S8 E1719-Hunter Was Selling “The Brand” Not Political Access

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  • Devon Archer testimony – selling The Brand
  • Hunter Biden selling access to his father
  • Lepanto Institute update w/ Michael Hichborn
  • CCHD and the USSCB
  • Impeachment in the future
















The Brand

  • Think of this in Godfather terms.
  • Over two dozen calls to discuss the weather?
  • Is the weather code for something else?
  • You are not dealing w/ an aged old grandpa from Hooterville.
  • This is how things get done.
  • This isn’t a good family.
  • So it is now up to Congress to determine what were they selling?
  • What happened after these ‘weather’ phone calls?
  • Where there is smoke there is fire.
  • All The Brand has to do is tell the other guy at the top, withholding foreign aid unless you do X.
  • It is exactly what it looks like on the surface.
  • The amazing part about this is Biden is going to go down because of his own pride.
  • That puts Barack Obama in on the whole scheme!
  • This is precisely what Rudy Giuliani said in his YouTube series. 
  • Hunter and the Burisma Ukraine peeps – Yanukovitch
  • There are phone records on all of this.
  • He has to prove that dad is all in on what they have discussed at dinner.

HEADLINE: Biden Had ‘Casual’ Conversations With Son’s Business Associates on Multiple Occasions, Devon Archer Tells Lawmakers by Joseph Lord and Jackson Richman 

  • Devon Archer’s testimony today confirms Joe Biden lied to the American people when he said he had no knowledge about his son’s business dealings and was not involved. 
  • Goldman – “There’s no connection in any bank records and any recollection and any testimony between President Biden and his son Hunter’s business dealings.” 
  • Why do we think this ever stopped?
  • Why in the hell am I being arrested? – Archer
  • “Burisma would have gone out of business sooner if the Biden brand had not been invoked. People would be intimidated to legally mess with Burisma because of the Biden family brand.” –  Mr Archer
  • Don’t you think Kevin McCarthy knows that it is now in the best interest of the United States to impeach Joe Biden. 
  • It is worth it at this point to just put Kamala in his seat and move forward.
  • No one is above the law remember? 
Rep James Comer Twitter Thread: Devin Archer’s testimony confirms Joe Biden LIED when he said he had no knowledge about his son’s business dealings and was not involved. Joe Biden was ‘the brand’ & he joined Hunter’s dinners with his foreign associates in person or by phone over 20 times.

  • “Why did Joe Biden lie to the American people about his family’s business involvement? It begs the question what else he is hiding from the American people. The Committee on Oversight and Accountability will continue to follow the Biden’s money trail and interview witnesses to determine whether foreign actors target the Bidens, President Biden is compromised and corrupt and our national security is threatened.”
Donald Trump and the Ukraine Phone Call

  • Why were they so concerned about what Donald Trump was discussing w/ Zelensky on that “phone call”? 
  • They didn’t want Trump to call Zelensky back.
  • Zelensky said “I will look into this for you”. 
  • Did he ever call him back?
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HEADLINE: Evidence Of Biden Burisma Corruption Is Overwhelming by Mollie Hemingway 

  • In this case, Burisma was paying Archer and Hunter Biden as much as $83,000 a month to serve on the Ukrainian energy concern’s board, despite the fact that neither man had relevant experience or expertise for the job outside of their frequent meetings and contact with the then-vice president. The two were hired the same month that the U.K. had opened an investigation into company officials. The money was well spent.
  • If anyone in the Obama White House at this time knew about this, it is a crime.

AUDIO/VIDEO: FLASHBACK Joe Biden bragged about getting the prosecutor in charge of investigating Burisma fired.

