S8 E1750–Evil Is As Evil Does: Zelensky Accuses Putin Of His Own Crimes

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HEADLINE: Patriots fan who was killed in fight at game once saved girl’s life in heroic beach rescue: ‘I couldn’t turn back’ by Allie Griffin 

  • Now Soccer riots have seen mass casualties due to stampeding etc
  • How do you go to a sporting event and come away from it in a body bag?

HEADLINE: Terrifying moment driver is carjacked by a coordinated gang of armed men driving SUVs in Democrat-led Chicago – as motor vehicle theft skyrockets 90% in just one year in crime-plagued city by Laura Parnaby 

Dale Mooney, age 53 – 

HEADLINE: Horrifying new video shows moment Patriots fan, 53, leaps into the stand to confront Miami Dolphins supporter before being thumped in the side of the head and collapsing and dying by Emma Richter 

“I’m Numb. I just feel numb. I just can’t even believe this is for real.

It takes a lot to get him mad, and he has the patience of a saint. I just don’t understand what happened.” – Lisa Mooney



HEADLINE: The NAHB Housing Market Index Takes Another Big Dive, Buyer Traffic Plunges by Mish Shedlock 

  • This was a designed bubble.
  • This was inflated by the Biden Machine.
  • Remember when you were told “you will own nothing and be happy”?
  • That was the goal of BlackRock and other companies like them.
  • Couldn’t afford – how can you not afford to build, purchase or inherit and maintain a dwelling?
  • Why should we have terms like primogeniture in our language again?
  • When the parents die, the oldest sibling is to take what the parents left and distribute to the other siblings.
  • He isn’t Lord of the Castle, he is the protector and provider now.
  • Let’s pretend you didn’t get a family dwelling just land.
  • What would that do to your mindset to build or go about the business of figuring out how to build a dwelling?
  • Back in the day building wasn’t a specialization. 
  • The average American new how to do carpentry work.
  • Why do home prices remain stubbornly high?

HEADLINE: Falling Household Income Numbers Show How ‘Bidenflation’ Has Hit Americans’ Wallets by Christopher Jacobs 

Nominal Wage = is the literal amount of money you get paid per hour or by salary. For example, if your employer pays you $12.00 an hour for your work, your nominal wage is $12.00. Similarly, if your employer pays you a salary of $48,000 a year, then your nominal wage would be $48,000.

Real Wage = is the amount of pay a person can expect to receive after factoring in the current inflation rate. For example, if a person’s nominal wage is $12.00, their real wage is above or below that amount depending on the current inflation rate. In this situation, a low inflation rate would mean that a person’s $12.00 per hour wage could get them more than if they had a $12.00 pay rate during a high inflation period.

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HEADLINE: Russell Brand sexual assault allegations live updates: Comedian’s Australia tour canceled following allegations via New York Post 

  • In the #MeToo world, men cannot survive these accusations. 
  • When someone enters into a public station, it has to be religious or irreligious. 
  • Russell Brand has been accused of raping, sexually assaulting and abusing four women over the course of seven years — including a 16-year-old he allegedly called “the child”.
  • He has been demonetized by YouTube officially. 
  • For the left isn’t someone that likes minors just a MAP and love is love?

HEADLINE: Subversive man subverts by Sebastian Milbank

  • Russell Brand is wealthy, famous and powerful not despite but because he was subversive, transgressive and outrageous.
  • Progressive opinion will try to make him an object lesson in the dangers of powerful men. It will ignore the fact that Brand’s power is entirely the product of progressive opinion delighting in precisely the behaviour they now profess to be horrified by.
  • Why did Howard Stern – remember the Kathy Lee Gifford clothing line issue?
  • The irony is that Brand was being progressive: he’s just the messy leftovers of the last revolution. In the 2000s, he was sweeping aside remaining taboos around sex, drugs, radical confessional “honesty” and polite norms. In 2013, he guest edited the New Statesman. He was in its pages defending the London Riots as a “political” act reminiscent of “carnival”. In his own words, he “beams at the spectacle of disruption”.
  • Remember Bill Maher? 
  • He had that movie Religiulous.
  • The progressive not-so-counterculture delights in disruptive, disturbing heroes, but it is routinely horrified when they disrupt and subvert everything — not just the things they’re supposed to. The ideal rebel is like a Hollywood anti-hero: a mass murderer who spares children and pets, or a nihilistic cowboy who respects women. In reality the boundaryless bad boy who exults in rioting, drugs and sex is not just going to upset Daily Mail readers and have colourfully tame relationships. He’s going to sleep with teenagers; he’s going to get aggressive with women; he’s going to harass those he has power over. 
  • The Brand case is certainly about powerful men and sexual abuse, but if that’s the only lesson we draw, then expect it to keep happening. Until we challenge the cult of celebrity, the love of subversion for subversion’s sake, and the idolisation of money, power and consumption, we will keep seeing powerful people with “open secrets” about their abusive conduct, sexual and otherwise.
  • Sharing profits w/ the people that helped you earn it – 
  • $38 million dollars a year – who can spend that in one year?
  • He currently has 6.6 million subscribers. 
  • YouTube has been making money on his crude, sexual explicit material and such for YEARS!
  • Social conventions around politeness, sobriety and sexual continence are not, and should not, be beyond question and debate. When we discard them entirely and refuse limits on our desires, though, we unleash the destructive excesses of human nature. It’s a continual tension at the heart of the progressive approach to sex. On the one hand, we are supposed never to say “no” to our own urges, but we are also expected to absolutely respect when others say “no” to them. This may make sense conceptually to those who promote radical autonomy, but it doesn’t make sense psychologically. Self control is a habit easily lost when not continually reinforced.
  • Don’t even get us started on Howard Stern.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden General Assembly UN SpeechRussia believes that the world will grow weary. If we abandon the core principles of the US, would anyone in this body feel confident they will be protected? The US will continue to stand w/ the brave people of Ukraine as they defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden UN General Assembly SpeechEqual rights and equal participation….that the LGBTQI+ people are not prosecuted or targeted w/ violence b/c of who they are. These rights are part of our shared humanity. When they’re absent anywhere, their loss is felt everywhere.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden UN General Assembly SpeechNaheya-ha-shuwa-volve reinshatusha…let me be clear, shirt prisha in a-inanashana are sacra-sank.

