S8 E1721-What Did Devon Archer Tell Tucker Carlson?

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  • Devon Archer sits down w/ Tucker Carlson
  • 100 years after Calvin Coolidge
  • Donald Trump indictments
  • Mike Pence stabs Trump in the back again 
40m Trivia Question of the Day: On this day in history, August 3, 1923 what significant event happened in American history?

ANSWER: Calvin Coolidge took the presidential oath of office on August 3, 1923, after the unexpected death in office of President Warren Harding. The new president inherited an administration plagued and discredited by corruption scandals.

HEADLINE: Coolidge took the presidential oath of office on August 3, 1923, after the unexpected death in office of President Warren Harding. The new president inherited an administration plagued and discredited by corruption scandals. by Ben Voth

  • Coolidge’s father John, a notary public, took the unusual step of swearing his son into the Presidency at almost 3 a.m. at the Coolidge family homestead.  The event is being recreated this week at the Coolidge Presidential Site.
  • This was a changing of the guard so to speak.
  • Coolidge said the business of America is business. 
  • These are important pretexts to the Presidential election of 1920.  Crippled by strokes and an ambitious physical trek across the United States to impose the League of Nations upon U.S. politics, Wilson was prevented from running again in 1920.
  • He argued that Harding had a Black matriarch in his family history and was therefore disqualified to be President of the United States.  The argument appeared in political ads and newspapers across the nation — including the New York Times.  Harding’s own father-in-law had told his daughter Florence not to marry Warren Harding because he was an “n-word.”
  • So 100 years ago, Coolidge is so laid back he doesn’t even have a telephone.
  • Compare that to what we have today.
  • Look at the power that is being used as President.
  • Coolidge wouldn’t have even imagined he could be used as a ‘brand’ for his sons business? 
  • Do you think Coolidge thought for a moment how he could use the newly form FBI to do his bidding? 
  • Joe Biden wanted to be president in 2008 but b/w Hillary and Obama there was no hope so he dropped out pretty soon.
  • By the end of May it is apparent that Hillary will not beat Obama.
  • Why did Obama choose Biden over Hillary?
  • She knew she could use the Department of State to forward the financial aims w/ the Clinton Global Initiative and it hadn’t yet been established that the VP position could do that.
  • Remember at this time Dick Cheney and Halliburton? 
55m Devon Archer with Tucker Carlson

  • You tend to hang out or around with people that have similar values to you right?
  • Your circle of ‘friends’ usually have the same interest and values that is why you are friends.
  • If you are hanging out with the likes of Hunter Biden, you are nasty, corrupt and most likely a criminal.
  • He told Tucker, him and Hunter did exactly what everyone in DC does.
  • $868 billion dollars – to do what? 
  • Defend Democracy across the world?
  • Is there a Navy from a country that doesn’t have democracy in any of our waterways just waiting to invade us that we don’t know about?
  • The actual invasion from the South that we don’t seem to care about.
  • To regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the several states. 
  • At that time regulate meant = to make regular.
  • I bet Devon Archer wasn’t wearing a suit from Burlington Coat Factory.
  • I bet Devon Archer wasn’t wearing a Timex watch.
  • There was millions to be made in DC and he knew it just as everyone else knows it.
  • Have you ever been to DC and not seen a giant crane building some new Defense Department building?  
Downgrade from Fitch 

  • Don’t get too invested with what the government is doing right now.
  • They don’t have your best interest at heart.
  • You know who is invested in bonds?
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Robert F Kennedy Jr 

Host virtual roundtable on Farming, Food and Soil

HEADLINE: RFK Jr., to Host Virtual Roundtable on Revitalizing Our Food, Farms, and Soil: The Farmers Speak Aug. 3 at 8 p.m. ET 

  • Land stewardship and farming hold the key to human and ecological security and a livable planet. Learn the exciting ways in which we can save ourselves while developing policies that support farmers.
  • Why isn’t Donald Trump doing this? 
Tucker Carlson and Devon Archer Interview

AUDIO/VIDEO: 2:44 – Understanding a regularity environment means selling access at the end of the day, that’s how I interpret it.

