S8 E1727-Wildfires, Heat Waves, And Giant Vacuum Cleaners, Oh My!

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The Mike Church Show
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41m HEADLINE: Biden admin to spend $1.2 billion to VACUUM sky of carbon dioxide by Thomas Stevenson 

  • What ever happened to just planting a tree?
  • I’m old enough to remember when the adults talked about planting trees to save the world b/c they ‘eat CO2’.
  • The New CO2 Sucker!
  • I mean seriously, this is just mocking the American people at this point.
  • Granholm, on Thursday, told reporters that these “projects are going to help us prove out the potential of these next-generation technologies so that we can add them to our climate crisis fighting arsenal.”
  • “giant vacuums that can suck decades of old carbon pollution straight out of the sky.” 
  • In  addition to removing the fossil fuels from the air, the plants are to be used as a way to develop “a robust clean hydrogen supply chain and workforce by prioritizing clean hydrogen demonstration projects in major shale gas regions” with “regional clean hydrogen hubs.”
  • Serious Question: What is the difference b/w Gru, evil mastermind from the Minions movies, wanting to ‘steal the moon’ and this CO2 vacuum idea?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen Mazie Hirono on climate changeThere are whole states where you can’t even use the worlds climate change b/c they still have a head in the sand attitude. Yes there is more that needs to be done. 

  • Complex hydrocarbon – 
  • Hey Senator, how did you get to DC from Hawaii? 
  • Did you fly, did you use a boat? 
  • The same process that makes soil makes oil.
  • You put the same process under pressure, push down on the process that makes soil…add some heat and BOOM….CRUDE OIL.
  • Senator Hirono goes on for 1 1/2 minutes on how this is man made type climate crisis but then at the end she declares this is a natural disaster. 
  • Which one is it because it can’t be both.

HEADLINE: Hawaiian Fires: Fueled by Invasive Grasses, a Wet Spring and Human Ignition Sources by CO2 Coalition 

  • Lightning is rare on Maui. Fewer than thirty thunderstorms rattle across the Hawaiian Islands each year, and most occur during January and February. Accordingly, there have been no reports of an August lightning strike, so it seems doubtful this tragic fire was started naturally.
  • According to Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization, 98% of all Hawaiian fires are started by people, of which 75% are due to carelessness.  Thus, a Smokey-the-Bear type campaign that “only you can prevent forest fires” would help raise people’s consciousness, especially newcomers.  As retirees flock to Hawaii seeking the health benefits of a warmer climate, the population has tripled since 1980, which only increases the probability of a careless fire being started.
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HEADLINE: ‘Crazy plane lady’ Tiffany Gomas apologizes after viral ‘motherf–er is not real’ rant aboard American Airlines flight by Jesse O’Neill 
1h25m HEADLINE: The FBI Targeted Traditional Catholics Because They Will Never Accept The Left’s Pagan Morality by John Daniel Davidson

  • Ben Domenech is married to Meghan McCain.
  • The government views us as nut bags b/c they can’t understand we believe and have faith.
  • Very afraid of people who belive things that God has said and revealed to man through His church here on Earth.
  • We don’t want to be part of your scheme and plan anymore.
  • You don’t like us anyway right?
  • We have NO common ground w/ people that are okay w/ mutilating children.
  • The left has a mentality of Join us or Die.
  • We can’t separate ourselves even though they call us extremists, nationalist and so on.
  • They need us b/c they need our tax dollars, but they hate us and truly don’t want us to exist. 
  • Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.
  • Outrageous as it was for the FBI to try to monitor, surveil, and investigate American citizens based on their religion, it appears to have been a coordinated effort — an effort that Wray lied to Congress about, according to a newly unredacted memo obtained by House Republicans after months of FBI stonewalling.
  • QUESTION: So why does the FBI hate Traditional Catholics?
  • ANSWER: Because the FBI has become a tool of the permanent regime in Washington, which will tolerate no resistance to their ideology — an ideology best understood as pagan morality. Abortion, gender ideology, and the thinly-veiled racism of critical race theory in particular are considered sacred by the regime. Traditional Catholics — or “Radical-Traditionalist Catholics” in FBI parlance — oppose these things and will never accept them.
  • Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Vivek Ramaswamy on the alphabet agenciesMy core platform is get in there and shut down the administrative deep state. From the FBI to the IRS to the ATF, we can’t reform them we have to get in there and shut them down. Delivering GDP growth, economic growth, we get behind a country when the country is prosperous. 
1h57m HEADLINE: Stormtrooper Syndrome has seduced the West by John Michael Greer 

