S8 E1718-Will There Be A Showdown In Congress Today?

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The Mike Church Show
The Mike Church Show
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6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show  844-5CRUSADE
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  • Devon Archer scheduled to testify today
  • St Ignatius of Loyola Feast Day
  • Climate Change
  • Hunter Biden & Joe Biden Burisma trouble
  • Donald Trump using emojis
37m Welcome To The Age of Global Boiling!

HEADLINE: Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai Submarine Volcano. by Ryan Made 

  • I want you to remember these two words: Hunga Tonga. 
  • On this show on or around January 25th we reported it as a passing news story.
  • We reported it caused a small Tsunami. 
  • This is an underwater volcanic eruption. 


HEADLINE: 18-Year-Old Boy Died After Doctors Tried To Create A Vagina From Part Of His Colon by Gina Florio 

  • A disturbing story from the UK reveals that a trans-identified teenager died from complications that arose from a surgery in which doctors tried to build him a vagina using parts of his colon.
  • If you know anything about human anatomy you know what passes through the colon.
  • The boy was given puberty blockers at a young age because he claimed that he was truly a girl. These medications resulted in a lack of penile tissue developing in his body, which was the reason that surgeons removed part of his colon in order to perform a vaginoplasty, a surgery that essentially attempts to create a “neo-vagina” in male patients.
  • So this all happened b/c the boy was on puberty blockers, his penis didn’t grow like it was supposed to so there wasn’t enough skin basically to even do this surgery to begin with.
  • The patient was described as a “healthy” teenager, but within 24 hours of the surgery, he experienced necrotising fascitis, a rare bacterial infection that can spread quickly in the body and result in death. Doctors attempted to save him by administering intravenous antibiotics and “repeated surgical debridement” (which removes dead or infected tissue), but multiple of his organs went into failure and he died. Further investigation showed that the patient suffered a deadly strain of E-Coli that likely originated from his own intestines.
  • Here we are again thinking we know better than God.
  • The ‘gay doctor’ audio we played the other day said “we are learning as we go”. 
  • He admitted there are failures, and he admitted there has been no longterm studies done.
  • They basically killed this young man.
  • Medical experts may claim that these surgeries are necessary or harmless, but the reality is no teenager should be subjected to this kind of butchery, regardless of how much they claim it will affirm their gender.
LGBTQ Twitter Image 

  • Two men, one thinking he is a woman and is ‘chest feeding’.
  • This isn’t a woman pretending to be a dude.
  • This is a male at birth.
  • There is NOTHING coming out of that man’s nipple folks.


Donald Trump – New indictments

  • He is facing the possibility of running from prison.
  • Would you vote for someone that is currently in prison?
  • What is the alternative?
  • Will he run as a 3rd party candidate?
  • I can tell you how it happens in Louisiana – 
  • To get on the ballot – all you have to do is get 1,000 registered voters that will say they will JOIN your party if they recognize it.
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HEADLINE: Republican Senator Rand Paul sends an ‘official criminal referral’ to the DOJ over Dr Fauci – saying a 2020 email proves the former White House doc’s COVID testimony was ‘absolutely a lie’ by Caitlin Tilley 

HEADLINE: If vaccines don’t cause autism, then how do you explain all this evidence? by Steve Kirsch 

1h25m AUDIO/VIDEO: Nancy Mace Prayer BreakfastPatrick, my fiancé, tried to pull me by my waist over this morning in bed and I was like, ‘No Baby, we don’t got time for that this morning. I got to get to the prayer breakfast’. 

The Mace Manœuvre – 

  • I should have thought about this on Friday?
  • Is this acceptable behavior?
  • She is a graduate from one of the greatest military schools there is.
  • Is this the best we can do?
  • I do know 2 young ladies that are engaged right now that are NOT having premarital sex.
  • This does happen!
  • What is conservatism?
  • If this is supposed to be a conservative in the GOP, the new up and coming, what are we conserving? 
  • I got this from Congressman Ron Paul – there is never an instance that killing the baby will save the life of the mother.
  • Remember the story last week about the woman that was being paid by the homosexual couple then found out she had breast cancer?
  • What is the alleged conservative party doing to restore the Moral Order?
  • NOTHING, absolutely nothing.
1h42m AUDIO/VIDEO: Maria Bartiromo w/ Rep Comer on Devon ArcherThis is really unprecedented to have this come out on a Saturday, two days before he is scheduled to come before us and testify to Burma. I don’t know if this is coincidence but I feel it is obstruction of justice.

