S8 E1747-New Mexico Gun Grab Is A Trial Balloon For Gundemic 1.0

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45m New Mexico Gundemic 1.0

Article 2 Section 6 

  • Here is what their STATE constitution states – 
  • It was amended in 1971 and again in 1986.
  • Now, everyone is going crazy over what the Governor of New Mexico has done.
  • This is NOT a 2nd amendment issue.
  • It is a Article 2 Section 6 issue.
  • If Biden and Corn Pop get involved THEN it becomes a 2nd Amendment issue.
  • Anyone that opposes this Governor you should start with your OWN constitution! 
  • It is not trumped by the Federal Constitution. 
  • You can’t put anything in your STATE constitution that nullifies the FEDERAL constitution. 
  • Your state will protect your right to bear arms.
  • So let’s all stop w/ the “This is a 2nd Amendment” issue!


9/11 Coverage and Remembrance 

  • Joe Biden was in Alaska and spoke to some military peeps on a base.
  • Biden is managed by some very schrod and evil people.
  • They are very specific about their messaging. 
  • The talking point for everyone that spoke yesterday that was a Democrat spoke about our PRECIOUS and SACRED Democracy.
  • Only GOD can make something sacred.
  • Sacramentum – gift.
  • They are trying to elevate the government so we all think they are something we simply can’t do without.
  • Nancy Pelosi called the January 6th a war on Sacred Ground – Capitol Building. 
  • What did your eyes tell you about 9/11?
  • Audio has resurfaced of Trump calling into the ABC news channel 9 right after the buildings came down.
  • Remember the Blind Sheikh?
  • Omar Abdel-Rahman
  • You see in the photographs after the World Trade Center bombing.

HEADLINE: World Trade Center Bombing 1993 by FBI History 

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on 9/11 called into Channel 9 Newsto discuss how it was possible these super strong buildings collapsed. 

  • At that time Trump was building skyscrapers in NYC so I think he is an expert witness at this point.
  • Has he changed his mind on what he stated on this phone call?
  • He clearly states that the planes had to have some type of bomb or extra fuel or something else b/c those buildings were an innovation, they were super strong.
  • WTC in 1993 wasn’t relying on it’s interior beams for support.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump on 9/11 on the street w/ NBC news I have hundreds of men in there right now working and we are bringing down another 125 shortly. Not only is it devastation but it is very dangerous for these men trying to get people out and find trapped people. 

  • He also oversaw some of the demolition of these buildings. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: 9/11 Firefighters discussing how they heard what they thought to be bombs going off as the building was collapsing. 

  • The corner beam they show bulling in and the pancaking of it. 

HEADLINE: 9/11- Imploding the Truth by Donald Jeffries 

  • I may be a community college dropout, but I know that it’s damning that the authorities had well over an hour from the time they were notified the first plane had been hijacked, until the last one allegedly plowed into the Pentagon. I say “allegedly,” because whatever hit the Pentagon, it didn’t leave a hole big enough for Flight 77. It also didn’t really leave any debris outside. But at any rate, during this time, our vaunted multi-trillion dollar Military Industrial Complex did absolutely nothing. Well, they might have shot down Flight 93 and lied about it. So give them that. But with the heart of that defense system- the Pentagon- under direct threat, they failed to defend it. Or film whatever hit it. The security cameras just happened to be “turned off” that day. Just like we would see with Sandy Hook and so many other similar incidents.
  • Well over 150 witnesses, most of them firefighters, described hearing explosions in the world trade center. Over 100 witnesses at the Pentagon reported explosions, too. But the 9/11 Commission would conclude there was “no evidence” of explosions. Well, eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable, as every defender of the Warren Report continues to remind us. Unless you’re one of those countless souls who are found guilty and sent away for life, on the dubious testimony of one prison stoolie. That kind of eyewitness testimony is cool. Cool enough for life without the chance of parole. Don’t give me no insurrectionist talk about reasonable doubt!
  • Our tendency is we think the government is filled w/ liars, we suspect everything they say.
  • Does that make us bad people? 
  • Mohamed Atta, the infamous hijacker whose passport magically appeared intact on top of all the Word Trade Center pulverized steel remnants, called his father the day after 9/11. Which is an odd thing for a dead terrorist to do. That’s what his father told the German media. The media here would never have been interested. Atta’s dad claimed that his son had been set up by the Mossad. Remember the dancing Israelis.
  • How would the ‘goat herders’ have pulled this off?
  • How did they infiltrate all those flight schools?
  • The same people that have a suspicion about 9/11 also tend to believe that the COVID hysteria was an inside job.
  • 9/11 put those COVID people in those positions of power.
  • Peaceful country rebuilding Russians – recovering from 60 years of Red Communism?
  • They just wanted to be left alone to rebuild Mother Russia.
  • Now it’s questionable how much of a difference this would make in today’s world, when there are so fewer Americans that regularly read books of any kind, but it certainly warrants mention. 9/11 was the first event to garner an iron curtain of suppression across all state controlled media outlets. Since then, you can add Pizzagate, Sandy Hook and all the other mass casualty events to the list of forbidden topics. 
  • A multitude of unnatural deaths. WTC rubble whisked away (in this case to China, of all places), before it could be independently examined. You know, like for evidence of the explosions at least 150 first responders alone reported. The same thing happened at Oklahoma City- they wouldn’t let that rubble be scrutinized, either. They literally tore down Sandy Hook elementary school. And they bulldozed supposed mass shooter Adam Lanza’s home as well for good measure. Rubble, rubble, could cause them trouble I suppose.
  • You should have been able to determine each one of those beams b/c they come with serial numbers on them, especially in a building this size.
  • How did all of this just lead back to Osama Bin Laden? 
  • Did our government allow the plane story to happen or whether they assisted it, I can’t tell you that.
  • But I can tell you this…government was involved in some way.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden in Anchorage, AK on anniversary of 9/11Ground zero New York, I remember standing there the next day and looking up it looked like the gates of Hell.

