S8 E1720-Biden Regime Indicts Trump For Installing Wrong Toilet

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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  • Another indictment is out for Donald Trump
  • Wisdom Wednesday
  • Brother Andre Marie
  • Weaponization of the DOJ
Joe Clovis and the Morning Show

  • He has been filling in for Fiorella Nash all this week, he hit a home run this morning!
  • He had Father James Mary from Walsingham.
  • He said several things that were very profound! 
  • When you are having one of those days, and you have an ill thought or you get angry and frustrated, stop and think…where is this coming from?
  • Is this coming from God or a demon?
















HEADLINE: Wasting Time with Climate Science? by Kip Hansen 

  • Much of the “climate science” being done, at least that small portion that reaches the public eye by appearing in the mass media, falls into that category which the honorable Dr. Judith Curry long ago labelled “climate science ‘taxonomy’” – “‘taxonomy’, i.e. research that is neither useful nor contributes to fundamental understanding”.  That type of so-called climate science is turned into climate alarm in spades, in diamonds, in hearts and in clubs – the whole deck.
  • There are a few dozen of others like myself who have researched and written endlessly, both in books and on the ‘Net,  to expose the lies, the disinformation, the misinformation, and the slimy political-shenanigans behind the efforts to “decarbonize” the economy of the world in the name of fighting global cooling, global warming, climate change, the climate crisis.
  • $6.3 billion will be lost by the Ford company this year alone due to their EV line.
  • How can a company lose that massive amount and still be in business?
  • These vehicles won’t be bought/sold and we don’t have the resources to keep them running.
  • We know what is happening in Africa b/c we have guest hosts from there and they tell us about ‘load sharing’. 
  • There are many climate skeptic oriented bloggers doing good work. Some of the “good news” is getting out there.
  • Is what we do worthwhile?   Yes — It is always worthwhile to do what is right, to do what is good, to tell the truth, to fight the good fight against falsehoods and lies.
  • But are we making an impact?  I can no longer tell – I am having a little bit of a “I think I’m burnt-out” stage.  I see a news article about a topic, and I think, “That’s utter claptrap, I’ll write about that.” Only to discover that I’ve already written about it a half-dozen times and really have nothing further to say than what I have already said.   I sometimes fear I just don’t have anything more to say, at all – and when I teach Public Speaking, I tell students, “If you don’t have anything to say —  don’t get up to speak or if you are already up, sit  back down.”
  • I have the same question here –
  • Should we just keep banging away at this or should we find something else to do?
  • We have computer tools to show us how many people listen and how long they listen, we are human, the numbers bother us from time to time.
  • Politics seem to never get any better, it is the same old song and dance it seems and nothing seems to change. 


HEADLINE: Against Naming The Generations by Marc Barnes 

  • The thing serves as a moronic sort of horoscope—that is, as a horoscope, or worse, a Myers-Briggs test. It is used to deny our own freedom and responsibility. It explains people’s behavior in a way that explains away people: an entire life, reduced to a corpse by one word: boomer.
  • As long as we continue to plod the merry path towards the graveyard, this is our task: to fructify each new generation into the fullness of life. But we have made this labor of love much more laborious. We have needlessly named each generation as an incommunicable class unto itself, separating each from the other by an arbitrary and stupid device. An old man was once a young man, but he never was and never will be a Millennial. A mother “gets” her daughter because she was once a daughter in her own mother’s house—but she never was and so will never “get” her daughter as a Gen-alpha, or Gen-alpaca, or whatever it was. We fidget, fret, and write bad op-eds on the polarization of American life; we might improve the whole scene by ceasing and desisting from calling old people weird names that divide us from them and them from us.
  • So why do we do this?
  • Ignore and do not desire human respect if you do you are already in the clutches of the dark one.
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HEADLINE: The U.S. loses its top AAA rating from Fitch over worries about the nation’s finances by Scott Horsley and David Gura 

HEADLINE: Treasury Announces Marketable Borrowing Estimates via the US Department of the Treasury 

During the July – September 2023 quarter, Treasury expects to borrow $1.007 trillion in privately-held net marketable debt, assuming an end-of-September cash balance of $650 billion. The borrowing estimate is $274 billion higher than announced in May 2023, primarily due to the lower beginning-of-quarter  cash balance ($148 billion) and higher end-of-quarter cash balance ($50 billion), as well as projections of lower receipts and higher outlays ($83 billion).