  • Did Joe Biden keep Barrack Obama in the dark on this?
  • We know Barrack was prepped for that phone call though!
1h31m Gonzalo Lira 

  • He spent 9 weeks in a Ukrainian jail.
  • He has asked Hungary to grant him political asylum. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Gonzalo Lira – I’m about to cross the border  

  • Ukraine is filled w/ actual Nazis!
  • Why isn’t the American MSM talking about this?
  • The Ukrainian citizens are mortified and terrified by them.
  • Zelensky shut down and is persecuting the Orthodox Catholics and Protestants in Ukraine.
  • In Ukraine there is a Minister for everything.
  • Minister of Energy, Minister of Health and so on.


Back to Mollie Hemingway Piece

  • Follow the foreign aid.
  • It isn’t for the poor people’s benefit.
  • As we heard Joe Biden in the flashback audio.

HEADLINE: The Storm Shadow Missiles Giving Ukraine Long-Range Capabilities via Wall Street Journal 

  • This is World War III – we are in it already folks.
  • This is an American war and we aren’t winning it.
  • Larry O’Connor – “Understand this: Hunter getting Joe on speakerphone WAS THE DELIVERABLE. It literally doesn’t matter what was discussed. Showing that he could get the Vice President of the United States on the phone was all Hunter had to show his clients to seal the deal. He was selling ACCESS not policy. Getting The Big Guy to pick up the phone demonstrated his ability to deliver that access. Case closed. Impeach.”
  • Why was Joe Biden taking calls with people that didn’t have security clearance? 
  • Was he using a secure phone?
  • This was the party that was so very concerned w/ Russia and Russian collusion why aren’t they expressing concerns over this fact?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Professor Jonathan Turley w/ Neil Cavuto on Biden CorruptionWe are finding out that Joe Biden has been lying. This is shaping up to be one of the greatest corruption scandals in the history of Washington, and that is saying a lot.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Professor Jonathan Turley w/ Neil Cavuto on what did these people getThere are over 2 dozen calls here and the President was called to show he was part of the brand. This is corruption, the question is what did they get for their money? We have to find these answers.

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HEADLINE: Lori Vallow is sentenced to life without parole for murders of her kids JJ and Tylee and her husband’s ex-wife Tammy Daybell by Jen Smith and Andrea Cavallier 

  • ‘Jesus Christ knows the truth of what happened here. Jesus Christ knows no one was murdered in this case. Accidental deaths happen, suicides happen, fatal side effects of medications happen. I have access to heaven and the spirit world. I have had many communications from people now living in heaven, including my children, my sisters, my aunts and my uncle and my grandparents. I’ve had many communications with Jesus Christ and our heavenly parents, and many angelic visitors. Because of these communications I know for a fact that my children are happy and busy in the spirit world. I know my friend Tammy Daybell is also very happy and extremely busy.’ – Lori Vallow
  • This is just witchcraft. 
  • She is demonically possessed, normal people don’t act like this.




















Michael Hichborn

Founder of the Lepanto Institute 

Follow the Institute on Twitter – @LepantoInst

CCHD – Transparency 

HEADLINE: Catholic Campaign for Human Development Closes all Communication, Refuses to Answer Questions by Rob Gasper 

  • One of the major questions supporters have had for CCHD officials is when the next CCHD grants list will be published.  Again, the answer from the CCHD is – not to answer.  The last grants list published by the CCHD is for 2020-2021, and it was published in February of 2022.  Despite claiming to “publish a list of recent grantees online each year,” it’s now almost a year and a half since the last grantee list was released, and over a year since the 2021-2022 grants were fulfilled, as can be seen here..  There is simply no reason for the CCHD to withhold this grants list, except to hide its grantees from investigators, thereby proving its refusal to be transparent. 
  • By failing to answer phone calls from concerned Catholics or provide any answers submitted by email, the CCHD has proved beyond all measure that it is not interested in accountability and is absolutely NOT being “transparent.”
  • I asked them 3 questions:

1. Why is the 2021-2022 CCHD grants list still unpublished and when can we expect it to be published?

2. Can we expect that faithful Catholics will receive prompt responses and clear answers to their concerns regarding CCHD-granted organizations?

