S8 E1769-Fighting For Christ Not Anti Semitism Is The Battle Of Our Time

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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47m Israel and Hamas Conflict 

  • The invasion of Gaza is supposed to go down today.
  • Biden is supposed to come out and commit our US soldiers to this land invasion.
  • We have never encountered a war we didn’t like.
  • Just because they are Jew and they live in the US what makes them a military expert on Israel?
  • Where is Walter Jones and Rand and Ron Paul?
  • Where are the calmer, cooler heads on this?
  • We have Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham out there calling for total inhalation. 
  • Mitch McConnell was making his rounds this weekend and let the cat out of the bag on why we are actually still sending Ukraine money.
Joe Biden and Jim Biden Caught Red Handed

  • There is now more evidence on Joe Biden money laundering than we ever had for Nixon.
  • Gathering all of this information and evidence means NOTHING if you don’t actually prosecute Joe or Jim Biden.
HEADLINE: Toxicology Findings For George Floyd by John Leake 

  • Do you know how much Fentanyl you need in your system for it to kill you?
  • Do you know how much Fentanyl George Floyd had in his bloodstream at his time of death?
  • The toxicology report on George Floyd has been released form the hospital and boy is it a doozy. 
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Leader Mitch McConnell on the real reason we are funneling money to UkraineSignificant portion is being spent here in the United States, in 38 different states to update the weapons, to more modern weapons. No Americans are getting killed in Ukraine. We are rebuilding our industrial base. Ukraine is destroying the army of one of our enemies. 

  • You just admitting the Ukrainian people are killing and destabilizing an enemy of the United States.
  • I missed the part where the Russian Federation declared war against the United States.
  • I missed the part where the US even hinted the Russian Federation is our declared enemy.
  • We always need an enemy so if there isn’t one at present, we fill in the blanks.
  • We need more billions in weaponry. 
  • Is there like a cash for clunkers program but for ammunitions? 
  • Did the Ukrainians BUY our old weaponry? 
  • Something like Dollars for Duds?
  • Or something like Bucks for Bombs?
  • Even if you sent the US military to administer these bombs into Russia, Ukraine wouldn’t win.
  • Ukraine is losing and has been losing since this started.
  • The Russians have superior naval ships, superior bombs and aircraft.
  • It would be a slaughter. 
  • The Ukrainians are getting training and it is being undertaken by American military.
















HEADLINE: Trump Responds to Sidney Powell Guilty Plea in Fulton County by Jack Phillips

  • “Sidney Powell was one of millions and millions of people who thought, and in ever increasing numbers still think, correctly, that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged & stolen,” he wrote on Truth Social.
  • “Ms. Powell did a valiant job of representing a very unfairly treated and governmentally abused General Mike Flynn, but to no avail. His prosecution, despite the facts, was ruthless. He was an innocent man, much like many other innocent people who are being persecuted by this now Fascist government of ours, and I was honored to give him a Full Pardon.” – Donald Trump on Truth Social
  • This is how prosecutors operate. They charge, they overcharge, including charging innocent people.
  • It’s much more difficult to beat conspiracy cases than substantive criminal cases. And the reason is that if the government can convince a jury that you were involved with these people in a conspiracy, rather than in a lawful undertaking, anything any member of that conspiracy did, you are responsible for.
  • Leopold Caplin – Minority Report
  • You know what happens at the end of Minority Report?
  • They get Leopold Caplin and the pre-cogs convict him, give the jury foreman a gun and say okay now go kill him.
  • Even though Leopold Caplin hasn’t done anything wrong…..but the pre-cogs say he WILL at some point commit a crime.

