S8 E1748-Get Ready For Shampeachment 3.0 That Defangs House GOP Patriots

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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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40m HEADLINE: Owen Shroyer sentenced to 60 days in prison, DOJ claimed he ‘helped create Jan 6th’ on his program by Hannah Nightingale

  • When the 1st Amendment says Congress it means the government.
  • Notably, Shroyer did not enter the Capitol building on January 6, but rather addressed the crowd outside the building.
  • The DOJ claimed that Shroyer “helped create January 6,” in that he “stoked the flames of a potential disruption of the certification vote by streaming disinformation about alleged voter fraud and a stolen election to thousands, perhaps millions, of viewers of his program on InfoWars.”
  • So this is 100% a 1st Amendment case plain and simple.
  • What if on that day it was information?
  • Maybe he didn’t know it was disinformation at that moment?
  • If you want to do a deep dive on this, the Library of Congress stores all the minutes.
  • April 24, 1800 – Library of Congress was formed.
  • It is implied that from time to time the President has to provide Congress a State of the Union, it says nothing about forking over records.
44m The GOP Fight for Speaker of the House

Marjorie Taylor Greene even wanted Kevin McCarthy if you recall.

  • QUESTION: Who was the major opposition to Kevin McCarthy?
  • ANSWER: Matt Gaetz 
  • He and others feared he was part of the big spending problem.
  • Ear Marks – 
  • QUESTION: Who was known as Dr No?
  • A restoration of Ear Marks – each one had to go to a committee and then a floor vote.
  • Then the Senate had to agree to it, then it went to the President.
  • That is how it used to be.
  • That is how it was supposed to stay.
  • If you applied this to other agencies, like the Department of Defense, things would be so different.
  • You can’t just throw in the $12 billion for Raytheon, that is a line by line expenditure.
  • This is one way you could actually stop spending and dismantle some of this.
  • But make no mistake you would be disemploying millions of people around Mordor.
  • Congress alone will send a bill to each American and do you know how much that will be?
  • Your company voluntarily cooperated w/ the government to remove several different taxes from your paycheck.
  • Here is what is left for you….
  • How many of you have paid $13,500 to the Federal Government this year?
  • They spent $5 trillion of regular spending this year alone. 
  • Today is the last day of regular Government spending.
  • There will be a discussion coming on a total Government shutdown.
  • Do you work for a company that works w/ the Federal Government? 
  • Many people don’t realize their jobs are subsidized by the Federal Government.
  • Will your income be ‘safe’ from a government shutdown?
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  • When did Boehner quit?
  • When Big Frank came to the United States and spoke to the House of Representatives.
  • We weren’t sure how Pope Francis was going to be back then so we had no idea what happened w/ that meeting.
  • But he quit the very next day.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Matt Gaetz House Floor calling for removal of Speaker McCarthyI rise today to serve notice. You are out of compliance w/ the agreement that allowed you to assume this role. The path forward for the House of Rep is to either bring you to immediate total compliance or remove you, pursuant to a motion to vacate the chair.

  • So what does all this mean exactly?
  • He believes Kevin McCarthy is doing ‘business as usual’ and he promised he wouldn’t. 

HEADLINE: Congressman Andy Biggs (Arizona) Releases Statement on House Leadership’s Paltry Debt Ceiling Legislation












AUDIO/VIDEO: Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Biden impeachment InquiryI am directing our House committees to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. Over the past several months, House Republicans have uncovered serious and credible allegations into President Biden’s conduct—a culture of corruption.

  • Notice he is being very specific about what Joe Biden did when he was Vice President.
  • How do you remove or punish someone that is no longer the VP?
  • Do you remember Nixon?
  • What actually took down Nixon?
  • They recorded their private meetings.
  • The White House recordings of Nixon basically lying so to avoid an impeachment, he resigned. 
  • He was told you don’t want a Senate trial, the evidence we have is damning and you will be impeached if you stay.
  • Abuse of the Executive Power – 
  • There are things Biden has done as President that are impeachable.
  • What about his constant lying about the efficacy of the COVID vaccine?
  • What about Xavier Becerra?
  • You don’t need Burisma to impeach Biden.
  • They are avoiding the current fight I believe. 
  • You shouldn’t be allowed to do what this guy has done.
  • Remember even when the Democrats lose they don’t really lose.
HEADLINE: CIA tried to pay off analysts to bury findings that COVID lab leak was likely: whistleblower by Josh Christenson 

  • A senior-level CIA officer told House committee leaders that his agency tried to pay off six analysts who found SARS-CoV-2 likely originated in a Wuhan lab if they changed their position and said the virus jumped from animals to humans, according to a letter sent Tuesday to CIA Director William Burns.


