S8 E1765-The Treason Of Muricah Funding All The World’s Wars

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Israel/Hamas Conflict

  • 40 babies beheaded story – 
  • This still hasn’t been confirmed by the Israel administration.
  • The IDF has NOT confirmed this story yet all MSM is running w/ the headline.

HEADLINE: Babies beheaded, 40 children shot dead in a single settlement, and families burnt alive by Hamas… SAM GREENHILL meets survivors of the death squads and hears their stories of unimaginable horror by Sam Greenhill 

  • Hamas massacred 40 children in one farm settlement alone, their small bodies lying in their rooms riddled with bullets.
  • Hamas terrorists beheaded babies and gunned down entire families in their homes in the Kfar Aza kibbutz, the Israeli military said. Bodies there litter the streets among burnt-out houses, strewn furniture and torched cars.

HEADLINE: First US weapons shipment arrives in Israel after deadly Hamas attacks: IDF by Victor Nava 

  • All of this is happening over there in Israel and all eyes are focused there instead of our own border.
  • Where are all these young military aged men going?
  • Who are they in contact w/?
  • Where did the Hamas get these high tech weapons from in the first place? 
  • So America is NOW in yet another proxy war!
  • We are fighting Russia through Ukraine and now we are fighting Hamas and Iran via Israel.
1h01m HEADLINE: Graveyard of Narratives by Angelo Codevilla 

  • The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq never stopped local factions from pushing their agendas by war. The U.S. government merely put Americans in the line of fire between them. What did the U.S. think that it was doing? Because the official narratives did not actually shape what the government was doing, they are not to be taken seriously.
  • What did the U.S. government actually do in Afghanistan and Iraq?  Only the things it really cares to or knows how to do—namely, richly to hire its favorite people to try reshaping mankind in their own image. Since WWII, whether in the name of anti-communism, anti-terrorism, democracy, or humanitarianism, it’s always the same: dismiss the substance of local quarrels; recast the local scene in terms of American elites’ concerns; find locals who agree, and form “coalition governments” that, supposedly, represent the people’s aspirations, regardless of what these might be; send in the American experts on everything from education to women’s rights, with their recipes and their billions of dollars; and treat as terrorists any locals who disagree strongly.
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1h25m HEADLINE: Graveyard of Narratives by Angelo Codevilla 

  • Of the many reasons why this formula has always produced rejection, one is enough to explain the rest. The U.S. formula is purely administrative and even mercenary. It is without soul, wholly abstracting from traditions and affections, never mind from religion and systems of justice. Over the globe, through millennia, people have come together on a bewildering variety of bases. Seldom has mere administration served that purpose, even if competent, especially if by foreigners, and especially if in contradiction to customs.
  • Afghanistan is a geographic-historic expression for a variety of tribes, each with a way of life peculiar to itself. Islam notwithstanding, Afghanistan has never had a common ethical system. Same goes for Iraq, and most places. Some of these ways strike us as bellicose, others as disgusting. Justice meted out in accordance with these tribal codes repels us. However, it appeals to persons brought up in these tribes just as undeniably as lack of an explicable locally attractive ethical system repels them.
  • In Afghanistan as elsewhere, the U.S. government has hired a lot of people and spread around a lot of money to service the even more expensive services of well-connected Americans. But that money has not bought allegiance to any ethically or politically binding enterprise because it has not offered any—any more than it did in Vietnam, in the Middle East, or in Africa. Or in America itself for that matter.
  • This is why you should never be pro-war in a foreign country.
  • Good people avoid wars.
  • Good people avoid meddling in others affairs.
  • We don’t want to convert the Jews to Christian but we want them to convert to being a true believer in Democracy and the West.
  • We want them to be just as degenerate as our children are.
HEADLINE: America Must Stay Out of Other Nations’ Ethnic Conflicts by Darrick Taylor 

  • In the case of Israel, there is at least more reason for the leap to defend a country halfway across the world. Unlike Ukraine, the United States has a long-standing relationship with the State of Israel, going back to its foundation in 1948. And ideologically, Israel has long been the most “Western-style” democracy in the Middle East, and so it makes a far more natural ally than the fragile kleptocracy that is the Ukrainian government.
  • This is the slaughter of the Holy Innocents 2.0 honestly if it is all true.
  • Isn’t it enough we weep for the children that are aborted here in the United States?
1h46m ADUIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK Benjamin Netanyahu testifying to Congress regarding conflict in Iraq on September 12, 2002Iran has something that Iraq does not have. Iran has, for example, 250,000 satellite dishes. It has Internet use. I once said to the heads of the CIA when I was Prime Minister that if you want to advance regime change in Iran, you do not have to go through the CIA cloak-and-dagger stuff. What you want to do is take very large, very strong transponders and just beam Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210 into Teheran and Iran. That is subversive stuff. The young kids watch it, the young people. They want to have the same nice clothes and houses and swimming pools and so on. That is something that is available, and internal forces of dissention that are available in Iran–which is paradoxically probably the most open society in that part of the world. It is a lot more open than Iraq, which is probably the most closed society, and therefore you have no ability to foment this kind of dynamic inside Iraq.

