S8 E1753-Zelensky Confirms His Satanic Cred By Appointing Abramovic

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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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45m Ukraine’s Zelensky Teams Up With Abramovic

  • The known Satanist is teaming up w/ Zelensky to ‘build schools’ in Ukraine.

HEADLINE: Spirit Cooking 2: Ukrainian Boogaloo by Peachy Keenan 


HEADLINE: Marina Abramović’s shocking Rhythm 0 performance shows why we still cannot trust people in power by Katy Hessel 

  • Set up like an altar, and draped in a white cloth, it has on it 69 objects. Some are associated with pleasure – a glass, a candle, a rose, a hairbrush, a mirror, a comb, a lipstick. Others administer pain – a gun, a bullet, chains, an axe, a saw, an array of sharp knives.
  • The performance lasted six hours. At first, her audience was passive. But, as time went on, they turned violent, with people using the objects to cut into her skin, rip her clothes, stick a knife between her legs, and attach a piece of paper to her body that read “VILE”. Surrounding the table at the RA, there are photographs of the performance. They show – predominantly – men playing with the objects, touching Abramović’s body, ogling and laughing at her with their friends, as she stands there alone, tears filling her eyes.

HEADLINE: Zelenskyy Asks Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic To Be Ambassador For Ukraine, Help ‘Rebuild Schools’ by Chris Menahan 

1h06m Donald Trump and Abortion

HEADLINE: Why Are Americans Having Fewer Children Than They Want? by Anna Reynolds  

  • Americans may desire to have more children, but their lives are often orchestrated in a way that makes that seem impossible.
  • When a couple announces that they are expecting a child beyond the socially acceptable two to three (or simply waits and lets the reality of the child speak for itself), they are often met with looks of disgust and confusion. To many, prolonging the seemingly unpleasant season of having young children is excessive and disordered. What could possibly lead a person to such a lifestyle if not total irresponsibility?
  • At the same time, there is a quieter but equally strong reaction you can observe: wistfulness and longing. Many couples enjoy having babies and raising their children, and they long to have “just one more.” However, for many, their lives are orchestrated in a way that makes that seem impossible.
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1h27m HEADLINE: Zelenskyy, Trudeau Honor Actual 3rd Reich Nazi With Standing Ovation via ZeroHedge 

  • Does this man have any honor?
  • Does he even remotely care?
  • During a session of Canadian parliament in which Zelenskyy addressed the lawmakers to thank them for their support since Russia invaded Ukraine, saying that Canada has always been on “the bright side of history.”
  • Hunka “fought with the First Ukrainian Division in World War II before later immigrating to Canada,” another name for the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, the Nazi party’s military wing, also known as the SS Galichina.
  • During the Nuremberg Trials, the Waffen-SS was declared to be a criminal organization responsible for mass atrocities. 
  • This Canadian government is the same government that broke into the Freedom Truckers that protested against the COVID lockdowns and shots.
  • I thought all Nazi’s were bad?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Maajid Nawaz on PBD’s Podcast Nazi Above Battalion was integrated into the Ukrainian Army & formally became their National Guard. This is what the US taxpayers are funding.

  • Projection – it is what you do when you are committing evil acts, you don’t want them to know you are doing it, but you want people to think your enemy is doing them.
2h06m ADUIO/VIDEO: Marina Abramovic to Present MicrosoftMicrosoft ad The Life during lockdowns.

  • A direct encounter w/ the demonic.

HEADLINE: Zelensky Asks Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic to be Ambassador for Ukraine, Help ‘Rebuild Schools’ by Chris Menahan 

HEADLINE: Pizzagate Exposed: Nothing to See Here Folks! by Amy Sukwan 

  • Pedophiles do like to advertise that they’re pedophiles.  In fact, they actually often brazenly flaunt and brag about their criminal sexual perversion to children. Bright also described himself on his Twitter profile as “pervy”. These details are important to point out and remember in order to understand how these predators have operated so long unnoticed. You must look into their psychology.  Child sex offenders have been throwing their crimes against kids in our faces for ages. They think the public is too stupid to catch on to their underground networks and secret language. So they arrogantly gaslight and mock anyone who dares to call them out. I’m singling this incident out because it’s a microcosm of the bigger picture. These tactics are the norm for these criminals. We see this kind of behavior with not only low-profile predators but also with some of the most powerful abusers out there including politicians, celebrities and many other elites. 
  • These evildoers have clearly shown that they are at war with us.
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2h39m Donald Trump on Abortion

  • The platform has to be in concert w/ him.
  • Let’s pretend here that the nominee is not Trump it is Nikki Hailey.
  • That would mean that the Republican party officially speaking would be the party of “less” death but they would BOTH be for death. 
  • So what do you do?

