S8 E1781-Ohio Voters Go Full Tenochtitlan On The Unborn

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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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50m Ohio Abortion Issue 1 Passes

  • Why was this on the ballot to begin with?
  • Whoever the state rep was that went along w/ this and said yes to putting it on the ballot should be removed. 
  • Women from LA on their way to Ohio.
  • Women from pro-life Alabama, on their way to Ohio. 
  • Remember Hillary Clinton told us 7 years ago what they wanted to do ultimately.
  • 2017 – the unborn person doesn’t have Constitutional rights – Under our law that is the case, I support Roe v Wade. It is an important statement about women making the best decision for herself. 
  • She said day of due date – and Hillary Clinton said, under our law that is the case.
  • Democracy doesn’t work and this is proof.
  • Our rally cry should be “hell no we won’t vote”. 
  • If you leave the 3 major cities in OH, Issue 1 wouldn’t have passed.
  • Counties don’t matter anymore.


  • In OH it was brought in by the legislature a citizen could generate a request to have an amendment be put on the ballot.
  • That procedure came up in August to change it to 60 +1.
  • That failed in August. 
  • The Bishops in Ohio all they said was vote no, they didn’t say you would be damning yourself to hell by voting yes.

End Abortion Ohio Twitter: The passing of Issue 1 is a dark stain on Ohio’s history. The installation of preborn child murder as a fundamental right in our state is an unconstitutional perversion, and a moral abomination before Almighty God, the Sovereign King of Kings, and Lawgiver. By transgressing God’s eternal and binding decree, “Do not murder,” Issue 1 is an iniquitous, and ruinous amendment which will bring more bloodguilt upon our state. 

End Abortion Ohio will continue to strive for the accomplishment of our goal: the legal abolition of abortion in Ohio. As Issue 1 stands in clear, and flagrant violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution, Issue 1 ought to be ignored, and regarded as null and void. 

We call upon our governing authorities to treat Issue 1 as such, to fulfill their duty, to protect the inalienable right to life and to provide the equal protection of the law to all human beings, both born and preborn. Any recourse which tolerates or upholds the legal murder of preborn image bearers of God, must be rejected, and spurned as unconstitutional and iniquitous. We call upon the Governor of Ohio to treat Issue 1 as null and void, to issue an executive order per the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article 1, Section 1 of the Ohio Constitution directing all agencies under his command to treat preborn human beings as people who must be provided the equal protection of the law. 

We call upon Ohio’s Courts to treat Issue 1 as null and void, to rightly interpret and apply the Ohio and U.S. Constitutions by ruling that preborn human beings are persons and that preborn human beings must be provided the equal protection of the law.

We call upon Ohio’s legislators to treat Issue 1 as null and void, and to introduce and pass the Abolition of Abortion in Ohio Act, which would bring Ohio’s abortion law into alignment with the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution, by applying the law equally to all persons, born and preborn.

The securing of justice for all persons is the duty of all our governing authorities, before God, and before our state. End Abortion Ohio will not cease to tirelessly strive towards this righteous end.

  • This is an amendment to your state Constitution. 
  • Citing the 14th amendment will not work for you guys.
  • Governor Dewine to his credit said the amendment went too far.
  • OHIO Constitution Article 1 Section 1– All men are, by nature, free and independent, and have certain inalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and seeking and obtaining happiness and safety.
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Ohio Issue 1

  • What is the legal definition of born?
  • What is the legal definition of alive?
  • Yesterday or Monday was the last day Latin Mass was allowed in the Diocese of Cleveland. 
1h29m HEADLINE: Danica Roem becomes Virginia’s first openly transgender state senator by Brooke Migdon 

  • Roem, 39, defeated former Fairfax County police detective Bill Woolf, a conservative Republican endorsed by Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R), who vowed to bar transgender athletes from competing on school sports teams if elected.
  • Roem, who became the nation’s first openly transgender state lawmaker when she was elected to Virginia’s House of Delegates in 2017, campaigned on her experience in the legislature and successful bipartisan bills, including legislation signed by Youngkin guaranteeing hot meals to public school students and reducing traffic congestion along Route 28 in Virginia.
  • What is even worse is he claims to be ‘catholic’. 
  • None of this is really surprising. 
  • He ran on a platform of mutilating children and exposing your daughters to sexual predators in their changing rooms.
Back to Ohio and Issue 1