  • The Ukrainian military imitated these tactics, building a massive network of defensive works just west of the Russian-held areas of the Donbas.
  • We just always think WE, the good guys should win.
  • It was because of Stormtrooper Syndrome, for instance, that so many people suffered nervous breakdowns when Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, their reaction amounting to: “He’s a Bad Person, he’s not supposed to win!”. Afterwards, the same factor also kept them from wondering why so many disillusioned voters were willing to settle for Trump, of all people, as an alternative. Nor, to be fair, is Stormtrooper Syndrome in short supply on the Right, where shrill moral dualism is far more common than thoughtful discussion about how to deal constructively with the cascading crises overwhelming America today.
  • Let’s not fall into the trap that ‘We are supposed to win’.
  • You have to believe that the enemy wants to devour you.
  • They want and will do anything to achieve their goal.
  • The treat is there and they will not back off.
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Oversight Committee 

  • The DOJ is attempting a Biden family coverup. 
  • The Justice Department’s misconduct and politicization in the Biden criminal investigation already allowed the statute of limitations to run with respect to egregious felonies committed by Hunter Biden. Justice Department officials refused to follow evidence that could have led to Joe Biden, tipped off the Biden transition team and Hunter Biden’s lawyers about planned interviews and searches, and attempted to sneakily place Hunter Biden on the path to a sweetheart plea deal. 
  • Let’s be clear what today’s move is really about. The Biden Justice Department is trying to stonewall congressional oversight as we have presented evidence to the American people about the Biden family’s corruption. Our Committee will continue to follow the Biden family’s money trail and interview witnesses to determine whether foreign actors targeted the Bidens, President Biden is compromised and corrupt, and our national security is threatened.
2h27m HEADLINE: Hunter Biden & The Special Counsel by Rod Dreher 

  • To go forward w/ this, the GOP need to have a sense of winning here.
  • The Democrats lie and they don’t care what anyone thinks about it.
  • They steal, they corrupt and they kill.
2h36m AUDIO/VIDEO: Vivek Ramaswamy on national securityMy view is we need a modern Monroe Doctrine in this country. Much of our military defense spending hasn’t gone to defense. The hallmark of my foreign policy is going to be ‘you don’t mess w/ the homeland’, start w/ that first.

  • So what is the Monroe Doctrine you ask?

Monroe Doctrine – 

President James Monroe’s 1823 annual message to Congress contained the Monroe Doctrine, which warned European powers not to interfere in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere.

  • The Monroe Doctrine is the best known U.S. policy toward the Western Hemisphere. Buried in a routine annual message delivered to Congress by President James Monroe in December 1823, the doctrine warns European nations that the United States would not tolerate further colonization or puppet monarchs. The doctrine was conceived to meet major concerns of the moment, but it soon became a watchword of U.S. policy in the Western Hemisphere.
  • While the Monroe Doctrine’s message was designed to keep European powers out of the Western Hemisphere, Roosevelt would strengthen its meaning to justify sending the United States into other countries of the Western Hemisphere. As a result, U.S. Marines were sent into Santo Domingo in 1904, Nicaragua in 1911, and Haiti in 1915, ostensibly to keep the Europeans out. Other Latin American nations viewed these interventions with misgiving, and relations between the “great Colossus of the North” and its southern neighbors remained strained for many years.
  • There was a notion that Protestants separated and needed to head West, they were going to colonize the rest of the continent and they didn’t want Catholics meddling in their affairs. 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump in Des Moinse, Iowa on just taking a plea dealWe don’t take plea deals b/c we didn’t, I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s called election interference. Our country is in major decline.