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HEADLINE: Former Olympian Shares Heartbreaking Reality Of Fertility: There’s A Time Limit To Becoming A Mom by Helen Raleigh 

  • As Tara Lipinski shows, getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy aren’t easy for an older woman, regardless of how fit she is or how much medicine and technology have advanced.
  • Lipinski won the gold medal in figure skating at the 1998 Winter Olympic Games when she was only 15. Lipinski succeeded in many venues following her Olympic victory, including touring with the figure skating show “Stars on Ice.” Although she always wanted to become a mother, Lipinski prioritized her career, thinking motherhood could wait.





















Wisdom Wednesday 

Brother Andre Marie 

Follow Brother Andre on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

His Excellence – Athanasius Schneider 

HEADLINE: On the Validity of the Pontificate of Pope Francis by Athanasius Schneider 

Sedevacantist – vacant chair, empty chair

HEADLINE: The Popes and the Modern Crisis (on Sedevacantism) by Brother Andre Marie 

  • It is speculation, it has never been acted upon. 
  • It has not been enshrine in the doctrine of the Church.
  • There is no authority to declare or consider an elected and generally accepted Pope as an invalid Pope. The constant practice of the Church makes it evident that even in the case of an invalid election this invalid election will be de facto healed through the general acceptance of the new elected by the overwhelming majority of the cardinals and bishops.
  • Even in the case of a heretical pope he will not lose his office automatically and there is no body within the Church to declare him deposed because of heresy. Such actions would come close to a kind of a heresy of conciliarism or episcopalism. The heresy of conciliarism or episcopalism says basically that there is a body within the Church (Ecumenical Council, Synod, College of Cardinals, College of Bishops), which can issue a legally binding judgment over the Pope.
  • The theory of the automatic loss of the papacy due to heresy remains only an opinion, and even St. Robert Bellarmin noticed this and did not present it as a teaching of the Magisterium itself.
  • The perennial papal Magisterium never taught such an option.
  • Every Bishop is a Pontiff – it literally means Bridge Builder.
  • The Pope is the ROMAN Pontiff – 
  • How are they connected?
  • They are connected based upon the limits of Papal Authority.
  • John Paul II – you had moderate progressivist during this time.
  • You can criticize these things today.
  • This isn’t the first Catholic Land Movement, it was tried before and failed.
  • Angelus Press has printed a lot of this stuff – they were all writing and no one was actually farming. 
  • Collections of Integrity Articles – 
  • Sometimes Saints had great ideas that flopped.

ReConquest – Episode 391: ‘Virtue is the Order of Love’

AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Kevin McCarthy on ZelenskyyIs Zelenskyy elected to Congress? Is he our President? I don’t think I have to commit anything. I have questions for him, where is the accountability for the money we’e already sent. No matter what the issue is, I want accountability for the hardworking money of Americans. 

  • Stop referring to me as how much you take or get out of me.
  • I am a citizen of America, not a taxpayer.
  • Can we just refer to people as human beings?
  • The Golden Rule – 
  • Love your neighbor as yourself.
3h34m AUDIO/VIDEO: John Fetterman on UAWMy message to the, the CEOs, CEOs is, you know, it’s $74 million, you know, collectively earning that, you know, how many yachts can they need, you know, to, to yacht, to water, uh, ski behind it, you know, I mean…it’s crazy.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden UN General Assembly SpeechLast month I asked the US Congress for additional funds to expand World Bank financing by $25 billion. Collectively to deliver a transformational boost to world lending.
HEADLINE: ‘Will the Last Steelworker Please Turn Out the Light?’ by Salena Zito 

  • U.S. Steel had been founded in 1901 by Andrew Carnegie, Charles Schwab, Elbert Gary and J.P. Morgan, and when it launched that year, it was the largest business enterprise of its time, and by the end of its first year, the company supplied nearly 70% of all of the steel produced in the country. 
  • Now not all of this decline is b/c we just don’t do steel anymore, it is b/c we changed from steel to plastic with many things.


HEADLINE: Falling Household Income Numbers Show How ‘Bidenflation’ Has Hit Americans’ Wallets by Christopher Jacobs 

  • To put it another way, last year the median American household made $3,670 less in income than it did before the Covid pandemic.
  • Remember I told you during the COVID shutdown that this was a transfer of wealth. 
  • So where did it all go?
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    S8 E1750–Evil Is As Evil Does: Zelensky Accuses Putin Of His Own Crimes Mike Church

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