  • The vow against evil and against Satan is a sacred vow.
  • It is not a sacred vow to forget victims of a tragedy.
  • You have a ‘sacred’ obligation to pray for them.
  • Your wedding vows are a sacred vow.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden on Senate floor on 09/12/01 (how could he have been at ground zero) I can’t think of any other place in the world where you would hear of a speech like the one we just heard from the Senator from Virginia. 

  • So in Alaska he says he was at ground zero the day after but here we have audio of him on the Senate floor the day after.
  • He can’t bi-locate.
  • He constantly tries to ‘relate’ the the average American with a story in crisis and it always falls short.

Donald Trump on Truth Social – So, lets get this straight! We did a hostage TRADE with Iran. We gave them 5 very tough, smart people that they desperately wanted. We likewise got back 5 people BUT, we also gave them 6 billion dollars! How much of a kickback does Crooked Joe Biden get? Does anyone realize how much money 6 billion dollars is? When I was President, I got back 58 hostages for ZERO money. Remember Pastor Brunson? It sets a TERRIBLE precedent. Republicans, call out the 25th Amendment, NOW! Biden is INCOMPETENT! 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Governor Ron DeSantis on Kamala HarrisYes he is out there stumbling around on the world stage. I think Kamala has basically been Biden’s impeachment insurance, because people know no matter how bad Biden is, nobody wants Harris.

















Michael Hichborn 

Founder of the Lepanto Institute –

Follow the Lepanto Institute on Twitter – @LepantoInst

Common Spirit Health 

  • Had partnered w/ an abortion provider. 
  • We have covered that in recent months.
  • As the world runs away from Christ, 

HEADLINE: Largest Catholic Health Network is Partnered With Abortion Provider by Michael Hichborn 

  • CommonSpirit announced a new partnership with Tia Women’s Health – a partnership designed to dramatically expand Tia’s impact by expanding its physical presence around the country.  And even though Tia has only recently begun providing medical abortions, its intention to expand the abortion industry through these clinics has been a matter of public record since its inception.
  • John F Kennedy Shooting – 

HEADLINE: JFK assassination witness questions whether shooter acted alone by Ramon Antonio Vargas 

The Final Witness: A Kennedy Secret Service Agent Breaks His Silence After 60 Years. Landis told the New York Times that he was the person who discovered that bullet, which he remembers being stuck in the limousine seat behind Kennedy’s seat after the president had been brought to the hospital.

  • Landis also said he did not think the bullet went too deeply into Kennedy’s back before “popping back out” prior to the president’s removal from the car he was in. Worried someone would try to pocket it as a souvenir, Landis said he took the bullet and placed it next to a stretchered Kennedy.
  • Realizing in 2014 that the location of the bullet’s recovery cited by him was different than the one cited by the Warren commission, Landis checked with multiple officials, according to the New York Times’s story. He was generally met with skepticism, largely because of two written statements that he filed himself.
  • This is the 2nd route change made.
  • The motorcade that was taking JFK around Dallas was re-routed on the route.
  • This completely breaks all security protocols. 
  • The SS agents on the back of the vehicle were told to get off the vehicle. 
  • The reason they stand by the car and sit on the trunk is to obscure any shot at the President.
  • Slowing the car down allows a sniper to take a shot.
  • They were going fast on the ORIGINAL route.
  • When the route changed, the road had a lower speed limit thus allowing a sniper a clearer shot at the President. 
  • He was sent into a BOX, an ambush box.

HEADLINE: THE DIEM COUP via the Miller Center UVA

  • By 1963, however, the Kennedy administration faced a dilemma. After government forces cracked down on Buddhist monks that spring, Kennedy pressed Diem for reforms. Instead, Diem imposed martial law, and special forces directed by his brother, Ngo Dinh Nhu, launched raids against Buddhist pagodas. When rumors of a possible coup began to spread in August, many in the administration wondered whether the United States should acquiesce, or indeed support the plotters. Others dissented, seeing the regime, with all its faults, as the best path to success against the southern Vietnamese Communists—derisively labeled the Viet Cong—who were supported and directed by the North Vietnamese. Inside South Vietnam, those seeking to overthrow the regime contacted US officials to ensure continued American support.
  • Who always wins with something like this?
  • The Global Ruling Elites, they always win.
  • One world rule would suggest that there would be one ruler.
  • So who is the one ruler b/c there isn’t anything good coming out of this?
  • They keep using the term SACRED.
  • He is who shall not be named.
  • You don’t just open the door a little bit for the Devil.
  • Eyes Wide Shut – 
  • Stanley Kubrick died of a heart attack six days after showing the final cut of Eyes Wide Shut to Warner Bros., making it the final film he directed. He reportedly considered it his “greatest contribution to the art of cinema”.

HEADLINE: Was Stanley Kubrick murdered because of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’? by Thomas Leatham 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Scott Smith on Fox News discusses the justice systemOur justice system across this land is unfortunately politicized and weaponized to the hilt, and that should scare every American. I wasn’t trying to beat the disorderly charge, I mean I’m a country boy and I’m disorderly at times.
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    S8 E1747-New Mexico Gun Grab Is A Trial Balloon For Gundemic 1.0 Mike Church

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