S8 E1749-Trump, In Epic Reversal, Tells Pro-Lifers To Go Pound Sand

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The Mike Church Show
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Catholic Land Movement

  • One of the things that I kept hearing there, and I find this unfortunately to be true, there is a lack of appreciation and a lack of awareness of the dearth, there is a sense that there is not unity.
  • There isn’t a cohesiveness to the Catholic movement.
  • We have small patches of goodness but there just seems to not be enough.
  • Everything has some sort of numerical measurement for it these days.
  • More, more, more!!!!
  • Clicks and likes and more, more, more!
  • So many of you guys spend a lot of time still complaining about the media.
  • It is amazing to me the complaining that goes on about media…but we have this channel that pours it’s heart and soul into giving you guys the media you want…we get nothing.
  • We get jeers, we get made fun of, we get pettifogged.
  • The Celebrity Theologian is up next!


Donald Trump and the Pro-Life Movement

  • I have mixed feelings on this and I’ll tell you why.
  • His promise was ‘appointing judges that would repeal Roe vs Wade’. 
  • He did that, did he not?
  • He campaigned on ‘sending the issue to the states’.
  • Yet he badgered Governor Ron DeSantis for signing a 5 week gestation bill for the state of Florida.
  • He said it was a terrible mistake w/o giving a reason why.
  • This isn’t the Princess Bride, you can’t be ‘mostly dead’.
  • What if this pro-life card that Trump has played here, what if the masses out there turn on him?
  • This is the ONLY way Trump can get away with this….he must come out and say, LEAVE IT UP TO THE STATES. I believe life begins at conception and I believe we should protect them. I’m not going to let Congress reinstitute Roe v Wade nationwide. I’m not for any Federal ban at all.
  • THAT is the only line he can straddle at this point. 
  • Why?
  • Who benefits?


Lauren Boebert 

  • She gets a vote on a $5 trillion dollar budget.
  • She gets to vote on war.
  • She gets to vote on impeachment.
  • She has a serious responsibility. 
  • She is the model of why women should not be in politics. 
  • She says “well I’m just eccentric”. 
  • Being eccentric is no reason to dress and act like a hoe.
Donald Trump on Abortion

  • Suburban soccer moms who think that some abortions should be legal is Trumps swing voter…that is what he is being told. 
  • Everyone is saying that demographic would ensure his win. 
HEADLINE: The Senate Dress Code Gets a Casual Overhaul by Robert Jimison 

  • So because Fetterman can’t be bothered to put on a suit, they changed the Senate floor dress code.
  • Why couldn’t they do that w/ the masks during COVID? 
  • The modification is in many ways a bow to reality: In recent years, there have been plenty of senators who have departed from the suit-and-tie uniform that for decades was considered the only acceptable attire. It most clearly reflects the influence of Senator John Fetterman, the 6-foot-8, tattooed, first-term Democrat from Pennsylvania. After briefly donning a suit and tie for his first few months in Congress, he has recently reverted to wearing his signature Carhartt sweatshirts and baggy shorts.
  • “Dress code is one of society’s standards that set etiquette and respect for our institutions” – Marjorie Taylor Greene
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Donald Trump on Abortion

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on Meet the Press on abortionI think both sides are going to like me. What is going to have to happen is you come up w/ a number of weeks or months, a number that will make people happy. 92% of democrats don’t want to see abortion after a specific time. DeSantis signed a 6wk ban and I think what he did was a terrible mistake.

  • Who put DeSantis in the Governors mansion in Florida?
  • Trump is going to say it is him.
  • Let’s pretend that Ron was elected b/c he had the better campaign and the people of Florida wanted him.
  • He isn’t the legislature.
  • This was an act of the legislature.
  • Who do the legislature work for?
  • The People of Florida!
  • They wanted the 6 week ban, right?
  • I think this one issue is the ONE thing that can derail his campaign.
  • They want Trump 2016, they don’t want this new Republican Trump.

