S8 E1724- Mike Pence Claims The Constitution Made Him Do It

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44m Habsburg Way Book 

Famous quote by Franz Joseph – 

HEADLINE: Our Self-Policing Fascist Social Order by Elizabeth Nickson

  • The world we live in is a simulation. I don’t mean a computer game or hologram, so much as I mean something so tightly controlled and monitored that we are trapped, suppressed, our work stolen, our energies used ruthlessly by people who are so accustomed to being incandescently rich and in control, they will do anything to keep it. Aristocrats who trace their “bloodlines” back to Sumeria and Egypt, who are prideful, and so inbred they are deformed in body and spirit. They are bankers and senior senior bureaucrats habituated to power. Eight families own the US debt, $20 Trillion of it and they are in point of fact, the fabled bloodline families, that polite society calls conspiracy. It is not conspiracy. I wish it was, deeply. They decide. Everything.  They proffer Kate Middleton as their innocent face, but behind that, they are crabbed and bitter and miserable. They hate and loathe us, call us ‘piglets’, cowans (outsiders) sheep and useless eaters. They imprison us in their financial prisons so that only ten percent of us, beneath the hallowed 1-2%, have enough to be safe, the rest bent to survival.
  • The situation whereby we are kept in a continual state of anxiety is created by them. The IISS in coordination with Rand, with Stanford, with Tavistock builds shock after shock after shock. They destroy any peace we can find. They want us too busy competing for our survival to mount a defence, to take them down. People are too traumatized to engage in any political process without hysteria so the sensible, the careful, withdraw. It’s the Via Dolorosa torture program writ large. Most of us now live under a spiralling reduction in standard income and working conditions. This is called “a long-range penetration strain”. It is deliberate. It creates lethargy, it creates submission. The entire culture has been devised to dumb you down, to turn you into a touchy-feeling adult with infantile tendencies.
  • So according to Elizabeth, 7 families own $20 trillion in debt.
  • QUESTION: Does anyone think in order to implement what she is implying here across all English speaking countries, how is it possible that men that meet in cigar smoke filled rooms could successfully conspire what is happening now and to control it?
  • ANSWER: The screw tape letters











AUDIO/VIDEO: Mike Pence on Face the NationPresident Trump was wrong, he was wrong then and wrong now. I’m running for president in part b/c Trump asked me to put him over the constitution and I will chose the constitution every time.

  • Trump didn’t tell you to be the President of the Senate.
  • You chose to be the VP and that made you the President of the Senate.
  • We know from history that other VP’s have opened those letters up and not read those tallies aloud! 
  • 1880’s, around the turn of the 20th century and the world thought YOU were going to do it.
  • SCOTUS was told to be on standby and at the ready.
  • The Constitution wasn’t clear on if the VP didn’t even show up – Sen Chuck Grassley
  • Let’s go over what Pence could and could not do.
  • Was Paul Ryan gonna walk over from the House of Representatives and arrest you?
  • Who would have had the authority that day to stop Pence?

AUDIO/VIDEO: President Trump’s attorney John Lauro on ABC discussing Mike PenceMike Pence will be one of our best witnesses at trial. I read his book carefully and if he testifies consistent w/ his book then president Trump will be acquitted.

  • In 2021 the Nancy Congress passed an act to ensure there would never be an issue like this again. 
  • If you did have the power SCOTUS would have acted quickly like they did when Gore tried.
  • If Pence had no such power, nothing would have happened right b/c he had no such power.
  • If Pence did have the right, then he had every right to ask for it to be USED!
  • See where we are going here?
  • Jack Smith, Merrick Garland and Joe Biden did him a favor because now Trumps lawyer gets to demand discovery!
  • Now Trump can ask, ‘who were you talking to Joe’?
  • All of this will come out in discovery.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Long Tall Glasses – Leo Sayer




















HEADLINE: ‘Now I Am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.’ The Story of Oppenheimer’s Infamous Quote by James Temperton 

