S8 E1723-The Big Choke- U.S. Women’s Team Apes Biden Regime

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  • Robert F Kennedy Jr – they simply can’t have him in office, he doesn’t check off enough evil boxes for the democrat party
  • Congress taking their summer break
  • Donald Trump in South Carolina
34m Georgia Donald Trump Indictment 

  • It is coming down the pipeline now so expect to see another indictment coming this week.
  • There was that big hoopty do in Georgia and they did have rallies and I think Trump either went to Georgia or he called Kemp up.
  • I just have to say that for the Attorney General for the state of Georgia, they are putting up barricades like the MAGA crowd is going to retaliate for them indicting Trump.
  • Did MAGA retaliate in NYC or in DC on the most recent indictments? 
  • There is no precedent for this. 
  • The only thing that comes close to this is Paula Jones suing Bill Clinton.
  • Why did they let him go?
  • Because he said he was on his way to congress. 
  • You can’t impede someone on their way to do “democracy”.
  • If you are in office you cannot be prosecuted civilly or otherwise if it was done while they were acting in that capacity.
  • Trump will then be sitting at a total of 4 indictments. 
The New Blue Wall 

  • What if RFK Jr decides to become a Republican?
  • Trump/Kennedy ticket – 
  • It won’t win Washington, Colorado, Vermont, Connecticut but it would make some other Democrat strongholds in play.
Women’s US Soccer Match

HEADLINE: US loses to Sweden on penalty kicks in its earliest Women’s World Cup exit ever by Anne M Peterson 

  • It was the fourth time the Americans went to extra time at the World Cup. All three previous matches went to penalties, including the 2011 final won by Japan. The U.S. won on penalties in a 2011 quarterfinal match against Brazil, and in the 1999 final at the Rose Bowl against China.
  • The US American women took a knee, most of them when the National Anthem was played.
  • How dare we not 
  • Donald Trump took to Truth Social Media – The “shocking and totally unexpected” loss but the US Women’s Soccer Team to Sweden is fully emblematic of what is happening to our once great Nation under Crooked Joe Biden. Many of our players were openly hostile to America – No other country behaved in such a manner, or even close. Woke equals failure. Nice shot Megan, the USA is going to Hell! MAGA
HEADLINE: Fury as Porsche ‘airbrushes out’ statue of Jesus in new 911 promo advert: Image of the famous Cristo Rei landmark in Lisbon is ‘erased’ from background of clip that celebrates 60 years of the iconic car by Arthur Parashar 
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HEADLINE: 92% of Covid Deaths in 2022 Were Triple+ Vaxxed by Frank Bergman

  • Remember Carhart forced all their employees to get the jab or lose their job?
  • Remember they fired nurses, they fired doctors they fired people at small businesses too!

HEADLINE: VAERS data is crystal clear: The COVID vaccines are killing an estimated 1 person per 1,000 doses (676,000 dead Americans) by Steve Kirsch 

  • It takes about 30 seconds to do a VAERS query that shows the COVID vaccines are deadly. The shape of the “onset curve” makes this obvious. An estimated 676,000 Americans have been killed.
  • 500 – 600 million people is what Bill Gates states the Earth can handle.
  • 9 billion is what we currently have on Earth.
  • How many do you have to kill to keep the Earth healthy according to Bill Gates then?
  • A safe vaccine should have a peak near day 0 just due to coincidence causing false reports in the first few days after the vaccine as people falsely associate the death event with the date of vaccination. The rest of the curve should be flat. This is the case for many of the vaccines. For example, the Rubella vaccine doesn’t have a single death report in the history of VAERS (but does have 800 adverse event reports).
  • This means 76.5% of Covid deaths were among the vaccinated, whilst 23.5% of deaths were among the unvaccinated.
  • This means we’ve gone from 76.5% of Covid deaths being among the vaccinated and 23.5% of deaths being among the unvaccinated in 2021, to 94% of Covid deaths being among the vaccinated and just 6% of deaths being among the unvaccinated in 2022.
TKD tells story from Sunday Mass
1h37m AUDIO/VIDEO: After losing the World Cup Megan Rapinoe 

Reporter – Is there a memory that stands out to you in this moment? 

Rapinoe – I would say equal pay chance after the final. I think this team has always fought for so much more and that has been the most rewarding part for me. We’ve used our special talent to change the world forever.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Trump spokesperson Alina Habba on GA indictmentI think if you look at the barricades, it is a good indicator. 

  • I’m not saying it won’t happen or can’t happen.
  • You keep pushing these MAGA people and they can turn violent.
  • Just like anyone!
TKD reads from The Habsburg Way book 

  • If you screwed up as a prince or a King who had to pay for your mistake and you were a Christian?
  • Your children did.
  • Do you think we have mortgages, automobile insurance and all under that system?