HEADLINE: Sidney Powell’s Plea Proves Fulton County Prosecutor Went Nuclear To Get Trump by Margot Cleveland 

  • Powell’s deal resembles, in some ways, the sweetheart “pretrial diversion” agreement Hunter Biden negotiated with the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office, which later fell apart. But there is one huge difference between the two agreements: Powell only agreed to plead guilty because Willis had obtained a grand jury indictment charging her with seven serious felony counts. And in her plea agreement, Powell did not plead guilty to any of the charges contained in the indictment. 
  • The Bottom Line is This: Willis basically extorted a guilty plea from Powell by charging her with seven serious felonies, including a RICO conspiracy count, two counts of conspiracy to commit election fraud, and one count each of conspiracy to commit computer theft, conspiracy to commit computer trespass, conspiracy to commit computer invasion of privacy, and conspiracy to defraud the state. With a jury culled from deep-blue Fulton County, the risk of a conviction on even one of the felony counts, and the consequential loss of her law license, would be just too great of a chance for any defendant to take — especially when the plea only involved misdemeanors that would be discharged from Powell’s record following probation. Under these circumstances, it would have been lunacy for Powell to have rejected the plea offer.
2h04m AUDIO/VIDEO: Maria Bartiromo w/ Senator Ted Cruz on Biden administration throwing money at criminalsJoe Biden has taught our enemies the worse they are the more money Joe Biden will give you. At the time of the $6 billion, we said it was terrible policy. 

  • How many countries has Iran invaded?
  • How many countries does the Iranian navy have ships sitting on its border w/ missiles pointed at?
  • How dare they sell their own natural resources?
  • Should we not be allowed to sell the oil here in America?
  • Remember the Foley Family?
  • The Foley family wanted and collected enough money to get their son back.
  • Obama told them “we do not negotiate w/ terrorists”. 
  • The Obama administration send the FBI to their house and seized their assets so they couldn’t pay to get their son back.
  • We all know what happened to their son.
HEADLINE: My Reply to the Religious Zionist with “Tears in His Eyes” by Michael Lesher 

  • Your ability to reason is evidently as flawed as your (negligible) moral sense. Not one of your letters to me has ever complained about the criminal practices that are routine for the Israeli military: collective punishment of Palestinian families, extrajudicial executions, wanton destruction of homestargeting hospitals, ambulances and medical teams, torturing children (to name just a few). In your latest letter, you insist that these crimes are no more than inadvertent “failures.” But you also claim that when Palestinians allegedly imitate a few (and by no means all) of the tactics of their oppressors, this amounts to “outright evil butchery” and cannot possibly be excused. Do you really expect me to take you seriously?
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Comedian Jon Christ – #ConfederateLife What would happen if we had a civil war right now in 2023? 
2h31m HEADLINE: Toxicology Findings For George Floyd by John Leake

  • A recent lawsuit, incidental to Floyd and Chauvin, unveiled sworn deposition excerpts from a conversation with County Medical Examiner Andrew Baker, indicating that Floyd’s passing was not due to asphyxiation or strangulation. Instead, factors including drug use and a fatal concentration of fentanyl were significant contributors.
  • The Fentanyl finding of 11 ng/ML and Norfentanyl (a metabolite of Fetanyl) is especially noteworthy. The European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction characterizes Fentanyl’s overdose risk as follows.
2h42m AUDIO/VIDEO: Del Bigtree w/ Dr. Peter McCullough on is there a shift in thinking from the medical professionals on the COVID vaccineIt’s a slight shift in the academic community but we are seeing a much bigger shift in ‘freedom of choice’. Family doctors have decided they are going to give the families the options etc.

  • Whatever your talent and skill is, pick something you love to do and do that and you will never work a day in your life.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Leader Mitch McConnell on the real reason we are funneling money to UkraineSignificant portion is being spent here in the United States, in 38 different states to update the weapons, to more modern weapons. No Americans are getting killed in Ukraine. We are rebuilding our industrial base. Ukraine is destroying the army of one of our enemies. 

  • Imagine if you had to pay for all of this in REAL TIME?
  • Imagine if the Congress couldn’t run up debt.
  • You spend 10% to spend on weapons and you don’t even have a declared war.
2h53m AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene on Joe Biden money launderingWe now have direct evidence linking Joe Biden to money laundering from foreign investments. It came through a money that his brother was invested in. 

