S8 E1777-The Biden Regime Declares War Against Hate And Islamophobia

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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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  • The only team that doesn’t have a Drag night or a Pride night, the Texas Rangers, wins the World Series!

HEADLINE: God Rewards Only Team That Doesn’t Have A Pride Night With World Series Win by BabylonBee 

  • After over fifty years of championship futility, the Texas Rangers finally captured the World Series title in the same year the team became the final Major League holdout on hosting Pride Night. Despite mounting pressure as the remaining 29 MLB teams honored satanic drag queens, the Texas Rangers held firm. Now, after being counted out as a playoff afterthought, the Rangers are hoisting the championship trophy.

HEADLINE: Texas Rangers win first World Series title in franchise history by David Close 

  • The team has been consistent with its response when asked: “Our commitment is to make everyone feel welcome and included in Rangers baseball. That means in our ballpark, at every game, and in all we do — for both our fans and our employees. We deliver on that promise across our many programs to have a positive impact across our entire community.”
  • We don’t watch MLB but it is funny that this happened.
  • We know that in some instance the Texas Ranger do in fact support LGBTQ stuff, they all do to some capacity.















HEADLINE: If Alex Berenson Writes About The Baby Bust, Will People Start Taking It Seriously? by Adrian Gaty

  • Demographers and pundits have been blaring alarm bells about this for decades, and that future is finally here. Mark Steyn had a birthrate bestseller nearly 20 years ago with America Alone. When Christopher Hitchens asked then-U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair whether Steyn’s warnings were part of the conversation among world leaders, “The PM shifted nervously and said it was part of ‘the subterranean conversation.’”
  • The problem facing liberals, then, is that too many of them have embraced the false narrative that the path to happiness runs counter to marriage and family life, not towards it. They think independence, freedom and work will make them happy, which is why significant portions of the popular media are filled these days with stories celebrating divorce and singleness. […] The secret to happiness, for most men and women, involves marriage and a life based around the family.
  • The depressing reality of our demographic death spiral hit him most recently at the nuptials of a couple who vowed never to sully their wedding bed with procreative sex. News of a wedding brought that reality home to me, as well. In this case, the ceremony was one I did not attend, as the invitation made it clear that children were not welcome.
  • What happened to the alarm bells that the Life Insurance Companies were ringing about the high death rates due to COVID vaccines?
  • There were 3 companies talking about “If this trend holds, these companies were done”. 
  • Remember I said they would have to invoke the “COVID vaccine was voluntary” and thus the Insurance company wouldn’t pay out?!
  • The depressing reality of our demographic death spiral hit him most recently at the nuptials of a couple who vowed never to sully their wedding bed with procreative sex. News of a wedding brought that reality home to me, as well. In this case, the ceremony was one I did not attend, as the invitation made it clear that children were not welcome.
  • Child-free wedding? One might as well send out invitations to a prayer-free Christmas. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… selfies from Ibiza?
  • We always invite the families w/ children and we always let the parents know the children are welcome!

HEADLINE: Babies Make Families by Grace Emily Stark 

  • What is the point of a wedding w/ no children allowed?
  • Babies and their effects upon families are something of a paradox. While they surely test the bonds of marriage, they can also strengthen the connections between spouses. And it doesn’t stop there: in reflecting on the first year of my son’s life, I’ve realized that he not only strengthened the bond between my husband and me, but those between us and our extended family members, too.
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1h26m AUDIO/VIDEO: Bobby Knight tells story of Michael Jordan in the 1984 OlympicsJordan getting chastised even though he was playing at the top of his game.

  • You get good at life and smarter and wiser by showing humility.
  • You learn from your mistakes.

HEADLINE: Honoring Bob Knight’s Complex Legacy Includes Reflecting On His Refusal To Compromise by Joshua Claybourn 

  • Bob Knight was nothing if not a traditionalist. In an era awash with moral relativism, he stood as a granite monument to a certain set of old-school values — discipline, hard work, and above all, personal responsibility. His coaching style was the antithesis of the coddling, participant-trophy ethos that pervades much of modern America. In his world, merit was the only currency that mattered.
  • His refusal to bend — even when it would have been politically expedient, even when it led to his ouster from Indiana University — simultaneously marred and ennobled his legacy. One cannot help but ponder: What is the cost of unyielding principle? Knight himself seemed uninterested in that calculation, treating compromise as anathema, a contamination of the purity he sought in both basketball and life. It was as if he waged a perpetual battle against not just opposing teams but also against the vagaries of human weakness.
AUDIO/VIDEO: VP Kamala Harris on Taking on HateAll people should have the freedom to live, worship and to be w/o fear of violence. We have a duty to keep the people of our nation safe and to condemn all forms of hate. Taking on hate is now a National priority. Today we take another important step, we are introducing the first National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia. To protect Muslims and those perceived to be Muslims. 

  • What is an antisemite? 
  • Notice she never said Christian or Catholic.
  • Before you get too angry at this, lets go to the Book of Matthew chapter 5 vs 11 – 
  • Blessed are ye when they shall revile you….


AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Mike Johnson on Illegals Voting800,000 non-citizens will be eligible to vote in NY, it begins January 9 in several states. They are allowing all of this b/c they want to turn them into voters, that’s it folks that what they have planned all along.