  • I’ve never said Trump is going to save America.
  • When he says ‘We will make America great again’ – I really do think he means it.
  • We can argue over what makes America great again.
HEADLINE: RFK Jr. says he’d sign a federal abortion ban at 3 months of pregnancy, then reverses course by Ali Vitali and Katherine Korestski 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Robert Kennedy Jr. Issues Dire Warning: We Need to Speak Directly to Putin ‘Before We Initiate Another Nuclear Exchange That Would Destroy All of Humanity’ 

  • We have been at this since 2007 and some of you were maybe never Neo-Cons.
  • There are many people that have been in the nonintervention camp for years.
  • These people that say we still need to be in Ukraine, they are absorbing what MSM is saying about Ukraine.
  • They don’t know the facts of what is actually happening there.
Hawaii Smart Cities

  • 15 minute cities
  • You will be stuck inside the dome.
  • The town that has been burned to the ground was scheduled to become one of these.




HEADLINE: Doctors Can Prescribe Ivermectin for COVID-19: FDA Lawyer by Zachary Stieber 

  • Remember when they made fun of us for wanting to use this during COVID?
  • They told us…you stupid rednecks you aren’t horses so stop using it!

HEADLINE: They Break Every Family, Every Town, Every Country by Elizabeth Nickson 

  • Everything you have been told about the founding of America is a lie. Especially the role of women. These four women were so powerful, so profoundly, deeply rooted in themselves and their own proven virtue, I’ve not met a modern human male or female that comes close to their banked power.  For 350 years, they and thousands of families like them, ordinary, not “bloodline”, had been building towns, churches, schools, and infrastructure across the continent. In their towns, they knew when someone was in need, and they were there, face to face, helping, through their churches, their clubs and societies. Intimate. Not performative bullshit charity. Right up against it, solving actual problems, helping real people, not fending them off onto “government”.  My great-great-grandmother’s parents and grandparents had been Officers on the Underground Railroad, and their entire family was a fountain of charity. You were judged as an adult on that contribution, not on the money you made. My great- grandmother had started the Vancouver General Hospital, a multi-billion dollar enterprise today, in a tent with her friends. All of them were cornerstones of the culture, fully responsible adults.  Her grandson, my great-uncle and his wife were the same. If they were alive, there would be no way in hell that Vancouver would be a sickening hub of child sex trafficking, money laundering, and drugs. We have lost all of that. All of it.
Choosing A Life Of Sin

  • You have free will, God gives everyone free will. 
  • You can choose to sin, but you don’t have the RIGHT to do so.
  • We confess to a priest because instituted the sacraments as sure fire means for oursakes rather than some random idea that i confessed sins to God. You’re still doing that but to an official witness who has been given the power to actual forgive sins in His name.








HEADLINE: Screens of Satan by William S Lind 

  • Twenty years on, the horizon has only grown darker . Video screens are ubiquitous. Virtual reality headsets offer total absorption in the false. The inventors of Artificial Intelligence (Al) warn us their machines may decide to eliminate us carbon-based units. Seeing is no longer believing, and Al can create a new “you” that to most people will be more real than the real you.
  • About 2,000 years ago, Satan had a run of bad luck. Christ’s death on the cross broke his hold on mankind. In the Harrowing of Hell, Jesus went down into Hades and brought the people there out. In His Resurrection and Ascension, He opened the gates of Heaven to all men. Satan knows Christ will return and reclaim the world and its people as His own. He rages against the day, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. 
  • Now, thanks to video screens, His wormship’s fortunes have taken a turn for the better. Hell’s workshops have given him a weapon against which humans appear defenseless, not because it is so horrible but because it offers so much fun. The number one use of the internet is for pornography. Dancing images of every description are only a click away. How can God’s reality compete against Satan’s infinitely tailorable virtual realities?
  • What is the classic statement?
  • You think you can buy your way into paradise. 
  • Stairway To Heaven song – 
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    S8 E1727-Wildfires, Heat Waves, And Giant Vacuum Cleaners, Oh My! Mike Church

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