  • The operative part for me ladies and gentleman is that the Biden’s are just sloppy at this.
  • They have done it for so long they just got sloppy. 
2h59m Electric Vehicles 

  • We had an electric car from the airport and we had approximately 65% charge on the car. 
  • It took that car 9 HOURS to get a full charge. 
  • People think you can plug an EV into a wall and 40 minutes later the car is fully charged.
  • That isn’t how that works, maybe w/ a Tesla SUPERcharge EV.
  • That isn’t the norm for regular EV’s though.






















Author Nelson DeMille

The Deserter and Blood Lines and Plum Island

Charm School – Spy School: delivers an explosive thriller of international intrigue and high-voltage political tension set in contemporary Russia.On a dark road deep inside Russia, a young American tourist picks up a most unusual passenger a U.S. POW on the run with an incredible secret to reveal to an unsuspecting world. The secret concerns “The Charm School,” a vast and astounding KGB conspiracy that stands poised against the very heartland of America. Arrayed against this renegade power of the Soviet state are three Americans: an Air Force officer, who will fly one last covert mission into the center of a mad experiment; an embassy liaison, who will have her hopes for a saner superpower balance brutally tested; and the chief of the CIA’s Moscow station, who will find his intricate dance of destiny and death reaching its devastating conclusion.

  • Different generations are interested in the cold war.
  • Sounds like 
  • What is a CID agent – criminal investigation agent.
  • They are basically detectives or special agents.
  • They are assigned the tough problematic assignments.
  • You try to figure out what the detectives are trying to figure out while reading the books.
  • Civilians don’t pay a lot of attention to things.
  • They typically investigate army or military people.
  • An Army detective vs a Civilian detective. 
  • It was the private investigators that ruled the late 60’s TV from McMillian and Wife to the Rockford Files.
  • The studio was so in love w/ James Garner that they said…hey what if I write Maverick in an RV on the beach?
  • The PI shows and books are just so entertaining. 
  • PI’s are endlessly fascinating. 
  • The Maze – book – people respond to the PI’s.
  • Many guys think to themselves, hey I could be a PI.
  • Everyone wanted to be Sherlock Holmes. 
  • We all want to be the smartest guy in the room and figure the mystery out.
  • Did you guys have to travel to Germany b/c most of the book is set in Germany?
  • We had already been to Berlin in 2000 and we were going to go for this book but then COVID hit.
  • Normally we would go for research but my son and I both had already been to Germany many times so we just went off of memory and the experiences we had.
  • Berlin is a city w/ a tragic history, it was bombed into ruble during WWII.
  • You see some of these old buildings that are scared but still standing after this.
  • It was a city trying to recapture itself, they had this past WWII and the Communist Secret Police.
  • You saw the divided city, the Berlin airlift and the Red curtain….you saw a lot if you were in Berlin.
  • The American government and the Cold War – when you investigate the murder it reveals a lot about the society in which the murder was committed.
  • The neo-Nazi movement in Germany and the neo-Nazi regime.
HEADLINE: Joe Biden’s Hideous $106 Billion War Package by David Stockman 

  • What’s left of the Fed-tortured bond market cried out for help this AM, tagging the 5.00% level on the benchmark 10-year UST (purple line) for the first time since June 2007.
  • But here’s the thing. Back then, the public debt (yellow line) was $8.8 trillion, meaning every 100 basis points of increased yield added $88 billion to annual debt service. Today, of course, the public debt is $33.5 trillion, and the incremental debt service on 100 basis points will amount to $335 billion or nearly 4X more. 
  • There is a fiscal elephant in the room nearly the size of the nation’s monstrous defense budget itself, yet the semi-comatose occupant of the Oval Office chose this moment to indulge in the absolute worst game of log-rolling politics we have witness during a half-century of observation. To wit, the “Joe Biden” boondoggle includes:
  • $61 billion for the Ukraine warhawks;
  • $14 billion for virtue-signaling against Hamas;
  • $14 billion for the GOP Border War Howlers;
  • $14 billion for various bleeding heart “humanitarian” purposes;
  • $3 billion of walking around money for all the squeaky wheels not oiled above.
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    S8 E1769-Fighting For Christ Not Anti Semitism Is The Battle Of Our Time Mike Church

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