  • For evil to spread, all that is necessary is for good men to do nothing.
  • When Christs church, the Catholic Church, when it retreats from the public square, when It doesn’t lead and set the example, you get Ohio. You get Kentucky. You get democracy. 
  • The state must agree to cooperate w/ the Church on matters of life.
  • That doens’t make a lot of people happy b/c they want to cheer USA.
  • We murder and maime people all across the planet.
HEADLINE: Unhinged Democrats Harass Republican Poll Watchers In Virginia: ‘I’m Gonna F-cking Remember You’ by Shawn Fleetwood 

  • In Arlington, one of Virginia’s more Democrat-friendly jurisdictions, a leftist was filmed harassing and cursing out a GOP poll greeter, the latter of whom, according to RedState, offered the angry man “a Republican sample ballot.”
  • “You f-cking try to overturn elections with violence, and then you’re out here among decent people. What do you have to say to that?” the unhinged leftist said. “What are your policy prescriptions? F-cking rapist rights … involving people’s f-cking families and their f-cking bedrooms? You f-cking animal.”
  • “They put on a face for their neighbor, but they support lynch mobs and the f-cking KKK. Or they’re f-cking Bible-beating bigots and freaks,” the leftist added before walking away.
1h42m HEADLINE: Democrat Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear Wins Reelection by Jeff Louderback

  • The son of former two-term Democrat Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, Mr. Beshear was elected by a slim margin in 2019 when he defeated incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin by about 5,000 votes. Kentucky has a Republican super-majority in the state Legislature, and former President Donald Trump won the state by 26 percentage points in 2020, but Mr. Beshear was rated the nation’s most popular Democrat governor in a July poll conducted by Morning Consult. 
  • Backed by President Trump, Mr. Cameron is the state attorney general and has tied Mr. Beshear to President Joe Biden and widely criticized the governor for his COVID-19 pandemic restrictions affecting businesses, inflation, and virus-related school closures, which he says resulted in learning loss among students.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Cori Bush on Censuring Rashida TlaibIt is outrageous that my colleges are trying to silence the only Palestinian American. This Congress enslaved black people b/c they thought it was right. 

  • This was very similar to the debates they have in the House of Commons in the UK.


The Congress Of The United States

  • They are heading towards inertia. 
  • They have the ability to control each aspect of your life at this point.
  • If you are going to have a Constitution w/ a government that completely ignores it….
  • It is supposed to be an entity that stands for and defends the liberties of the people that voted for them.

Article IV, Section 4 – The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence. U.S. Const.

  • Disaster Declaration after say a hurricane – the Governor of that specific state has to ASK for the help/relief. 
  • The Biden Regime did not protect Texas or any other state against massive illegal immigration.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Glenn Greenwald w/ Tucker Carlson on Wars – What they’re doing at the same time w/ these foreign wars are using them as a pretext to erode the core constitutional and civic rights of American citizens here at home. Each war results in fewer rights here for people at home.

  • Here is the larger point – the US government now has replaced its theology that you didn’t want to live under.
  • IT now says what is moral.
  • IT now says what is a sin.
  • IT now decides what murder is.
  • IT now decides when life begins.
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HEADLINE: Toyota’s $10,000 Future Pickup Truck Is Basic Transportation Perfection by Mike Austin  

  • No screens, no radio. Heck, it doesn’t even have a tachometer. The Toyota IMV 0 is like other modern cars in that it doesn’t have many switches on the interior, but in this case, it’s because there’s almost nothing to turn on and off. Based on the same platform as the Hilux, Toyota’s global market pickup, the IMV 0 starts as a blank template of four wheels, flatbed, and two-door cab. Of course, if you want to add some amenities, Toyota will be glad to add them on, and it’s likely that, like the Hilux, fancier models will be available depending on where it’s sold. But let’s take a moment to appreciate the bare necessities.



























SPECIAL GUEST – Wisdom Wednesday

Brother Andre Marie

Website –

Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

The Limbo of Infants 

ReConquest Episode 372: Yes, Limbo Is Church Teaching! 

