S8 E1772-Geaux Tigahs! Will Louisiana’s Mike Johnson Turn The House MAGA

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HEADLINE: At least 22 killed and SIXTY injured in Lewiston, Maine, mass shooting after gunman armed with AR-15 opens fire at bowling alley and then at a bar: Firearms expert and Army reservist Robert Card named person of interest by Harriet Alexander and Emma James

  • Officers have confirmed that Card’s vehicle – a 2013 white Subaru – was found near the boat dock in Lisbon, about seven miles southeast of Lewiston, but the suspect was not inside.

HEADLINE: Revealed – Maine massacre gunman Robert Card was sectioned after ‘hearing voices’: Firearms instructor spent two weeks in mental health facility this summer before killing at least 22 people by Perkin Amalaraj and Mackenzie Tatananni 

  • The 40-year-old, believed to be single, grappled with mental health issues, recently reporting ‘hearing voices’ and threatening to shoot up the military training base.
  • He was hearing voices, and they were telling him to do evil things.


Boston Strangler 

Actress Keira Knightley 

  • The victims depicted in the film are the true victims of the Boston Strangler crimes. The victims ranged between the ages of 19 and 85. Most worked as nurses in a hospital and had an affinity for classical music. Many lived alone and were described as “matronly,” according to McLaughlin’s 1992 look-back. 
  • For 50 years, there was no evidence linking a specific killer to any of the murders. As Boston Strangler states at the end, DNA analysis in 2013 finally linked DeSalvo to the final Boston Strangler murder, that of Mary Anne Sullivan. Her case is now officially closed and DeSalvo, who was himself killed in 1973, is considered the murderer – but 12 cases remain open.




HEADLINE: How to use a Ouija board — your guide to communing with the dead safely this Halloween by Reda Wigle 

  • This enduring piece of Americana has fascinated and horrified the populace for over a century — our intrigue only heightens with the darkening of days and the time of year when fields lay fallow and ghosts get their undead due.
  • We live in an age where I think these demons are unbound, we have Christians around the world that just don’t believe in evil and the devil. 
  • A Google search interest for ‘Ouija boards’ increases by 143% in late October. According to the research, over half (50.9%) of Americans have called upon the spirits in this fashion, while over two thirds (68.7%) say the boards possess supernatural abilities.
  • The belief that the dead could and would make contact with the living must have been a comforting thought for a nation at war and an average life expectancy of less than 50 years.
Israel and Palestine War

  • I just don’t trust any of these people.
  • ANY of them, our leaders or the leaders of Hamas or the leaders in Israel.
  • Just like Brother Andre said yesterday on Wisdom Wednesday.
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Back to CJ Hopkins

  • Which brings me to that hospital bombing story. You know the one. Al-Ahli Arab Hospital, which Israel bombed, or didn’t bomb, depending on which narrative you believe, or which narrative you don’t actually believe but are nonetheless committed to pretending to believe, because believing the other one would betray your “side.”
  • Call me a “Horrorist sympathizer” if you need to, but I do not take the word of the IDF and anonymous “Intelligence officials” on faith. I examine their narratives critically. I did that during the War on Terror. I did that during Russiagate. I did it during the Covid pandemic. Critically examining official narratives is part of my job as a political satirist. 
  • Now according to the official narrative, the Palestinian Horrorists just can’t catch a break. After decades of attacking Israel with their sissy little Horror rockets that typically only kill a few people at best, now, after they finally come up with a new Super-Horror rocket that will kill hundreds of people, the first time they use it, they shoot it into their own hospital.
  • OR – and this is “Official Narrative B” — they shoot their new Super-Duper Horror rocket at Israel, but it disintegrates in mid-air, or is intercepted by the Israeli “Dome” thing, and one fragment of it (i.e., the Super-Horror rocket) lands in the parking lot of the hospital, and it turns out that fragment just happened to be the “Super-Horror” component of the rocket, which simultaneously ignites the topped-up gas tanks of every single car in the parking lot, which generates a massive fireball that blows the people in the parking lot to bits.
  • Little Ben Shapiro – 
  • The gravity of the error and heresy and what they live their lives by.
  • The children of “light” want you to convert to the light.
  • They don’t belive Christ came to save us. 
  • Don’t side w/ heretics, don’t side w/ genocide. 
  • Pick the side of Jesus and shut up about the rest.
1h35m HEADLINE: Jews: Truly the Elder Brothers of Catholics by Fr James Mawdsley 