During the October – December 2023 quarter, Treasury expects to borrow $852 billion in privately-held net marketable debt, assuming an end-of-December cash balance of $750 billion.

  • This isn’t what we are SPENDING this is what we are BORROWING!

HEADLINE: US loses top credit rating by RT 

















Author Laurie Calhoun 

Book – Questioning the COVID Company Line: Critical Thinking in Hysterical Times

  • Joe Biden – Protect unvaccinated workers from vaccinated workers?
  • They just repeated things like this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
  • In Whales – early chapter – 
  • How did the same narratives, rules and lockdowns get implemented so quickly in all countries simultaneously? 
  • The propaganda was so pervasive & effective, how did this happen?
  • The draconian lockdowns for people that weren’t really at any risk of this illness.
  • People right now are, they want to just forget about it to be quite honest.
  • It is really important we learn from the episodes of this history.
  • Many people just have COVID fatigue. 
  • Don’t forget the people that called YOU a threat to humanity!
  • Maggie when she was on Twitter was told she had “Eucharistic Piety” because she wanted to go to Mass during COVID and that she was so selfish in wishing that.
  • Remember the masks?
  • We all knew that what they were saying about masks wasn’t logical but they said it anyway and people followed it!
  • It was supposedly DANGEROUS to do your own research!
  • That should have been the biggest RED FLAG ever!
  • They were just doing what Dr Fauci told them to do b/c they were bashed over the head w/ the propaganda and that they weren’t doctors and they weren’t qualified to read books or data!
  • Is this the same as We Kill Because We Can syndrome?
  • An overwhelming fear of death – they are inclined to accept whatever people that claim to be able to save them!
  • Remember after 9/11 how we were just so scared and in shell shock after the attack b/c we couldn’t believe this happened here in America.
  • We did whatever Bush told us b/c we were just scared and afraid of if this could happen in NYC, this could happen again anywhere unless….XYZ.
  • Remember the COVID death counts at the bottom of each TV NEWS image?
  • It was all about fear, plain and simple.
  • 3 Contributing Factors
  • NeoCons in the Bush administration that had been wanting to fight Saddam. (that small group managed to persuade the next group the mercenaries etc those that stood to prosper from war)
  • The populous that gets persuaded by these b/c they want to do what is right. (they buy into this b/c they want to be patriotic etc)
  • This was the SAME tactics they used for COVID.
  • You have small group of people Pharma Executives, WHO they already had all theses plans and so when this virus shows up it was perfect time to implement. 
  • This was the largest transfer of wealth in our country!
  • Small businesses were told they couldn’t open but Walmart could.
  • These people had no one to look out for them or protect them.
  • Remember when Krispy Kreme donuts offered free stuff to go line up and get this experimental shot that no one knew about the risks to!
  • And Americans did it!!!
  • We were asked to do our Patriotic duty w/ no compensation and not only that but the GOVERNMENT signed over our right to sue if we had any adverse reactions to this shot.
  • The whole scenario was preposterous, it just showed how little people know about big Pharma!
  • There are 4 stages of how Big Pharma became the powerhouse they have become. 
  • When they started advertising directly to the consumer via TV commercials, their sales went through the roof. 


