S8 E1762-Killary’s Back On The Broomstick And Coming For Us!

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The Mike Church Show
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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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36m HEADLINE: Cornell Law Prof: Biden’s Abandonment of Southern Border an ‘Impeachable Offense’ by AG Staff 

  • There are people in Africa, getting on planes and flying to Latin America to cross the US border.
  • What Biden has done and continues to do at the border is in fact an Impeachable Offense.
  • They have to at least make it look like they are doing something.
  • “In this first term of his, hopefully his only term, we’re going to probably have 10 to 15 million people illegally cross the Southern border from around the world,” Jacobsen told Counterculture host Dan Proft. “I mean, the word has gone out, and I was just reading a story about a pipeline of people from I think it was Mauritania who have figured out how to get across our southern border. 
  • “We have completely abandoned a core principle of sovereignty in this country, a core principle of our immigration laws, which is that we determine who comes into the country,” said Jacobsen. “And Joe Biden has completely abandoned that, and I think that’s an impeachable offense right there.”
  • The Mauritania people get a low priced visa to Nicaragua and they don’t have to claim if they will be leaving Nicaragua. 
  • Then they just come to the US.
  • There is no plausible deniability available here.
  • The whole world knows this gig apparently. 



HEADLINE: In Major Reversal, Biden Admin Now Seeks To Build Trump’s Border Wall by Jordan Boyd

  • President Joe Biden’s White House repeatedly insists that the invasion at the U.S. Southern border is “not a crisis” but waived 26 federal laws this week so that it can resume construction of former President Donald Trump’s border wall and curb the millions of illegal migrants inundating border officials.
  • The border wall project, assigned to DHS in a 2019 appropriations bill, is expected to cover 17 miles in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas where many illegal border crossings occur.
  • “There will not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration, No. 1” – Joe Biden, August 2020
  • DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas previously told the House Homeland Security Committee under oath that he supported Biden’s decision to halt construction of the wall.
  • “There is presently an acute and immediate need to construct physical barriers and roads in the vicinity of the border of the United States in order to prevent unlawful entries into the United States.” –  DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas 
55m HEADLINE: Alabama sends 275 National Guard troops to border – as nation ramps up battle against influx of illegal crossings by Will Potter 

  • Ivey follows governors in at least 12 other states who have sent their law enforcement resources to the border this year, with the Alabama leader saying she made the move because ‘every state has become a border state.’
  • This almost sounds like a war doesn’t it?
  • Each state should ask the border states, how many State Guard members do you need?
  • The move to send National Guard troops to the southern border comes after over 200,000 migrants illegally crossed into the US last month, a number that sparked fury with many blaming the crisis on President Biden.
  • You may have 1/3 of the Satan worshipers left that truly believe there shouldn’t be any type of border.
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1h23m AUDIO/VIDEO: Hillary Clinton on CNN discussing MAGA supportersAt this point Trump has lost all credibility. He is fighting civil and criminal suits. These people take their marching orders from Donald Trump. At some point maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members.

  • She mentioned ‘election deniers’, um ma’am you are still running around saying Donald Trump didn’t beat you!
  • You are an election denier yourself!
  • So she is wanting Trump to be beaten so they can go back to ruling the weak Republicans. 
  • She is throwing trial balloons out with this interview. 
HEADLINE: Vice President Harris Swears In Laphonza Butler to Replace Sen. Feinstein by Jackson Richman

  • Vice President Kamala Harris has sworn in Laphonza Butler as the first black, female U.S. senator. The ceremony took place on the Senate floor on Oct. 3.
  • Although Ms. Butler resides in Maryland, Mr. Newsom said she would change her voter registration to California.
  • Whether she will run for a full term in November 2024 is to be determined. There will be two elections—one for a full, six-year term and one to finish Ms. Feinstein’s term through Jan. 3, 2025.
1h55m AUDIO/VIDEO: Attorney General Letitia James MontageAll the times Letitia said she was going after Trump, how he was an illeglitatde president, he’s not my president and his days are numbered. 

  • This is why women shouldn’t be involved in any significant level in politics and/or government.
  • Do you think your membership will leave if you put more importance on God and natural law?


National Conservatism 

Statement of Principles

  1. National Independence
  2. Rejection of Imperialism and Globalism
  3. National Government
  4. God and Public Religion
  5. Rule of Law
  6. Free Enterprise
  7. Public Research
  8. Family and Children
  9. Immigration 
  10. Race
  • This began when God announced the creation of man and woman.

HEADLINE: “New Conservatism” Is A Lame Reboot of The Bush Presidencies by Mike Church 

  • When the state and Church don’t see eye to eye on a topic, the Church will always win out.
  • That is how a civilized society would run.
  • That is not what we have. Where a Christian majority exists, public life should be rooted in Christianity and its moral vision, which should be honored by the state and other institutions both public and private; and when the two societies of The Church and The State collide on law, then the Law of God shall prevail.
  • They have hundreds of people that signed that at National Conservatism.
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Liz Crokin Twitter: If Hillary Clinton had won — we’d all be dead by now or in camps. This was part of their 16-year plan. Obama started it and Hildabeast was supposed to finish it. Fortunately, God showed up in 2016 and said not today Satan!
2h38m AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on Border Wall ConstructionThe money was appropriated for the border wall. I tried to get them to re-direct that money…but I can’t stop that.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on Border  

Reporter – Do you believe the border wall works?

Biden – No

  • Why didn’t he use this allocated money sooner?
  • He sold off some of the border materials.
  • He refused to build one more inch of the wall when he first took office.
  • Money gets reallocated all the time!
  • From where I sit there is only one reason this is happening.
  • They think they are going to lose this next election.
2h48m AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing – Border Construction 

Peter Doocy – Biden said there will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration. So something changed, what?

Karine Jean-Pierre – You wan us to break the law? Is that what you want?

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing – Border Wall 

Reporter – What specific law would the administration be breaking if the funds appropriated for the border wall are not used, funds are not used all the time?

Karine Jean-Pierre – I’m not a lawyer, we have asked Congress to re-apporpriate these funds but they haven’t done that.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing – Border Wall

Peter Doocy – If you have to build a border wall, but you don’t think that its going to work then once its done are you just going to tear it down?

Karine Jean-Pierre – I’m not going to answer hypothetical questions.

  • One Congress CANNOT bind another Congress to spend money.
  • Do all of you understand that?
  • Why does this matter? 
  • She is bold faced lying.
  • It doesn’t matter what year it was appropriated in.
3h24m Free Farm Friday 

Special Guest Dave C Mason (Army) and Brian Koch 

  • Northern Italy just recently moved.
  • It is almost like the only pictures of Pizza you see is the tower.
  • They call it the, the Field of Miracles is what the town square around it is called.
  • Type II Diabetes is a problem here and that is why you saw COVID hit this area hard.
  • Their air quality isn’t the best here either.
  • In America we have a cookie isle, here they have like 3 or 4 cookie isle and sweet isles. 
  • You don’t see lactose intolerant people here though.
  • The EU banded all GMO foods here.
  • Gelato – 
  • Asiago cheese – it can only come from a specific region and it can only be made w/ a certain type of milk.
  • They have gone out of their way to protect the uniqueness of their culture and cuisine. 
  • There is a cheese here made by sheep and they graze at a certain altitude. 
  • The altitude alters the taste of the milk. 
  • Are olive trees really that abundant there?
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    S8 E1762-Killary’s Back On The Broomstick And Coming For Us! Mike Church

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