  • So for 23 years now he has been pimping regime change in Iran and Iraq.
  • What is he jonesing for today?
  • Regime change in Iran.

ADUIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK exchange of student from University of California San Diego and David Horowitz in 2010I found some interesting things about the MSA, organization on campus. If you could clarify the connection b/w the MSA and Jihad terrorist? We have to do our own fundraising. 

David Horowitz – Will you condemn the Hamas organization as a terrorist organization?

Student – Do you want me to put myself up on a cross?

  • In the Holy Fleet – Battle of Lepanto – There weren’t a lot of Jews on these fleets, who was on these ships?
  • Catholics, Catholics were on those ships.
  • The Muslims don’t have any issue w/ mowing down Catholics and Christians either.
  • This isn’t just a JEW issue.
  • King Leopold – was he a Jew? Was the Mohammedan after him b/c he was a Jew? 
  • Where did he say he was going to go when he was finished w/ Austria?
  • He was going to sail North coast of Italy, make landfall near Rome and disperse his armies. 
  • They were going to murder the Swiss Guard, capture the Holy Father and skin him alive.
  • Hamas doesn’t need the Israelis to hate you.
  • They hate you b/c you are Christian.
  • You follow Jesus Christ, that is why they hate you.
  • It is the Christian who refused to apostatize and convert who is the enemy of the Orthodox Muslim. 


AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on American Hostages 

Reporter – Do you know anything about their condition and do you know precisely how many there are?

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan – We cannot confirm a precise number, we believe 20 or more Americans are missing but that doesn’t mean they are hostages.  

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Iran/Hamas $6billion 

Jacqui Henirich – Is there a measure in place to re-freeze the $6 billion that the US released to Iran?

Jake Sullivan – We have not had $1 of that $6 billion spent, period.

  • So they have no idea how many Americans could be hostages…they had no idea this attack was even coming and yet they want us to belive they know w/ 100% certainty that the Iranians haven’t touched a cent of this $6 billion?

AUDIO/VIDEO: MONTAGE of Trump, Reporters and Congress members discussing the Iran $6 billion exchangeJoe Biden has just lit a match in the Middle East, Israel should be on high alert.

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HEADLINE: Offshore Wind is an Economic and Environmental Catastrophe by Edward Ring 





















Brother Andre Marie

Host of the ReConquest show

The Saint Benedict Center Conference this weekend!

  • The seed is Christ – 
  • All of the Old Testament prophecies have been fulfilled in the Church in a much higher way than the sort of real-estate deal people think of.
  • The Jews is actually the wrong word but the Hebrews, the Israelites. 
  • We are the people that came from Abraham.
  • Christian Zionism should be a redundancy the Church is the New Zion, the New Jerusalem.
  • Orthodox Jews didn’t want to become a modern Nation.
  • It could only be taken back by the person of the Messiah is what they believed. 
  • When the Messiah comes the Holy Land will be taken back.
  • Theological movement came from this.
  • We are technically in the Messianic times now.
  • The Gentile version of this is Nazism – that is factual.
  • The Zionist – none of this is meant to excuse the things done by Hamas or any Muslim organization.
  • The fight for Jews and Muslims over real-estate is not our fight.
  • This is woven into Christianity – we Christians, the baptized are the heirs to Jesus Christs’ Kingdom.

