S8 E1763-How Did The Planet’s Super-Spy Agencies Not Know About The Hamas Attack?!

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  • US Super Power didn’t detect this attack on Israel.
  • Did Israel start this conflict?
  • Did the $6 billion sent to Iran in the most recent prisoner exchange help fund this attack?
  • FBI and CIA and all other intelligence groups heard NOTHING about this planned attack.
HEADLINE: Israel orders ‘complete siege’ of Gaza, cutting off food and electricity, and prepares for massive ground offensive ‘within 48 hours’ in response to Jewish state’s ‘worst day in history’ by David Averre and Rachael Bunyan

  • In retaliation, Israel’s Defence Forces (IDF) and air force pounded the Gaza Strip with air strikes and missile attacks, claiming they hit more than 1,000 Hamas targets in the past two days.
  • Now, Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said authorities will cut electricity to the Gaza Strip and block the entry of food and fuel, essentially enacting siege-like conditions that will see the millions of Palestinians living in the tiny, fenced-in region begin to starve as they are attacked from the skies.
  • The Palestinian terrorists stormed the Supernova Festival near Kibbutz Re’im, close to the Gaza Strip, as part of its surprise assault on Saturday.


HEADLINE: Israel Must Eradicate Hamas And Accept Nothing Less Than Unconditional Surrender by John Daniel Davidson 

I, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force, do hereby proclaim as follows: 

  1. The Allied forces serving under my command have now entered Germany. We come as conquerors, but not as oppressors. In the area of Germany occupied by the forces under my command we shall obliterate nazism and German militarism. We shall overthrow the Nazi rule, dissolve the Nazi party and abolish the cruel, oppressive and discriminatory laws and institutions which the party has created. We shall eradicate that German militarism which has so often disrupted the peace of the world. Military and party leaders, the Gestapo and others suspected of crimes and atrocities will be tried and, if guilty, punished as they deserve. 
  2. Supreme legislative, judicial and executive authority and powers within the occupied territory are vested in me as Supreme Commander of the Allied forces and as military governor, and the military government is established to exercise these powers under my direction. All persons in the occupied territory will obey immediately and without question all the enactments and orders of the military government. Military government courts will be established for punishment of offenders. Resistance to the Allied forces will be ruthlessly stamped out. Other serious offenses will be dealt with severely. 
  3. All German courts and educational institutions within the occupied territory are suspended. The Volksgerichtshof, the Sondergerichte, the SS police courts and other special courts are deprived of authority throughout the occupied territory. Reopening of the criminal and civil courts and educational institutions will be authorized when conditions permit. All officials are charged with the duty of remaining at their posts until further orders and obeying and enforcing all orders or directions of military government or the Allied authorities addressed to the German Government or the German people. This applies also to officials, employees and workers of all public undertakings and utilities and to all other persons engaged in essential work.
  • Eisenhower basically declared himself King. 
  • So basically Davidson is saying do the same thing w/ Hamas.
  • Iran used to be called Persia. 
  • The Battle of Lepanto – 
  • Is Israel completely not at fault?
  • Did they play any role in this attack?
  • This attack was highly coordinated. 
  • Remember just the other day we released $6 billion to the Iranians. 
  • Just follow me on this…I’m supposed to belive this was a coordinated viscous attack by land, air and sea and they all attacked at the same time right?
  • Don’t you have to be in constant communications to pull something like this off?
  • How is it that NO ONE picked up on this chatter?


HEADLINE: Iran Helped Hamas “Plot Israel Attack Over Several Weeks”, Gave Green Light, WSJ Reports via ZeroHedge  

  • Finally, there is some speculation that Iran may get dragged into what is rapidly emerging as the worst Middle-Eastern crisis in years, with various pro-Israeli hawks claiming that the Hamas attack would have only occurred with explicit Iranian backing. If Israel does indeed attack Iran, as it has hinted it would do for years, may we suggest you fill up your gas tank.
  • What happened to the price of gas immediately following this attack?
  • It went through the roof.
  • The attack had been planned since the Israeli-Palestinian hostilities of May 2021, in which Hamas was a major player, a source close to the radical militant movement claimed in Monday’s story. Israel was deceived into believing that the Hamas leadership was more interested in economic recovery in Gaza than in renewed fighting.
  • The 1,000 fighters who were trained for the attack on Saturday were unaware of what they were preparing for, as were many leaders in the organization, the source claimed. Even when the militants openly conducted urban warfare drills at a mock Israeli settlement built in Gaza, their opponents considered the threat relatively low.
  • An Israeli security source told Reuters that Israel had moved troops to the West Bank for extra protection of Jewish settlements there. 
  • The Israeli government tried to encourage the perceived detente by relieving the blockade of Gaza, which has been in place since 2007. It has issued some 15,000 permits for residents of the coastal strip to work in Israel and the West Bank.
  • Hamas seized control of Gaza in violent clashes with rival Fatah a year after defeating it in an election in 2006. Over 2 million people are crammed into an area of 365 sq km.
  • The lighting offensive on Saturday involved Hamas firing 3,000 rockets to overwhelm Israeli air defenses and enable a hang glider incursion over the Gaza border wall, the source said. The advance force secured the area and provided time to breach the fortification with explosives.
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HEADLINE: Germany Has Shifted to the Right by Zoltan Kottasz 
1h29m HEADLINE: Costco Is Selling Out of Gold Bars by Daisy Luther 

