S8 E1756-Why This Moment Is Identical To The Same Moment In 1979

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GOP Presidential Debate Highlights
25m United Autoworkers Strike

CAFE – Corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards are regulations in the United States, first enacted by the United States Congress in 1975, after the 1973–74 Arab Oil Embargo, to improve the average fuel economy of cars and light trucks (trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles) produced for sale in the United States.

  • Owning a car was a BIG deal back in the day.
  • Not everyone had to have one.
  • We normalized the every home has a car in the driveway.
  • I owned a couple of muscle cars back in the day.
  • Now I fantasize about buying a Suzuki Carry!
  • The Biden Administration is forcing these terrible policies onto Americans with these EV’s.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Presidential ad: “It’s Morning Again in America” Ronald Reagan


HEADLINE: New York City Tells Migrants ‘You Are Better Off’ Somewhere Else by Laura Nahmias

  • New York City is planning to distribute flyers to migrants in shelters and at the US southern border that say the city’s resources “have been exhausted” and they won’t get any help finding work, officials said Wednesday. 
  • The one-page flyer, printed in both English and Spanish, warns asylum seekers that “you will not be placed in a hotel,” and that “NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world; you are better off going to a more affordable city.” The flyer also declares “NYC cannot help you obtain a work permit, and you will not be able to easily find work.”
  • Why did they put them up in swanky hotels to begin with?
  • You rolled out the red carpet for the first batch thus the 20th batch now wants the same treatment. 
  • NY doesn’t have a shelter system any longer.
  • They claim it costs them $328 per immigrant per day.
  • I took my wife last night to a Mexican joint. 
  • We each had our fill of tacos and one adult beverage each and our bill was less than $30.
  • New York City would shorten the length of time adult migrants could remain in shelters from 60 days to just 30 days. The city now has more than 60,000 migrants in its care.
  • Your Governor deploys you as a census taker – wade into the human misery that your state created to find out where all these illegals original came from.
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1h20m HEADLINE: CIA Recruited Fauci To ‘Influence’ Covid Origins Investigation Off The Books, Says House Subcommittee by Shawn Fleetwood

Senator Rand Paul Twitter Three possibilities exist: 

  1. Fauci convinced the CIA to dishonestly obscure the lab origin of COVID.
  2. 2. The CIA convinced Fauci to obscure the lab origin of COVID.
  3. 3. An outside entity or person with unlimited monetary resources convinced Fauci to influence the CIA to obscure the lab origin of COVID.

One thing is for certain, Fauci did not visit the CIA to seek the truth but to facilitate and further the cover-up.

  • The Ohio congressman additionally asked that Special Agent Brett Rowland be made available for a “voluntary” transcribed interview with the committee.
  • Here you see the name drop of the Special Agent.
  • What does that mean exactly, why would they do this?
  • This is to scare the agents and Fauci to let them know they already have ONE name, and they won’t stop until they get all the names.
  • These people have preternatural assistance.
COVID Checks and PPE

  • Summer of 2019 the shamdemic hadn’t been launched yet.
  • The checks arrived in early 2019 you can’t claim he was hiding and seeking shelter b/c of the pandemic b/c it hadn’t happened yet!
  • The COVID lockdown and hysteria didn’t happen until 2020.
  • How did the left and his lawyers not catch that?
  • Those dates don’t add up.
1h56m AUDIO/VIDEO: GOP Presidential Debate 

Vivek Ramaswamy on Trump LegacyI have a different view of this, I think Trump was an excellent President but I think the America First Agenda doesn’t belong to just one man. We didn’t just hunger for a single man, we hungered for an unapologetic American.

AUIDO/VIDEO: GOP Presidential Debate 

Nikki Haley attacks Vivek RamaswamyHonestly I feel dumber every time I have to listen to you. You want kids on TikTok, we can’t trust you.

AUDIO/VIDEO: GOP Presidential Debate

Vivek Ramaswamy on public schools allowing children to change their gender w/o parents knowingTransgenderism, especially in kids, is a mental health disorder. Parents have the right to know. It is not compassionate to confirm a child’s confusion.

  • A civilization doesn’t survive this.
  • You can’t just mutilate your children like this and not have severe consequences. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: GOP Presidential Debate 

Vivek Ramaswamy on Ukraine/RussiaJust because Putin’s an evil dictator does not mean Ukraine is good. This is a country that has banned 11 opposition parties. 

  • Mike Pence chimes in on Peace Through Strength – 
  • If you let Putin have Ukraine that gives China the green light on Taiwan. 
  • WHAT???
  • Stop quoting treaties to me.
  • If you enter a treaty, you can leave one.

AUDIO/VIDEO: GOP Presidential Debate 

Ron DeSantis on how to deal w/ root causes of crimeAs president I will use the justice department to bring civil rights cases against all of those left-wing Soros-funded prosecutors. We need to choose law and order over rioting and disorder.