HEADLINE: Did We Really Need to Drop the Bomb? by Paul Ham 

  • Atomic bombs were seen as spectacular new weapons that somehow inflicted a cleaner, quicker death. That perception gradually cooled as the public learned the truth about the destruction of civilian life and the facts of radiation poisoning; two years after the war, the number who approved of the bomb was cut in half, according to a similar poll.
  • There were soul-searchers – “Shall we not lose our souls in the process of using these new bombs?”; those who were disgusted – “A few months ago, we were expressing horror at the inhumanity of the Germans’ use of indiscriminate weapons … Must we not therefore now apply this criticism to ourselves?”; pulpit- pounders – The bomb, claimed Sir William Beveridge, had “obliterated” any distinction between combatants and civilians as targets of attack, and had exacted too great a price for peace; and there was George Bernard Shaw, who wrote, “We may practice our magic without knowing how to stop it, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Prospero.”
  • The bomb provoked extreme reactions among American church leaders: provincial firebrands extolled atomic power as a heavenly thunderbolt with which the Almighty had endowed His American disciples to smite the wicked – echoing Truman’s description of the bomb as the “most powerful weapon in the arsenal of righteousness.”
  • Many religious leaders, however, quietly registered their Christian disapproval of the mass killing of noncombatants. This intensified as the truth about the effects of the bombs emerged. The Federal Council of Churches was among the most vociferous, branding the atomic bombing of Japan “morally indefensible;” America had “sinned grievously against the law of God and the Japanese people.” The sermon jarred in a country where most people despised the Japanese and believed in God.
  • Truman knew exactly what he was doing.
  • He knew there was an order of Jesuits living there.
  • Hydrogen Bomb – Nagasaki – 
  • This wasn’t a glorious day, these people were non-combatants. 
  • My point in bringing all of this up was they were successful in selling the immediate incarnation to the American people as ‘righteous deeds’.
  • 60 million children slaughtered in mothers wombs but you had to lay THIS groundwork down first. 
  • Despite Harry Truman’s efforts to appease the Holy See, the Vatican’s disgust presaged a long accretion of Catholic condemnation. Father John Siemes, a priest who experienced Hiroshima, alerted the Vatican to the horror on the ground: “The crux of the matter is whether total war in its present form is justifiable, even when it serves a just purpose. Does it not have a material and spiritual evil … which far exceeds whatever good might result?”
  • “It is our hope,” Oppenheimer said, “that, in years to come, we may look at this scroll and all that it signifies, with pride. Today, that pride must be tempered with a profound concern. If atomic bombs are to be added as new weapons to the arsenals of a warring world, or to the arsenals of nations preparing for war, then the time will come when mankind will curse the names of Los Alamos and of Hiroshima. The peoples of this world must unite or they will perish. This war, that has ravaged so much of the Earth, has written these words. The atomic bomb has spelled them out for all men to understand. Other men have spoken them, in other times, of other wars, of other weapons. They have not prevailed. There are some, misled by a false sense of human history, who hold that they will not prevail today. It is not for us to believe that. By our works, we are committed, committed to a united world, before this common peril, in law, and in humanity.”  – Physicist Robert Oppenheimer 
  • The bomb gave America’s tooth-for-a-tooth sensibility the power to scatter a billion molars. The United States used it, without warning, in an attempt to extract “unconditional surrender” from a defeated foe, to “manage” Russian aggression in Europe and Asia, and avenge Pearl Harbor, as Truman and Byrnes had made clear.
  • The bomb achieved none of those goals (unless two destroyed cities is accepted as proportionate punishment for Pearl Harbor): Tokyo surrendered with its sole condition more or less intact, and Russia continued to stomp and snort and foment “communist” revolution around the world – and would soon rush to join the nuclear arms race.
  • Taken together, or alone, the reasons offered in defense of the bomb do not justify the massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. We debase ourselves, and the history of civilization, if we accept that Japanese atrocities warranted American atrocities in reply.
1h44m HEADLINE: Avoided the vaccine? Not so fast: new study says most Americans have been vaccinated by their neighbors via “shedding” by The Wellness Company

  • This isn’t anything new here folks if you have been a listener to this show for the last 3 years.
  • Remember we had a listener Katie Beeman that discussed shedding LIVE on this show.
  • Did Donald Trump mandate the vaccine?
  • He is of course responsible for Operation Warp Speed but he did not mandate the vaccines.
  • QUESTION: So who actually mandated this vaccine?
  • ANSWER: Joe Biden
  • All the airlines buckled, all the major companies buckled and mandated the vaccine for their employees.
  • What has anyone proposed to do about this?
  • You took the word of the ruling elites, that this jab was ‘safe & effective’.
  • So what happens now?
  • Who is going to protect us from our ruling elites?
HEADLINE: Court Freezes Part of Biden’s Student Debt Relief Scheme Involving Claims of Fraud by Tom Ozimek
1h54m HEADLINE: Covid Learning Loss Isn’t Confined To The Classroom — It’s Hurting Our Economy by Christopher Jacobs

  • Managers at a zoo in Michigan “are coaching seasonal workers in their teens and early 20s on basics such as why it’s important to look visitors in the eye, and how to make change at a cash register. They are also trying to instill a work ethic in their employees that includes taking some initiative, getting off their phones and engaging with visitors,” because a lack of accountability for poor performance while in school has led to a lack of motivation when young people leave the classroom.
  • We can sum all of this up by saying all systems are crashing.
  • The whole damn thing is about to crash.
HEADLINE: It And The Other Things by Sohrab Ahmari 