  • These days, at Costco, it seems like you can get whatever you need for the Zombie Apocalypse. A savvy shopper can purchase anything from a massive bulk pack of toilet paper they can barely fit into the trunk of their car to solid gold bars.
  • In a quarterly earnings call last week, Costco chief financial officer Richard Galanti told investors that the bars have been flying off the shelves, reported CNBC, saying, “I’ve gotten a couple of calls that people have seen online that we’ve been selling 1 ounce gold bars. Yes, but when we load them on the site, they’re typically gone within a few hours, and we limit two per member.” 
  • The value of precious metals has been on the up and up for the past five years, with gold rising from roughly $1,200 an ounce in 2019 to $1,825 as of Tuesday, according to CNBC market exchange data. It spiked at $2,026 an ounce in April of this year.
  • Costco – PAMP bar is selling for about $1,980 while the Rand bar is sold for about $1,950.













AUDIO/VIDEO: Efrat Fenigson Citizen Journalist in IsraelI served in the IDF 25 years ago in the intelligence forces, there’s no way, in my view, that Israel did not know what’s coming. Something is very wrong here. 

  • The world in which we live in you have to be very careful how you talk about Israel. 
  • You are easily branded as an anti-Semite.
  • Once you are branded an anti-Semite, you are branded for life and will never be let back into the public sphere. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Nikki Haley on Israel attacked by HamasCommunities were bombarded, families were murdered, elderly were taken. This should be personal for every one in America. They were saying death to Israel, death to America. They hate us just as much. We should make sure that our enemies don’t hurt our friends. I want Netanyahu to finish them…they should have hell to pay for what they have just done.

LOOK AT A MAP – In 1917 before the creation of Israel all the way to present day. 

  • Look at the land Israel took from Palestine.
  • Wouldn’t this be a case just like Ukraine and Russia?
  • Radical Jews in Israel bombed Catholic churches.
  • Land and Treasure – 2 things wars are fought over.
  • Do they want treasure or do they want land. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Ron Paul TX 2009 on Hamas and Israel – What’s happening in the Middle East, in particular with Gaza right now, we have some moral responsibility for both sides in a way because we provide help and funding for both Arab nations and Israel.  

  • How is it possible that the Soviet Bear was defeated by a bunch of goat herders?  
  • How did they get weapons of mass destruction? 
  • WE DID!
  • When he is talking about how Hamas was created, Paul was right.
  • We think Democracy works everywhere and it just doens’t. 
  • No one is making light of the loss of life here.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Mike Pence on CNN on Hamas attackThis is what happens when you have leading voices like Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis signaling retreat from America’s role as leader of the free world. When I’m President of the United States we’ll lead form American strength.

  • I thought Democracy was all love and hearts and friendship but now he is saying we have to have an arsenal of Democracy? 
AUDIO/VIDEO: NYC Mayor Eric Adams on Border CrisisThese numbers are not sustainable. This is hurst not right what is taking place. 

  • You reap what you sow there Mayor.
  • You declared yourself a Sanctuary City!
  • You then got just a portion of what your President is allowing into this country.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Dem Governor JB Pritzker Chicago on Border Crisis

Reporter – The Democrat convention is in Chicago next year, are you confident that your city and state are gonna have a better grasp?

JB Pritzker – Someone needs to work in Texas w/ the border politicians to have them stop sending people only to blue cities. The president of the US has the ability to help disperse folks across the country. 

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Reporter – What do you say about the argument that money is fungible — so Iran may have known this money is coming and used other funds to help fund this attack?

Antony Blinken –  Iran has unfortunately always used and focused its funds on supporting terrorism.

  • So if you knew and have always known that Iran uses money to support Hamas, why did we just hand over the $6 billion?



