  • Tell me where in the Constitution of the United States the President has that authority DeSantis?
  • You are basically using the Justice Department just like Biden is doing.
  • As president I’ll make phone calls and strongly urge Governors in states that have prosecutors not enforcing the law to get rid of those prosecutors. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: GOP Presidential Debate 

Chris Christie give Trump a new nicknameDonald Duck

  • This is what happens when you let ChatGPT write your insults.
  • This was so cringe.
  • How long do you think he practiced this in the mirror?
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ANSWER: Rodney King Riots

AUDIO/VIDEO: GOP Presidential Debate 

Doug BurgumThe reason people are striking in Detroit is Joe Biden is interfering w/ capitol markets. We are subsidizing these electric vehicles and when we decide to subsidize this and all the batteries come from China, they are destroying the planet so we can make a car here that is being paid for with your tax money.

  • I’ve told you several times that the metals we need to make a battery for an electric car come from China. 
  • The US doesn’t have any of the rare Earth material.
  • You could make an argument that we could TRADE w/ China to get those rare Earth metals and that would be fair. 
  • But what we are currently doing isn’t fair or prosperous for us.
  • If you can’t make a Bellock argument, then you can’t say there is anything Christian about this.

Mahgdalen Rose

Political Reporter 

  • We are all good people and it is all okay, Vivek kinda’ came across as a ‘friendly’ way.
  • That might play out as a bad thing for his campaign.

QUESTION: Who made the biggest gaff of last night?

ANSWER: I have seen a lot of memes and talk and social media buzz over it. It has kept him in the media cycle which might be the real reason for it.

  • The continued pausing for laughs was the major gaff of the night by Mike Pence. 
  • For me it showed he just can’t read a room or a stage.
  • If I were running against Trump I’d be COVID all day all the time.
  • That is his weakness, that is where you should hit him hard at.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Matt Gaetz on House Floor discussing devaluing American dollarWe’re in so much debt, we are driving up deficits so fast, we are devaluing American money so rapidly that in America today you can’t even bribe Democrat senators in cash alone, you need gold bars just so the money can hold value. 

  • Kevin McCarthy his time is done.
  • We need Matt Gaetz in there to just rip things up and create massive chaos so they can’t get anything done.
  • Nancy Pelosi was and is one of the BEST Speakers we have ever seen.
US Mental Crisis 

US population in 1955: 161 million

US population in 2023: 332 million

1955 mental asylum patients: 559k

2023 mental asylum patients: 35k  

Illegal Immigration

  • We are beyond impeachment at this point.
  • I don’t pretend to know what the government is doing this but they are doing this on purpose.
  • This is devious and evil.
  • It is NOT humanitarian.


HEADLINE: Arizona’s GOP Treasurer Says Won’t Appoint New Agency Heads as She Steps in as Acting Governor by Katabella Roberts 

  • Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee has vowed not to appoint 13 nominees as state agency directors while temporarily serving as acting governor of the state.
  • Ms. Yee’s announcement comes amid an ongoing dispute in Arizona over the appointment of state agency directors, who hold key positions leading various agencies like the Department of Health Service, the Department of Administration, and the Department of Economic Security.
HEADLINE: An Apple Store In Philadelphia Was Looted Overnight, But Demo iPhones Were Disabled Shortly, Possibly Recording Thieves Too by Omar Sohail 

  • Despite making out of the Apple Store with several iPhones and iPads, it is never prudent to steal demo units from a retail outlet, as Ian Zelbo has shown on X that the people who were filming the crime, revealed that the stolen units were playing an alarm tone and were remotely locked. One of the images of the stolen iPhone also shows a green light status, suggesting that the thieves’ activities might be remotely recorded to relay information to the police, just in case they were successful and had to seek refuge in their hideout. 
  • All the phones and tablets displayed this message: ‘This device has been disabled and is being tracked. Local authorities will be alerted.’
3h36m HEADLINE: Here Are The Last 79 Colleges Still Mandating COVID Vaccines via ZeroHedge 
3h45m AUDIO – Fox News Capitol Hill Biden Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

  • Impeachment Threshold – 
  • What was a misdemeanor? 
  • I think you will find a high crime involves actions that undermine or make outright war or harm through some result of the action the people of the states.
  • In my mind there is plenty of evidence of that.

Southern Border – impeachable

Russia – creating war w/ a nation w/o declaring a declaration of war

  • I would go w/ the TREASON clause.
HEADLINE: Let Us Be Frank About Our Future by Casey Chalk 

Nonverts: those who go from identifying with a religion to identifying as a “none.” And sixteen million of those nonverts were raised Catholic.

  • Fifty years ago, the percentage of religiously unaffiliated Americans was about five percent of the population, meaning that in just two generations that cohort has increased 500 percent, and most of that has been just in the last twenty-five years. And it’s not just that the number of nones are precipitously rising; the proportion of the U.S. population who are what we would call committed religious persons is experiencing a commensurate crash.
  • It is a failure of the very nation itself. Distrust, conflict, anxiety, and depression are our collective national future. Perhaps in that discomfiting fact lies one long, hard road back to a resurgent church: if people feel betrayed not only by organized religion but the government and even society, they are going to be looking for something that can provide them that sense of belonging, of meaning in an era of distemper.
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    S8 E1756-Why This Moment Is Identical To The Same Moment In 1979 Mike Church

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