AUDIO/VIDEO: 4:20 – Sons, brothers or relatives, it was too close to the sun and the connections were too close to the scrutiny. 






















Marc Morano

Website Climate Depot

  • This is bigger than anything else b/c he is a sitting president.
  • Hunter Biden laptop story give you an encompassing of everything that is happening w/ the great reset.
  • Complete election interference – everything they claim Trump does or they claim he did they did with Hunter’s laptop.
  • I don’t think Biden is going to be the candidate.
  • I believe it is going to be Gavin Newsom.
  • I think Robert F Kennedy Jr is throwing some serious numbers up there and the left is really worried about it.
  • Trump and Kennedy should really run together to be honest.
  • In terms of the whole Hunter thing, it is Washington as usual. 
  • The American Trudeau = Gavin Newsom
  • Don’t even get me started on RFK.
  • He has been red pilled.
  • He won’t talk about climate in this campaign.
  • He says he has given up on the climate agenda b/c it was hijacked for totalitarian global agendas.
  • THAT right there is HUGE!
  • Operation Warp Speed, crushed any other treatment we could take, he keeps saying NYC did better than FL w/ COVID, he has to acknowledge his errors and admit it – Trump
  • What did Biden tell Garland and what did Garland tell Smith? – Vivek Ramaswamy 
  • He is pretty much saying all things that we are saying the middle of the road stuff.
  • This is a massive fraud w/ what they are trying to do here.
  • We know it was as warm or warmer then. 
  • You can see the heatwave EPA index – 1936 was the hottest year many states set their hottest temps before the 50’s.
  • What they’ve done here is weaponize every weather event.
  • Imagine if the media picked up how they did weather events the same way they did lottery winners.
  • We are all experiencing the worst ever when in reality even the UN note no trend or a declining trend.
  • They picked one single day and declare it was the hottest day!
  • Then they claimed the hottest ocean we’ve ever measured – CNBC another division of NBC noted it wasn’t!
  • This was shallow murky water w/ heavy sediments and it wasn’t even in METRIC and it wasn’t even the hottest in 6 years.
  • Two studies claim 90% – I’m not making this up 10,000 surveyed fiddled down to 77 scientist that are anonymous so even that is skewed and a lie.
  • Climate change is real and CO2 is a warming agent but they skew these two things to fit their narrative.
  • Other factors that cool the Earth – 
  • We now know that the Biden administration and WHO, CDC, FBI they were all involved in suppressing COVID information they are doing the same thing w/ climate.
  • If CO2 goes up, it is great for agriculture!
  • Bill Gates owns more farmland in America than anyone else.
  • MIT technology review – he stated the entire Western world should be switching to synthetic beef.
  • Global wildfires are down dramatically over the century, they really aren’t a thing. Wildfires deal w/ forest management, land use and other stuff.
  • Their trends still aren’t’ up in Canada!
  • However when we have them they make them seem impressive and unprecedented! 
  • More than 1/2 forest fires are arson not climate change.
  • Remember Donald Trump talked about the forest fires in California? 
HEADLINE: Top climate scientists rubbish claims July was the hottest month ever – Public being ‘misinformed on a massive scale’ by Marc Morano 

  • This is how they get a trend they use ONE specific place and on specific year but if you look at it globally there is no there, there.
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Tucker Carlson sits down w/ Devon Archer

AUDIO/VIDEO: 5:01 – How many times did Joe Biden call into business meetings?

AUDIO/VIDEO: 5:55 – I don’t know if it was an orchestrated call or not but if you are at a business meeting and you hear the voice of the VP, it’s pretty important. 

  • You don’t get two separate confession lines.
  • You don’t get a soul for the job and a soul for the family life.
  • You have ONE soul.

