S8 E1738-Come On Man! You Can Have 2 Beers With Your Bugs, Citizen

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The Mike Church Show
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World Cup Kiss

  • The President kissed the captain and boy howdy did this cause so much drama.
  • They are calling for him to resign and he basically just said flatly, no.
  • Where are all the women that are upset about this that aren’t mad about the men that are systematically bringing an end to all women’s only sports.

HEADLINE: Sorority Can Decide to Admit Men Who Identify Female Into Ranks, Federal Judge Rules by Bill Pan 

  • Have you ever heard of a Blanket Party?
  • “Under the Sorority’s bylaws, every new member must be ‘a woman,'” the sorority sisters argued in their complaint. “A woman is an adult human female. An adult human male is not a woman, no matter how he chooses to describe himself.”
  • By  following this guide, the suing women claimed, Kappa twisted its principles and conflated the experience of being a woman with the experience of men engaging in stereotypically female behavior. They asked the court to revoke Mr. Langford’s admission, as well as to declare the implementation of the 2018 guide unlawful—a move that would prevent other males from joining the group.

HEADLINE: Court Rules that Sorority Be Forced to Accept Biological Male by Eric Lendrum 

  • Judge Alan B. Johnson, who was appointed to the District Court for the District of Wyoming by Ronald Reagan, declared that the national organization is allowed to interpret its own bylaws’ definitions as it sees fit, and thus was not in violation of its contracts by allowing Langford to join.
  • As the members demanded that KKG should use its bylaws to properly define what a “woman” is, Johnson disagreed: “Defining ‘woman’ is Kappa Kappa Gamma’s bedrock right as a private, voluntary organization – and one this Court may not invade,” the judge wrote in his decision.
  • There have, however, been more successful efforts to protect sorority membership elsewhere in the country. In July, a chapter of the Chi Omega sorority in New York kicked out a biological male who attempted to join, since their guidelines do define what a woman is. 
HEADLINE: Biden’s alcohol czar warns new guidance could be only 2 beers a week by Adriana Diaz 

  • So how many of you Crusaders will this effect?
  • Where did they come up with the number of 2 beers?
  • President Biden’s alcohol czar, Dr. George Koob, told the Daily Mail that the USDA could revise its alcohol recommendations to match Canada’s guidelines.
  • Didn’t they have a study that said consuming red wine daily reduces heart issues?
  • Will this just be beer?
  • Why do they call liquor spirits?
  • Why do we even have an alcohol czar to begin with?
  • Most alcohol czars are FATHERS!
1h01m NEW COVID Variant 

  • How do you determine if a person has COVID or not?
  1. You have to have influenza like symptoms, they have to be physically present.
  2. A medical professional then diagnoses the symptoms by seeing them. 
  3. The symptoms have to then be collected, tested and returned positive.
  • It is only August folks, it isn’t even cold yet.
  • There are flus reported all the way back to Adam and Even in August but will they report that or just exclaim this is COVID?
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1h20m Scientology 

The demons are at work.

HEADLINE: Cultic Handlers by Matthew Crawford 

Dr Simone Gold, Dr Robert Malone – we were told during COVID they were on our team only to find out they weren’t actually on our team at all.

  • HEK 293
  • I am not saying that anyone in this picture is a bad actor. I’ve tried to do basic research on each of them, and in a short period I’ve developed a wide range of opinions per individual. But one way to limit or shape the messages of activists is to pair them with a handler. Is that what is going on here? To what end? These are not unimportant questions, even if some of these women are heroes. No—especially if some of these women are heroes.
  • Where did Greta Van Susteren come from?
  • What does it mean that almost nobody in or around the MFM is talking about Scientology’s strange ability to be everywhere around the MFM?
  • Final thought: over the course of my research, this link clued me in to the former existence of the website Disturbingly, I could not find a single archive of that site using the Wayback Machine. Does this tell us that Scientology is more powerful than most people might have recognized? Would that be further indication of military intelligence ties?
HEADLINE: Washington state 4H competition threatens students for wearing ‘My pronouns are nor/mal’ t-shirt by Ari Hoffman 

  • Teen girls competing in a 4-H equestrian competition were threatened with punitive action for wearing t-shirts proclaiming their pronouns as “nor/mal.”




AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Hunter Biden and the Biden Brand

Peter Doocy – The secret service is paying $16,000 a month now to stage near Hunter Biden in Malibu? Who’s paying for that? How can he guarantee that people are not gonna be buying this art to gain favor w/ the president?

Karine Jean-Pierre – That’s a question for the Secret Service.

Last time I checked they don’t do social media and they don’t do press conferneces so how would we actually get this informaiton? 

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Limiting Beer Consumption

Peter Doocy – Does president Biden want to limit Americans to 2 beers a week? How do you think that’s gonna go over?

Karine Jean-Pierre – I’ll leave it to the experts.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Briefing on Updated COVID VaccineThe updated vaccinations against COVID-19 remains the safest protection for avoid hospitalization, long term health complications and death.