Caller Kelly from Florida

  • Mortgages and insurance in Florida there are so many insurance companies just pulling out of the state.
  • I have spent the last 5 months to get a new roof b/c our current roof isn’t 5 years old.
  • In every step of the way some state entity has to get in the way.
  • We have to pay an engineer an extra $2,000 to get that done.
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HEADLINE: Musk Gives Update on Cage Fight With Zuckerberg by Tom Ozimek 
HEADLINE: Siemens Energy Reviews Wind Business on Seeing €4.5 Billion Loss by Wilifried Eckl-Dorna 

















CJ Doyle

Catholic Action League –

HEADLINE: Easthampton, Mass., Rejects Anti-Crisis Pregnancy Ordinance, Catholic Action League Hails Decision by CJ Doyle 

  • The City Council had passed the measure on July 5th with what was believed to be a veto proof majority. The July 5th vote was 6 to 1, with one abstention.
  • The measure, which embraced the language of the abortion industry by deriding pro-life centers as “limited service pregnancy centers,” promoted the lie that they are engaged in widespread deceptive advertising, and would have facilitated the legal and bureaucratic harassment of such centers by encouraging Easthampton residents to file consumer complaints against them.
  • The only pregnancy care center in Easthampton is Bethlehem House, which is affiliated with the Diocese of Springfield. It was vandalized by abortion fanatics in August of 2022.
  • “Many of the lies peddled by this disinformation campaign are extravagant in their recklessness, cynicism and malevolence, such as Senator Elizabeth Warren’s calumny that pro-life citizens mean women harm, or Governor Maura Healey’s claim that crisis pregnancy centers ‘prevent people from accessing abortion and contraception.’”
  • If this would have passed it embraced the language “limited service” pregnancy centers.
  • The only centers where no one dies is what it should have read.
  • Consumer Complaints – 
  • They can’t close them down they burden them w/ regulations, escalate the cost of running the centers and threatens them w/ legal actions.
  • Pro-Life centers don’t mean women harm!
  • Yet that is what the left wants us to think of them.
  • The political left also has its fundamentalists!
  • A wicked disdain for life and for Christ.
  • When you get this from a female you have to ask yourself has that woman had an abortion in her past.
  • I’m not entirely alone but we get no help from the Catholic Church and the mainstream media around here.
  • Mass Resistance – branches of his organization are trying to get kid porn out of the libraries.
  • That organization is run by Jews.
  • A lumbering Japanese destroyer – 
  • Robert Kennedy Fr – the reason my father ran for presidency was to be in control of the government so he could find out who killed his father.
  • Ford was a congressman in 1950’s oversight committee for the CIA – 


AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump, South Carolina on MSMWe have an absolutely crooked and dishonest press. They sat on stories of Hunter getting millions and millions and none of them write about it!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump, South Carolina on windmills In New Jersey they’ve never had wales come ashore, now it is like a routine thing. Everyone knows what is happening. 

  • Do you know why these wales are washing up in New Jersey?
  • Massive windmill farm – 
  • They have been blasting sonar in the ocean to survey where to put a massive wind farm at in the ocean.
  • The wind doesn’t always blow over the ocean idiots.
  • Sometimes there is no wind!

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump, South Carolina on sitting membersIt is often said that the Republicans don’t fight hard enough. They will never say that about Trump. The Senators and Congressmen have to step up.

  • Earmarks – 
  • Congressman Rand Paul – I represent the people and if they come to me and say I need funding for x,y,z I file that on their behalf. That is by definition what I’m elected to do.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump, South Carolina on showers I have this gorgeous head of hair. When I take a shower, I want the water to rush down over me and due to regulations the water just trickles, it takes forever to wash your hair.

3h40m AUDIO/VIDEO: CEO of Harry’s RazorsOur company is socially-minded that treats birthing and non-birthing parents equally. 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Australia COVID Hearing

Senator Pauline Hanson – You stated that no one was ‘forced’ to have the vaccine, would you like to retract that statement? Nurses doctors and people to keep their jobs were forced to have this.

Dr. Krishan Thiru – I believe firmly no one was ‘forced’ to have the vaccine. I believe everyone was offered the opportunity to get the vaccine or not.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Australia COVID Hearing – Pfizer employees got ‘special batch’ for employees only

Senator – You had a special batch of the vaccine shipped specially for Pfizer employees that was not tested by the TGA is that true?

Dr. Krishan Thiru – Pfizer undertook to import a batch specially for the employee vaccination program.

HEADLINE: Pfizer and Moderna Reps Put on the Hot Seat in Fiery Senate Hearing in Australia by Debra Heine 

HEADLINE: ‘Hail Satan! Hail Thyself’: What The Gender Cult And Satanism Have In Common by Georgi Boorman 
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    S8 E1723-The Big Choke- U.S. Women’s Team Apes Biden Regime Mike Church

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