AUDIO/VIDEO: 7:20 – It is an abuse of soft power

AUDIO/VIDEO: 8:50 – Joe Biden letter 

  • Biden at the time was the VP of this letter.
  • He apologizes for not being able to speak w/ Devon b/c he was dealing w/ the Chinese president at the time.
  • These people lie as a matter of course. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Hillary Vaughn on FB and White House correspondences during COVID pandemicInternal communications, some of which we cannot air on TV they need to be bleeped. They asked for more targeting parameters they wouldn’t normally be able to and much more. 

  • What can be done exactly?
  • You can start forming New Christendom’s. 
  • 501c3’s – Catholic churches and exemption.
  • I’m not trying to profit w/ fear and outrage porn.
  • I am trying to present solutions to our current situation.
3h10m AUDIO/VIDEO: Mike Pence on Fox News discussing Donald Trump if you were on the jury do you think he committed a crimeOh you know Martha I don’t know. Honestly I don’t the full case and I’ve said many times I don’t know if taking bad advice from lawyers is a crime. I think it’s important the American people know what happened in the days before January 6th. He demanded I use my authority to overturn the election. I know I did the right thing that day and I will always stand by it.

  • Irregular voting happens.
  • That is why Nancy Pelosi and the congress after the election voted to change that clause.
  • So what does the count do exactly?
  • Why did the Founders want to have the electoral college or votes tabulated in the states by electors, under seal and then sent to the US capitol or seat of government, to be open in front of the committee. 
  • This is to prevent a theft!
  • So what do they do for an encore, they attempt other indictments on Donald Trump. 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Alan Dershowitz on Trump convictionHe may lose in the US court of appeals in the DC circuit but he will win w/ the Supreme Court. When you have the President of the US going after his political opponents, it has to be the strongest case in history and it doesn’t meet that standard.

Commander John Sharp

Economics as if Families Matter

HEADLINE: Hilaire Belloc Is Not a a Good Model for Us to Follow by Veroniques De Rugy

  • Economist Alexander Salter demonstrates once again that he should stick to his research specialty, which is monetary theory and policy. This piece is one in a series of articles he has been writing for various outlets to preview of his upcoming book about the political economy of distributionism. My frustration with all these pieces is that, although he seems unhappy with capitalism as he perceives it today, Salter never specifies exactly what he thinks are capitalism’s correctable faults. Such specifications would be helpful to determine if his complaints are really about capitalism as such, about the many negative consequences that arise from government obstruction of capitalist processes, or about something else altogether. Salter also leaves unspecified just what policies he wants the government to implement.
  • “Conservatives who distrust markets deserve to be taken seriously. But we don’t need to abandon a market-oriented political economy to appreciate their concerns. In fact, all we need is old-fashioned economics. The economic way of thinking gives us a way to understand the essential connection between property and freedom. To see how, we need to consult a much-neglected writer and statesman from the early 20th century: Hilaire Belloc, a founding father of the political-economic school of thought known as distributism.” – Alexander Salter

HEADLINE: Catholic Economics for the 21st Century by Casey Chalk 

  • Distributism often has poor economic reasoning behind it, but it also posits important points about the role of economies in a just society.
  • Genuine health and genuine good – 
  • These people are collecting meals for the next 3 or 4 days.
  • At the same time this segment of society has smart phones and $1,000 Nike shoes etc.
  • Machine industrial production and technology – 
  • It is kind of miraculous that you can have a smart phone that fits in your pocket that only costs $100 or so that will do pretty much anything.
  • On the flip side a basket of food, that sustains life costs $200 or more w/ today’s inflation.
  • None of this can go on w/o usury. 
  • Highly expensive to produce and provided you are making millions of them so the unit cost is low, uses child labor in China.
  • It is an absolute imbalance. 
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    S8 E1721-What Did Devon Archer Tell Tucker Carlson? Mike Church

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