  • So on Saturday the DOJ is doing legal battle w/ the judge to get Archer arrested and then on Sunday they changed their tunes.
  • So how did this happen?
  • Someone called and said…if Congress wants to, they can call on you for Obstruction of Justice!
  • I’m sure it was Rep Comer’s office that sent word to Damien Williams on this, withdraw this request or else.
  • It is about time someone stood up to these criminal creeps.
  • They have been running the tables since the 1990’s.
  • How many of you have watched Poverty, Inc – Film Director Michael Matheson Miller 
  • How can they have poverty in Haiti when the other side of the republic is flourishing? 
  • The Democrats run the Haiti part, that’s how!
  • How did the island get divided to being with?
  • WE, the good ‘ole United States thought it would be a good idea to divide that island.
  • One side of Quisqueya is for vacation, the other for grifting under the guise of charity.
  • Guess who one of these contractors is? 
  • Joe Biden’s brother – James Biden!
  • This didn’t just start w/ Hunter, he is just practicing the family business. 
  • MBNA – 
  • What did Dodd Frank give you the average American?
  • 35% interest fees on your credit card.


HEADLINE: Enough With Half Measures, Throw All U.S. Code at Trump by Roger Kimball 

US Code needs to go – 

  • But I say: enough with half measures. The obscenely bloated, contradictory, and embarrassing compendium of the laws that supposedly govern this country is known as the U.S. Code. Among other things, it is a monument to the malevolent frivolousness of the people we elect to govern us. The Greek lawgiver Solon believed that a good society should have few laws but that those laws ought to be strictly and impartially enforced.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Trump Attorney (Alina Habba) on Fox NewsWhen we have his turn in court, and when we get to file our papers, you will see that every single video, every single surveillance tape that was requested was turned over.

  • We don’t lie here on the Crusade Channel.
  • We pride ourselves on searching/seeking the truth.
  • We pride ourselves on being ethical.
  • Why does this matter?
  • We have media that is controlled at the highest levels of diabolical powers. 
  • It is done for the ruling class elite.
  • I’m not saying some of these entities don’t have good people.
  • Remember what Ben Shapiro did to Denise McCallister. 
  • She refused to call a woman a man and she refused go along w/ the homosexual marriage thing.
  • How is that poll being used on Fox News?
  • And how did these numbers get that high on NPR?
  • Because they broadcast propaganda. 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Maria Bartiromo w/ PM Meloni on immigrationWe have to fight the traffickers. These organizations are becoming more powerful. We cannot allow mafia to decide who’s coming to our countries. 
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2h33m HEADLINE: Cowering Before ‘Carbon’ by Elizabeth Nickson 

  • Does anyone know what happens when you pump massive amounts of carbon into the soil like this?
  • How long before one that passes under massive numbers of humans explodes?
  • Anti-Carbon – is an industry into which thieves flood because it means you loot the public purse at the beginning through Green New Deal giveaways, and then for all perpetuity because of the tax advantage. People have been so scarified by the word, they do not know what it means anymore, they nod enthusiastically.
  • Pumping CO2 is inherently dangerous. 
  • Climate Change Companies – The money vanishes, nothing happens, it’s stolen. She google-earthed one heavily PR’ed outfit, only to discover that it didn’t exist, just a pile of sand. These projects are payoffs to an army of activists placed at every weak point in the system. If the projects exist, they don’t work. Both the Guardian and Harper’s have done extensive work on the fraud of “climate mitigation.” Carbon sequestration is a scam meant to steal public money.
  • Eminent Domain – 
  • We need property owners.
  • We need property that is contiguous. 