Michael Krupa

  • 2 military planes to Israel to retrieve all Polish citizens, tourist and pilgrims. 
  • There are different numbers floating around like 2,000 or 1,000 but one portion of the group has been evacuated. 
  • Is Zelensky a millstone now?
  • I can tell you the people of Poland are fed up w/ him but the current government is doing turning anti-Ukraine right before the election is only an election ploy.
  • This is basically what we call election sausage.
  • The Polish people have had enough of this Ukraine stand.
  • We have Polish military getting used and the destroyed by the Ukrainian army.
  • The Prime Minister said hey Zelensky don’t critics Poland anymore or else.
  • I just find it hard to believe that all of the sudden the Polish government cares about Polish people?!
  • Ever since the war started we have been the loudest voice for extreme measures against Russia.
  • How will public opinion be on Sunday on the election day, that is what I’ll be looking closely at.
  • The tide of legal and illegal immigrants that are still flowing into Poland.
  • Zelensky has just gotten put on page E6 after this Israel attack.
  • He worked Congress big time last month when he was here and then worked the Canadians too.
  • He wanted to make sure that the Ukraine Money Train wasn’t going to stop rolling his way.
  • As soon as this begins to end, or the West turns on him and if Donald Trump is elected this money train will stop immediately. 
  • Is Catholic Poland making a comeback?
  • Latin Mass – young people w/ 4-6 children that is where the future lies.
  • Saint John Paul II – you can find a lot of things that a traditionalist can pick apart.
  • The exponential growth of Tradition in Poland is something for you guys in the West to keep an eye on.

HEADLINE: Flying Saints by Rod Dreher

  • By the way, I know the Austen Ivereighs and Mike Lewises and Massimo Faggiolis will say that I’m looking at the problem through a “narrow American lens.”  To which I say, “Hell yeah I am.”  Yes, conservative American Catholics often seem to think the whole Church revolves around us.  I’ll own that.  But we still matter.  We have our own challenges, and the Pope should be sensitive to those challenges.  Instead, Team Francis refuses to talk about the “American Church” except to insult us.  You mention how difficult this papacy has been for us in the U.S., and they act like you’re trying to drum up sympathy for the German people during World War II.  They clearly see us as the enemy.  Our bishops are evil reactionaries, and we—the laity—are nearly as evil for following them.
  • I’ll also say that Americans are, categorically, too online.  We spend too much time reading (and complaining) about our leaders on the internet, and that includes Pope Francis.  Fair cop.  But, again, Francis is now actively siding with the “Christmas-and-Easter Catholics” against our young priests.  That’s bad news for everyone.
  • Team Francis despises the United States b/c you know #1 Orange Man and #2 the site and information of the Latin Mass being celebrated somewhere in Brooklyn. 
  • When he thinks America he sees Donald Trump only.
  • He wants more liberal Bishops not those like the ones that are traditional. 




















Author of book Triumph 

  • I wanted to write something that isn’t just boring.
  • I wanted an adventure story!
  • It covers the Battle of Lepanto and the Crusades and so on.
  • It is a very large book and it reads like a novel.
  • The story of Saint Patrick and a chapter on the Inquisition. 
  • 4,000 people condemned to death in the Inquisition. 
  • That isn’t a very big number in the grand scheme of things or wars if you look at say World War I and II.
  • It is a pro-Catholic story.
  • Not only wrong but it was based on intentional fraud. 
  • You can look all this up, it was a historical fact.

HEADLINE: Rome Is Falling! Rome Is Falling! by H.W. Crocker III

  • Yes, that’s right: men constantly wonder who the next pope will be—because men know, in their patriarchal, heteronormative, cisgender wisdom, that the next papal election will be more important than the next presidential election; they also know that the next pope is likely to be much younger—and therefore hipper—than the next president. (If Joe Biden were a cardinal—heaven forfend—he would, given the voting rules, be too old to cast a ballot for the next pope.)
  • Who succeeds Big Frank would be the most consequential of the Modern History of the Church.
  • The answer is that the papacy is 2,000 years old. It is the ultimate reality show survivor. The United States, on the other hand, is not quite 250 years old and seems to be as unsteady on its feet, and as unclear in its mind, as the president.
  • That’s what real men think about. That’s why football has its Saints, baseball has its Padres, and basketball has its (King of) Kings. It’s all because men are always thinking of Rome.
  • The Catholic church claims the ultimate truth.
  • But he’ll need some help. The biggest help he, the United States, and Western Civilization could have, is a reinvigorated Catholic Church—teaching the Catechism, spreading the Gospel, renewing the reservoir of faith so that sanity may be nourished again.
  • The President can only do so much.
  • The first principle – the only way to get around that is to understand and defend the conservative view of life is through the Catholic Church.
  • Pay attention to the end notes in this book b/c I use what I call narrative end notes.
  • So there are often funny stories in these end notes!
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    S8 E1763-How Did The Planet’s Super-Spy Agencies Not Know About The Hamas Attack?! Mike Church

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