3. Would it be possible for me to sit down with you to discuss my grave concerns regarding CCHD grantees?

  • Here is why this matters – 
  • CCHD by definition is NOT a charity.
  • It finances organizations that are political.
  • Initiatives – “Since beginning its work in 1970, CCHD has awarded over 440 million dollars in grants supporting nearly 12,000 community-based, grassroots-led organizations. CCHD is committed to transparency and continues to publish a list of recent grantees online each year.”

HEADLINE: Pornocracy II: Electric Boogaloo by Charles Coulombe 

  • A trip to Rome a couple of weeks ago was partly thrilling—as visits to Rome always are—but also partly depressing. The latter was primarily due to the state of St. Peter’s Basilica. Oh, it is just as beautiful and inspiring as ever. But one is no longer allowed to venerate the statue of St. Peter, which is cordoned off.
  • Above all, when one went before, there were always a number of Masses going on at the various side altars. Some were for groups of pilgrims, others just various Roman priests offering their daily Mass. Whichever it might be, it gave the place a feeling of being spiritually alive and far more than just a historic building. But this has been forbidden since June 2021. The result is that the place feels more like Westminster Abbey than the center of Catholicism.
  • Christendom – 
  • Luther and his gang didn’t build that – 
  • Faithful Catholics built that!
  • There is a brut force of “hey I told you this is the way it’s gonna’ be”. 
HEADLINE: World Science Festival 2016 – Bioengineer S. Matthew Liao on reducing humanity’s footprint on the planetUsing human engineering to make it to where you have an ‘intolerance’ to meat or proteins. Let’s say there is something called the lone star tick that if it bites you, you will be intolerant to meat. 
3h31m HEADLINE: Vegan raw food diet influencer Zhanna D’Art dies of starvation by Ben Cost

  • Zhanna Samsonova, originally from Russia and known as Zhanna D’Art on social media, had been on the raw plant-based diet for ten years that consisted of fruits, sunflower seed sprouts, fruit smoothies and juices.

HEADLINE: Vegan influencer Zhanna D’Art ‘dies of starvation and exhaustion’ in Malaysia after switching to an ‘extreme’ tropical fruit diet by Louise Allingham  

  • There were also periods when the 39-year-old would practice ‘dry fasting’ – where she would refuse to eat or drink anything for days.
  • Ms Samsonova, who hadn’t drunk water for more than six years and instead replaced it with fruit and vegetable juices, died on July 21 in Malaysia.
  • Her friends and family warned her against her extreme diet, but she refused to listen and it proved fatal after she reportedly died of an infection and exhaustion exacerbated by her raw food diet.
HEADLINE: Hundreds of migrants are seen sleeping outside Manhattan’s Roosevelt Hotel for a second day as NYC Mayor Eric Adams says the crisis is ‘not over’ by Claudia Aoraha and Melissa Koenig 

  • NYC is currently housing more than 56,000 migrants across around 200 makeshift sites – while thousands more are in the city’s shelter system. But buses keep arriving week-on-week transporting people from the border.
3h47m AUDIO/VIDEO: Robert Kennedy Jr w/ James O’KeefeCIA is the biggest funder of journalism in the world. He then elaborates on how Obama signed an EO that made it legal for the CIA to propagandize the American people w/ deception. 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Robert Kennedy Jr w/ Megyn KellyA $200 billion enterprise would-be collapsed if Fauci had admitted that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were effective against COVID. (Megyn Kelly had never heard of this before)

  • You haven’t been following this closely if you didn’t know about this already Megyn.
  • We disclosed this to our listeners YEARS ago!
  • She is not one of you, how does she not know this yet claims to be a journalist?
AUDIO/VIDEO: John Kerry on Climate ChangeAgriculture contributes about 33% of all the emissions of the world and we can’t get to net zero unless agriculture is front and centre as part of the solution. 
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    S8 E1719-Hunter Was Selling “The Brand” Not Political Access Mike Church

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