HEADLINE: NBC’s Kristen Welker Lied Repeatedly About Democrats’ Extreme Abortion Position by Mollie Hemingway 

  • You all love complaining about the media right? 
  • We talked about that in the first hour. 
  • Do you think Hannity will do a show on Trump going soft on abortion?
  • Do you think Mark Levin is going to discuss this?
1h50m Illegal Immigration 

HEADLINE: Illegal Crossings Skyrocket At Southern Border As GOP Ponders Using Its Purse Power To Demand Security by Jordan Boyd 

  • Informal tallies from agents and reporters on the ground suggest well over 200,000 people tried cross the U.S. southern border last month.
  • When the Federal government does nothing to stop this, it then falls on the government of the STATES on the border to protect their own state.
  • You have Texas and Abbott and that is the only state will do anything about it and that isn’t even happening.
  • Somehow these illegals don’t state in those border states.
  • How do they have money for plane tickets to say NYC or Colorado?
  • Reporter Bill Melugin is at Eagle Pass in Texas – He reports: One of the largest mass illegal crossings we have ever seen took place in Eagle Pass, TX this morning, w/ Border Patrol sources telling us over 2,200 people crossed there since midnight. It happened right next to the port of entry, as illegal immigrants continue to ignore Biden admin messaging of “do not come”, & do not fear the promised “consequences” for crossing illegally. Videos from source in MX & our FOX drone team on US side.
  • Not sure what Federal laws there are but if Alejandro Mayorkas is not enforcing them, then it does fall on the states to protect its own citizens and their way of life.
  • QUESTION: Who benefits from illegal immigration on this massive a scale?
AUDIO/VIDEO: The Code is More Like Guidelines – Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 
Back to Jordan Boyd 

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection has yet to release its southwest border apprehension data for August, but informal tallies from agents and reporters on the ground suggest well over 200,000 people illegally attempted to cross the U.S. southern border last month. 


HEADLINE: U.S. National Debt Tops $33 Trillion for First Time by Alan Rappeport 

  • America’s gross national debt exceeded $33 trillion for the first time on Monday, providing a stark reminder of the country’s shaky fiscal trajectory at a moment when Washington faces the prospect of a government shutdown this month amid another fight over federal spending.
  • A Treasury Department report last week showed that the deficit — the gap between what the United States spends and what it collects through taxes and other revenue — was $1.5 trillion for the first 11 months of the fiscal year, a 61 percent increase from the same period a year ago.
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2h28m HEADLINE: Trump Is Delusional To Think He Can Broker ‘Peace’ In The Abortion Debate by John Daniel Davidson 

  • He cannot win this w/o the pro-life voters.
  • Pride and Ego
  • He thinks he can broker some kind of deal b/w the baby killers and the non-baby killers.
  • There is no common ground here. 
  • You either think it’s okay to kill babies or your don’t.
  • Democrats will never compromise on abortion for the simple reason that it’s the purest expression of what amounts to a religious faith.


TKD Story of Satan Worshipper on Flight

  • How do you have anything in common w/ this person?
  • Just like the abortion discussion.
  • They worship Baphomet too!
  • They don’t have the same moral values as I do.
  • They don’t think dismembering an innocent child is murder.
  • This young man is carrying around on his body, forever, he will experience eternal damnation. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on Meet the Press on abortionI think both sides are going to like me. What is going to have to happen is you come up w/ a number of weeks or months, a number that will make people happy. 92% of democrats don’t want to see abortion after a specific time. DeSantis signed a 6wk ban and I think what he did was a terrible mistake.

  • The democrats are getting farther and farther away from the 15weeks.
  • What poll is he talking about?
  • This is the same party makes you sign up for their abortion loving or you have no place in their party!


“Given a choice of whether to vote for or against legislation requiring states to permit the killing of unborn children up to the moment of birth,” wrote Hemingway, “nearly all elected Democrats vote enthusiastically for that.”