  • I think Mike Johnson was stealth there.
  • He told Fat Jerry Nadler, ohhh okay that is the point, see folks this is in fact what they are doing.
  • Illegals can vote in municipalities in NY and Virginia and a few others.
  • They will destroy your local elections.
  • Let’s say the number is 80,000, that means that is the number of American votes that will be canceled. 
  • If you are a Republican in NYC any chance you had to fix the city is going to be wiped out by these illegal immigrant voters. 
  • If we wanted to expand it is b/c the people that live here expand it w/ their own families.
  • Why do we have to import diversity?
  • Why doesn’t the local population get a say so?
  • It is always the enemy at work.
  • I have to say these are WARLIKE actions.
  • Colonize parts of the U.S. for their own personal empowerment and enrichment. 
  • Did anyone ask the people that live where the refugees are being sent if they wanted them?
1h55m AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Video of Ballot Name Removal 2024 will be the most important election in our country. Our country is being destroyed. It may be the last election we will ever have. If this election is rigged and they are successful removing my name from the ballot, the country won’t survive. 

  • Truly what is the answer to all of this?
  • What is the one answer that the Demons won’t have an answer to or the one thing they cannot overcome? 
  • They can’t overcome little ‘r’ republicanism.
  • When citizens set examples by running their communities and regulating their communities as they are to be run….small….local.
  • We were told for centuries the British colonials were evil.
  • We were told in school to revile the era of Colonialism.
  • This refugee movement is colonization from the South to the North!
  • How come this isn’t bad too?
TKD Reads from Action – 
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Greg Gutfeld on The Five America is no longer the land of opportunity. It’s the land of free stuff paid for by the people who can now not afford eggs and gas….that can’t last.



HEADLINE: House Oversight: Joe Biden Received $40,000 ‘Loan Repayment’ After Hunter Shook Down CCP-Linked Business Partner by Debra Heine 

  • Last month, the committee released bank records revealing another shady $200,000 direct payment to Joe Biden from James Biden. According to Comer, James Biden received a total of $600,000 in loans from the financially distressed rural hospital operator Americore Health in 2018.
  • The money trail begins in July 2017, when Hunter Biden sent his infamous “shake-down” WhatsApp message to CEFC associate Raymond Zhao demanding a $10 million dollar capital payment.  At the time, the Biden clan was working with CCP-linked Chinese energy company CEFC. The partnership began while Joe Biden was Vice President.
  • Why is this important to determine this was when Joe Biden was VP?

AUDIO/VIDEO: House Oversight Chair James Comer on China MoneyJoe Biden received $40,000 in laundered China money. Here’s how he did it…


Watch the TV show Hell on Wheels – as the railroad goes West, watch the creative ways in which he comes up with to make payroll.

  • The Goldback is designed to be a local currency within certain regions where a series exists, that being Utah, Nevada, New Hampshire, Wyoming, and now South Dakota. They are considered voluntary local currency. Please note that Goldbacks are privately issued and not U.S. dollar legal tender.
  • The Biden are going to say this is purely coincidental.
  • I mean this is very crafty of them wouldn’t you say?
2h54m Grocery Store Trip

  • How many of you have been grocery shopping recently?
  • Yesterday after All Saints Day Mass we wanted to have a feast meal.
  • We opted to go to the store and make homemade hamburgers. 
  • We of course used Beast and Butt Rub in the ground meat. 
  • How are people toughing this out?
  • We went barely got anything and it was $100.
  • The Amish butter roll at the store was $12.
  • Are people maxing out their credit cards for groceries? 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Canadian Chief Medical Advisor Dr Supriya SharmaChildren b/w 6 months and 4 years of age should receive 2 doses if they have not previously been vaccinated w/ a COVID-19 vaccine. 
REEL Marine Letter 

  • Commander in Chief of the Marines is gearing up to send troops to Israel.
  • They will be using electric dirt bikes too in their recon missions. 

HEADLINE: Top Marine general hospitalized, leaving 3-star in charge by Irene Loewenson

  • The brief statement from Marine Corps headquarters on Monday afternoon didn’t provide details on Marine Commandant Gen. Eric Smith’s condition or specify the medical emergency.







HEADLINE: Netanyahu’s TWO genocides by Mark Crispin Miller

  • Shai Danon mentions the Club of Rome – 
  • Remember a few weeks back I did a deep dive into The Club of Rome?
  • They conspired to eradicate the human race b/c we might go to Heaven. 
  • Substack by Lowell Gallin:  last week on Monday evening (October 2nd, 2023) twenty four year old OFEK, a young Israeli graphic artist who supplemented his income by working part time as a cashier at ZOL B’SHECHUNA (Cheapest in the Neighborhood) SHARON’S MAKOLET dropped dead in the evening of a heart attack.  Attempts to resuscitate Ofek failed.  A few hours before Ofek’s MURDER BY HOLOCAUST INJECTION Ofek called his Mom and said, “Mommy, I don’t feel well”.  A few hours later Ofek was on the floor of his apartment with our emergency medical service medics attempting to save Ofek from going through The Door of No Return (for the moment, until the Resurrection of the Dead).
  • So here we have another “sudden” global trauma, with “our free press” again reporting only the Official Story—another deadly melodrama bearing no relation to what really happened, since its true purpose is to stupefy us all with fear and anger (at each other).
  • Why haven’t the Hamas forces caught the IDF off guard again after the 7th?
  • Where are the backup super high tech hang gliders? 
  • Can the United States shoot down all the Iranian missiles?
  • The answer is no b/c no one knows how many missiles they actually have.
  • Why hasn’t Iran just obliterated their enemies if they are as blood thirsty as Benjamin claims them to be?
  • Why is it only the Jews?
  • I’m sorry but this just doesn’t add up.
Michael Crawford – 
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    S8 E1777-The Biden Regime Declares War Against Hate And Islamophobia Mike Church

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