S8 E1758-Demoncrats Fire Alarm Stunt Literally Worse Than Pearl Harbor

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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48m Fire Alarm Mayhem in Congress

Representative Jamall Bowman 

  • It doesn’t seem that there is any stop to this Ukraine Money Train.
  • McCarthy went behind the backs of the GOP members and made a deal w/ the left on Ukraine funding.
  • Rep Matt Gaetz is seeing to remove McCarthy and he needs 218 people which he doesn’t have on the right so he will need to gain some from the left.
  • More Ukrainian men will die.
  • More Russian men will die.
  • All of this while we are going further and further into debt.
HEADLINE: Why You Should Love Your Guardian Angel (And Not Name Him) by Marge Fenelon 
HEADLINE: Gavin Newsom chooses Democratic strategist Laphonza Butler to step into late Senator Dianne Feinstein’s seat despite Meghan Markle’s name being in the mix as a ‘definite long-shot’ by Stephen M. Lepore 

  • What would happen if a Republican announced, “I’m going to put a white, straight, man in the seat”?
  • Would he be perp walked for being a racist?
  • How can it be done for a black, lesbian and no one bats an eye?


Robert F Kennedy Jr

  • He is going to announce on October 8th that he is running 3rd party.
  • Poop is getting real!
  • Presidential Election of 2016 – Massachusetts
  • Hillary Clinton – 60%
  • Trump – 32%
  • Take that 60% and divide that in half.
  • RFK Jr has a big name in that state. 
  • This would guarantee a Trump win in New Hampshire.
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Robert F Kennedy Jr 3rd Party Run

  • Last time something like this happened it put Bill ‘Bubba’ Clinton in the office.
  • People forget just how screwed up that election was b/c H. Ross Perot ran 3rd party.
  • It put states in play for Clinton.
  • People didn’t really oppose Bill it was Hillary they all hated.
  • Read my lips, no new taxes.
  • He did what Kevin McCarthy did just yesterday, he made a deal w/ the Democrats.
  • QUESTION: How many of you remember what Perot’s big issue was?
  • ANSWER: The debt
  • Opposed to the continuation of Ukraine – 
  • Here is something for you, how does the commission on Presidential Debates deal with this?
  • In 2012 Gary Johnson former Governor of New Mexico was denied entrance to the stage w/ Obama and Romney.
3h14m Representative Jamaal Bowman

  • In an elementary school they mount the fire alarms high so the kids can’t reach them.
  • Then they moved them back down and now you have to push and pull at the same time.
  • The only instance where a student would pull a fire alarm is if there were actual flames chasing you down the hall.
  • We knew it was something that would get you expelled or suspended from the school.
  • This is building security 101.

HEADLINE: Despite Growing Opposition And Serious Problems At Home, Democrats Make Ukraine Funding Their Top Priority by Mollie Hemingway

AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Jamaal Bowman pulling fire alarmI was really appalled watching the Democrats actions. When we found an elected official would pull a fire alarm, that’s a new low. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: AOC w/ Jake Tapper on Jamaal Bowman pulling fire alarmI think if you actually see photos of the signs there is something to be said….what I do think is important is that Republicans want motions to censure and expel before an investigation has been done.

  • What does any of what she said have to do w/ what Jamaal did?
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene demanded he be removed immediately.

AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK to March of this year when Jamaal Bowman got in Thomas Massie’s face over the House Floor Gun Control billLet’s talk about gun violence! More guns lead to more guns and more death. Look at the data, states that have open carry laws have more death!

  • There is Capitol Security there w/ guns protecting Jamaal, would he be willing to go w/o those?
  • Anyone that can internalize, that kind of screaming and shouting and disordered thinking and do it often and in public, that is like being a serial killer.
3h35m AUDIO/VIDEO: Christine Marsh District 4 ArizonaWe could have just passed a law stating the schools had to have shower curtains, that should be a law. Period, end of story.

  • Shower curtains and towels?
  • That is the solution to the transgender in the girls bathrooms?
  • I’m not going to tell you these people are deranged but they are obviously deranged. 
  • Have you ever heard of a rape being stopped by a shower curtain?
  • At the end of the day it is about depriving God of future inhabitants of His Kingdom.
  • Why is it always women that are pushing this?
  • They start the #MeToo movement and go after any man that possibly looks at a girl the wrong way but in the same breath say men that think they are women should be allowed to be naked with other women.
  • This doesn’t even make sense to anyone w/ a few brain cells.
3h42m AUDIO/VIDEO: Lindsey Graham on Face the Nation on Trump and aid to UkraineTo President Trump and anybody else, if we pull the plug on Ukraine, that’s 10x worse than Afghanistan. To stop funding Ukraine is a death sentence for Taiwan, Putin will keep going. You missed all of WWII if you don’t know how this movie ends with respect.

  • There is no scenario in which Ukraine beats Russia.
  • What happens when significant parts of the German army under Hitler went to go “beat Russia”?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Matt Gaetz w/ Jake Tapper on CNN motion to vacate against McCarthyThis agreement he made w/ Democrats to blow past the spending guard rails we had in place…then I find out he had a secret meeting w/ Democrats w/ Ukraine spending. It should be subject to open review.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Chuck SchumerThe Democrats and Republicans have come to an agreement. The American people can breath a sigh of relief. McConnell and I have agreed to continue fighting for more economic and security aid for Ukraine. Thank you to my colleagues on BOTH sides of the isle for their excellent work. This sets the tone for the future. 

  • So McCarthy basically lied when he said there was no funding for Ukraine.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Ottumwa, IADemocrats rigged the election in 2020 and we won’t allow them to rig the next one. The more they indict me, I consider it a badge of honor!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Anaheim, CASo they want to have an army tank that is environmentally friendly. We will blast the SHIT out of everybody, but at least we will go in w/ environmentally nice equipment. 

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    S8 E1758-Demoncrats Fire Alarm Stunt Literally Worse Than Pearl Harbor Mike Church

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