S8 E1743-The Brinx Robbery Was Child’s Play Next To The COVID PPE Heist

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HEADLINE: Maryland public elementary school reinstates COVID mask requirements, demands third-graders to wear N95 masks by Sarah Rumpf-Whitten 

  • Every single parent should just stop sending their children to school in this district until they stop the madness. 
  • Don’t even let this stuff get started.
  • These guys need to be stopped before they even have a glimmer of hope of shutting things down or masking us up again.
  • They are throwing chum out into the water right now.
  • Are these people even expecting any backlash from parents?
  • QUESTION: How much did we spend on COVID?
  • ANSWER: $4.6 trillion dollars 
  • That is the greatest amount spent in one singular cause outside of a budgetary, fiscal year in American history.
  • QUESTION: Guess how much of that money went missing?
  • ANSWER: $280 billion
  • Six COVID-19 relief laws enacted in 2020 and 2021 provided about $4.6 trillion of funding for pandemic response and recovery. As of January 31, 2023, the most recent date for which government-wide information was available, the federal government obligated a total of $4.5 trillion and expended $4.2 trillion, or 98 and 90 percent, respectively, of these relief funds as reported by federal agencies to the Department of the Treasury in accordance with Office of Management and Budget guidance.

HEADLINE: The Great Grift: How billions in COVID-19 relief aid was stolen or wasted by Richard Lardner, Jennifer McDermott and Aaron Kessler 

  • An Associated Press analysis found that fraudsters potentially stole more than $280 billion in COVID-19 relief funding; another $123 billion was wasted or misspent. Combined, the loss represents 10% of the $4.2 trillion the U.S. government has so far disbursed in COVID relief aid.
  • An $837 billion IRS program, for example, succeeded 99% of the time in getting economic stimulus checks to the proper taxpayers, according to the tax agency. Nevertheless, that 1% failure rate translated into nearly $8 billion going to “ineligible individuals,” a Treasury Department inspector general told AP. 



HEADLINE: The $53,000 Connection: The High Cost of High-Speed Internet for Everyone by Ryan Tracy 

  • Nebraska’s Winnebago Tribe has long been stuck with sluggish internet service. The federal government plans to fix that by crisscrossing the reservation with fiber-optic cable—at an average cost of $53,000 for each household and workplace connected.
  • That amount exceeds the assessed value of some of the homes getting hookups, property records show. While most connections will cost far less, the expense to reach some remote communities has triggered concerns over the ultimate price tag for ensuring every rural home, business, school and workplace in America has the same internet that city dwellers enjoy.  
  • Providing fiber-optic cable is the industry standard, but alternative options such as satellite service are cheaper, if less reliable.
  • In Montana, laying fiber-optic cable to some remote locations could cost more than $300,000 per connection.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Adderall shortage from Fox NewsAs kids go back to school the ADHD drug is in high demand and low supply. There was a 10% increase in the prescription since the pandemic and an increase in adult use. 

  • This clip says doctors are turning to non-drug options.
  • Why wouldn’t they use non-drug options at the beginning? 
  • They talk about these drugs like they aren’t addictive drugs that these people have to stay on for life.
  • They act as if they are prescribing candy.
  • QUESTION: What is the #1 prescription drug in America?
  • ANSWER: Ambien sleeping medication
  • Atorvastatin (high cholesterol), Levothyroxine (hypothyroidism), Metformin (anti-diabetic) and Lisinopril (high blood pressure) ar all in the top 5.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Biden’s Age

Peter Doocy – Why do you think it is that in a Wall Street Journal poll, 2/3 of Democrats think President Biden is too old to run again?

Karine Jean-Pierre – We have seen what he has done. We talked about how this president beat big pharma. He has done historic pieces of legislation and we can see that, that is fact.

  • So tell me how Joe Biden beat Big Pharma?
  • You don’t think Big Pharma isn’t in bed w/ drug cartels?
  • How did the drug cartels get the knowledge of how to produce these drugs?
  • Did they teach themselves in the slums?
  • There is an ongoing drug program going on here in the United States and no one seems to care.

HEADLINE: Study finds psychiatrists refuse to take the drugs they prescribe to the mewling masses…

  • Why don’t these doctors take the drugs they prescribe to other people?
  • Could it be b/c they know these pills are harmful? 
  • It’s no surprise that many Americans are questioning their doctors’ true intentions these days — and with good reason. Now, a new study focusing on psychiatrists and antidepressants is likely to make even more people wonder what’s really going on. The study reveals that the overwhelming majority of psychiatrists wouldn’t hesitate to prescribe antidepressants to their patients. However, when it comes to their own well-being? They exercise far more caution.
  • Why is there such fervor to push Big Pharma’s products on us without even a moment’s pause for reflection? We don’t get the luxury of a “wait and see” approach, yet elite doctors take that approach for themselves. That’s a significant issue and a recipe for even more erosion of trust between patients and doctors.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Jesse Watters on Dr FauciDo what everybody else does: Retire and go fishing and shut the heck up Tony. He is like Tony Romo, he retires and then comes out every Sunday for commentary.
HEADLINE: Proof That Scientists Are Model Blind Discovered In Claim One Billion Will Die From “Climate Change” by William Brggs 

  • There are no fossils in fossil fuel.
  • So let’s start w/ that right now to make sure we all understand.
  • Crude Oil is a compound it is not an element.
  • What are the organic materials that comprise crude oil?
  • It is organic material that died, settled, becomes soil and then through rain makes its way down through the crust of the Earth, mingle and create crude oil.
  • What leaches out from this decomposition process is gas.
  • Now there are 36,525 days in the next 100 years. If “at least” 1 billion will die from “climate change” or “climate catastrophes”, then on average 27,379 people every single day for the next 100 years must be slaughtered by a slight increase in globally averaged temperature.
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Presidential Campaign

  • What if the game has been all along to get Donald Trump?
  • That all of these indictments were all pre-planned?
  • We know that this stuff is all done by a ‘waiting your turn’ timing.
  • If Trump is in prison and they use the 14th Amendment who’s turn will it be?
  • QUESTION: Who is next in line for the GOP side?
  • ANSWER: Mike Pence




















Brother Andre Marie 

Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

Host of ReConquest show aired only on The Crusade Channel.