  • I want to know why no GOP presidential candidate is being asked about lockdown 2.0?
  • Vivek was on the record as saying everyone should wear masks.
  • What do they all think about mandatory masks?
HEADLINE: Mask study published by NIH suggests N95 Covid masks may expose wearers to dangerous level of toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer by Emily Joshua

  • This is August, this is counter productive at this point.
  • The study found that the chemicals released by these masks had eight times the recommended safety limit of toxic volatile organic compounds (TVOCs). 
  • Inhaling TVOCs has been linked to health issues like headaches and nausea, while prolonged and repeated has been linked to organ damage and even cancer.


HEADLINE: Democrats Aren’t ‘Interfering’ In 2024 Election With Trump Trial, They’re Blatantly Rigging It by John Daniel Davidson 

  • The timing here is important, because not only will Trump be pulled off the campaign trail at a crucial time, he will almost certainly be convicted over the summer. After all, the jury in this case will be drawn from a pool that voted 92 percent for Joe Biden. No matter how outlandish and unconstitutional the charges are, no matter how utterly politicized the process is, a D.C. jury is going to convict Trump.
  • A summer 2024 conviction sets up the real play here, which is for blue states and counties to remove Trump from the ballot, citing a faulty and blatantly lawless reading of the 14th Amendment. Assuming Trump wins the GOP primary, this will leave Republicans with no candidate on the ballot across vast swaths of the country heading into the fall. Even if the Supreme Court steps in, if Democrats time it just right it will be too late to send out corrected, lawful ballots in time for Election Day.
  • So what are we going to do about this?
  • Will the average American allow this to happen?
  • Will they let this regime just rule forevermore? 
  • What would be the point in staying in the union at that point?
  • Will there be more secession talk?
  • SECEDE – 
  • Where is the leadership out there counseling on this?
  • One lawyer for Jan. 6 defendants explained on Twitter that he had a “relatively simple” Jan. 6 case that was indicted in late March in D.C., and at a recent status hearing dates were discussed for a trial in March or April 2024: “So I get a year between indictment and trial in a one-defendant relatively straight-forward J6 case. And Trump gets 8 months in a case with 12 million pages of discovery and well over 100 witnesses.”
  • This is against the American people not Trump.
  • They view you and I a major threat.
  • Where do they get off treating us like this?
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Mitt Romney on Ukraine Military AidMitt Romney says sending billions of dollars to Ukraine each year “is about the best national defense spending I think we’ve ever done.”





















Michael Hichborn 

Founder of the Lepanto Institute

  • MASONIC organization based on ritualistic magic.
  • Once you go from there you find connections to various other branches like the OTO.
  • Thelema: An Introduction to the Life, Work & Philosophy of Aleister Crowley
  • Lucifer Rising film 1972 short/fantasy film
  • Sexology – SECUS the launch or primary foundation of figuring out what information to give to children. 
  • Alfred Kinsey and John Money
  • An occult underworld that pulls the strings of society has a lot of weight to it.
  • The fact so many of our ruling elites now have ties to all of this shows why we are here today.
  • JPL – Jack Parsons – an American rocket engineer, chemist, and Thelemite occultist. Associated with the California Institute of Technology, Parsons was one of the principal founders of both the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Aerojet Engineering Corporation.

HEADLINE: Sex-Cult Rocket Man by Matthew Wills 

  • Parsons’s partner for what he called the “Babalon Working” was his housemate, a science fiction writer and fellow occultist named Ron Hubbard. Yes, that L. Ron Hubbard, who was still several years away from founding the Church of Scientology. The Church says that Hubbard was acting undercover to subvert Parsons’s black magic and rescue a “girl,” Sara “Betty” Northrup, from Parson’s clutches. Northrup, Parson’s sister-in-law and lover, became Hubbard’s second wife.

HEADLINE: The Occult History Behind NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory by Alex Lin and Eric Collins 

Mr Ballen Podcast – strange, mysterious and dark

Medical Malpractice Deaths each year – Their latest estimate found that approximately 251,000 lives are claimed each year because of medical error – about 9.5 percent of all deaths annually in the United States. This staggering number is higher than deaths caused by stroke, accidents or Alzheimer’s. – 2016 numbers 

  • John T. James, PhD explains that preventable medical errors are among the leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for as many as 400,000 deaths per year. – 2023 numbers
  • Allen Parsons Project – 
  • Ascended Masters 
  • Jacobin – was a member of the Jacobin Club, a revolutionary political movement that was the most famous political club during the French Revolution (1789–1799). The club got its name from meeting at the Dominican rue Saint-Honoré Monastery of the Jacobins.
  • The Order of the Golden Dawn 
HEADLINE: Covid to blame for just 1% of weekly deaths from all causes across the US, CDC data shows by Alexa Lardieri 

HEADLINE: CDC ends VSAFE website for vaccine after-effects reporting, page now reads ‘Thank you for your participation’ via The Post Millennial 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jon VoightThis is now a war on all of us. The Biden administration is corrupt. These indictments against President Trump are criminal. My fellow Americans this is a Civil War, and it is the time to stand for truths. Let us not beg and not steal but allow God’s truth to be yours and mine. 
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    S8 E1738-Come On Man! You Can Have 2 Beers With Your Bugs, Citizen Mike Church

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