  • The other narrative is that Jesus is not the Son of God. We might think that there are many competing worldviews or religions. But there are not. There is only truth and attacks upon it. The most direct attacks against Jesus are what cause obscurity and confusion, leading to countless false accounts of reality, misconceptions of the meaning of life, empty religions.
  • The competing narrative denies that Jesus is the promised Messiah. It uses the Old Testament to do this, but so ineptly that it actually causes atheism. And some resort to satanism. These spiritual forces are the causes of error, of heresy, of Islam, of Protestantism, of modernism, of transgenderism, transhumanism and all work toward global totalitarianism. We know with theological certitude that all this will fail, though it be an immense battle. The New Old series is written to encourage and strengthen the readers in faith, to offer an invincible hope, and to cast out fear so that charity may abound and conquer all.
  • This is what the ‘children of light’ or Jews actually think and what they preach. 
  • Take a look at Little Ben Shapiro and everything he has posted since October 7th.
1h51m AUDIO/VIDEO: Benjamin Netanyahu on Hamas – We are the people of the light, they are the people of darkness…we shall realize the prophecy of Isaiah.

  • There is no comparison here.
  • I don’t want to go to war with the Iranians do you?
  • They have China on their side.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Benjamin Netanyahu Hamas are doomedWe have 2 goals: to do away w/ Hamas and to do everything w/in our power to return hostages back home. All Hamas militants are doomed above the Earth, underground, w/in Gaza and outside Gaza. What we see before our eyes is one thing only and that is to achieve victory. We are showering hellfire on Hamas. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Mike Johnson first speech Aid to Israel  The country demands strong leadership of this body and we must not waiver. The first bill will be in support of our dear friend Israel. The barbarism from Hamas is wretched and wrong.
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HEADLINE: Oregon Suspends Basic Skills Graduation Requirement in the Name of Equity by Eric Lendrum 

  • So you are going to graduate students that can’t even read the diploma? 




















Political Affairs Correspondent Mahgdalen Rose

Ronna McDaniel 

  • It is solely about making it seem she has done a lot.
  • That is how insidious she has become in the last several years.
  • You have to understand this is the woman that fired her entire staff and fired people that didn’t 100% agree with her.
  • The RNC leader – 
  • Why does Trump not see how bad of a leader she is?
  • If she was on his cabinet she would have been fired day one.
  • Trump appointed McDaniel as chair after he was elected in 2016, and dozens of establishment Republican committee members were replaced by Trump loyalists. Trump personally felt like he helped make McDaniel into the party leader she is, and has expected loyalty from her as a result, sources familiar with their relationship said. When Trump was president, McDaniel was extremely supportive. And, while Trump was a driving force behind McDaniel retaining the chair of the committee earlier this year, many in his orbit fault her for Republicans’ underwhelming results in the 2022 midterms.
  • The basic outline of how to take your party back have been erased, like the Tea Party Movement. 
  • The young people don’t even know what that is anymore.
  • An election this past few weeks that should serve as a model for Trump and all Republicans – that was Jeff Landry in Louisiana. 
  • AG Landry won by 20% points.
  • The man never ran a single negative ad.

HEADLINE: Landry Launches Powerful Testimonies of Families of Crime Victims

AUDIO/VIDEO: Corterion “Tootie” Collins 

  • It is no secret we have over 11 million illegals here that Biden has let in.
  • I will go there and shut the border down – why doesn’t the RNC stand on this?
  • As soon as Donald Trump was elected those families were made to basically disappear by the WH b/c they had talked about the border enough.
  • That was b/c of the constant shake-up of the staff in the WH during Trump.
  • There was a concentrated effort to get rid of them.

Speaker of the House – Mike Johnson 

  • Kevin McCarthy tried to get himself back on the list and have Mike Johnson removed?
  • We were told Jim Jordan was too right wing but Johnson could win over the more moderates.
  • They had a personality difference w/ Jim Jordan and many other representatives. 
  • “It was worth it.” – Matt Gaetz 
  • If Johnson turns out to be great than Matt will be the most powerful representative in the GOP.
  • He is a MAGA guy too!
  • Matt Gaetz is a MAGA guy. 
  • If this doesn’t excite the MAGA members, we will get stalled out.
  • The debt and the deficit matter and we need to get a handle on this.
  • What is interesting is how much Americans simply don’t care about Ukraine anymore.
  • There is a hatred that has just come about recently towards Zelensky. 
  • We get nothing out of helping Ukraine, it is really out of the goodness of our hearts.
  • The Squad is not going to bat for Ukraine like they would for Gaza.
2h45m HEADLINE: Bank of America’s unrealized losses cast shadow over strong Q3 earnings by Jordan Stutts 