HEADLINE: The Democratic Party Rigs the Primaries by Robert F Kennedy Jr. 

  • The DNC has refused to host debates, though a vast majority of Democratic voters want and expect them so they can judge which candidate has the popular appeal and vigor to challenge the Republican nominee. 
  • The DNC has drafted rules that if candidates run in an unsanctioned primary in New Hampshire, the DNC chairman has powers to punish them for not following the official calendar. Regardless of margin of victory, such a candidate would receive zero delegates. The DNC has also drafted a plan demanding Iowa change its voting process, or it could face similar sanctions.
  • What happens if Trump and Kennedy both go 3rd party?
  • Electoral College – 
  • You just need the majority of the 4 way split.
  • “We live in a time when a growing number of Americans think that democracy is broken and that the political system is rigged. The DNC’s recent actions confirm this outlook. It will better serve America to run a fair and free primary election.” – Robert F Kennedy Jr
  • If he is really a patriot he will go 3rd party.
HEADLINE: We Are Repaganizing by Louise Perry 

Scottish poet Hollie McNish Conversation w/ an archaeologist:

he said they’d found a brothel

on the dig he did last night

I asked him how they know

he sighed:

a pit of babies’ bones

a pit of newborn babies’ bones was how to spot a brothel

  • The answer, I’ve since discovered, is that the remains are usually burned, along with other “clinical waste.” There will be no infant skeletons for archaeologists of the future to find.
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HEADLINE: ‘Alien corpses’ shown to Congress as UFO expert forced to testify under oath by Tara Cobham 

  • The event was spearheaded by journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan, who testified under oath that the mummified specimens are not part of “our terrestrial evolution”, with almost a third of their DNA remaining “unknown”, reported Mexican media.
  • The claims by the self-claimed ‘ufologist’ have not been proven and Mr Maussan has previously been associated with claims of discoveries that have later been debunked.
Back to Louise Perry article – 

  • Abortion and contraception is not a new phenomenon. 
  • It was the arrival of Christianity that disrupted the Romans’ favored methods of keeping reproduction in check, with laws against infanticide, and then abortion, imposed by Christian emperors from the late fourth century. Christians have always been unusually vehement in their disapproval of the killing of infants, whether born or unborn, and their legal regime prevailed until the mid-twentieth century when we experienced a religious shift that will probably be understood by future historians as a Second Reformation. Christians are no longer in charge, and their prohibition of abortion—unlike their prohibition of infanticide, at least so far—is regarded by most pro-choice secularists as archaic, illogical, and misogynist.
  • It was only through the grace of God, when God was introduced did women take a place that wasn’t one of cattle or animals.



















Brother Andre Marie 

Host of ReConquest aired only on The Crusade Channel.

Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

  • The torment exacted upon the Saint was all the greater b/c it was inflicted by hands that were weaker. 
  • Saint Cassian of Imola – 
  • Vatican’s Official Newspaper – 
  • It has taken a hard turn towards progressivism. 
  • The Jesuit – what he did was for the August 20th edition, La Civilta Cattolica.

HEADLINE: Has Father Antonio Spadaro Blasphemed Our Lord? by Brother Andre Marie 

Father Spadaro – a member of the Society of Jesus and a close collaborator of Pope Francis — is the editor of the once great Jesuit periodical La Civilta Cattolica, which, while not an official organ of the Holy See, has very close ties to it.

  • St Thomas Aquinas said Jesus had NO TEACHERS.
  • It is not fitting that Our Lord should be taught by anyone.
  • The implication is there is ignorance in Our Lord at this time.
  • This is a heresy. 
  • He even says Our Lord ‘plays’ the theologian. 
  • That tops it all off, there has to be a particular punishment in Hell for saying something like this.
  • How long before these Jesuits start asking for their patrons to send in all their gold so they can make another golden calf?
  • Their enemies just to say SJ was the Society of Judas.
  • I recorded the ReConquest on Monday night and that is tonight’s Reconquest.

HEADLINE: Episode 390: The Jesuit and the Canaanitess by Brother Andre Marie

  • He says the woman converts Him to Himself – that is heresy. 
  • All he says implies sin or imperfection. 
  • God was perfect, He had sacred Humanity, perfectly Holy and perfectly Sinless.
  • Saint Paul talked about all of this in scripture.
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    S8 E1748-Get Ready For Shampeachment 3.0 That Defangs House GOP Patriots Mike Church

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