HEADLINE: The Zionist and the Saint by

  • Zionism, that politico-religious doctrine which gave birth to the modern state of Israel, was the Jewish heresy that the Messias is not a person, but the Jewish race itself. A racist ideology at least as offensive as Nazism, it was rejected by certain Orthodox Jews because they still believed in their misguided notion of a personal Messias who would make the Jews victorious over the nations. This explains the well-known fact that the modern state of Israel was at first opposed by many within Orthodox Jewry. 
  • Given the fundamentally anti-Christ idea behind Zionism, it should come as no surprise that its proponents were and are declared enemies of the Faith. In the book Rome and Jerusalem, another prominent Zionist, Moses Hess (1812-1875), developed the thesis that Rome (Christianity) must be supplanted by Jerusalem (Judaism). According to Hess, “Papal Rome symbolizes to the Jews an inexhaustible well of poison. It is only with the drying up of this source that Christian German anti-Semitism will die from lack of nourishment.” In another place, he says, “It is true that Christianity shed a certain glow during the dark ages of history… but its light only revealed the graves of the nations of antiquity. Christianity is, after all, a religion of death.” He also reveals — and here is the Zionist ideology of “race as Messias” — that “Every Jew has within him the potentiality of a Messiah and every Jewess that of a Mater Dolorosa.” He declares that because of the regeneration of the world since the “great” French Revolution, “The Messianic Era is the present age.”
  • At this point in Protestant history you didn’t publish a Bible that had concurrent human influence or meditation. 
  • How would they overcome this?
  • Why is it called the Holy Land?
  • I don’t believe this just happened w/o knowledge, how could they possibly have let their guards down this much to allow Hamas to enter and on this big of an attack.
  • This is a major attack.
  • Israel destroyed much of Iran’s infrastructure inside of Iran.

HEADLINE: The Divine Maternity of Our Lady by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 

3h25m HEADLINE: Flying Saints by Rod Dreher 

  • Eire – who, note well, is an award-winning Yale historian — admits at the beginning that it surely seems bonkers to write about such stuff. But, he says, the truth is there is a lot of data attesting to these phenomena — written records of witnesses, sometimes many witnesses to the same events — such that you can’t just brush them off. Attention must be paid. You can’t honestly bracket these things off and say they didn’t happen because it violates your idea of how the universe should work.
  • Prior to reading this book, I had no idea at all how much historical documentation there is for these phenomena. I’m talking about many witnesses, and official church investigations. And this stuff didn’t just happen once or twice, but quite a bit. It slacked off a lot after the Enlightenment, but did not cease. Eire concedes that none of this stuff is scientifically provable, but says also that it takes a huge leap of faith to deny that all the people who testified to what they saw were just hallucinating, or making it up.
  • I learned a lot from reading Eire about how the Reformation-era Protestants built a conceptual wall against miracles and related phenomena. They simply declared that the “supernatural” (a problematic word, but let’s go with it for now) was something that was restricted to the Apostolic Age, but doesn’t occur now, except demonically. What an astonishing act of hubris! I had no real idea. So it wasn’t just the early scientists, and then the philosophes, who denied the numinous, but many faithful Protestants. These manifestations did not fit into their idea of how the cosmos worked, so they denied them.
  • One fundamental difference between Roman and Eastern ecclesiology is the role of the papacy. You can’t just brush the pope aside here because he has become the prime agent of the synodal process. He is, after all, the Vicar of Christ, in Catholic teaching. I was talking yesterday with a Catholic friend who is beside himself with anger over all of it. He said that in the best-case scenario, if the next pope reverses all the bad things that Francis has done, that still reduces the papal office to a political position, where things that are supposed to be fundamental principles of the holy faith can change with each passing administration.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Massachusetts Democrat Senator Michael Barrett  Calling for de-escalation of Israel and gets booed. 
ADUIO/VIDEO: Rand Paul on Dr Fauci, Safety Committee and Lying about Gain of FunctionWe now have emails that show him saying that he knew it was gain-of-function, that the virus looked manipulated and that he was worried that this came from the Wuhan lab. This is a bombshell revelation and this will eventually bring down Anthony Fauci.
3h36m AUDIO/VIDEO: Sky News on 40 Babies Found Beheaded  Many newspapers are leading w/ this report of 40 babies found beheaded, truly horrifying but we have not seen the evidence of that. We have asked Israel officials for verification of that 3 times but have not gotten anything back on that, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen however.
3h50m AUDIO/VIDEO: Ben Shapiro Interview CPAC Tel Aviv – The United States is a more welcoming place of course but I have Israel as a backstop. The fundamental principles are good, my Jewish mission does not conflict w/ living in the United States, I have millions and millions of followers, fame and influence over Americans. 

  • He literally just told every person there, that b/c he has so many idiot American followers, he can push his agenda on them and make them favor the Jew and Israel.
  • Do you follow him?
  • Do you blindly follow him?
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    S8 E1765-The Treason Of Muricah Funding All The World’s Wars Mike Church

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