  • Bank of America reported unrealized losses of $131.6 billion on securities in the third quarter, growing from the second quarter, but the bank does not expect the portfolio will generate actual losses in the long-term.
  • Unrealized losses have come under closer scrutiny by investors since March. At the time, Silicon Valley Bank sold a portfolio of its holdings at a sharp loss, precipitating its collapse and fueling the worst industry turmoil since the 2008 financial crisis.
  • U.S. banks could be grappling with at least $650 billion of unrealized losses in their securities portfolios, according to an estimate from Moody’s after prospects of interest rates staying higher for longer led to a bond market rout in the third quarter.
HEADLINE: New Home Sales Jump 12.3 Percent Smash Expectations by Mish Shedlock

  • I do know the fact that existing home sales are staying stagnant this is an irrational buying of new homes. 
  • The divergence between new home sales and existing home sales widened further in September with a huge surge in new home sales. 
  • Existing home sales are down 37.5 percent in less than two years. 
  • Home sales were 6.34 million in January of 2022 at a seasonally-adjusted annualized rate. They are now 3.96 million.
  • So why would NEW home sales still be going up and increasing?
  • What would make people think things are going to get better soon?
2h58m AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Mike Johnson first speech Restoring FaithTo all the American people, we hear you we know the challenges you are facing and there is a lot going on w/ our country domestically and abroad. I will not let you down. Our mission is to restore your faith in us.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Mike Johnson first speech quotes GK ChestertonIn God We Trust – There is a guide and on page 14 it gives you a little write up about why that is our motto. We know the language well, GK Chesterton, said one time America is the only nation in the world founded upon a Creed. 

HEADLINE: Existing Home Sales Drop Another Two Percent to a 13-Year Low by Mish Shedlock 

  • This is a transaction crash.
  • People who want to move are effectively trapped in their houses because they do not want to trade a sub-3% mortgage for a 8.0% mortgage.
  • This crash is likely to last longer because interest rates are likely to stay higher for longer because the Fed fears stoking more inflation.
  • Home sales mean appliance sales, new furniture, cabinets, new carpet, landscaping, etc. Who doesn’t spend a lot more money when they move into a new home?
  • If the 12-year trend of home prices rising with average hourly earnings stayed intact, the home price index would be 211, not 308. 
  • From that we can calculate home prices are ((308-211) / 211) percent too high, roughly 46 percent too high. If you prefer, home prices would need to fall ((308-211) / 308), roughly 31 percent.
3h31m HEADLINE: Expanding the BOYCOTT Call Against Second Line Brewery – Please DONATE to ACCESS Pregnancy Centers by The Big Easy Conservative 

Your listeners donated $260 to this effort right after I was on with you last week.

I will be out there tonight from 5pm until sunset.

City Park Avenue – Delgado Community College – Restaurant called MoPho Restaurant 

  • There is strength their strength comes from ‘mostly peaceful’ protesting. 

HEADLINE: $498,658,966 For A Multi-Stakeholder Coordination Framework by The Big Easy Conservative

  • $1,329,243 to spend on each of 375 planned grids.
  • Keep in mind as you read this article that for $498,658,966 the state and federal governments could purchase and give away 1,184,491 of these 4,000 watt generators (without assuming any discount for bulk purchase.)
  • Solar panels are BLOWN TO BITS during a hurricane.
  • The Federal government is actually going to match what the state of Louisiana is paying up.
  • We could distribute 4K watt generators to people. 
  • 1.7 households in all of Louisiana anyway – you could cover each home in Louisiana for that sticker price.
  • The State of Louisiana will launch a strategic energy resilience initiative, Hubs for Energy Resilient Operations – HERO – to establish a foundational approach for accelerating more abundant, affordable, and reliable clean energy for greater power resilience in the face of rising extreme weather and more frequent natural disasters. HERO unites the public, private, and philanthropic sectors by applying a multi-stakeholder coordination framework with a common set of objectives and shared commitments to help solve energy security challenges and protect the residents of Louisiana from climate-related threats. The project will deploy a comprehensive, data-driven integrated community energy planning process as well as a modernized network of Community Resilience Hubs powered by distributed energy resources microgrids.
3h39m HEADLINE: How to use a Ouija board — your guide to communing with the dead safely this Halloween by Reda Wigle 

  • The belief that the dead could and would make contact with the living must have been a comforting thought for a nation at war and an average life expectancy of less than 50 years.
  • Because we were and are an impatient people, so called “talking boards” with letters, numbers and a divining planchette were developed to accelerate the rate of communication from beyond the grave.
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    S8 E1772-Geaux Tigahs! Will Louisiana’s Mike Johnson Turn The House MAGA Mike Church

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