  • Today, we debunk the climate narrative and you won’t believe what they haven’t been telling you, and a contentious House committee hearing on surgical mutilation of minors drives dems nuts.
  • Initial scientific estimates were 50-million metric tons of water injected into the stratosphere by Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai submarine volcano.
  • The 40 Trillion gallons of water vapor in the stratosphere represents an unprecedented amount injected in the stratosphere.
  • THIS is from NASA: When the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano erupted on Jan. 15,  it sent a tsunami racing around the world and set off a sonic boom that circled the globe twice. The underwater eruption in the South Pacific Ocean also blasted an enormous plume of water vapor into Earth’s stratosphere – enough to fill more than 58,000 Olympic-size swimming pools. The sheer amount of water vapor could be enough to temporarily affect Earth’s global average temperature.
  • The  not only injected ash into the stratosphere but also large amounts of water vapor, breaking all records for direct injection of water vapor, by a volcano or otherwise, in the satellite era. …The excess water vapor injected by the Tonga volcano … could remain in the stratosphere for several years. This extra water vapor could influence atmospheric chemistry, boosting certain chemical reactions that could temporarily worsen depletion of the ozone layer. It could also influence surface temperatures … since water vapor traps heat.
  • “We’ve never seen anything like it,” said Luis Millán, an atmospheric scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California.

HEADLINE: Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai Submarine Volcano. by Ryan Maue 

  • The eruption of Hunga-Tonga increased the water vapor mass in the stratosphere by 13%, and it will remain there for many years to come.
  • Earlier in March 2023, scientists reported likelihood of warming from the volcanic injection of water vapor into the stratosphere pushing Earth closer to 1.5°C Paris Agreement threshold. 



BACK to Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai 

  • Based upon the last few months, it seems the effect of  on global temperatures may have been greatly underestimated. It’s straightforward how to run a radiative transfer model to determine the impacts of adding 150M metric tons of water to the stratosphere. But, detailed climate model simulations are needed to disentangle the atmospheric circulation changes that lead to non-linear feedbacks. The climate is “abnormal” right now, aside from the developing El Niño and background climate change.
  • If they know all of this, why are they still blaming humans for climate change right now when they KNOW it is b/c of this volcano? 
  • Over the next year it would turn out that NASA badly underestimated the amount of water Hunga Tonga vaporized into the atmosphere. Current estimates are three times higher than the original: scientists now think it was closer to 150,000 metric tons, or 40 trillion gallons, of super-heated water instantly injected into the atmosphere. Talk about a greenhouse. Water vapor — humidity — is a much more effective greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.
  • What if there is a volcano in the Indian Ocean and no one knows about it?
  • What if it releases a Meg?

HEADLINE: Houston Recognizes They Have a Problem, the UHI. by Anthony Watts 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Speech in Erie PA – Child Traffickers 

We will use Title 42 to return all trafficked children to their families and their home countries immediately.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Speech in Erie PA – IRS Agents

I will say no to the 87,000 IRS agents. I will end the disaster known as Bidenomics. If you love inflation and a bad economy, that’s Bidenomics. Rate of an average mortgage is up 157%. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump Speech in Erie PA – US Military

I was the first President in decades that didn’t start a war. Remember when Hillary said I would get us into war? I have the personality type that will keep us out of wars. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Former LT Governor GA Geoff Duncan on CNN discussing TrumpVoting for Trump is like peeing your pants. It feels good at first. 

3h25m HEADLINE: The Biden Presidency Is Unsustainable by Victor Davis Hanson

  • The presence of the now predictable mediocrity of Kamala Harris and the impossibility, given her race and gender, of removing her, for now is about all that keeps a cognitively declining Biden still in office. The Left fears what she could do as president to the Democratic Party; conservatives are terrified of what she could do to the country.
  • The aimless House Democrats’ “how-dare-you-even-consider-an-impeachment inquiry” furor, coupled with their half-hearted efforts, along with the media, to refute the actual charges of corruption of the Biden family, suggest that he will not run for reelection—but also not be impeached much less convicted or removed under the 25th Amendment.
  • This would be a deal Republicans should take – they get Joe to withdraw and let Kamala run along w/ RFK Jr and Gavin Newsom. 
  • Short of Biden being impeached – what if Biden resigned?
  • She would only have 17 months to do destruction. 
  • I’m not saying she could do a lot but not THAT much.
  • What mattered was Obama’s father, was he an American citizen at the time of his birth?
  • The evidence suggests that he wasn’t. 
  • It is PATERNITY that determines citizenship.
TKD reads from John Senior book – 

Final Solution to Religious Education 

HEADLINE: Explosive emails, photos and documents lay bare Hunter Biden’s shady overseas business dealings that compromise the President and come dangerously close to violating foreign lobbying act by Josh Boswell
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    S8 E1718-Will There Be A Showdown In Congress Today? Mike Church

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