  • One thing we can say is what went into the development of the Saturn V rocket, we do know that an Earth based version of the Lunar excursion model did land.
  • Tandy company – 
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HEADLINE: Elon Musk Calls Cybertruck Tesla’s ‘Best Product Ever.’ Here Comes the Test. by Rebecca Elliott 

  • This truck is so very ugly.
  • Tesla website has a video of all these awesome things it can do.
  • What self respecting redneck that uses a 4wheeler would actually buy an EV truck to do his fun weekend activities?
  • Do you know how difficult it is to find a truck w/ an 8ft bed these days?
  • You have to special order them at all dealerships now.
2h39m AUDIO/VIDEO: Governor Ron DeSantis on NBC NewsOf course Donald Trump lost the election, Joe Biden is president.

HEADLINE: Does DeSantis Know What Time It Is? Didn’t Sound Like It In That NBC Interview by John Daniel Davidson 

  • If the Florida governor wants to be the GOP nominee, he needs to stop attacking Trump and go after the deep state. 
  • Why did Ivanka and Jared con Donald into using Pence as his running mate for VP?
  • So who is VP if it wasn’t Mike Pence?
  • Would they have turned out differently? 
  • Here we have what’s now a familiar formula from DeSantis: say whatever he thinks Trump voters want to hear, and then attack Trump. In this case, he acknowledged the truth — that there were major problems with 2020, that it was not a “good-run election” — but then blamed Trump for not fighting back, which is not just a ridiculous way to characterize 2020 but seems like an answer almost designed in a lab to infuriate every last Republican primary voter.
  • Who else ran against Trump in 2016?
  • Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz – 
2h51m Habsburg Way Book – 

  • We need to know they know the difference b/w the One True Catholic church.
  • I’m not getting into a theological discussion. 
  • The 19th century Protestants would have agreed w/ that.
  • You need these men to set the example.
  • Whenever we have an event I dress w/ a bowtie and vest, they all call me Sir b/c the dress requires respect. 
  • You can’t be a coward.
  • You don’t have to be elected to be a great leader in your community. 
3h07m AUDIO/VIDEO: Orioles broadcaster Kevin Brown’s broadcast that got him suspended indefinitely by the OriolesAll he did was discuss the Orioles have a record of 0-15 against the Rays and 3 total wins in 21 games in 2020-22.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Gary Cohen comes to the defense of Orioles’ broadcaster Kevin Brown being fired.

  • That is solidarity shown by Gary Cohen.
  • He stood up for his young, newcomer broadcaster.
  • I completely and totally agree w/ Gary Cohen.
  • This is a total disgrace. 
  • All this young broadcaster did was quote the Orioles stats live.
  • If we are in a guild situation and a fellow traveler gets booted like that we all Rudy the bastards at the front office of the Orioles. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Angels broadcaster Wayne Randazzo on Kevin Brown and the Orioles Sometimes, facts are facts, and we have to sit here and talk about them, whether they’re pretty or not. And in Baltimore, certainly they have had some different reactions to that sort of thing. 

Twitter Thread

AUDIO/VIDEO: NeYo discussing transgender surgeries on minorsYou know a 5 year old comes home and says daddy I want to be a girl. First, where at the age of  5 did he even get this idea that he could change his sex. He can’t drive a car yet but he can decide his sex? 

AUDIO/VIDEO: NeYo RETRACTS apology to the rainbow mafiaI will never be okay w/ allowing a child to make a decision that is that detrimental to their life. I doubt there is any book anywhere that will make me okay with that. If I get cancelled for this, well maybe this is a world that don’t need NeYo no mo.

HEADLINE: Almost 100 arrested in global child sex abuse probe launched after fatal shooting of FBI agents by Chantal Da Silva 

  • The Australian Federal Police (AFP) said that 19 men had been arrested on charges of sharing child abuse material online, while at least 13 children were rescued from further harm as a result of a joint operation with the FBI, dubbed “Operation Bakis.”
  • The development brought the total number of people arrested as part of the joint probe up to 98, with at least 79 arrests so far carried out by the FBI, according to the Australian agency.
  • The Australian suspects are between the ages of 32 to 81 years old, the federal police agency said.

KV Turley 

Archangel Radio – WNGL out of Mobile Alabama 1410AM and 94.5FM

US Presidential candidates 

Mike Pence – he cannot win anything. He is making more enemies running.

Vivek Ramaswamy – maybe they want to prove they have staying power and are shooting for the VP spot.

  • When Donald Trump walks into a room, he sucks all the air out of the room.
  • There is no combatting that.
  • He commands the attention of everyone there.
  • Right now it won’t be any of the other people. 
  • Ponder this one – their nominee is going to be Gavin Newsom from California.
  • Kevin McCarthy is not going to endanger his speakership w/ the Joe Biden issue.
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