  • No one, not even Trump, will ever be able to broker a compromise on abortion for the simple reason that Democrats will never accept a compromise if it means placing hard limits on the killing of the unborn. 
  • Abortion has become a sacrament of the left’s neo-pagan religion, and Democrats will defend it to the last.
  • Clearly, Trump has no philosophical or theological convictions about abortion. That was clear as far back as the 2016 GOP primary campaign when Trump, a lifelong pro-abort Democrat, suddenly became a pro-life Republican. So why did the pro-life movement support him? Because when you really believe, as pro-lifers do, that human lives are at stake, you’re willing to engage in nakedly transactional politics to save as many of those lives as possible.
  • Like the abolitionist movement, is motivated by moral convictions about the rights and dignity of the human person, there are limits to what can be achieved by compromise. Pro-lifers will never be at “peace” about abortion so long as it persists as a legal regime, however restricted it might be, just as abolitionists saw their compromises as part of a long-term strategy to eradicate slavery entirely.
Lauren Boebert 

  • Was there no one in her area, no MALE in that area that could have sported a gun and won that election? 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Governor Gavin Newsom on CNN discussing abortionIt is a political canard. The policy is not up to Donald Trump or me, it’s up to the women that have to bear this responsibility. Viability is 24 weeks, that is statute in California. They don’t believe in fundamental choice for women. 

  • You don’t have a ‘fundamental right’ to kill.
  • WAR is the LAST resort to ending a conflict, correct?
AUDIO/VIDEO: Greg Gutfeld on Senate changing dress code on The Five – I mean oh come on, even Frankenstein wore a suit jacket.





























Donald Jeffries

Robert Kennedy Assassination 

Paul Landis – Secret Service Agent – they did nothing for 5 or 6 seconds and watched him get his head blown off.

  • They were ALL out drinking until 5am the previous morning.
  • Instead of taking this bullet which is prime evidence, walks in the hospital and just sticks it on the stretcher next to the President?
  • There is a chain of possession of all evidence.
  • Even after the bullet, 2 different people claimed they found the bullet.
  • They passed it to the supervisor and he walked around and tried to give it to the FBI, then to Secret Service and NO ONE wanted it.

HEADLINE: Nothing to Fear but Fear Porn Itself by Donald Jeffries 

  • He then claimed he didn’t even remember doing that.
  • The highlight of your career you don’t remember?
  • Maybe it makes the case for conspiracy bigger.
  • But it makes the case against the Secret Service Agents.
  • They were either incompetent or part of it.
  • Single Bullet Theory – 
  • They could have been told they were going to have a ‘simulated assassination’. 
  • President Kennedy didn’t take the SS guarding him to be important.
  • You can have 3x the IQ of a police officer but if you get pulled over, who has the power? 
  • Not you!
  • It is all connected maybe not directly but it is definitely connected.
  • Some police departments have an IQ cap b/c they just want people to comply, to listen to orders and carry them out.
  • McVay – his trial was a legal lynching. 
  • He was for the 1st time they really made his trial the frontrunner of all other Alex Jones trials etc.
  • It was a trial agains this beliefs. 
  • The fact he was reading XYZ meant he was XYZ.
  • They had all these people that were distraught of course b/c they lost family members but they didn’t SEE anything so that should have been hearsay. 
  • They didn’t even present any evidence he was there b/c he was always noted as being w/ someone else.
  • Kurt Loudenslaghter – officially they claimed he rescued tons of people there. 
  • Now they say he died in the bombing.
  • I spoke w/ Timothy McVay’s dad, he didn’t talk to me long but that is the reality.
  • There is so much about Oklahoma that was a forerunner for 9/11.
  • They had eye witnesses that said there were bombs in that building already.
  • Donald Trump on WTC and Twin Towers and Oklahoma City bombings – 
  • These drills are always front and center in these instances.
  • NIC report said the first person jumped from that building 4 minutes BEFORE the first plane hit.
  • And remember the call from the hijacker that called his father the day AFTER he supposedly flew a plane into the building.
  • They tried to tell the Port Authority about the ‘power outages’. 
  • Their own facts always conflict so how can you believe any of it?
  • These subjects do draw some crazies but I just go w/ the evidence. 
  • I don’t tell you what happened.
  • I tell you what the evidence is, I give you reports they are in the National Archives etc.
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    S8 E1749-Trump, In Epic Reversal, Tells Pro-Lifers To Go Pound Sand Mike Church

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