The Court Case of the Century

  • The clergy were historically either French or Irish.

Manchester – there is a Church Saint Marie’s, it was supposed to be the Cathedral but it was carved out of the Diocese so there needed to be a new one built.

  • They built Saint Joseph Cathedral b/c the Irish Priest didn’t want the French Cathedral to be his home base.
  • When Utah applied for statehood, the president of the Mormon Church, the prophet, said the time of polygamy was over.
  • It was great timing but according to the prophet it was revelation.
  • Salt Lake Temple – who is the statue of?
  • Father Pierre-Jean De Smet
  • He was what they called A Black Robe
  • He had 2 Indians jump out at him, he grabbed a tomahawk and beat the crap out of them.
  • He told them to go back and tell their friends “A Black Robe did this to you”. 
  • That is how he gained the Indians respect to be able to teach them the Word of God.

HEADLINE: Fr. De Smet by E Laveille, SJ 

  • Father De Smet shared in every way the wandering life of his Indians, living on roots and what game could be found. His bed was a buffalo hide, and, wrapped in a blanket, he slept under the stars; storms and tempests he braved in a small tent. For four months he suffered from a fever which, he says: “Seemed loath to leave me; but the hard life I lead finally enabled me to throw it off, and since September I am in perfect health.”
  • The old men in council had selected these braves to act as my escort through the country of the Blackfeet and the Crows, the two tribes most at enmity with the white man. Long before sunrise all the Flatheads had assembled to say good-by. No word was spoken, but sadness was written on every countenance. The only thing that consoled them was a formal promise to return the following spring, with a reinforcement of missionaries. Morning prayers were said amid the tears and sobs of the Indians, which drew tears from my own eyes, although I endeavored to control my emotions, trying to make them understand that my departure was imperative. I exhorted the tribe to serve the Great Spirit with fervor, and to avoid anything that might give scandal, dwelling once more upon the principal truths of our holy religion, and giving them, as spiritual chief, an intelligent Indian I had myself carefully instructed. He was to replace me during my absence. Night and morning every Sunday they were to recite prayer in common, and he was to exhort them to the practice of virtue. I authorized my deputy, furthermore, to privately baptize the dying and infants in case of need. With one voice they promised to obey all my injunctions.
  • “Black Robe! may the Great Spirit accompany you on your long and dangerous journey. Morning and night we will pray that you may safely reach your brothers in St. Louis, and we will continue to pray thus until you return to your children of the mountains. When snows of winter will have disappeared from the valleys, and when the first green of spring begins to appear, our hearts, which now are so sad, will once more rejoice. As the meadow grass grows higher and higher, we will go forth to meet you. Farewell, Black Robe, farewell.”

HEADLINE: Saint Louis: at the Graves of Fathers De Smet and Damen by Brother Andre Marie 

Liberty Safe – 

  • FBI is still apparently tracking down January 6th attendees like drug cartel members.
  • Liberty Safe gladly turned over the security code to this man’s gun safe.
  • Nathan Hughes from Fayetteville, Arkansas was raided by the FBI and arrested at gun point. His girlfriend was held at gun point and put in handcuffs. Liberty Gun Safe handed over the password to his safe.

Kyle Seraphin on Twitter: 

The irony of the name PLUS total cooperation with the government is rich. The fact that you can cut them w/ power tools in 10 minutes is plenty for law enforcement to get cooperation.

You can open it, or we can cut it open… player’s choice.” The fed option is shocking.

3h37m HEADLINE: Identified by his ears, Arkansas man is arrested in Capitol riot by Bill Bowden 

  • Hughes is accused of joining a mob in the Lower West Terrace tunnel — where some of the most violent fighting took place — to push against a police line. He’s also accused of trying to wrest a riot shield away from an officer.
  • Besides the felony, Hughes faces three misdemeanor charges: entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds, and impeding passage through the Capitol grounds or buildings.
3h48m HEADLINE: We the Targeted: How the Government Weaponizes Surveillance to Silence Its Critics by John and Nisha Whitehead

  • The end result of the government’s efforts over the past 60 years is a country where nothing ever really changes, and everyone lives in fear. 
  • Here is how they are surveilling you: 
  1. Flagging you as a danger based on your feelings.
  2. Flagging you as a danger based on your phone and movements.
  3. Flagging you as a danger based on your DNA
  4. Flagging you as a danger based on your face.
  5. Flagging you as a danger based on your behavior.
  6. Flagging you as a danger based on your spending and consumer activities.
  7. Flagging you as a danger based on your public activities.
  8. Flagging you as a danger based on your social media activities.
  9. Flagging you as a danger based on your social network.
  10. Flagging you as a danger based on your car.
  11. Flagging you as a danger based on your political views.
  12. Flagging you as a danger based on your correspondence.
  • Have you ever watched the movie or read the book Minority Report?
  • Department of Pre-Crime – 
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    S8 E1743-The Brinx Robbery Was Child’s Play Next To The COVID PPE Heist Mike Church

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