  • It is mostly true in the sense it was only used once in the Magisterial.
  • QUESTION: What is Limbo?
  • We know that in order to get into Heaven on must be Baptized and in Santifying Grace.
  • If we grant it possible according to the teachings of St Thomas Aquinas – 
  • That is only possible for adults, for those able to make an act of faith.
  • Infants are incapable of ascending to the faith or making an act of charity or making an act of hope.
  • It is INFUSED into them at Baptism.
  • So they have Sanctifying Grace at that point.
  • We are not born naturally children of God.
  • Why is it that when the Priest says the Our Father in Mass, he says prompted by saving admonitions…we dare to say, we have the audacity to say….then he starts the Our Father.
  • Why is it audacious to call God our Father?
  • Because he isn’t our Father by nature/birth. 
  • The theologians distinguished, Limbus means border lands, border lands of hell.
  • Those who die w/o sanctifying grace or mortal sin can’t be saved but there is a distinction b/w those that die w/ only original sin only and those that die w/ original sin and their own mortal sins . 
  • They are lost to the Beatific Vision. 
  • What is common in hell to everyone is pain of loss – the pain of the damned. 
  • Then there is super added to that – 
  • Example – Brother Andre – If I lose my soul, God forbid, I would have an awful lot of reckoning b/c I had a lot and squandered it.
  • Purgatory and Hell Proper – the hell of the pain of sense and loss those 4 states/places go by Infernum, the Essential Hell meaning they don’t have the Beatific Vision.
  • Again, they can have a certain amount of happiness there, infants.
  • Aborted babies are not martyrs they are being killed for the convince of their parents or mother.
  • Many women who abort are in a very bad state when they do that, but they are clearly accessories to a crime.
  • Question of Baptizing a miscarried baby – 
  • We don’t know when the soul leaves the body.
  • Most people say rigermortis is a sign of death right?
  • I have seen sacraments administered to people that had no heartbeat.
  • They would be declared dead by a doctor but a Priest would administer Last Rites.
  • When a baby is miscarried, then Baptizing that baby is perfectly fine conditionally. 

HEADLINE: Wrestling with the Fate of the Unbaptized by Father Thomas Crean, O.P.

Organ Donation – 

  • Clinically Brain Dead, doesn’t mean that you are actually dead as no one knows when your soul actually leaves the body.

HEADLINE: Limbo and the Mystical Body: on the Borderlands of Dogma by Brother Andre Marie

  • He gave her a moral pillow and fall asleep in her sins.
  • That is evil and that Bishop will have to answer for that.
  • What he said was taken, but it was in error.
  • The Church gives us clarity on issues that we need clarity on.
  • I have a trivia item – Roger Bobo – tuba player in that, Encounter.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Rabbi Mizrachi on Mother MaryMary was just a prostitute that slept around on her husband and had a thing called JC.

  • That is straight out of the Talmud. 

ReConquest Episode 396: Your Attention Please

3h34m AUDIO/VIDEO: Glenn Greenwald w/ Tucker Carlson on Donald TrumpIf I were a betting man, I think the odds look pretty good for Tump. You can’t lie to the American people about their own experiences, they know how expensive things are, they know we are fighting wars all over the place. 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Tom Homan (Former acting ICE Director) on Southern BorderWe’ve had 30,000 Chinese Nationals cross over, this is historic! I promised President Trump, if he goes back, I go back, and I’m going to run the biggest deportation operation the world has ever seen.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Julian Assange on IsraelThe goal is to use Israel to wash money out of the US and Europe through Ukraine/Israel and back into the hands of a transnational (BlackRock). The goal is an endless war, not a successful war.
HEADLINE: ‘Encounters’ With The Aliens by Rod Dreher 

  • At first, I wasn’t shocked at all by this research because I thought that people were utilizing different cultural frameworks for looking at unidentified aerial phenomena. That is, it is rational to approach the topic like this: in the 1400s people were using religious frameworks to describe what they saw in the sky. Today, people do the same thing, but now we live in an ostensibly ‘secular’ society and have achieved flight, so when people see unidentified aerial phenomena, they think of drones or something like stealth aircraft, and maybe UFOs. This is how I approached the study.
  • Your human experience, your own religion…those things effect how you perceive things you see.
  • I became shocked when I was approached by government agents and scientists who said that they worked, in their ‘spare time,’ on UFOs, and collected UFO materials. They were and are credible people. I was shocked, again, when I started to revisit the stories from Catholic history that I had remembered and just took for granted, like the experience of the 16th century nun Teresa of Avila, who describes an experience with an angel. If you read her own account of that experience, she is not quite sure about this angel, as she describes it as real, and not imagined, and this shocks her. She also doesn’t know what type of angel it is, as it doesn’t conform to the one’s she was aware of, given that it is short and not tall with wings.
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    S8 E1781-Ohio Voters Go Full Tenochtitlan On The Unborn Mike Church

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