023 last night. Think about who is moderating this debate. This should be moderated by Tucker or Joe Rogan instead of hacks like Kristen Welker who pushed the Russian Collusion Hoax.

  • The idea you are giving all this time to people that don’t matter?
  • Ronna said, ‘well this is how its always been done’. 
  • I think Trump benefits from her but the rest of the field doesn’t.
  • You have Ron DeSantis climbing in the Iowa polls.
  • Trump didn’t win Iowa in 2016 either.
  • The first 3 states is NOT a clear path to victory.
  • A lot of Republican voters are still unsure if they are going to stay with Trump.
  • They are concerned and they have a lot of spending power.
  • The flow of money could be greatly disrupted for his presidency if he doesn’t win Iowa.
  • They have not been willing to engage in young religious youth group types.
  • DeSantis is taking nothing for granted and he is meeting w/ those people.
  • There is a lack of youth energy in Iowa for Trump.
  • We won the youth vote by 5 points the last few elections. 
  • This might become a pattern nationwide if he doesn’t take the time to turn this ship around.
  • As a young person, why DeSantis and not Vivek?
  • They think the ‘outsider’ politician has let that group down.
  • He or she could govern greatly day to day – you won’t hear them talk about that.
  • Vivek is interesting but there is very little he says that we haven’t heard already.
  • It is isolating being a young republican.
  • Think about the power of 10-15 people that are door knocking where you don’t see many youth doing that sort of thing.
  • If you bring Vivek into the Trump campaign what does that do?
  • From a media perspective – I agree it is the youths you see w/ placards and signs and protests.
  • Can Trump win that faction over?
  • To do that he will need to go w/ Ron DeSantis.
  • The culture of Virginia while conservative still has liberalism running through it.
  • There aren’t complaints on Youngkin but they aren’t singing his praise.
  • Do you have a view on what happened in Ohio and Kentucky?
  • In Kentucky the people just didn’t like the candidate. 
  • Being Trump’s guy doesn’t automatically mean you will be elected!
  • Young republicans don’t care about diversity, you can’t use the race card and boast the Trump backing b/c that is what the left does.
  • Catholics for Trump – 
  • Taylor Marshall
  • They shouldn’t be surprised but that is where we are right now.
  • The current Regime leader constantly pulls out his Catholic card all while promoting abortion.
  • How do you get to Ave Maria’s oldest child that is producing grandchildren for her?
  • How do you politically reach them?
  • They practice sacred tradition, so how do you get to that guy.
  • Make him loud proud and vocal?
  • We do not serve what it is most conservative media serve up.
  • We tell the truth, we speak how fruitless and evil things are in the world.
  • We don’t chant USA USA USA w/o mentioning all the problems we have. 
AUDIO/VIDEO: LIVE NBC News broadcast of FBI doing full on search w/ FBI and local police to find a January 6th ‘suspect’. Complete w/ helicopters, SWAT and search dogs.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Hialeah, FL – Not Attending Debates

One of the dumber ones said I didn’t have the courage to attend the debates. I’m standing in front of tens of thousands of people right now, and it’s on TV. That’s a hell of a lot harder to do than a debate!







HEADLINE: MAGA Is the New Sons and Daughters of Liberty by J.B. Shurk 

  • What is a good habit? – A Virtue
  • Most habits are vices which are sinful.
  • There are 2 vices for each virtue.
  • The liberty and the freedom to practice your faith in all that you do and that includes how your system of exchange works, does it work to empower and benefit the producer?
  • “Life improves slowly and goes wrong fast, and only catastrophe is clearly visible.”  What happens when catastrophe is clearly visible?  People begin the hard work of effecting monumental change.  When government tyranny can no longer be ignored, people of steadfast character fight for liberation.
  • For too long the federal government has betrayed the limiting principles of the Constitution and usurped the powers naturally belonging to the American people.  Those in charge today have cast aside protections for personal liberty and insist that citizens instead worship the State.
  • The greatest threat to all of us is the government.
  • It is a state that does not acknowledge God as the King of all Nations, the King of Kings.
HEADLINE: STRIKE OVER: Actors Make a Deal With Studios After 118 Days by Katie Kilkenny 

  • The SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical Committee approved the agreement in a unanimous vote on Wednesday, SAG-AFTRA announced. The strike will end at 12:01 a.m. Thursday. On Friday, the deal will go to the union’s national board for approval. 
  • The performers union announced the provisional agreement Wednesday, after about two weeks of renewed negotiations. The development came not long before a deadline of 5 p.m. that the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers had set for the union to give their answer on whether they had a deal. 


HEADLINE: Remember, Remember, the 9th of November by Bradley J. Birzer 

  • Advocates of communism claim it is the opposite of Nazism, and advocates of Nazism claim it the opposite of communism. Each form of socialism, however, is simply the flip side of the same coin.
  • If we add in the number of soldiers—those fighting on the battle fields in uniform—during the same time period (or, a bit broader time period; encompassing the whole of the 20th century), we add an additional 50 million to the list, thus bringing the total to 255 million killed in the twentieth century. Yet, this is worth pondering. After all, governments killed four times the number of persons war did. In other words, the greatest killer of the twentieth century was not war, it was government.
  • Yet, it must also be remembered—as Alexander Solzhenitsyn claimed in his Gulag—that socialism did not kill merely the body, it sought to extinguish the soul and all belief in anything transcendent in the human person.
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    S8 E1782-Feds Should Remember Why You Had A Radar Detector Mike Church

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