  • Americans would see the symptoms and think, well I think I might have this and then go to their doctor, ask for the drug they saw advertised and boom they are now on that medication.
  • Doctors are also self interested too.
  • They want to keep their patients and if you ask for something 9 times out of 10 they will prescribe it to you. 
  • You then had the propaganda of the shot saved my life.
  • No you were a healthy 25 year old that didn’t need the shot to survive the virus.
  • The government did NOT save your life.
  • Has COVID changed the way people view or think about problems?
  • The same amount of people that bought COVID have bought Putin as Satan and Zelensky as a Saint.
  • I want you to take something away from this conversation – 
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Wisdom Wednesday

Brother Andre Marie 

Host of ReConquest aired only on The Crusade Channel

Follow Brother on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

Boniface – 

HEADLINE: Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori (1787) by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 

  • He was in his ninety-first year when he died. He founded the Redemptorist Order in 1732. He became a Doctor of the Church by constantly preaching and writing about the Holy Eucharist and about the Virgin Mary. No saint is more complete or superlative in the praise of the virginal Mother of God than he. Three members of the Redemptorist Order have been canonized saints, thanks to the prayers and example of their father and founder, Saint Alphonsus Maria. These saints are: Saint Gerard Majella, whose feast is October 16, Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer, whose feast day is March 15, and Saint John Neumann, whose feast day is January 5.

HEADLINE: St. Alphonsus Liguori: All God’s Gifts Aimed at Binding Mankind to His Love by Edward Pentin 

QUESTION: What is a Doctor of the Catholic Church exactly?

ANSWER: Doctor who has – exemplary knowledge, theological science, and exemplary sanctity. 

  • To teach, to govern and to sanctify – Office of the Bishop (the teacher of his diocese)
  • You now have 4 female doctors of the church.
  • Towards the end of his life his chin was stuck towards his chest.
  • Alphonsus was afflicted with rheumatic pains which left incurable bending of his neck. Until it was straightened a little, the pressure of his chin caused a raw wound on his chest. He suffered a final 18 months of “dark night” scruples, fears, temptations against every article of faith and every virtue, interspersed with intervals of light and relief, when ecstasies were frequent.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Blessed Seelos featured on EWTN’s “They Might Be Saints” 

  • “Miracle Hunter” Michael O’Neill examines the lives of men and women on the path to sainthood. From miracle workers to martyrs and ordinary people living extraordinary lives of heroic virtue, this EWTN series presents those exemplary people who make us wonder if someday they might be saints. This segment features Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, C.Ss.R.
  • The Redemptorists were the anti-Americanist.
  • They had sworn enemies.
  • FBI investigation – 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump statement after new indictmentsThey come at me from the left. They come at me from the right – the RINOs, the communist, the marxists, the fascists. We will not only survive, but we will be stronger than ever before.

  • The nanosecond I heard the charge then I read the law, there is no way you can prove that.
  • You have to have motive number one.
  • There is no way you are going to get the motive that what he was doing was wrong and that he truly lost.
3h42m AUDIO/VIDEO: John Solomon on Real America’s VoiceThere are real serious issues of double jeopardy and presidential immunity. He has to prove Donald Trump’s state of mind. Can he actually do that? I am going to release exculpatory documents to boost his defense against the prosecutor.

  • The worst thing that could happen to Biden is for Trump to get arrested for anything.
  • He will be reviled, hated and loathed by millions of Americans.
  • Everything he has ever done will be erased and he will be the President that attacked and imprisoned his political opponents.
  • If they sentence him to 120 years in prison, history will treat Biden as though he put him there and he did.
  • Trump will beat him from prison and then pardon himself.
AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden being questioned one month before the 2020 election HBOI don’t know what he was doing, I know he was on the board, I found out after he was already on the board. Look if you want to talk about problems, let’s talk about Trump’s family. There is not one tiny bit of evidence anything was wrong but you keep asking me these questions. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Trump Attorney Jon Lauro on new charges against TrumpWe are in uncharted territory. We are in a constitutional abyss right now.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Greg Gutfeld on Democrats sucking on all issues Democrats right now, they have a real problem w/ issues. They suck on all issues….so they need to take you off the field w/ legal battles.

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    S8 E1720-Biden Regime Indicts Trump For Installing Wrong Toilet Mike Church

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