HEADLINE: What to know about the 2nd Republican presidential primary debate by Sarah Beth Hensley 

  • Nine candidates (including Trump) qualified for the first debate; six of those candidates appear to have met the donor and polling thresholds outlined by the RNC to qualify for the debate.
  • Those candidates include: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, former Vice President Mike Pence, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former President Trump.
Peachy Keen Substack

  • It is Grace and you must use your free will to accept Grace when it is offered.
  • We cooperate with Grace, not instinct. 
  • Dogs have instinct we have free will.
  • When we cooperate with Grace we don’t kill babies.
  • The Grace is there but are people looking for it?
  • We first all have Natural Law, that we all share.
  • Grace then builds upon that.
2h56m SIDE BAR – AMC new show Darryl Dixon

  • Having said the first 3 episodes there are a few ‘F’ bombs in them that are totally unnecessary. 
  • 80% of the world is wiped out by the Zombie apocalypse. 
  • It will take 6 generations to repopulate the planet.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Hillary Clinton w/ Jen Psaki doubling down on Russia Collusion HoaxWe should be talking about it more b/c I don’t think, despite all of the deniers, there’s any doubt that he interfered in our election. 

  • This is delusional.
  • So Putin has been sitting back just slaving away every day to fight against Hillary Clinton?
  • This is served up for people who are predisposed to believe anything Hillary says.
3h26m AUDIO/VIDEO: Matt Gaetz w/ Maria Bartiromo on government shutdown 

Maria – Why are you threatening Speaker McCarthy and a shutdown?

Gaetz – We don’t put our pencils down durning a shutdown on President Biden. 

  • Ronald Reagan – the mistake that they made was saying was the tax cuts was going to bring in more revenue.
  • What they should have said was, Oh yeah revenue will go down, let’s cut spending at the same time.
  • Then we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.
  • Cut the marginal tax rate and people will spend more.
  • Yes it will lead to less revenue, that’s a good thing.
  • So yes we are now at $7 trillion in National Debt.
  • They spent $3.5 trillion dollars – Donald Trump
  • They doubled this!
  • There is no possible way to get out from under this.
  • There is also no way to diligently spend this kind of money.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Matt Gaetz w/ Maria Bartiromo on the borderThe border Appropriations vill was passed in June and McCarthy has sent nothing to the floor for a vote. That is because his big donors want us to be in this situation.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Matt Gaetz w/ Maria Bartiromo on defense billI voted for it and the rule to proceed on it. This was a deal we made Kevin McCarthy do this. He wants this all in one big spending bill, this needs to be line by line. We need to be using the power of the purse.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Matt Gaetz w/ Maria Bartiromo on January 6thIt is not enough to expose it, set up a committee, get people angry and then do nothing about it. If you are still going to fund Biden’s government, then you are still playing their game. The money is still there for them to do what they want!

AUDIO/VIDEO: 60 Minutes segment on US Money to UkraineWe discovered the US is financing more than weapons in Ukraine. The government is buying seeds/fertilizer for farmers, paying the salaries of 57,000 first responders and subsidizing small businesses. 

  • How much do you want to be this payment to all of the 57,000 1st responders will REMAIN on our books forever?
  • To impeach the Regime leader would be giving him a break.
  • This man is a traitor!
3h50m AUDIO/VIDEO: Pete Buttigieg on ABC This Week Americans not approving of Biden & his policiesWhen the President took office the economy was flat on its back, but we’re also getting extraordinary results…and yes it takes a while for people to feel the full benefits of those results.

  • Not every American family needs insulin.
  • Every American family does however need groceries.
  • Every American family does however need gasoline.
  • This is a ridiculous statement all the way around.
  • The Strongest Economy Ever – these people just like talking to themselves.
  • November 2, 2020 the last Washington Post had Biden up 38 over 48 on Trump. 
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    S8 E1753-Zelensky Confirms His Satanic Cred By Appointing Abramovic Mike Church

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